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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1602: Dan Cheng Read Novel

Chapter 1602: Dan Cheng – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1602: Dan Cheng

This is the first time Xia Ningchang has refined a spirit pill that was born with a pill cloud. If successful, her alchemy skills will grow by leaps and bounds. With her special physique, this time The special sentiment will be a beacon to illuminate her striding forward in the martial arts and heaven.

The sentiment and experience this time are of great significance to the little sister.

Yang Kai attaches more importance to it than anyone else, so his divine will always envelopes the inn to prevent anyone from plotting wrongdoing.

Fortunately, there are strong men like Bahe and Magna sheltered, and there are many monsters who return to the virtual mirror to guard the surroundings, and no one dares to make a mistake.

“This medicinal fragrance seems to be richer, is it going to become a pill!”

“Tsk tsk, what kind of pill is this? Why just sniff the fragrance of the medicine? Feel the bottleneck loosened a bit?”

The warriors watching around are still discussing in a rush, but no one can understand the variety of the spirit pill.

At this moment, the swirling vortex in the sky suddenly changed again, as if an inexplicable attraction came from the inn, and the condensed heaven and earth aura was madly sucked there. go with.

And the huge whirlpool is also spinning, in the shape of an inverted funnel, pouring down.

In just half a cup of tea, the whirlpool disappeared, and the spiritual energy gathered from heaven and earth disappeared without a trace. Even the aroma of medicine that had been lingering on the noses of everyone suddenly faded.

The inn is quiet.

Was it successful? Still failed?

Countless warriors craned their necks and looked around, wanting to know the final result of the master’s alchemy in the inn this time.

They don’t know whether the master is young or old, male or female, but somehow, they are looking forward to this time of alchemy, and they are nervous.

It’s not just ordinary warriors, Magna, Bahe, and Mitten, all of them are like this. Even if they behave plainly, the changes in their eyes are obvious.

Only Yang Kai smiled slightly after perceiving silently for a moment.


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With the little senior sister’s pill refining talent, it is only natural that she can refine such a spirit pill with no distractions, but she should be immersed in perception and harvest now, so it will take some time.

Yang Kai did not point out, but waited while guarding the surroundings.

One day has passed, and two days have passed.

Many warriors who watched the excitement couldn’t bear to be lonely. They could not wait for the result, but they had quietly dispersed, only those who were somewhat related to this matter. Those who are still waiting.

Ba He looked at Yang Kai from time to time, as if he wanted to get some clues or answers from him, but to his disappointment, Yang Kai’s expression was impeccable, and he couldn’t infer anything. Ability to wait and wait.

Flick, it’s five days.

There is still no movement in the inn.

Whoever it is, you will be impatient after waiting so long.

“Enough!” He whispered loudly, “It seems that the alchemist in the inn should have failed in refining, and dare not come out to see people, Senior Magna, order someone to be arrested.”

“Catch people, who do you catch?” Yang Kai squinted at him, and sternly shouted: “Who dares to catch people!”

He sneered and said, “Humans, do you think this is here?” Where is it that you are pointing at the wheel? Senior Magna, this man is so presumptuous, and he doesn’t put you in his eyes at all. If you don’t do anything, then the boy will shoot it, just count with him before. Gratitude.”

Magna frowned, and somehow he didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t help but cast his inquiring eyes on Bahe.

Ba He said indifferently: “Even if this master fails in refining this time, but can make such a big movement in alchemy, he must be an amazing person. Lord Lord is very kind to such talents. Welcome.”

Hearing what he said, Magna suddenly returned to his senses and nodded again and again: “Master Ba He said that is good. The lord of the city has never seen any alchemy that can cause such a momentum. Yes, this talent must be dedicated to the lord intact.”

While several people were talking, a slight footstep suddenly came from the inn.

Everyone changed their expressions and cast their eyes together.

Yang Kai greeted him with a smile, and walked over quickly.

After a short while, a wonderful figure wandered out of the inn, with a graceful figure, a graceful and flawless waist, a long white jade finger, and the skin on the back of his hand seemed to be broken.

Mutian was still very hostile to the so-called master in the inn, and he wanted to kill him and then hurry up, but when he saw this figure, he suddenly stared and looked at it with scorching eyes.

As the little son of the Lord of Thousand Eyes, he was born with a respected position and because of the practice of sorcery, there is no shortage of women around him, and there is no shortage of beauties. The beauties of the two races of shemales and monsters can be picked freely.

But when he saw this figure, it still made him shine.

It’s just a mere figure, and I really want to know how this woman looks like.

His eyes moved upwards, and his brows wrinkled.

The woman actually covered her face with black gauze, making him unable to see her face clearly, but her clear and flawless eyes, like the purest gems in the world, instantly attracted his attention.

The woman’s white forehead is also dotted with a sapphire, which makes her look more and more beautiful.

Clean! This is Mi Tian’s first impression of Xia Ning Chang.

The cleanness is like a clear spring in a mountain stream, which makes Mitian feel a little eager in his heart, wishing to tarnish this purity and satisfy his profane desire.

Re-examined again, and suddenly discovered that the black veil that had covered her appearance no longer looked so obtrusive, but like a magical brush, it sublimated her purity to the highest level.

If there is no such veil and no such obscurity, then this pure beauty will only be discounted. It is precisely because of this barrier-like obscurity that people can be right. She is more interested.

He was in great interest, a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and an evil divine light burst into his eyes.

“Junior Brother, I’m sorry!” Xia Ning Chang looked a little embarrassed and apologized softly.

When she was refining the alchemy, she noticed some movement outside the inn, but she was distracted and did not carefully spy on it. It was not until the end of the alchemy that she really knew what had happened.

To make such a big battle by refining the pill, it will definitely attract the attention of many people.

Now when I saw so many people outside, Yang Kai was also caught in them. She immediately understood how much pressure Yang Kai had put on her during the process of alchemy.

“What about this, thanks to the blessing of Senior Sister, we can enter the palace soon.” Yang Kai grinned, took her little hand, and led her towards Bahe.

The corners of his eyes twitched, and the gaze looking at Yang Kai became more and more hostile.

It’s as if one’s forbidden is touched by someone!

“Woman?” Magner was dumbfounded.

The moment Xia Ning Chang showed up, countless martial artists of the Monster Race were dumbfounded.

They never thought that the alchemy master in the inn was a woman, and such a beautiful and pure woman! Still so young.

In their imagination, a person who can be called a master and can make that kind of vigor in alchemy is definitely an elderly person, and the worst is an elderly person. Where do you know that reality is related to Imagine such a big gap.

Magner could hardly believe his eyes, and couldn’t help but cast his gaze on Bahe.

“Don’t doubt, she is the master in the inn, um, came with that human kid.” Ba He said lightly.

Hearing what he said, Magner became convinced, and quickly took two steps forward, clasped his fist and said: “Huiyue City Lord Magna, I have seen this master, the master has worked hard!”

With a kind smile on his face, he looks very kind.

Xia Ningchang panicked a bit, but soon calmed down, Yingying responded with a bow, and whispered: “The Lord of the City is serious, the name of the master, the little girl is really ashamed of it!”

The sound is clear and sweet, which dazzles countless monsters.

It is so pure and moving, the voice is so nice, and it is also proficient in alchemy. What kind of person type mentions the status difference between the two races of shemales, and they are willing to pursue it after their own life.

It’s a pity, looking at Yang Kai who is holding Xia Ning Chang’s small hand, every monster race has jealous eyes sprayed out, seeming to want to turn into a thousand arrows, and poke Yang Kai into many wounds. Kong, a solution to the hatred in my heart.

Xia Ningshang’s humility made Magner laugh, and quickly said: “By the way, this girl, let me introduce to you, this is the strongest person in the Demon Race Void King Realm. The first general under Lord Chiyue, Lord Bahe!”

“I have seen Senior Bahe.” Xia Ningchang saluted again.

Ba He hehe laughed and said: “The girl doesn’t need to be polite. It is also my honor to witness such a grand event.”

He still asks for Xia Ningshang, and he really doesn’t dare to do it. The posture is too high.

“This is the little son of Lord Thousand Eyes, Lord Mitian.” Magner pointed to Mitian and introduced.

Mitian stepped forward, with a gentle and polite appearance: “It is really fortunate for Sansheng to be able to see the girl’s face at Mitian.”

Xia Ningchang gently Nodded, and didn’t say much.

I don’t know why, she feels that even though this Wutian performed perfectly in front of her, it made her feel vigilant.

Yang Kai sneered on the sidelines.

“Girl, you refined the spirit pill a few days ago. I don’t know the spirit pill.” Magner looked at Xia Ningshang with eagerness, wondering if she had successfully refined it.

Bahe also came towards her.

Xia Ning Chang frowned and looked at Yang Kai.

She didn’t want to show her hard work to everyone.

“Take it out, whether you can perform the palace, it depends on the spirit pill.” Yang Kai whispered in her ear. This affectionate gesture made the little sister’s body tremble, and the delicate earlobes immediately changed Got pink.

But since Yang Kai has said so, of course she won’t hide anything. With a little hand, a jade bottle appeared on the palm of her hand.

Yang Kai picked up the jade bottle and didn’t look at it much, and threw it to Bahe: “The pill is here, seniors can take a closer look.”

Bahe With a straight look, he cautiously pinched the jade bottle, and slowly opened the mouth of the bottle. From inside, a pill came.

When that pill came into view, Ba He couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Dan Yun!”

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Chapter 1602: Dan Cheng – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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