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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1588: Domination Read Novel

Chapter 1588: Domination – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1588: Domination

As time goes by, with the evolution and evolution of races, this star gradually becomes colorful and full of energy, the major races are prosperous, and the entire continent is prosperous.

All living creatures are arbitrarily absorbing energy from the mainland, unrestrainedly acquiring all kinds of things that are beneficial to themselves.

I don’t know when it started, it suddenly grew old.

It no longer has so much energy for those creatures to practice and breathe, and it no longer has excess energy to breed a lot of precious and rare training materials.

It is beginning to become barren. It has the heart and powerlessness. Looking at the countless creatures living on its own land, it can’t help it.

The ancient prosperity and prosperity gradually faded, the aura of heaven and earth became thinner day by day, and the cultivation realm of the warriors also became lower and lower with the passage of time.

No one will be able to explore a higher heavenly martial arts.

It is really old, like a kind father, a loving mother, who has worked hard to pull the children up and raise them up, allowing them to ask for what they want without complaining.

But it can no longer provide more help to the children.

It has been youthful and full of vitality, but now, it can only survive and wait for its extinction.

Its children, call it Tongxuan Continent!

Yang Kai woke up from that mysterious state, his eyes vicissitudes of life.

He witnessed the birth of a cultivation star, prosperous, weakened, and gradually dying. Like this cultivation star, he has spent billions of years, and he suddenly surged inexplicably There is an indescribable feeling.

The cultivation of the state of mind has increased at a crazy speed. At this moment, he understands a lot, just like a wise man who has lived for countless years, his eyes are shining with wisdom and full of light.

He felt that if he allowed himself to break through to the Void King Realm now, his state of mind would not have any flaws!

His perception of martial arts and heaven has far surpassed his own cultivation!

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The improvement of the state of mind originally required time to accumulate and witness the evolution and development of things around him, which coincided with what Yang Kai had just experienced.

The cultivation base of the state of mind is unclear, it is unclear, but it is real, and only Yang Kai can clearly feel it. He did not expect that the little sister refining the origin of the stars would let him follow Benefit.

He wanted to be immersed in that wonderful atmosphere again, but no matter how hard he worked, he could no longer enter the spiritual world of the entire continent.

This made him sigh a little.

Slowly, Yang Kai seemed to have noticed something, his face sank, he quickly got up from the ground and rushed towards the abyss.

There seemed to be the groan of the little senior sister from below, and that voice was a kind of hardship and pain!

Coming to the edge, Yang Kai only saw the huge gray fire swaying, and the little senior sister was nowhere to be seen, but he could feel that Xia Ningchang was wrapped in the gray fire, floating. Shen Shen.

The surrounding heaven and earth auras are gathering frantically toward the underground abyss, not only covering hundreds of miles in a radius, but even spreading to farther places.

It seems that the aura of the entire Gloom Star has become a bit disordered.

The cultivation level of the little sister is increasing at a crazy and terrifying speed.

Originally, she had only two levels of Saint King, but at this moment, she has reached the peak of two levels of Saint King.

After a while, we will directly break through to the third level of the Holy King!

It has not stopped, it is still climbing.

The top of the three-tiered holy king! It seems to have touched the threshold of the virtual mirror.

Yang Kai looked surprised.

Such an uncontrollable increase in cultivation level will put a great load on the martial artist’s body, but with the qualifications of the little senior sister, it should be tolerable.

It wasn’t this that worries Yang Kai, but the aura of the heavens and the earth around him no longer seems to be flowing here.

The heaven and earth auras gathered before have been consumed by Xia Ningchang when he broke through the Saint King’s three-layer realm and hit the Void Returning Mirror.

The huge gray fire has the breath of Xia Ningchang, which shows that her integration with the origin of the stars is very smooth, but it is precisely because of this smoothness that the little senior sister is in a dilemma.

There are no more heaven and earth auras for her to break through to the mirror of return, and there are not so many auras for her to get the baptism of heaven and earth energy.

This is a breakthrough in a great realm, and there is no room for sloppyness. If it fails, with Xia Ning Chang’s current state of integrating the origin of the stars, the ending will definitely not be much better.

Yang Kai secretly worried.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he thought of a way.

The aura of heaven and earth is not enough, you can use holy crystal instead! I haven’t used the holy crystal when I broke through before. That’s because the energy of the dark star is abundant and fully meets my needs.

Now that the energy of Tongxuan Continent can’t satisfy the younger sister, Shengjing can just add it.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and brushed his ring, a large swath of holy crystals shimmering with white light, pouring down like a galaxy, fell downward.

Before reaching the bottom of the abyss, it has all turned into dust, and clusters of energy that cannot be ignored erupted from the inside, gathering towards the location of Xia Ningshang and the huge gray fire.

Xia Ningchang’s hard moan disappeared, and the chaotic breath from below showed signs of becoming stable, and even the swaying gray fire had stabilized a lot.

Yang Kai showed joy and poured more holy crystals downward.

For this voyage, he brought a lot of sacred crystals, including the sacred crystals searched from the rudder of Lei Taizong that day, and part of the storage of High Heavenzong.

At this moment, all of these hundreds of millions of holy crystals were thrown downward by Yang Kai.

The aura of heaven and earth gradually became rich, the huge gray fire became vigorous, the breath of the little sister was stable, and everything was developing in a good direction.

Yang Kai felt the breath of Xia Ningchang rising rapidly, and soon broke through the shackles of the Saint King’s three-layer realm.

The baptism of heaven and earth energy will follow!

The heaven and earth energy transformed from the holy crystals gathered into one channel, one after another, fiercely surging, like an ancient dragon, and bombarded the little senior sister.

In the darkness, there is a pair of small hands shuttled in the gray fire, pinching the mysterious seal, guiding these heaven and earth energies, let them rush into themselves, and accept the body baptism and baptism of the promotion to the great realm. Spiritual sublimation.

The whole process is magnificent, but there is no danger.

After the surging heaven and earth energy calmed down, the huge grey fire below the abyss suddenly disappeared.

Heaven and earth return to darkness.

But inside the delicate body of the little senior sister, there is a faint fluorescence, like a goddess descending to the earth, solemn and inviolable.

Yang Kai stood above the abyss, looking at her quietly, dazzled.

Today’s little elder sister is a real Void Returning Mirror powerhouse. Although it is only a level, she has the origin of Tongxuan Continent’s stars and the Holy Body of Medicine Spirit, she definitely has unlimited potential.

This terrible potential, I am afraid that even Yang Kai will look up.

He didn’t feel any sense of inferiority. He just felt that more effort would be needed in the future.

Otherwise, it will hurt one’s self-esteem to be overridden by one’s own woman.

The little elder sister did not move, but stood in the void, her eyes closed tightly. There was a mysterious color on Qiao’s face, as if she was feeling something silently.

After a long time, Xia Ning Chang suddenly opened her beautiful eyes, with a harvested expression in her eyes, flying upwards with extreme joy.

Yang Kai smiled, stretched his hand to hold her, and dragged her to his side.

“Junior Brother, I seem to have surpassed the Saint King Realm.” Xia Ning Chang said joyfully.

“Well, it is indeed surpassed.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“What is this realm called, I feel curious.”

“Returning to the Mirror, I am now in this realm. When I reach this realm, I need to condense my own momentum. I have time to explain it. Listen.”


“Let’s go out and talk about it first. I don’t know how much time has passed, I’m afraid the people in the Holy Land should wait in a hurry.” Yang Kai suggested Dao, speaking like this, he pulled Xia Ning Chang towards the outside.

“Let me come.” Xia Ning Chang stopped him, with a eager expression on his face.

Yang Kai glanced at her, quickly understood, and nodded lightly.

Xia Ning Chang stretched out a finger and lightly tapped forward.

The finger pointed by the beautiful and innocent lady does not seem to have the slightest air of firework.

A vortex suddenly appeared in front of him.

Xia Ning Chang pulled Yang Kai and drilled in.

When the two reappeared, Yang Kai suddenly discovered that he was already standing in the Nine Heavens Holy Land, in front of the secret room where Xia Ning Chang was in retreat.

In one step, the barrier of millions of miles has been crossed!

Even Yang Kai, who has cultivated spatial power, could not achieve this level.

“Junior, what you said is correct. With the origin of the stars, I feel that I have become the master of this continent. With a single thought, I can go to any place on the continent, and even mobilize the entire continent. Energy.” Xia Ning Chang explained softly.

“This is the power of the star master.” Yang Kai smiled softly, “That’s why those who are strong in the Void King realm want to refine the origin of the stars, because they can get unimaginable benefits from it. And sentiment. Little sister, Tongxuan Continent is inseparable from you now, and you are also the first person to refine the origin of the stars with the Saint King realm. The rise and fall of this continent in the future is closely related to your cultivation level. Can you let us? Your homeland is rejuvenated, it depends on your efforts.”

When Yang Kai said so, Xia Ning Chang suddenly felt pressured.

It seems that the future of hundreds of millions of creatures on the entire continent lies on her shoulders.

But soon, Xia Ning Chang recovered, and nodded: “I will definitely work hard, not let it go to waste.”

“Let’s go, many people are waiting We.” Yang Kai smiled slightly, and pulled Xia Ning Chang towards one direction.

In his perception, there are countless familiar breaths of life over there, waiting for his arrival.

A large hall in the Nine Heavens Holy Land is almost overcrowded.

Here, the three clans of humans, demons and demons gather.

Almost all people with faces and faces on the whole continent are here.

This is an extremely terrifying force.

Although the number of people was large, the scene was extremely quiet. Only from time to time, someone cast their gazes outside the hall, as if waiting for someone to arrive.

It is possible to gather the powers of the three clans of humans, demons, and demons together, and there is only one person in the entire continent who waited for many days.

The Lord of the Nine Heavens Holy Land!

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Chapter 1588: Domination – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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