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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1595: Pointing Read Novel

Chapter 1595: Pointing – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1595: Pointing

Just like entering this Huiyue City, the monster warrior only needs to pay three middle-grade sacred crystals to enter, but Yang Kai needs to pay one high-grade sacred crystal to enter.

Yang Kai didn’t complain about this. After paying the two sacred crystals, he and Xia Ning Chang entered the city.

The extremely spacious street is large enough to accommodate several four-horse carts driving side by side. On both sides of the street, a wide variety of shops are dazzling to see, and from time to time there are humans and monsters coming in and out. Out, a very busy look.

The owners of those shops are also very catering to them, soliciting business for their shops.

Yang Kai traveled all the way and found that most of the shops were opened by humans, but there were very few Yaozu shops.

In terms of business, humans are obviously more talented than monsters.

Walking all the way, Yang Kai’s eyes gradually brightened.

He discovered that there are many cultivation materials on the emperor star star that are not available on the gloomy star. This is also a normal thing. Every different place or area has its own unique product.

The demon star Emperor Chen is the dominant cultivation star of the demon clan. Here, the goods that appear the most on the market are naturally the body materials of the demon beasts and inner alchemy.

When he discovered this, Yang Kai was taken aback.

He didn’t expect that in the city of the demon clan, everyone was blatantly doing the demon beast business.

This made him very puzzled. After all, there are many monsters in the monster race who are incarnations of monsters. Don’t they have any sense of rejection?

It’s like in the city of Gloom Star, if someone sells human limbs or internal organs, no one will patronize it.

But after thinking about it carefully, Yang Kai is relieved again. The existence is reasonable. Since the business of monsters is so hot in this place, everyone is accustomed to it. What’s more, not all people in the monsters are made by monsters. The beasts incarnate, even those warriors who are incarnate by the beasts, when they are the beasts, they will go to kill other weaker likes, eat their flesh and blood, devour their inner alchemy, and strengthen themselves.

Yang Kai looked on enthusiastically.

“Brother, there are so many high-end materials here.” Xia Ningshang’s eyes were already beaming.

On the Tongxuan Continent, she is restricted by the level of the materials produced in the mainland, and cannot refine higher-level medicines. But when she comes to Emperor Chen, she feels like entering a huge treasure house. She wanted to buy all of the high-end materials, and then went back to refine the pill.

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Now that she has refined the origin of the stars, the prosperity and decline of Tongxuan Continent are closely related to her, so Xia Ningchang can’t wait to improve her strength.

For her, alchemy is cultivation, and she can improve her cultivation at a perverted speed by refining pills.

“Well, it’s a pity that we don’t have much holy crystals left.” Yang Kai also had a headache.

Xia Ningshang has taken a fancy to these materials, isn’t he? However, most of the holy crystals he carried had already been used when Xia Ning Chang refined the origin of the stars, and the rest could only be used as a spare, and could not be purchased in large quantities.

Looking at Xia Ningchang’s disappointed eyes, Yang Kai smiled slightly: “But it’s okay to buy some.”

Senior sister suddenly laughed, her eyes bent into beautiful crescents. shape.

The two immediately walked into a shop, began to check the goods, and bargained with the owner of the shop.

Half a day later, Xia Ningchang’s space ring had a lot of materials for alchemy.

There are also a lot of space rings in Yang Kai’s space. They are all medicinal materials obtained in the Hanging Continent and in the Imperial Garden. The other ones were purchased on the Dark Star. If you compare them with those If the monster inner alchemy cooperates, many ancient alchemy prescriptions on the real solution of alchemy can be used.

Yang Kai has not been able to gather the materials needed for these ancient alchemy recipes. Most of them need the inner alchemy of monsters as materials. On the Dark Star, the number of powerful monsters is scarce, and Yang Kai is also a clever woman. There is no cooking.

But this Emperor Chenxing has greatly satisfied his requirements. There are not many other things in this place, but the body materials of the monster beast are countless.

He is already considering whether he should stay in this place for a while and search it carefully.

Besides the materials for alchemy, he also needs the spirit of monsters to cultivate blood beasts, and he also needs the elixir of the Void King level.

But the lack of holy crystals is still the biggest problem.

After buying the materials, Yang Kai took Xia Ningshang to the nearest inn and asked for a good wing.

Although the architectural style of Huiyue City is very rough, the wing room where Yang Kai and Yang Kai lived is very delicately maintained. The environmental conditions of the wing room are all excellent, and there are restrictions around the wing room. Can block the prying eyes of others.

This can be regarded as protecting the privacy of guests.

The owner of the inn is a monster warrior, but he is not as domineering as other monsters, the old man is still very amiable, and warmly received Yang Kai, sister and brother, so that he has a little bad impression of the monsters. There have been some changes.

After arranging for Xia Ningchang to stay, Yang Kai left the inn and began to inquire about available information in Huiyue City.

He didn’t forget that this time he came here mainly to look at Shan Qingluo, but how to approach Lord Scarlet Moon’s palace is now the biggest problem he has to face.

After staying in Huiyue City for several days, Yang Kai couldn’t do anything about it.

Using the limited holy crystal in his hand, he bought some precious monster materials.

“Young man, you seem to have something on your mind.”

On this day, Yang Kai was drinking and meditating in the inn. The owner of the inn came over with a smile and offered to give Yang Kai an extra. A small dish, sat opposite him.

“I think you have been looking for people to inquire about Lord Lord’s Palace these few days, but have you asked to see Lord Lord?” The old man of the demon clan looks friendly and looks like he is about 50 or 60 years old. It looked like his waist was a little crooked, and he had taken care of Yang Kai in recent days, and tried his best to satisfy every request.

Seeing him sitting down, Yang Kai smiled and said: “Don’t hide it from the old man, I’m not asking to see the lord’s mansion, not asking to see the lord.”

“Oh?” The master looked at him with interest, “Then what do you want to do, you know that your inquiries like this has attracted the attention of many people, and the monster race is not too friendly to humans.”

“I know.”Yang Kai nodded lightly. When he was looking for someone to inquire these days, he did feel this. Those monster warriors either ridiculed him or dismissed him, or even spoke ill of him, threatening him.

If it weren’t for Chiyue’s many rules, I’m afraid that a monster warrior would attack him.

A human being in a small area would dare to inquire about the lord’s mansion.

“You don’t want to see the lord, what is the so-called? “The inn owner asked.

“To be honest, I have a friend who should be in the lord’s palace. I haven’t seen it in decades. The last time I saw it, I hurriedly said goodbye. I didn’t have time to say it, so I wanted to visit her. “Yang Kai answered honestly.

“Hey friend, woman, right? “The owner of the inn laughed a little awkwardly, with an expression that I knew everything when I came by.

Yang Kai chuckled.

“That woman likes you?” “The owner of the inn asked again.

“Um, old gentleman, you’re so gossip. “Yang Kai blushed.

The old man smiled slightly, and did not entangle this issue any more, but said with emotion: “You are so blessed, I think the woman who came with you is also a good one. Girl, she is a simple one, and there are women outside thinking about you, um, the old man is envious.”

As soon as the conversation turned, the old man said: “In fact, it’s easy to inquire about things in the palace.”

“Oh? Please also enlighten me from the old man. “Yang Kai came to the spirit immediately, and humbly asked for advice.

“The people in the palace, every month or so, probably go out to purchase some supplies. Our Huiyue City is not too far from the palace, and it is also prosperous, So they are generally regarded as their primary goal, and people from the palace come over every month. You only need to wait a few days to see the maid in the palace. If you are lucky, you might be able to meet that woman directly.”

He is obviously the same as the monster warrior Yang Kai first saw before, thinking that Yang Kai’s friend is a maid in the palace.

After all, humans can enter. The lord’s palace has such a status.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up.

Although the owner of the inn misunderstood Shan Qingluo’s identity, this might not be a solution.

If the maidservant from the palace can give Shan Qingluo a message or something, then all the problems will be solved.

“Thank you for your advice! “Yang Kaixin happily clasped his fists.

“It’s okay, old man, I didn’t do anything, no thanks.”

“Old sir.”Yang Kai smiled and looked at him, “I feel that your attitude towards humans is very different from other monster races. Don’t you reject humans?”

“Repelling? Why reject? The owner of the inn looked at Yang Kai with a smile, “Humans are very good, and the old man knew a very special human being when he was young.”

Yang Kai clearly saw a trace of richness flashing in his eyes, which could hardly disappear. Gentleness.

He suddenly understood something.

“Forget it, don’t tell me, you guys take it easy, the old man is old, go and lie down for a while. “The owner of the inn suddenly became distracted. While talking, he stood up, his waist seemed to be even more rickety.

Yang Kai sighed silently.

It seems that when the owner of the inn was young, She seems to be a woman who likes humans.

Interracial love and union, this kind of thing is not easily tolerated in any place, not to mention, this is the emperor, the only monster of the monster race, human It has no status at all.

However, it is precisely because of this disallowance that many places have been created. The interracial love and combination eventually fell apart and even died in love, a legendary story that can be sung.

Yang Kaimei Go and think about it, drank a few glasses of wine, returned to the wing, and after a few talks with Xia Ning Chang who was making alchemy, he went straight to the gate of the city.

According to the owner of the inn, the days when the maidservant in the palace purchase supplies are also these few days. Yang Kai is going to stay on guard to see if she can find a suitable candidate, and let her send a message to Shan Qingluo.

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Chapter 1595: Pointing – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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