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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1601: Pay attention Read Novel

Chapter 1601: Pay attention – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1601: Pay attention

The two powerhouses of the monster clan secretly communicated the tune, and decided to wait until the pill becomes 10% and start immediately. In any case, they must grab the spirit pill. How could the spirit pill that can be coveted by powerful people like Ba He, how could it be so bad, maybe it can break through to the third stage of the Void Returning Realm in one fell swoop, and be promoted to the level of the Void King Realm.

After all, Bahe had already reached the three-level realm of returning to the Void more than two hundred years ago, and he was the one with the most potential to be promoted to the lord level on the entire Demon Star Emperor Chen.

Just as Magner was communicating with Mitian, Bahe glanced at them intentionally or unintentionally, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Young man, don’t you want to go to the palace to visit your old deceased?” Ba He suddenly spoke to Yang Kai.

“Yes, old gentleman, do you have any advice from Senior Ba He?” Yang Kai looked at him suspiciously, wondering why the other party suddenly talked about it.

“I don’t dare to teach, but the old man does have a way to ensure that you can enter the palace safely!”

“Really?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up.

“Yes! But this method is a bit risky. If you believe the old man, the old man will let go. If you don’t believe it, you will be treated as if the old man has not said it.”

“Haha, kid I just met the predecessors in peace, so I don’t need to mention it if I don’t believe it.”Yang Kai is not a fledgling young man. How can he easily believe an unfamiliar person.”

“You should have such concerns, but to be honest, this method is also a certain way for the old man. Risk, if you can join hands with the old man, the old man can promise that as long as I live, you will be fine.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly, groaned for a moment, and said: ’Senior, can you elaborate on it?”

“No problem. “Ba He was very refreshed and didn’t sell anything. He bluntly explained his plan to Yang Kai.

After Yang Kai finished listening, his brows frowned: “There are indeed some risks, but the seniors did well Abacus, if you do it like this, how can my brother and sister have any freedom at all?”

“Then you refused? Ba He asked disappointedly.

“No, I agreed. Senior, let go of it. “Yang Kai grinned and smiled.

Ba He glanced at him in amazement. He didn’t seem to expect Yang Kai to be so bold. Speaking of which, he doesn’t need to worry about failure in this strategy. He can guarantee Yang Kai will be sent Entering Lord Scarlet Moon’s palace and receiving attention, this method may not be a good thing for Yang Kai and the woman who made alchemy in the inn.

He is mentally prepared to be rejected.

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Yang Kai agreed.

Ba He looked at Yang Kai with a weird expression, and secretly felt that this human being was not afraid of being afraid of some days, and was too courageous, but since he had agreed, he had nothing to worry about.

Thinking about this, Ba He smiled slightly and said: “This spiritual pill is not yet completed, the vision is already so magnificent, it must be an excellent pill, and from the richness of the aroma To infer, I’m afraid it’s a pill of virtual level or higher.”

“Master Ba He said that.” Magner agreed casually, not knowing what trick Ba He wanted to play.

’Such a pill, I’m afraid that only the lord is qualified to have it, Magna, don’t you think?” Ba He looked at the opponent with a smile.

“Not bad!” Magner frowned more severely, and he faintly felt something wrong.

“The alchemist who refines this spirit pill must also be a grandmaster-level figure.”

“En.” Magna nodded, and a bad feeling lingered in her heart. He suddenly understood what Ba He was making.

“Lord Lord has always regarded these humans with special talents differently. Over the years, the palace has also recruited talents. Now such a talent has appeared in Huiyue City. Magna, you are lucky. With your cleverness, I must know what to do next.” Bahe looked at Magna with a smile.

The latter looked solemnly, and said loudly: “Thank you for your advice. Magner understands. After the master finishes refining the medicine, Magner will escort him to the palace. Lord Lord must I will appreciate him!”

“If the lord is happy, you will also receive a lot of rewards.” Bahe laughed.

When he heard this, Magner’s eyes lit up and smiled more happily. He quickly clasped his fists and said: “This is also thanks to the protection of the adults!”

After finishing speaking, He shouted in a deep voice: “Come here!”

A group of strong monsters promised.

“Disperse all the miscellaneous people, etc. for me. Anyone who dares to come close to the inn within fifty feet of the radius, regardless of the size, must not interfere with the master alchemy inside!”


The sky was stunned and dumbfounded.

The agreement he reached secretly with Magner just now was breached by Ba He in a few words. Not only that, Magna also fell directly to Ba He and offered manpower to protect the person in the inn. The safety of the alchemist.

Ba He didn’t mean to dominate the spirit pill at all. On the contrary, he seemed to be very interested in sending that alchemy master to the palace!

The demon race is not good at alchemy. This is the result of many Zhous. On the contrary, the weak human race on the emperor star often springs up masters who are proficient in alchemy. Lord Scarlet Moon gives mankind the space to survive and strictly orders Zai Chi The moon collar cannot kill humans indiscriminately because it wants to protect those humans with special talents.

For example, alchemists, refiners and the like

Even every ten years, some alchemy contests will be held on the Chiyue collar. Humans who stand out from them can get rid of it. Give up your humble status and move into the palace to work for the lord.

Red Moon Palace has recruited talents over the years, and the alchemist master who can refine the spirit pill that produces visions, needless to say, will also be favored by Lord Scarlet Moon.

In other words, the master in the inn now seems to have been labelled as Lord Scarlet Moon. Even if he is brave, he dare not fight against Lord Lord Scarlet Moon on the Scarlet Moon Lord. The strong of the Moon Territory fights.

He is a lively watcher now.

He feels like he has eaten a dead fly as disgusting.

Looking at the many powerful monsters in Huiyue City surrounding the inn, Yang Kai laughed.

He is not afraid of the imperial palace, even if Lord Scarlet Moon is a strong man in the Void King Realm, as long as he finds a chance, he can leave calmly with his attainments in space power, let alone, He is also a master of alchemy!

His current pill refining skills are even better than Xia Ningshang, and he can refine a virtual king-level pill! If this ability is leaked out, I am afraid that the chief Chi Yue will treat him as a guest of honor!

After all, the virtual king-level alchemist is too rare, there are rare existences in the entire star field, and the demon star emperor has never appeared.

“Young man, the old man can only help you here. How to do things in the palace depends on your own means, but the old man has to warn you in advance. If you want to survive, stay in the palace. It’s best not to be too presumptuous.” Ba He glanced at Yang Kai, quietly transmitting his voice.

Yang Kai didn’t comment, but asked with interest: “Mr. Ba He didn’t hesitate to reveal his identity this time, not just to help our sisters and brothers. What is your purpose? If it’s convenient. Can you tell me?”

“Naturally, it’s not just to help you. Well, I just want to take this opportunity to return to the palace and ask Lord Lord’s forgiveness.” Ba He’s face flashed a little. Desolate look.

Yang Kai raised his brows, and he suddenly remembered that the demon clan onlookers had said that two hundred years ago, Ba He seemed to have been shot to death by Lord Lord himself.

But I don’t know why, but he lives in this world well.

It seems that there is something between Ba He and Lord Scarlet Moon. At least, the rumors are wrong. Lord Scarlet Moon was not killed by Lord Scarlet Moon. Maybe Scarlet Moon let him go.

However, he didn’t bother to take care of other people’s affairs, and nodded, “If that’s the case, then we can be considered as cooperating with each other. It’s not a big deal. Let us take what we need.”

“Aside from going back to the palace, the old man actually wants to ask you for help.” Ba He was suddenly embarrassed.


“I would like to ask your senior sister to help me refine alchemy!” Ba He said bluntly, and after finishing speaking, he quickly added: “Don’t worry, I’m the material. All are ready, as long as you refining it, there will be a gift to thank you at that time!”

“Let’s talk about it then, depending on the senior sister’s mood, maybe she will be willing to help you.” Yang Kai grinned and smiled.

This bastard has the smell of crossing a river and breaking a bridge, Ba He couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

The visions in the sky became more and more magnificent. As time passed, the vortex also obscured the sky, and the aura of the heavens and the earth that came together was horribly moving.

Such a vision is no worse than the baptism of the world where a warrior was promoted to the virtual mirror, or even worse.

No matter who it is, I have never thought that it is just mere alchemy that can cause such things.

So everyone became more curious, wondering what kind of pill the master inside was refining.

But the strong aroma of medicine made them judge that it would definitely not be lower than the virtual level!

There are more than a dozen virtual-level alchemists on Demon Star Emperor Chen. The most powerful one is the virtual-level high-rank alchemist. He declares that he is far-reaching Emperor Chen. Although he is a human, there is no demon. The clan dare not respect him.

The human race has a low status on this cultivation star, but the truly talented can get attention, and the polarization is very serious.

All of this is due to Lord Scarlet’s wise leadership. If she hadn’t worked hard to take in those talented humans, Scarlet’s collar wouldn’t be so powerful. Among the ten territories of Emperor Chen, Scarlett The collar can definitely rank in the top three.

You know, thousands of years ago, Scarlet Moon Collar was the weakest piece of territory on Emperor Chen.

Such a change can take place in a thousand years, and Lord Scarlet Moon is indispensable. It is conceivable that, given time, it is extremely possible for Scarlet Moon Lord to become the most powerful territory of the entire Demon Star.

Different from the surrounding demons, Yang Kai is also an alchemist. He can judge the progress of the little sister from the vision of heaven and earth and the aroma of the medicine. He is always paying attention to the changes in the vision and the smell of medicine. Secretly nervous for Xia Ning Chang.

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Chapter 1601: Pay attention – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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