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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1599: Vision Read Novel

Chapter 1599: Vision – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1599: Vision

“Leave it to me!” Magner was furious, and at the moment Yang Kai made a move, he slammed a punch and intercepted him in the direction Yang Kai was advancing.

A flash of purple light flashed, Yang Kai offered a purple shield and easily blocked the blow. He kept walking and rushed toward there in a hurry.

He has a bad feeling, how can he delay time here?

While his body was shaking, the fluctuations of spatial power rose from his body, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Magner and Mitian are on the spot!

They didn’t even see how Yang Kai left just now. They obviously locked their eyes and spirit on this human being, but the other party got rid of it easily.

The two monster clan powerhouses couldn’t help but look dignified, and after looking at each other again, they rushed to the location of the energy source.

They also want to know what happened over there and why such weird energy fluctuations came out.

In Huiyue City, in front of a certain inn, many warriors have gathered. These warriors are attracted by the weirdness of this place. There are two races of shemales and monsters. At this moment, they are all standing in the street in front of the inn. Go up, point and point over there, whispering in groups.

When Yang Kai arrived here, he looked up at the sky, showing a helpless and wry smile.

His bad feelings were indeed verified.

The owner of the inn was also standing in front of the inn. At this moment, he buckled his waist and folded his hands in his sleeves. Like most people, he looked up at the sky with complicated expressions and flashing eyes, as if he was discerning something.

When Yang Kai arrived here, he immediately noticed it, and hurriedly waved to Yang Kai: “Come here, young man.”

Yang Kai glanced at him and rushed to him. Said apologetically: “Old sir, I am afraid I will cause you trouble.”

The old man chuckled, shook his head and said: “The trouble of the old guy is nothing, I am afraid your trouble is big.”

Having said this, he glanced lightly at the two powerful monsters, Lord Magna and Mitian, who came afterwards. The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitched, and he added: “It seems that your trouble is more than that in the inn. One.”

“Ha ha” Yang Kai smiled dryly, not knowing what to say.

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If it was only Magner and Metian’s target, Yang Kai didn’t have any fear. He used the space secret technique and took the little senior sister to pat the buttocks and leave. The demon star Dichen is so big that they are not yet theirs. Hiding place?

What’s more, under the Void King Realm, he is not afraid of anyone. If he really fights, Yang Kai dare to lift the entire Huiyue City to the sky.

But now, the vision in front of him has caused him a terrible headache.

After coming here, he knew at a glance that the vision was caused by the younger sister.

Xia Ningshang has lived in the inn these few days and has been living in a simple way. He has been using various materials to refine spiritual pills to improve his cultivation.

Yang Kai didn’t bother her either.

Where do you know that in this kind of place, the little sister has actually refined an incredible spirit pill.

Yang Kai has had such experience, so I can tell that this kind of anomaly is clearly a sign of the pill medicine before the pill cloud is born!

When he refined a fire pill with pill cloud in Yupuxing, he used it to heal Xueyue injured by Xuanyin sunflower water. This scene is very similar.

Up to now, when Yang Kai made a pill, only that one spirit pill had given birth to a pill cloud. He also knew that a thing like pill cloud is truly something you can never find! Unlike the pill pattern, with his alchemy skills, the formation of the pill pattern can be influenced somewhat.

But he didn’t have a clue as to how to make the pill to give birth to pill cloud.

Senior Sister has a special physique and is a natural resource. It is only natural that she can get to this point.

But this is the Demon Star Emperor Chen, Huiyue City! Once the spirit pill is born, it will definitely cause countless powerhouses, especially Magna and Mitian, who have just clashed with Yang Kai, will definitely not let go of that one.

I won’t even let Xia Ning Chang go!

The alchemist who can refine the pill cloud is obviously already at the peak of good fortune, and he is worthy of the title of grandmaster! How could the Yaozu let go of such a heaven-defying talent?

Yang Kai’s expression flickered, and various thoughts flashed across his mind, considering the stakes in it.

It is impossible for him to stop Xia Ningshang now. Alchemy pays attention to understanding and opportunity. The younger sister can take this step and it will have a great effect on her growth. To stop it now is tantamount to ruining her. Her feelings this time may affect her future achievements.

She can only be allowed to refine the spirit pill.

It looks like it will be really troublesome next.

He made up his mind, Yang Kai’s eyes became sharp, as cold as a blade.

At this time, Magner and Mitian stared at the sky in a daze. Right above the inn, the aura of heaven and earth gathered in a large amount, as if they were attracted by something, visible to the naked eye, forming a small The whirlpool, and that whirlpool is still absorbing and devouring more spiritual energy from the heavens and the earth, strengthening itself.

’Senior Magna, what is this? Is the strange treasure born?” Although Mi Tian has a good eye, he has not seen the scene of the birth of Dan Yun, so he is confused about this, and has to be like age. The longer Magnatri asked.

Magna frowned, concentrating on the sky, and also judging what caused this vision. He shook his head slowly and said: “This city lord can’t judge it either.”

“Can’t even recognize the predecessors?” He was surprised.

“The world is so big, there are no surprises, it is not surprising that the city lord can’t recognize it, um, who can tell what caused this vision?” Magner turned to the other rebirths. Asked the mirror.

Everyone shook their heads one after another, saying that they had never heard of it, and had never seen it.

“This is interesting.” He smiled brilliantly, his smile was very attractive, and he always showed his white and flawless teeth just right. With his somewhat evil appearance, he was very attractive. Li, made many women who secretly dazzled him, “Looking at this, it doesn’t look like someone is promoted or practiced secret arts. It also doesn’t look like a strange treasure was born. What caused it?”

“It’s easy to want to know, just take a look and you will understand.” A strong man in the Void Returning two-layer realm beside Magna yelled, saying like this, unscrupulously released his divine thoughts, and peeped into the inn.

Before his spiritual thoughts extended towards the inn, he suddenly noticed a dangerous aura hitting him, and the extended spiritual thoughts conveyed back a scorching heat, as if The fire is burning.

The screams came out, and this monster clan expert couldn’t help but stepped back several steps, clutching his head, with a splitting headache and a pale face!

In an instant, the eyes of all the warriors turned to Yang Kai.

They felt that it was Yang Kai who had just released the power of divine consciousness, pushed back his own clan, and caused him to be injured!

Magna’s face was gloomy, and his smile filled the sky with playfulness.

“This is just a warning. Who dares to spy anymore, don’t blame me for being polite.” Yang Kai stood in front of everyone, his voice cold and cold.

Now is the critical moment for the little elder sister to refine the pill, even he dared not to bother, how could these monster warriors spy on them with their spirits? What if it interferes with Xia Ningchang’s alchemy?

Both are the two-level realm of returning to the void, but in the divine mind competition, the warriors on the Yaozu side seem a little vulnerable, which makes Yang Kai’s Magna and Mitian important. His expression became more solemn.

“Boy!” Magner’s deep voice sounded, “You are determined to fight against my monster race?”

“Courageous, but just a little overpowered “Wu Tian chuckled lightly, sneered slightly.

Yang Kai didn’t speak, but just stared at them coldly. No one dared to doubt Yang Kai’s determination. Those monsters who were still a little eager and wanted to spy on them, at this moment. Can’t help but extinguish the thoughts in his heart, and there is a look of jealousy in his eyes.

Obviously, this human being does not have a burly body comparable to the monster race, but he stood there, making all the monster races feel like facing a solid and tall mountain, blocking all wind and rain for the inn behind.

Inexplicably, some monster races have a hint of admiration while fearing Yang Kai.

Not every human being is so kind, daring to use his own strength to face the eye of so many monster clan powerhouses without changing his face.

“Okay, boy, you didn’t put this city lord in your eyes, or my demon clan in your eyes, or even smashed against Lord Mitian. Today this place is your burial place. I hope you are mentally prepared!” Magner couldn’t bear it. He was already dissatisfied with Yang Kai and him. Now that Yang Kai has such a harsh and tough attitude, how can he compromise?

I’m only going to kill this human kid first. As for the mystery hidden in the inn, it won’t be too late to investigate!

“Boy, you’re done!” He smiled happily at Yang Kai, murderous in his eyes.

He seemed to be free and easy, but Yang Kai killed the two Tier 9 monsters he used to pull the cart. How could he bear this kind of thing? Now it happens to be teaming up with Magner to face the enemy.

All the virtual return mirrors secretly stimulate the energy in the body, ready to attack Yang Kai at any time.

“I want my life, see if you have this ability!” Yang Kai snorted, an invisible force suddenly centered on him, and it spread all around, all wrapped in this force. The martial artist of, can’t help giving birth to an illusion of falling into the mud, the function of the holy yuan is not working well, and the meridians are blocked.


As soon as Yang Kai’s momentum came out, Magner couldn’t help changing his color.

He was shocked to find that even he was not as good as this human youth in terms of potential.

How is this possible?

I am in the three-level state of returning to the void, and the opponent is only at two levels. Although there is only a small level in the state, this small level should be a world of difference. Why is he more powerful than himself? Is still strong?

All the martial artists of the demon race have already displayed their own potential to fight against Yang Kai. In this way, it is still completely impossible to erase the influence of the invisible forces around them.

Not only that, every monster martial artist has noticed that there seems to be some special power mixed in the momentum of this human youth. This power makes them like an ice cellar, and they are like a chill, as if as long as they When I move here, I will fall down on the spot in the next moment.

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Chapter 1599: Vision – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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