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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1598: Is your brain abnormal? Read Novel

Chapter 1598: Is your brain abnormal? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1598: Is your brain abnormal?

It was too late, Yang Kai dashed forward and rushed in front of the second Lei Yan flying lizard. He twisted his body and plunged directly into its open mouth.

At the next moment, a terrifying sound came from the Lei Yan flying lizard, which made the scalp numb. Visible to the naked eye, energy fluctuations after bursts spread all the way down from its neck. Eventually disappear in the abdomen.


A big hole exploded in the abdomen of the Lei Yan flying lizard, and Yang Kai’s figure sprang out from it.

The second thunder flame flying lizard fell to the ground with no breath.

Everything happened between the electric light and flint. From the time when the sky was ordered to kill Yang Kai, to the time when Yang Kai shot the two thunder flame flying lizards, it was only three breaths away.

This change happened so fast that the thinking of the onlookers almost couldn’t chase it.

It wasn’t until Yang Kai burst out of the abdomen of the second lightning flying lizard that they suddenly recovered.

Two powerful 9th-order monsters died like this.

Is this still the Thunder Flame Flying Lizard? Isn’t this a weak monster, it’s just a bit like a thunder flame flying lizard? This kind of thought was born in everyone’s heart, and they looked at Yang Kai in shock and dazedness.

The violent and rough fighting style made everyone look dazzled and terrified.

The battle of the Yaozu is known for its savageness and rage, and the Yaozu has always been proud of it.

They feel that the battle of their clan is the real battle. As for human beings, it is too fancy.

But the human being in front of him who smashed into the heavenly son, in a way that shocked the soul and eyeballs, perfectly explained what is called the real wild and violent!

The audience was quiet.

Even Mi Tian looked at Yang Kai with solemn expression.

He finally found out that this human being seemed a bit uncomfortable.

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Although the two Thunderflame flying lizards used to pull carts have lost some of their wildness because they have been domesticated since they were young, they are not comparable to the monsters of the same race that were born and raised outside, but they are not killed in a two-layer realm.

In front of him, the monster beast pulling the cart by himself didn’t even have the slightest resistance, and both died.

Well, I wonder if I can’t do it! He suspiciously released his divine mind, and inspected Yang Kai’s body, and found that this human being was indeed the cultivation realm of the two-layer return realm, and there was nothing hidden.

His eyes were squinted in the sky, and a strange look flashed in his pupils. Inexplicably, the blood in the body suddenly boiled a little.

The monster races are all militant. As the little son of the Lord of Thousand Eyes, although his position is noble, the bloodthirsty and craziness in his bones has not been reduced because of his identity, but has become more important. Win the warrior of the same race.

He thinks Yang Kai must be a good opponent! Maybe you can let go of your hands and feet and have a good fight.


A slight abnormal sound suddenly came out of his body, almost imperceptible. Every part of his body was in a very subtle range. Jitter.

That is a sign of excitement!

“What’s going on!” At this moment, a few rays of light flew from far and near, and an angry shout came over before people arrived.

Immediately, those rays of light fell in front of people, and after seeing the monster corpse and the tension in front of the city gate, I couldn’t help but stay for a while.

“Master Magna!” The monster warrior who had been riding a wolf-shaped monster before rushed to the audience and saluted respectfully.

The city lord of Huiyue City, Magna, a strong monster of the Demon Race, as the lord of a city, naturally has the cultivation realm of the three-layer realm of returning to the void.

But even though he is the city lord of Huiyue City, he doesn’t know anything about things here, even the arrival of the sky.

It’s not that Magner’s news is not well-informed, it is that Mitian is too unreasonable to play cards. Originally, the team of warriors riding wolf-shaped monsters was only responsible for inquiring about Mitian’s whereabouts, and then reporting back. Naturally, someone from the palace would send someone to greet him, and they would welcome him directly to the palace.

Where did I know that Mitian didn’t let the monster warriors pass the message at all, but after meeting with him, they threatened and coerced, letting them take themselves directly to Huiyue City.

Obviously he also knows that his reputation is not good, and he is not very popular wherever he goes, lest the news leaks, causing the residents of Huiyue City to be prepared to hide the beauty. He did not let him People notified the lord of Huiyue City.

I just arrived here, ready to go to the palace of Lord Scarlet Moon.

The idea is very good, but as soon as he entered the city, he was provoked to authority by Yang Kai, and even the two Tier 9 monsters used to pull the cart were killed.

“Mr. Mighty?” Magner recognized Mitten’s identity at a glance, and his face sank. In his heart, he didn’t welcome this unstoppable city to make waves.

“Hehe, I have seen Senior Magner so much, come here uninvited, and please don’t take offense to seniors.” He smiled so much and clasped his fists, still so gentle and elegant, with a bright smile, which made countless women obsessed with it.

“What’s going on?” Magner calmly looked at the monster warrior riding on the wolf-shaped monster.

The monster warrior had a cold sweat on his head. Knowing that Lord City Lord was very upset, he didn’t dare to hide anything, so he quickly said everything briefly.

“Presumptuous!” After hearing that Yang Kai had actually killed the wicked cart monster, Magna suddenly let out a stern stern, staring sharply at Yang Kai.

Although he doesn’t like the fact that this fellow is drunk on his own territory, a human daring to run into the noble character of the monster race is definitely not something he can tolerate. In contrast between the two sides, he is very There is nothing disgusting to do uninvited.

But who is this human being who can kill two Tier 9 monster beasts in such a short period of time, the strength is a bit extraordinary.

He looked at Yang Kai suspiciously, and he couldn’t remember where such a master appeared in the human race.

Yang Kai ignored him, but silently sensed for a moment, and suddenly with a move, two golden lights flew out of the dead thunder-flaming flying lizard corpse, entangled in Yang Kai’s as if they were spiritual Fingertips, wandering around.

Looking at the two golden and red bloodshots, Yang Kai smiled with satisfaction.

He was looking at finding no suitable monster to condense his blood beast mystery. He didn’t expect to pick up two ready-made blood beasts here, so he didn’t hesitate after the conflict with the sky. Ground shot.

The blood beast secret technique condensed by two ninth-tier monster spirits and flesh and blood essence is also pretty good.

After he took back the golden blood, the body of the Lei Yan flying lizard that died on the ground suddenly shrivelled, like a discouraged leather ball, the essence of the whole body was drained clean at that moment.

“Huh!” His eyes lit up, “What kind of secret technique is this!”

He seemed to be interested, his eyes were surprised, and he looked at the two fingers between Yang Kai’s fingers. Golden bloodshot eyes without blinking.

Although he is a distinguished figure in the monster clan, he is very interested in the various secret arts of human beings. Human beings are inferior to the monster clan in terms of physical strength and power, but they are pioneering the field of secret arts. However, it is difficult for the Yaozu to shoot a horse.

Both races have their own advantages.

He knows this very well, so he is different from many monsters. He doesn’t reject the secret technique that despises human beings. He doesn’t think it is a fist embroidered with fists. Instead, he is willing to calm down to study and comprehend.

With the powerful body of the monster race, and the ever-changing, mysterious and impermanent mystery of human beings, I believe that one day I can create a genre and walk a bit farther than my father, Lord Qianye, stand. At the top of Demon Star Dichen, become the head of the ten lords!

This position has been vacant for a long time.

Now he is very interested in Yang Kai’s Golden Blood Secret Art.

He has studied the secret arts of many human races, so he has a good eye. At a glance, he can see that these two golden bloodshots are extraordinary, and after flying out of the body of the lightning flying lizard, these two The golden bloodshot seems to have spirituality!

Get it! This overbearing thought flashed through Mi Tian’s heart, and he pointed to Yang Kai as a matter of course: “Human, hand over the things in your hand to this son, and the previous things can be forgotten by the son.”

Yang Kai raised his eyes and glanced at him, curled his lips and smiled, his heart moved, and the two golden blood threads entwined at his fingertips disappeared, and he said concisely: “No!”

He frowned, looked at him weirdly, and laughed: “Human, are your brains a little abnormal? You think you can easily kill the two monsters that pull the cart. Good? Do you think you can leave Huiyue City alive? If you want to survive, you can cooperate with this son obediently. I can let you go. Don’t toast or eat fine wine!”

While he was speaking, Huiyue City Lord Magna and several Mirror Powers around him also looked at Yang Kai with enthusiasm, ready to take action at any time to teach him severely.

Regarding the attitude towards Yang Kai, Magner is unconditionally standing on the side of the sky.

So he looked at Yang Kai with a bad look, and said coldly: “Don’t be wrong, kid In my Huiyue City, you can’t tolerate your presumptuousness.”

“Presumptuous? “Yang Kai squinted at him, arrogant and unruly. He didn’t give him the slightest expression of expression, aggressive: “What’s wrong with me being presumptuous?” You bite me?”

“Rampant! “Magna was furious. He has lived for so many years, and he has never seen such a defiant human being. Looking at the entire Emperor Chenxing, who is as ignorant as he is? Even the most powerful human beings have to see the monster race. You’re polite, let alone the master of a city?

He glanced at Mitian, who happened to look over here.

The two people’s eyes met, and they all saw that The minds of each other.

Join together to kill or capture this human, otherwise the monster race will have no face.

We don’t have to wait for them to do it, a certain part of Huiyue City. Suddenly, there was a strange energy fluctuation. Both Mitian and Magna were masters of the Void-Returning three-layer realm, so they naturally noticed it at the first time.

They were puzzled. Yes, they can’t judge what caused this energy fluctuation.

Yang Kai looked at the place where the energy fluctuation came from, and then he frowned and groaned, and soon, like Thinking of something, he shook his figure and galloped over there.

The speed is so fast!

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Chapter 1598: Is your brain abnormal? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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