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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1591: Arrangement Read Novel

Chapter 1591: Arrangement – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1591: Arrangement

Although the little elder sister has been promoted to the Mirror of Returning to the Void, her cultivation base is much higher than that of the Hu family sisters, but she has obtained a great opportunity to refine the origin of the stars, and she can do it.

The Hu family sisters certainly didn’t have such an opportunity to guard against the sky. On the land where the land is barren and the spiritual energy is thin, they have reached this level with their own efforts. It can be seen that their aptitude is indeed extraordinary.

Seeing Yang Kai’s face full of suspicion, the woman on the left pursed her lips and said: “I am Jiaoer!”

“I am Meier!” The woman on the right added.

The sound is crisp and soft, and the sound is extremely beautiful. The temperament and demeanor of the two seem to be quite different from before, combining the bold and unrestrained elder sister and the shy and reserved younger sister. Now they are united in one mind and look even more attractive.

“If you don’t tell me, I really can’t tell.” Yang Kai scratched his head.

This somewhat naive action made the two girls laugh.

“Very few people can see it.” Hu Jiaoer pursed her lips and smiled, “Even Dad often confuses us.”

“Well.”Yang Kai nodded lightly, and even Hu Man couldn’t distinguish his two daughters. It’s no surprise that he didn’t recognize him. “By the way, you have heard about what happened just now. You want to stay. Or”

“going with you! “Before Yang Kai finished speaking, the two women replied in unison, as if they had a sharp heart. There was no need to discuss anything at all.

“In that case, you guys should also prepare. I don’t plan to wait too long. I will set off in a few months.”

“Okay, let’s meet with Daddy first, and also send a message to the master. “Hu Jiao’er said without delay, and immediately left with Hu Mei’er.

However, she seemed a little reluctant.

Having not seen each other for so many years, they wanted to be with Yang Kai. Talk more about conversations, but when I think that I can meet each other frequently in the future, I am not in a hurry.

When passing by Xia Ningshang, the two women nodded lightly, and there was a look of envy in their beautiful eyes.

Xia Ningshang can naturally accompany Yang Kai, but they can’t

“Sister, take advantage of this half a month, I will teach you something. “After all the people in the hall were gone, Yang Kai quickly walked towards Xia Ningchang and dragged her towards the secret room.

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What Yang Kai wants to teach Xia Ningchang is naturally a knack for condensing his own power. And places that need attention.

He condensed his own momentum by drawing on the power of the emperor emanating from the Emperor Garden. It was a tricky method. Although the effect was amazing, it was not suitable for Xia Ningshang.

But this kind of understanding, perception and experience of the situation is universal, not to mention that he has also learned a lot of valuable experience from Qian Tong and others before.

Now they are all taught to Xia Ningshang.

In addition to this, Yang Kai also passed on the true explanation of the alchemy.

The little elder sister has a special physique like Medicine Spirit Eucharist. She naturally knows how to refine pill. There is no need for others to teach her. The elixir is profound and profound, and it is very mysterious. Xia Ningshang can learn from it and be useful to her Information, and then improve his alchemy skills.

Half a month, neither long nor short.

Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang did not leave the secret room every inch.

Naturally, there are some winds, flowers, snow and moon in the middle, beautiful spring light, thunder shook the ground, rain and clouds

Yang Kai has not been close to female since he set foot in the star field, and now he is the same as a beautiful woman. Goodbye, love to the depths, like a beast out of trouble, brave.

Xia Ningchang’s complexion is getting better and better, and even her already fair skin has gradually become crystal clear, as if it can be broken.

After all, beautiful flowers must be drenched by rain and dew.

Half a month later, Yang Kai and Xia Ningshang left the customs together.

Within half a month, Xia Ningchang was naturally unable to condense her own potential, but after she gained the experience taught by Yang Kai, she also understood what is called potential, and has already been The magical power has little experience, and now I only need to cultivate myself.

She is also effortless to study the Dan Dao Zhenjie. The various techniques and spiritual formations recorded in it often make her eyes bright and move quite deeply.

Nine Heavens Holy Land, now crowded with people, the three tribes of humans, demons and demons, nearly 10,000 people gathered here.

Among these ten thousand people, there are two thousand disciples in the Holy Land, three or four thousand in the middle capital, more than one thousand demon clan, and two thousand demon clan.

Such a large number of people gathered here, but the scene was extremely quiet, no one was making loud noises, and even the whispering person did not exist. Everyone was just waiting quietly, waiting for Yang Kai’s arrival.

They really want to know what method Yang Kai will use to bring so many people into the star field at once.

A brilliance flashed by, and Yang Kai appeared, tens of thousands of eyes staring at him.

Glanced below, Yang Kai lightly nodded: “Now that everyone is here, let’s start!”

“Yang Kai, what do we need to do? You order Just one!” Thunder Dragon yelled from below.

“Yes, we will cooperate fully.” Chang Yuan nodded in agreement.

“It’s nothing, just relax, don’t resist!” Yang Kai smiled slightly, and opened his mouth to spit out an unremarkable bead, which was suspended in front of him, attracting everyone’s attention.

They didn’t know what was so mysterious about this bead, let alone what Yang Kai wanted to do with this bead at this time.

The answer was quickly announced. Yang Kai stretched out his hand and pointed at the bead with a flick. The bead flew out like an arrow from the string, directly above the place where thousands of people gathered.

There was a soft puff, and there seemed to be a popping sound from the inside of the beads. A magical power swept away. Everyone who felt this power felt bound.

Because of their trust in Yang Kai, they did not run the power in their bodies to resist.

There was a flower in front of him. After returning to his senses, everyone suddenly realized that they had come to a completely strange place.

This is not a nine-day holy land at all, but the scenery is beautiful.

Furthermore, the aura of heaven and earth seems to be extremely rich, which is more than a hundred times higher than the aura on the Tongxuan Continent. This discovery shocked everyone involuntarily!

“Hey, what’s that?” A demons seemed to have discovered the New World, and looked at a certain place and shouted.

Following his gaze, everyone immediately found a long, black, long shuttle-shaped ship that was ten feet long, quietly suspended in the air.

“Battleship!” Demon Sovereign Changyuan let out a low voice, showing a look of horror.

Although he had received news from the demon general Mongo that Yang Kai had a good battleship, he didn’t see it personally, and he didn’t know whether it was true or not. Now this battleship appeared in front of him. He immediately understood that the news was true.

There is such a battleship underground in the magic city, but the battleship is in tatters and, in terms of grade, it seems that it is not even suitable for carrying shoes for the ship in front of you.

Chang Yuan has some eyesight, and he can see the extraordinary features of this intact battleship at a glance.

What made him even more surprised was that there were some people standing under the battleship. When these people looked at themselves and others, they all showed surprise and pointed curiously.

Changyuan habitually releases his spiritual thoughts and sweeps over those warriors, his face changed leisurely!

He discovered that the cultivation realm of each of these people is much higher than that of him. Although there is no sense of oppression given to him by Yang Kai, it is definitely the legendary Holy King Realm!

Is it already in the star field?

These people are the warriors in the star field?

A suspicion flashed in Chang Yuan’s mind, and many people had this thought flashed in their minds.

“Don’t be nervous!” Yang Kai’s voice came from a certain place, and his figure flickered before he came to the saint king realm martial artist and explained: “These are my disciples.”

“Disciples, see Sect Master!” Those existences that made all the martial artists of Tongxuan Continent feel unattainable, have saluted Yang Kai.

“En.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, and said to one of them: “Liu Ping, these are my relatives and friends in my homeland. I will take them back to the Underdark Star. I will stay here for a while. Here, you are taking care of it.”

“Yes!” The disciple named Liu Ping quickly agreed.

Yang Kai came to Chu High Heaven, Ling Taixu and others again, and bowed and said, “Master, Master, this is a small mysterious world. Although it is not very large, it is still enough to accommodate 10,000 people. Yes, you will be safe to stay here. When I get to the place, I will let you out. My disciple is not talented. In a place called Gloom Star, the High Heaven Sect was established, and you two need to go and sit there. Well, the journey is probably It will be a little far away, so it will take some time, maybe several years. If you have anything you don’t understand, you can ask these disciples and they will cooperate fully.”

“Okay. Go ahead and do it yourself. Don’t worry here.” Chu High Heaven smiled kindly.

The Profound Realm Pearl, the Xuwang-class battleship, he didn’t know how precious it was against the sky. If he knew it, he wouldn’t be so peaceful.

“The disciple will go out first, and when he is free, he will come to visit you.” Yang Kai said, and left this little profound realm.

After Yang Kai left, the disciple named Liu Ping ran over immediately and asked Ling Taixu, Chu High Heaven and the others.

Just now, he heard clearly. Yang Kai called these two old people as Shizu Shigong. Although his cultivation base was much higher than that of the two, he did not dare to be negligent. It is also very respectful and respectful to the two of them.

Seeing this kid on the road like this, Chu High Heaven and Ling Taixu were not polite immediately, and they inquired about the situation of the Underworld Star and the High Heavenzong over Liu Ping, and learned that the High Heavenzong is now dominating the Underworld family. It can almost be said that after dominating the entire Dark Star, they are always comforted and proud.

For more than 30 years, Yang Kai has used his own power to make a cultivation star obey. This is simply not something human can do. They suddenly have the ability to Yang Kai. New perceptions.

Immediately began to inquire for more news.

There was peace in the profound world pearl, Yang Kai took it away, and his divine thought swept through the empty Nine Heavens Holy Land, putting away the slightest nostalgia in his eyes, and Xia Ning Chang, who stood by and waited. Said: ’Sister, help me find someone.”

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