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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1593: Demon Star Emperor Chen Read Novel

Chapter 1593: Demon Star Emperor Chen – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1593: Demon Star Emperor Chen

“Brother, what is this for?” Xia Ningshang poked her head aside, asking suspiciously.

“This is the shortcut.” Yang Kai smiled slightly and explained to her carefully.

Hearing that Shan Qingluo and Bi Luo entered the star field directly from here, Xia Ning Chang was suddenly curious.

She finally knew who Yang Kai said she was going to see, she couldn’t help pursing her lips and snickering, and from time to time she glanced at Yang Kai with a pair of big clear eyes, which was very meaningful.

“Well, it’s not what you think” Yang Kai weakly defended, “Forget it, I will study this thing, you are free.”

“En.” Xia Ning Chang nodded, sat down in a clean place nearby, and tried to condense his own power while comprehending the true interpretation of the alchemy.

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and rubbed the weird patterns and patterns on the altar in front of him, exuding his spirit and savoring it carefully.

Since Shan Qingluo and Biluo can go to Demon Star Emperor Chen from here, it means that this altar has the magic of opening up both ends of the space. In other words, as long as the conditions are met, the altar can be at both ends of the space. Form a tunnel, ignoring the barriers of space.

This is more profound than the most powerful space magic circle.

Yang Kai knows that there are some of the oldest space arrays in the star field that can transport warriors from one cultivation star to another, and can span hundreds of millions of miles, but This kind of space magic circle is extremely rare, not only rare, but most of them are damaged, and use it with great risks.

Perhaps someone like Mo Xiaosheng in the Battle of Heaven Alliance can repair ordinary space magic formations, but he is absolutely powerless against this special space magic formation.

So generally speaking, even if they have the power of this special space magic circle, it is not a last resort and will not be used easily. They would rather take a battleship, sail slowly, and spend a lot of time to reach their destination. Did not dare to joke about his life easily.

The best way to activate the altar in front of us is Shan Qingluo’s blood. Back then, she and Bi Luo accidentally opened the altar with their own blood.

But Yang Kai couldn’t borrow this method. Although his golden blood was powerful, it didn’t have the effect of Shan Qingluo’s bloodline.

He can only rely on his profound knowledge of space power.

Under his investigation, the ancient texts did not show any waves, and did not respond at all. Yang Kai was not impatient or impatient, but became more and more immersed in it.

Gradually, he felt a touch of wonder.

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Those ancient words seem to have their own lives, and they also have very subtle connections with each other.

Yang Kai has some enlightenment.

He tried over and over again, little by little, he felt that he had gained some gains, but after careful investigation, he found nothing.

The time passed little by little, the little sister was quiet Sitting on the sidelines, didn’t bother Yang Kai. Now she is immersed in the process of condensing the situation and comprehending the true interpretation of the alchemy, and can’t notice the movement around her.

One day, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes exploded with energy, seeming to have gained something.

He mobilized his own space power, let this magical power shuttle on the ancient altar, connecting those complicated and complicated words together.

Such as threading a needle, these words are more and more closely related to each other, until they are inseparable.

When the force of space penetrated the last text, the patterns on the altar suddenly burst into light, as if given new life, it floated out of the altar.

They wandered in the void like fish, rearranged and combined, and finally formed a phantom of a gate in front of Yang Kai!

“Little Senior Sister!” Yang Kai burst out.

Xia Ning Chang quickly converged her mind, and with a sway of her delicate body, she came to Yang Kai’s side and held Yang Kai’s big hand.

She knew the time had come!

Yang Kai didn’t delay, staring at the phantom of the closed door with a solemn face that had never been seen before.

Although he succeeded in using his knowledge of the power of space to thoroughly understand the mystery of the altar and form the phantom of the door, he did not have the key to open the door.

Shan Qingluo’s blood is the key to this door.

But Yang Kai has his own method.

He condensed the power of space at his fingertips, tapped forward as if slowly and eagerly, and then swiped down fiercely!

The void seemed to tremble, and a crack suddenly appeared in the closed door. At first, the crack was very small and almost imperceptible, but it was expanding at a rapid rate.

In the blink of an eye, it swallowed the door, revealing a dark passage.

Connect the empty corridors that separate the two ends of the space between hundreds of millions of miles away!

There is nothingness and chaos inside, like a big mouth opened by a beast, enough to swallow everything in the world.

Xia Ning Chang’s delicate body couldn’t help being a little tight, and he held Yang Kai’s big hand tighter.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate, he pulled Xia Ning Chang one end and got in. When the two of them disappeared, the dark corridor closed again, and then disappeared.

The surrounding area is quiet. Here, there is no sound and no light, and there is darkness in front of Xia Ningchang and Yang Kai.

But in the dark, Xia Ning Chang could feel that a kind of magical power was flowing beside him, and this power was like a long river of breathing, trying to drown her.

Yang Kai protected her!

This is a space crack, a mysterious and unknowable place that is difficult for ordinary people to reach, and a forbidden area where everything is difficult to survive.

Any strong man may be lost in it, sinking into this magical world, and eventually his body and mind are swallowed by darkness, and he will never stand up.

Even Yang Kai, walking here, raised the spirit of 120,000 points. Divine Sense always carefully surveyed the surroundings, taking Xia Ning Chang to avoid those murderous intentions from the void.

This weird place seems to affect the thinking of creatures and the feeling of time.

Yang Kai can only desperately mobilize space power to resist interference from all directions.

Shan Qingluo and Biluo used the altar to enter the Demon Star Emperor Chen, there is not much danger, because her blood line matches, but Yang Kai used special means to forcibly open the altar. The risk to be taken is much stronger than that of the seductive queen.

Fortunately, his attainments in the power of space are indeed good, even if he is walking on thin ice, he can barely handle it.

I don’t know how long it took before Yang Kai suddenly got a shock. He took Xia Ning Chang towards a certain direction. After he arrived there, he stretched his hand forward and tore through the space. The two of Chang fell from this mysterious and unknowable place.

The little elder sister didn’t come back to her senses until this moment, and her confused beautiful eyes finally gradually became clearer.

She thought it was just a moment, but she didn’t know that Yang Kai took her to wander through the cracks in the space for many days.

The mysterious place affected Xia Ningshang’s judgment on the passage of time.

It should be an underground cave, wet and dark, but some white bones were scattered in front of them. Judging from the scale of the bones, this bone must have been a giant before his death.

“Here is” Xia Ning Chang looked around, looking blank.

Yang Kai stepped forward, reached out and picked up a piece of skeleton, and examined it carefully. After a while, he grinned: “Here is the place, here is Demon Star Emperor Chen!”

“Demon Star Dichen?” Xia Ningshang murmured, “Is it the star where Queen Sister is?”

“En!” Yang Kai nodded, he was able to make such a judgment, thanks to the ground. Sen Bai bones.

If he didn’t guess wrong, this Senbai skeleton should be the skeleton of an ancient alien species of Heavenly Moon Demon Spider.

Shan Qingluo and Biluo lived here back then. The first thing they encountered was the skeleton of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider. Shan Qingluo absorbed the origin of this ancient alien species, so he was seen by Lord Scarlet Moon. In the middle, and received as a righteous daughter, to be able to mix on the emperor star star.

Otherwise, as a human being, how could she gain a foothold on this demon star, it is even more unlikely that she could reach the terrifying realm of returning to the three-layer realm in just a few decades.

The original power of the Sky Moon Demon Spider helped Shan Qingluo a lot. Her bloodline originally had some traces of the Celestial Moon Demon Spider, so she could open the altar and get the chance that belonged to her alone!

Fate is really mysterious. Yang Kai has worked so hard over the years, and his luck is not bad. He only broke through to the second stage of Void Return, but Shan Qingluo has already walked ahead of him.

Yang Kai pondered, recalling the various information that Bi Luo had revealed to him in the Imperial Garden that day.

He doesn’t know much about the demon star Dichen, only that this is a cultivation star dominated by the demon race. Although there are humans on the demon star, it is only a foil for the demon race. That’s it.

The human race has the advantage of the human race. Although the Yao race is powerful, it does not kill humans, but let it go. Unless the human race has some strong men threatening the dominance of the Yao race, there will be Yao races. The master shot and killed.

On the Emperor Star, the human race has no status.

The ten lords are the rulers of Emperor Chenxing, and each of them is a powerhouse of the Void King Realm.

Lord Chiyue, who took Shan Qingluo as a righteous daughter, is one of them.

Yang Kai thought about it, and the information he got was only this little bit, which made him quite a bit big.

“Let’s go out first.” Yang Kai greeted Xia Ning Chang and led her away from the underground cave.

When he came outside, Yang Kai suddenly discovered that it was a lofty mountain, majestic and steep, the heavens and the earth were full of spiritual energy, but everywhere was full of strong monsters.

In the mountains and plains, the roars and fights of ferocious monsters and beasts are heard from time to time.

I really don’t know how Shan Qingluo left this place safely, but I have suffered a lot.

Converging his mind, Yang Kai offered the Star Shuttle and swaggered across the jungle with Xia Ning Chang.

This place may be extremely dangerous to others, but to Yang Kai, it is nothing. Under the Void King Realm, he is not afraid of anyone, even in the ordinary Void King Realm, he can face it calmly. Correct.

After practicing the power of space, few people can drive him to despair, unless he is dragged into a small enclosed space like Qi Tianche, the original master of Xingdi Mountain.

It’s not enough to be so, and absolute force is needed to suppress him.

Qi Tianche didn’t have this ability, so he died.

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