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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1592: Coming to the Spider Mother’s Lair Again Read Novel

Chapter 1592: Coming to the Spider Mother’s Lair Again – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1592: Coming to the Spider Mother’s Lair Again

Xia Ningshang did not enter the Profound Realm Bead. She is now at the first level of Void Return, and will not drag Yang Kai’s hind legs, and she has just broken through. There are many things to learn, Yang Kai So let her follow her, and it’s easy to teach.

What’s more, traveling with the United States is very pleasing to the eye.

When Yang Kai said that, she immediately asked: “Who are you looking for?”

“Old Li!” Yang Kai looked at her.

Xia Ningchang suddenly came over, nodding lightly, closing her beautiful eyes, and starting to investigate.

Now she is the star master of Tongxuan Continent. She has refined the origin of the stars. With a single thought, she can travel back and forth anywhere on the continent. Here, she is the master!

It is still very easy for her to find someone.

She used her mind to communicate the origins of the stars of Tongxuan Continent, perceiving the messages sent by the flowers and trees on the mainland, and distinguishing the traces of the person she was looking for. In less than half a day, she opened it leisurely Beautiful eyes, Jiao shouted: “Found it!”

Yang Kai got a shock, stepped forward and grabbed Xia Ningchang’s little hand: “Take me to visit.”

Xia Ning Chang nodded lightly, stretched out his jade hand, and nodded forward. In the void, a dark whirlpool appeared immediately, as if to swallow everything, the two of them got into it and disappeared for a moment.

On an unnamed barren mountain, barren and desolate, several thatched huts stand on the top of the mountain.

No one would have thought that this place is actually the reclusive place of the old man Li Rui, who is famous for the entire continent.

Yang Kai respects Lao Li, not only because he is the longest-lived wise man in the entire continent, who has lived for thousands of years with the cultivation base of entering the holy realm, but also because of his generous teaching to himself.

When the Bone Race was resurrected, Mr. Li once came to the Nine Heavens Holy Land. With his great reputation, he called on the entire human race to unite and helped Yang Kai a lot.

This time when he returned to the Nine Heavens Holy Land, Yang Kai did not find any trace of Lao Li and his apprentice Zhai Yao.

I am afraid that it is impossible to stay in one place for a long time because of Li Lao Xian’s temperament, so he left the Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Now that Yang Kai is going to the Star Territory again, of course he wants Lao Li to be with him.

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“It’s here?” Xia Ning Chang took Yang Kai to this barren mountain that was less than a thousand feet high, and Yang Kai couldn’t help frowning.

“En.”Xia Ning Chang nodded lightly, “But I didn’t notice the breath of Old Li, only Senior Brother Zhai’s”

Listening to her, Yang Kaixin suddenly felt a bad feeling and looked up. Looking ahead, those simple thatched huts are in sight. In front of the thatched huts, there are a few medicinal fields. However, they are not planted with magical herbs for cultivation, but some common medicinal materials.

These medicinal materials are effective for ordinary people to treat diseases, but they are of no use to cultivation.

There is a person who is taking care of the herbs in the medicinal field, watering and fertilizing, repeating monotonous movements with a meticulous expression.

Yang Kai walked towards him.

“Want to see a doctor? “The man who was watering heard the movement, without raising his head, he asked casually.

“Brother Zhai, it’s been a long time!” “Yang Kai looked at him with a smile and said hello.

Zhai Yao’s movements stopped, as if he had also realized something, and slowly straightened up, looking up at Yang Kai, waiting to see Yang Kai’s face clearly. After that, I couldn’t help but grinned.

A mouthful of white teeth, coupled with his flowery and jade face that almost made women jealous, a round of sunset behind him gave off the afterglow, pouring over him, sputtering Golden halo.

The kid is still handsome and puffy.

Zhai Yao took the first two steps and gave Yang Kai a hard hug.

“Brother Yang, when did you come back?” He didn’t seem surprised at all, as if he had known Yang’s meeting to return safely.

“It’s almost two months.”

Zhai Yao nodded lightly, shook the dirt on his hands, and greeted enthusiastically: “Come on, today we will have a happy drink!”

“Okay!” Yang Kai responded quickly.

In front of the thatched house, the two of them sat on the ground. There was no delicious food. The shining stars in the sky and the oncoming breeze were the dishes to go with the wine. Kai and Zhai Yao poured wine.

The starry sky is full of stars, and in front of the thatched house, friends come from afar, which is very joyful.

“Master, he passed away more than 20 years ago.” Zhai Yao said suddenly and thoughtlessly.

Although there was a guess in his mind, when Yang Kai heard the news, the big hand holding the wine glass shook slightly.

Zhai Yao grinned and said: “It’s a peaceful walk, and the master has already reached this age.”

With the cultivation base of entering the holy realm, he has lived for thousands of years, which is not at all What others can do, Mr. Li is proficient in pharmacology, and he can live so long by using magical medicine to regulate his body.

“Brother Zhai is sorry!” Yang Kai thought for a while, but didn’t know what to say.

Zhai Yao smiled and said: “The master is still in the mantle, and the master lives in my heart!”

Yang Kai looked at him and laughed, relieved.

“Brother Yang is here this time, what can I do with the master?” Zhai Yao asked.

“It’s nothing, but I’m leaving again, and I want Elder Li and Brother Zhai to be with me.”

“Into the Star Territory?” Zhai Yao’s eyes narrowed.

“Not bad.” Yang Kai nodded.

Zhai Yao fell silent for a long time before shaking his head and saying: “The master raised me and taught me, and treats me like a mountain. I can’t let him be here alone.”

Yang Opening his mouth, before he could persuade him, Zhai Yao smiled and said, “Brother Yang doesn’t need to say more, I have decided!”

Seeing him insisting on this, Yang Kai could only sigh.

There is alcohol, binge drinking, drunk!

When the morning light came, Zhai Yao lay on the ground, screaming and sleeping. Yang Kai and Xia Ningchang found a simple tomb on the top of the mountain, worshipped them religiously, and gave Zhai again. After Yao left some training resources, he quietly left.

“Do you really leave Brother Zhai there alone?” Xia Ning Chang was still a little uneasy.

“His own decision.” Yang Kai responded lightly.

“But” Xia Ning Chang seems to want to say something.

“It may not be a bad thing. Whenever you are successful in your cultivation and rejuvenate the mainland, it will be the same whether Brother Zhai leaves or not.”

Xia Ningshang nodded and said I know it myself, and after thinking about it, I want to ask: “Where are we going now?”

“There should be a shortcut to the star field over there, just to find you and I know People!” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

After a short while, the two came to the site of the Xiaoyao Divine Sect, passed through the void corridor, and entered a place not far from the High Heaven Pavilion.

After the seal set by the Great Demon God was lifted, the Tongxuan Continent and the Central Capital World were connected. The void corridor has always existed on the site of the original Xiaoyao Sect. Yang Kai is no stranger to this.

The world in Zhongdu is the starting point of his life.

After arriving, Yang Kai swept through his spiritual thoughts, and immediately noticed that there were many more people in the original High Heaven Pavilion, and he didn’t know which family or small sect occupied it. It still felt pretty good. prosperous.

Yang Kai didn’t bother them. Now the warriors here are as weak as a child to him.

He didn’t go to Zhongdu either. The original eight families of Zhongdu, and the three families close to him are all in the Profound Realm Pearl. The remaining five families are now thriving in Zhongdu, and Yang Kai is too lazy. Bother.

He took the little senior sister and flew directly towards Cangyun evil land.

Although Little Senior Sister is the star master of the Tongxuan Continent, in the world of Zhongdu, she can’t get tens of thousands of miles away in a flash. Here has her own laws of heaven and earth, and another world.

Yang Kai didn’t know exactly how this world was formed, but after witnessing Tongxuan Continent’s process from birth to prosperity to decline, he vaguely felt that the world of Zhongdu should be the same as the ancient powerful warrior. There are relationships.

Perhaps, it is those strong people whose cultivation bases are against the sky, and they are not necessarily developed.

The Cangyun evil land is as chaotic as ever. In the past, several evil kings ruled and suppressed it. Although this land has bred filth and evil, there are still some rules that need to be followed.

But since those great evil kings died and disappeared, Cangyun Evil Land has completely become a chaotic and evil place.

There are three teachings and nine streams. Everyone has them. Burning, killing, looting, everything will happen. Here, there is no reason at all, the fist is the reason.

The two traveled all the way, and what they saw and heard was nothing but outrageous and outrageous.

Yang Kai can still do the same, but the little senior sister can’t help it. She ruthlessly teaches a few guys who are shameless and bullying, which can be regarded as calming down her anger.

Piaoxiang City, originally a city under the jurisdiction of the enchanting queen Shan Qingluo, is also the last piece of pure land in Cangyun Evil Land.

But since Shan Qingluo’s disappearance, this last piece of pure land has also been polluted, and the city has been dark and chaotic.

When passing by here, Yang Kai can’t help but miss it.

Back then, I knew and acquainted with that demon girl in this land, but after Yang Kai returned from Tongxuan Continent, he never saw her again.

He thought he would never see Shan Qingluo again in his life.

I don’t want to be in the Imperial Garden. I learned of her whereabouts, and they met and fought together.

Yang Kai was a little unforgettable for this extremely charming demon.

The place he was going on this trip was the spider mother’s lair. According to Shan Qingluo’s personal servant Bi Luo, she Yu Shan Qingluo was sent to Demon Star Emperor Chen because he accidentally opened the altar in the spider mother’s lair, and went directly to the star field.

So Yang Kai also wanted to borrow the altar. If it succeeds, not only can he stop by to see how the demon is going, but also save a lot of time.

He didn’t want to spend years on the battleship, just to hurry.

The spider mother’s nest is not too far away from Piaoxiang City, only tens of thousands of miles, and at Yang Kai’s current speed, only half a tea time has arrived.

As always, the spider mother’s nest is in tatters. After it collapsed that year, it was convenient for no one to care about.

After arriving here, Yang Kai walked into the huge spider statue with ease, and easily found an odd altar.

The altar is only about one person tall, but there are many mysterious and complicated patterns carved on the altar, which seems to be a wonderful formation, and some are like ancient characters.

Yang Kaikai felt divine consciousness, but he didn’t notice anything abnormal from it.

On the altar, there are still some dark black traces.

That is the blood that Shan Qingluo shed that day!

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Chapter 1592: Coming to the Spider Mother’s Lair Again – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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