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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1594: Bright Moon City Read Novel

Chapter 1594: Bright Moon City – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1594: Bright Moon City

The most important thing Yang Kai needs to do now is to inquire about the information.

It should be easy to find out where Shan Qingluo is. Since she is the righteous daughter of Lord Scarlet Moon, she must be staying with Lord Scarlet Moon.

Shan Qingluo’s heartbreaking shouts still echoed in Yang Kai’s ears when he was farewell to the Emperor Garden.

Since Demon Star Emperor Chen is here, he naturally wants to see if the demon girl has been moisturized.

Within a few days, Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang flew out of the deep mountain and old forest. However, although Yang Kai encountered many creatures along the way, they were all uncivilized monsters. He couldn’t hear anything from them, which made him very helpless.

He can only pin his hopes forward.

While speeding aimlessly with Xia Ning Chang, Yang Kai released his spiritual thoughts to survey the surroundings.

Leisurely, he seemed to have discovered something, and pointed in a direction and said: “There is some movement over there, let’s go and take a look.”

“Okay.” Xia Ning Chang naturally had no objection.

The two fell down and walked side by side in the direction Yang Kai pointed out. Not long after, the figures of a group of about a dozen warriors were printed in front of their eyes.

These warriors exude a wild aura, which is very different from the energy response in normal human warriors, and each of them has more or less the physical characteristics of monsters.

There are more than a dozen warriors in this team, they are obviously monsters!

They are riding a wolf-shaped monster under the crotch, criticizing Jinjiarui, which looks majestic. They are arranging the horses under the crotch, running wildly, although there are only a few dozen, it is like a torrent of steel vast.

Divine Sense swept over them, and Yang Kai discovered that the highest cultivation base of these monster warriors was only at the second level of the Saint King, so it was not to be feared.

So he took Xia Ning Chang to greet him generously.

“Excuse me, everyone.” When he got closer, he rushed to the head of a demon clan with a fist, with a gentle smile on his face.

The other party had obviously spotted him a long time ago, riding the wolf-shaped monster and leaping in front of him, looking down at him condescendingly, with a natural contempt and scrutiny in his slightly white eyes. the taste of.

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The monster under his seat panted, spraying an unpleasant breath on Yang Kai’s face, as if he wanted to stretch his head over and sniff whether Yang Kai was delicious

Yang Kai smiled Stay unmoved.

This is the Emperor Star, the world of the monster race, so the monster race has a natural sense of superiority when facing the creatures of other races. They feel that no race can be compared with the supreme monster race. In front of the powerful monster race, any race can only bow down and claim to be servants!

“Humans?” The headed Yaozu squinted at Yang Kai, and recognized his identity at a glance.

The wolf-shaped monster beast under his seat snorted, seeming to notice the dislike in the master’s heart, and circled Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang.

After returning to the previous position, the monster warrior coldly hummed: “What are you two humans doing here?”

“Hehe, I accidentally lost my way. Excuse me, what is this place?”

“This is the Scarlet Moon Collar!” The monster warrior replied proudly, “It is the area under the jurisdiction of the great Scarlet Moon Lord. You don’t know where it is. Come here?”

“Uh, I know this is the territory of Lord Scarlet Moon.”Yang Kai chuckled, “What I want to ask is, where is the nearest city?” If it is convenient, can you tell me where is Lord Scarlet’s palace?”

“Do you want to inquire about the location of Lord Lord’s palace?” “The monster warrior heard the words, his expression became cold, and he looked at Yang Kai more and more unkind, “What do you want to do with this?”

“It’s nothing, there is a friend in Lord Scarlet Moon’s palace, I want to visit her. “Yang Kai replied casually.

The monster warrior of “Friend” was stunned for a moment, and immediately burst into laughter. The laughter was full of mockery, and even the other monster warriors also laughed.

“Humans, I advise you to die, Lord Lord’s palace, no one can approach it without being summoned, even my monster race, not to mention you humans! But don’t worry, Lord Lord has always been kind to humans, and your friend should be living well as a servant in the palace.”

He subconsciously thought that the friend in Yang’s mouth was just a small person in the palace of Lord Scarlet Moon.

This is normal. The humans in Lord Lord’s palace are all They are beautiful and handsome men who have been selected, and nothing else, just the status of some handyman.

In the territory of the monster race, humans have always had no status.

“Well, thank you very much.” My friend reminded me that I still want to know the location of Senior Chiyue’s palace.”Yang Kai insists on his own opinion.

“Humans are as arrogant as you are, so I don’t like it! “The monster warrior snorted coldly, and said arrogantly: “Tell you that you can, but you can’t tell you for nothing. Let’s change something.”

“Yes! “Yang Kai nodded, and threw out a packet of Saint Crystal.

The monster warrior took it, opened it, and was suddenly ecstatic, exclaiming: “High-grade Saint Crystal!”

With one word, many monster warriors showed a greedy look, looked at the package, and then looked at Yang Kai and Xia Ningshang.

There were malicious gazes. Mixed in it.

“Can I talk now? “Yang Kai smiled and looked at each other.

“Well, you human being is pretty witty, I’ll tell you. “The monster warrior groaned for a while, his expression gradually calmed down, and he began to inform Yang Kai of the information he needed.

After a while, Yang Kai rushed to this line of warriors with a fist, and took Xia Ningshang away calmly.

“My lord, this human being is very rich at first glance, why let them go? “A demon warrior who seems to be relatively young, approached the leader and asked suspiciously.

“Huh, do you think I can’t see his wealth?”

“Then why not keep them? In the wilderness here, even if Lord Chiyue didn’t let us kill humans, no one knew what he did here.”

“Fool! If you really do it, I am afraid it is not the two of them that will die, but us.”

“Uh, sir, isn’t it? “The demon youth is a little unbelieving.

“There is nothing wrong, he is so rich, but when facing so many of our companions, did he show a little bit of fear? Even the human woman next to him didn’t panic at all. What does this mean? It means that the two of them didn’t put us in the eyes at all! You idiot only sees the light of the holy crystals, but ignores their power. Because this is a wilderness, I dare not rush to do it, otherwise”

Listening to what he said, the demon youth couldn’t help sweating coldly, looking reluctantly at Yang Kai and Xia Ningchang. The one who left, put it down, sighed: “That woman will be delicate skin and tender flesh at a glance, if she can bite it”

Some of the warriors in the monster clan are incarnations of monsters, so they still Keep the habit of eating and drinking blood when you are a monster.

However, in general, there are not many such warriors. More monsters are born in human form, but they still retain some monsters. That’s all.

This young monster race, at first glance, came from the incarnation of a monster, so he has no interest in Xia Ningshang’s face hidden under the black gauze, but rather her fair skin. And the crystal clear flesh and blood coveted extremely.

The flesh and blood of humans have always been delicious and delicious, especially the flesh and blood of young human women.

“Don’t talk nonsense, the little son of Lord Thousand Eyes should already be on the way, we need After finding out his whereabouts, and then sending a message back, Lord Lord will send someone to greet him. This is the mission of our trip, and there is no room for any difference.” The monster warrior said in a deep voice, but soon, between his eyebrows A layer of haze surged, and he gritted his teeth secretly: “I don’t know how many women in the territory will be poisoned by this little boy.”

Listen to them talking about the little boy of the thousand-eyed man, all The monster martial artists were all silent, as if they were very jealous of that guy.

“Brother, what should we do now?” Xia Ning Chang followed Yang Kai closely and asked softly.

“Go to the nearest city first.” Yang Kai sighed. Although he easily found out the location of Lord Scarlet Moon’s palace from the monster warrior, he wanted to find a fan there. Qing Luo is impossible.

The warrior said very clearly that no one is allowed to approach the lord’s palace without being summoned, otherwise he will be killed without pardon.

Even the monsters dare not overstep, let alone Yang Kai and Xia Ningshang are still humans.

Chiyue, one of the ten lords on the Emperor Chen star, was in that palace. Even if Yang Kai was confident, he would not dare to make a mistake in front of her. People are strong in the Void King Realm. Listening to Bi Luo, it seems that Still a virtual king with two levels.

If you rush to the past, you must die!

You have to think of a way. It is best to send a message to Shan Qingluo so that she can come out and see herself.

Yang Kai was lost in thought.

One day later, he and Xia Ning Chang arrived in front of a Yaozu city.

Huiyue City is a little different from the cities Yang Kai has seen before. The buildings in this city are full of the bold and wild style of the monster race, not exquisite, but they give people a very grand atmosphere. Look and feel.

Naturally not all demons are in the city, and there are also humans coming and going.

Lord Scarlet Moon did better than other lords on this point, that is, in her territory, no demon race can kill humans innocently. Although humans’ status is low, humans have their own. Advantages, Chiyue is just fancying the advantages that humans have, and will give humans space to survive.

The other nine lords are not as far-sighted as her.

Especially the most murderous lion lord. On his one-third of the land, there is no trace of human existence. The children under his hands also uphold the lord’s concept, and they can see human beings. Kill directly, divide and eat.

As a result, the humans that originally existed in his territory have scattered and fled, and have poured into the Scarlet Moon Neck, a relatively safe area for humans.

Generally speaking, the two races of humans and monsters in Huiyue City live in harmony. Of course, the status of human beings is always inferior to the others.

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Chapter 1594: Bright Moon City – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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