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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1596: The commotion at the city gate Read Novel

Chapter 1596: The commotion at the city gate – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1596: The commotion at the city gate

Not far from the gate of Huiyue City, there is a teahouse.

The location is good, just in time you can see the warriors coming in and out of the city gate. Yang Kai left early and returned late. After staying in this teahouse for several days, he didn’t see any maidservants in the palace.

On this day, just as he was bored and sipping tea, there was a commotion at the gate of the city.

The warriors who were waiting in line to enter the city were separated towards the two sides of the road, as if they were trying to give way to some big man, and there were some shouts in the crowd, Yang Kai vaguely heard something “Come here, here” something like shouting.

Is the maidservant in the palace coming? Yang Kai was shocked and took it for granted.

The commotion at the gate of the city also passed to the teahouse, and the warriors who were drinking tea in the teahouse also walked out of the teahouse and gathered on the street. It didn’t take a long time. On both sides of the spacious street, It was crowded with people, one after another looking towards the gate of the city.

Although there are many people, they are silent and very quiet.

Yang Kai also walked out of the teahouse, squeezed into the crowd, and looked towards the city gate with a look of expectation, ready to find a suitable candidate, elaborated on her request, and asked her to help Deliver the message yourself.

The earth trembles slightly, and the solid ground transmits vibrations from afar, and it seems that thousands of troops are coming here.

Yang Kai frowned, and suddenly realized that things seemed a little different from what he thought. After all, if only the imperial maid went out to purchase supplies, he should not have such a great momentum.

What’s more, since the maids will come out once a month, the residents and warriors of Huiyue City should not be surprised by this.

Realizing this, he was a little disappointed. It seemed that it was not the imperial maid here.

However, he was very curious, who came to this Huiyue City and attracted so many warriors.

In a short while, a majestic wolf-shaped monster suddenly flew in from the outside, and on this monster beast, there was also a monster martial artist Yang Kai looked familiar with.

“Go away and away, all away!” As soon as the monster warrior You stepped into Huiyue City, he yelled loudly, waving a long whip in his hand and moving the onlookers further away Driven away, to make way for a wider street.

Immediately behind him, more than a dozen wolf-shaped monster beasts of similar size appeared. Each monster beast had a monster warrior riding on him. They consciously scattered to the sides, waiting in line.

Isn’t this the monster team that I asked myself a few days ago? Yang Kai looked at the leading warrior, and quickly remembered.

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“This friend, who is visiting Huiyue City, why is it such a big show?” Suddenly a questioning voice came from the side. Obviously, the owner of this voice was also confused, and was inquiring about information from others.

“I don’t know.” The person being asked looked out, also very curious.

“I don’t know what you are coming to see?” The questioner was suddenly unhappy.

“I just came to see if I didn’t know, didn’t you?”

“Cough cough”

Just when everyone was puzzled, whispering, and discussing the truth Suddenly, two huge heads appeared at the gate of the city. These two heads had single horns, which were dark in color, and the skulls were covered with hard scale armor. The eyes were like snake pupils, exuding bursts of cold light, which made people shudder.

“This is” the knowledgeable person immediately exclaimed, he has already seen what the origin of these two monsters are.

The full picture of the two monsters was quickly printed in everyone’s field of vision. Except for the huge heads, the two monsters had wings on their backs and their bodies were covered with dragon scales. The long tail fluttered randomly in the back, full of explosive power.

“Rank Nine Monster Beast Lightning Flying Lizard!”

Not all monsters have the ability to incarnate into humans. Some monsters will maintain their bodies throughout their lives. Lizard is obviously one kind. Among the 9th-order monsters, it is also a well-known existence. It is naturally proficient in imperial thunder and fire, and has a violent and cruel temper. Even if a warrior of the two-tier return to the virtual realm encounters it, it has to flee in the wind.

There are not many strong people who can subdue this monster beast.

But now, these two thunder flame flying lizards are reduced to beasts pulling carts. They are tied around their necks by the reins, and behind them, a luxuriously decorated car slowly drives into Huiyue. city.

The carriage is very luxurious and beautifully decorated. With the rotation of the wheels, there is still a crisp sound of jingle bells, which is extremely pleasing to the ears.

The carriage is wide open, with no doors or windows, and only some pink curtains hanging around it. It seems that the owner of this animal car likes to be noticed.

There were three people in the carriage, but almost everyone’s eyes were on one person at this moment.

It was a man wearing a white gown sitting slantingly on a soft couch. The jade tree was born in the breeze, with a handsome appearance. He just sat there so casually, but there was a kind of luxurious all over his body. The breath makes people feel a little short unconsciously.

When I saw him at the first glance, I only thought that this man was very handsome. If I looked at him again, I would sink into his eyes.

His eyes are very bright and divine, and they seem to exude a peculiar power. Any woman who meets these eyes will lose herself unconsciously, as if a moth sees a flicker. The lights of the city should be thrown on desperately.

On the man’s lap, there is a stunning woman half lying there. The man’s slender and beautiful hands gently caress the woman’s black hair. The woman’s eyes are slightly narrowed, revealing a look of extreme enjoyment and indulgence. As if she is a pet, enjoying the caress and care of the owner.

There is another woman lying in the arms of the man, with the same look blurred, her pretty face flushed, as if she had just been moisturized by rain and dew, panting slightly, her red lips exuding seductive emotions Glamorous light.

Although countless people were onlookers, the man still smiled at the corners of his mouth. A pair of eyes full of evil power looked around without a trace. Any woman who met his gaze would be happy and wish now. Rush into the animal cart, accompany him by his side, and dedicate his body and mind for him.

“I know who he is, he is the evil-eyed young man! He is the little son of Lord Thousand-Eyes!” An exclamation came from the crowd, revealing the man sitting on the animal cart Distinguished status.

Many people recognized it.

Many men’s faces changed drastically, and the look in the eyes that looked at the sky gradually changed, and they became extremely jealous.

Without him, the reputation of this evil eye mad young man on Di Chen is really bad. It is rumored that there are no one thousand and eight hundred women who died in his hands, and these women were not used by him. Strong or personally killed, but these women took the initiative to sacrifice their lives for him.

It is rumored that he has practiced a secret technique in the sky, and it has a taste of collecting yin and nourishing yang, and enjoys him overnight, and even the best women will have to die.

Even so, there are still more women who don’t hesitate to turn back and throw themselves into the embrace of the sky.

The most hateful thing is that this woeful woman, whether it is a human or a demon woman, is wantonly getting involved.

Many women are poisoned by him like this, so generally speaking, no matter where the sky goes, those men will not let their women come out and show their faces, and do their best to avoid the women of their relatives from meeting him.

No one had heard that Mitian would come to Huiyue City before, so no one was guarded. If they had known it earlier, they would have avoided it, how could they greet each other like this?

But now, two beast carts pulled by Tier 9 monster Leiyan flying lizards have appeared, and they have already appeared in front of them. How can they just leave?

It’s over, it’s over! Many warriors looked at the women who were in love with each other around them, looked at the admiration and love that appeared in their eyes, and wished to rush up to break this bastard to pieces.

But it’s just thinking about it.

Let’s not say that Meotian itself is a powerhouse in the third-layer return to the Void, few people are his opponents, and the two Tier 9 monsters that pull carts are not easy to provoke.

What’s more, there is a huge backing behind Mitian.

Lord Thousand Eyes!

That’s the real tycoon, the powerhouse of the Void King Realm, who would dare to attack his son? Lord Thousand Eyes is very fond of his son, otherwise he won’t let the Lei Yan flying lizard use him as a cart.

Standing in the crowd, Yang Kai also learned the identity of this guy from the exclamations and discussions of the people around him. He was a little strange in his heart. The little son of Lord Thousand Eyes ran to him. What did Chiyue bring?

As far as he knows, the relationship between the ten lords on Emperor Chen is not very harmonious.

But he was not just strange, he didn’t think deeply. After learning that the person causing the commotion was not the servant girl he was waiting for, he didn’t want to watch the excitement.

The look in the eyes of this evil eye made him very disliked. It is a kind of arrogance that all women in the world belong to me.

He wanted to turn around and leave, but after he recovered, he couldn’t help being stunned.

Because the warriors who originally stood on both sides of the street are all half-kneeling on the ground at this moment, welcoming them into the city with a respectful attitude.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, frowning.

He suddenly found that he was a little out of the ordinary.

There were countless people onlookers. At this moment, all of them were half kneeling on the ground. Only Yang Kai stood alone, which of course looked particularly dazzling.

He looked over here, his chin slightly raised, even though he was just sitting on the animal cart, he was looking down at Yang Kai, and his eyes were filled with oppression. breath.

“Bold!” An angry shout came from the side, and the monster warrior who rode the wolf-shaped monster to lead the sky into the city pulled the reins in his hand, and the horse threw himself in front of Yang Kai. The whip waved and reprimanded: “Don’t kneel down yet!”

As he said this, he was about to draw at Yang Kai, as if he wanted to teach him a lesson.

Yang Kai looked at him indifferently.

The monster martial artist was startled, and suddenly recognized Yang Kai’s face. Isn’t this guy the human martial artist who asked him the way a few days ago?

I thought he was a little unfathomable at the time.

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Chapter 1596: The commotion at the city gate – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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