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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1597: Don’t you dare to kneel down? Read Novel

Chapter 1597: Don’t you dare to kneel down? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1597: Don’t you dare to kneel down?

Thinking about this in his heart, this monster warrior shook his wrist slightly, and the long whip that was originally thrown at Yang Kai also deflected, hitting it in the void, and there was a crackling sound.

He couldn’t figure out the depth of Yang Kai, so he didn’t dare to make troubles, but on the other hand, the face of Lord Mitian asked him to protect him. After all, even so many strong monsters have saluted him, just a trivial one. Humans are standing here, it is a bit shameful.

This is a contempt for Mighty, and an insult to the Yaozu as a whole.

So for a while, this monster warrior felt a little at a loss, and he didn’t know what to do, so he turned his eyes for help to the sky.

“Humans, you are so bold, you dare not kneel when you see this son?” He smiled softly, as if humans and animals were harmless, but anyone could hear the contempt in his words.

His noble status and extraordinary strength make him qualified to say such things.

This human being is miserable! Many warriors had this idea in their hearts, and the expressions looking at Yang Kai were full of sympathy.

However, it is more gloating. Yang Kai has attracted the attention of the sky, so this evil eye mad young man with a very bad reputation may not have the extra energy to come to the beautiful woman in Huiyue City.

Thinking about this, many people actually felt grateful to Yang Kai, and quietly pressed the head of the pretty woman next to them to prevent her from revealing her full face.

“Kneel down?” Yang Kai chuckled and collided with Wutian’s gaze without fear. “Why?”

A monster clan said that he wanted to kneel down? Yang Kai was delighted by his frenzied words.

To be honest, he didn’t want to cause trouble on this emperor star. If he didn’t see himself, then this matter would have passed, and no one would say anything. But now, the conflict seems to be somewhat inevitable, and Yang Kai naturally wants to rise up to meet him.

“Only because you are a human!” He sneered, still full of momentum, “Humans must kneel down when they see this son!”

It seems that he felt his anger and pulled the cart. The two Lei Yan flying lizards also became frantic, turned their heads, and cast their gazes at the location of Yang Kai, with heat spraying from their nostrils, and the beast’s pupils exuded a bloodthirsty and cruel light.

The complexion of the people around Yang Kai changed drastically. Without hesitation, they scattered one after another. They didn’t dare to stay with Yang Kai anymore. They were afraid that the city gate might catch fire and would harm the pond fish.

In an instant, with Yang Kai as the center, within a radius of more than ten meters, he was the only one left.

Yang Kai became more and more conspicuous.

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“Humans, on Emperor Chenxing, you’d better not be so presumptuous, otherwise, you will pay a heavy price!” He looked at Yang Kai with an indifferent expression, and brought the two stunning people around him. The woman also stared at Yang Kaixing, as if Yang Kai was a very rude person.

“Emperor Chenxing is the territory of my monster race. You are a human being. It is better to be a human being with your tail clamped. This son is not a stingy person. If you think of you for the first time, you can treat it as if you didn’t see it. Kneel down, my son won’t die around you!” Mo Tian stretched out a finger and nodded down, with a gesture of impertinence.

“What if I don’t.” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed cold, and he looked at the sky with a smile.

“That can’t be done with you!” he gave a cold snort.

The voice fell, and the thunder flame flying lizard on the left suddenly opened its mouth, and a group of flashing arc flames suddenly formed, directly bombarding Yang Kai, with an astonishing aura.

Feeling the compelling enthusiasm and the horrific killings contained in the fireball, many warriors were shocked.

Although most of them have heard of the horror of the Leiyan Flying Lizard, they have not seen it with their own eyes, and today it is regarded as an eye-opener.

No wonder that the warriors of the Void Returning realm have to flee when they encounter the Thunder Flame Flying Lizard. This fire group alone cannot be resisted by a normal Void Returning Mirror.

The terrifying fireball rushed toward his face, but Yang Kai stood there, as if he didn’t realize the danger. It was not until the fireball came close that he suddenly made a big hand and grabbed it.

“Looking for death!” Many warriors who saw this scene had such thoughts in their hearts.

How can the attack of the Lei Yan flying lizard be so easy to resolve? This kid looked a little abnormal in his brain, and he actually tried to fight with his body, no wonder he dared to rush into the sky.

A scene that surprised them appeared.

When Yang Kai’s big hand grabbed the fire ball, he was not directly burned to ashes as everyone expected. Instead, the fire ball made a chuckle in his hand.

A mysterious wave of power was transmitted, and it disappeared in a flash. The terrifying fireball was like a discouraged ball, shrinking at an extremely fast speed, and finally disappeared.

Yang Kai was unscathed.

A sound of inhaling cold breath sounded.

Mitian finally sat up slowly, and pushed away the woman who was half lying on his lap, sending a message called face up in his eyes.

“Okay, return to the two levels of virtual reality!” He grinned, showing a mouthful of white teeth, “No wonder you dare to be so rampant, it turns out that you have some skills!”

He is in Yang At the moment he opened his hand, he saw Yang Kai’s cultivation realm.

The two levels of returning to the Void are no longer weak on the Emperor Star Star, not to mention that he is still a human!

Emperor Chen is the dominance of the monster race. Although there are plenty of resources and strong spiritual aura of heaven and earth, there are few strong men who can emerge from the virtual mirror in the human race. Those with this kind of aptitude have long been killed in the cradle. in.

It is impossible for the demons to make people sit big. They leave the human race to survive in the cracks. They just fancy the various unique talents of the human race. How can the human race have the opportunity to oppose the guest?

So after realizing that Yang Kai was a two-tiered martial artist, Wu Tian suddenly became interested, stood on the animal cart, waved his hand, and hummed coldly: “Kill him!”

The two Tier 9 monsters immediately raged, stood upright, opened their mouths, and there were flames and lightning jumping in their mouths.

There was a riot at the city gate, and most of the warriors hurriedly fled.

Yang Kai laughed: “Two beasts dare to be presumptuous!”

The golden light flickered, and the two golden bloodshots were under Yang Kai’s control, like an arrow from the string, towards the thunder. Flying lizard shot past.

Two pillars of fire spurted from the mouth of the thunder flame flying lizard, greeted the golden bloodshot, but still could not stop the speed of the golden bloodshot. The flame that made anyone smell the discoloration did not attack the golden bloodshot at all. Cause any harm.

In the blink of an eye, the golden bloodshot shot into the mouth of the Lei Yan flying lizard.

At the next moment, two Tier 9 monsters roared like a scream, their huge bodies swayed from side to side, and the nearby houses collided and fell apart.

The golden blood thread rushing into their abdomen has been under the control of Yang Kai, cutting in their bodies wantonly, causing unimaginable damage to them.

Yang Kai was not idle either, his figure shook, and the person had already rushed out, and soon came to Lei Yan Fei Li’s head, and hit the back of his head with a punch.

It seemed to be a fluttering punch, and I couldn’t see what kind of strength it contained.

But when the fist hit the Leiyan Flying Lizard’s head, everyone clearly saw that the huge monster body had a meal, and the head seemed to be hit by a sledgehammer. First, it was launched on a conditional basis. He leaned back like a meteor, and then fell like a meteor, crashing to the ground.

The earth shakes the mountains!

A big hole immediately appeared on the ground, and the Leiyan Flying Lizard’s head plunged into it.

It is indeed a ninth-order monster. Although there is gold blood in its body, it is caused by Yang Kai on the back of its head. However, it still has not been killed. On the contrary, it has aroused more fierceness, roaring, and lenient. His flesh wings stirred up, and he wanted to get rid of Yang Kai from it.

Yang Kai turned around and came directly to the front of the Leiyan Flying Lizard, with his feet on its lower jaws, his hands supporting the sky, holding up the upper palate that the Lei Yan Flying Lizard was about to bite.

“What is he going to do?” The onlookers were stunned, looking at Yang Kai in shock.

He assumed this posture, as if he was about to tear this Tier 9 monster beast alive, but the small human body formed a sharp contrast with the big mouth of the Leiyan Flying Lizard.

It seems that the Leiyan flying lizard can wrap this human in its abdomen with just one bite.

Yang Kai’s body was bent into a shrimp shape, and the exposed muscles were raised high, as if it contained unimaginable power.

He and the Leiyan Flying Lizard are colliding and competing in power.

Everyone thought Yang Kai was crazy.

As we all know, in terms of strength, the monster race has an unimaginable advantage by nature, not to mention the huge Tier 9 monster like the Lei Yan flying lizard, especially its bite force, it is even more amazing. pole.

Yang Kai took the initiative to get to this monster’s mouth, simply challenging the most powerful and tough body part of the Lei Yan flying lizard.

This guy has an abnormal head, right? Many people have this idea in their hearts.

But it turned out to make them stare, and it turned out so quickly.

At the moment when they suspected that Yang Kai had some mental problems, his body that had been bent into a shrimp shape suddenly straightened.

With the amount of violent violence that can penetrate the entire star field, the big mouth of the Leiyan Flying Lizard cannot prevent Yang Kai from stretching.

The huge mouth showed an exaggerated bounce arc, the upper jaw flew up suddenly, and the lower jaw fell down.

Stab it

Blood is all over the sky, the Leiyan flying lizard’s head is split apart, the muscles and tendons on that head are pulled by powerful forces, all torn apart and exposed to everyone In the field of vision.

The audience was sluggish, and they all looked at Yang Kai with a strange look, as if their heads couldn’t turn around for a while.

If someone said that Yang Kai is a strong monster known for his power, then there is a reasonable explanation for this scene, but he is just a human!

Can a human being have such terrifying power?

With a boom, the huge body of the Lei Yan Flying Lizard fell to the ground, creathing a cloud of dust.

Yang Kai stood bloody in the air, full of murderous aura, like a god of murder from ancient times, making people shudder.

He turned his head, looked at the other Lei Yan flying lizard that was rushing towards him, grinning grinningly.

Although the Lei Yan flying lizard did not incarnate into a human, it also gave birth to a certain amount of wisdom. When he saw that his companion was killed by that human in an unbelievable way, how could he dare to come closer?

There was a low growl in the throat, and the wings violently stirred, trying to stop the pace.

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Chapter 1597: Don’t you dare to kneel down? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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