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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1604: Turned out to be a little boy Read Novel

Chapter 1604: Turned out to be a little boy – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1604: Turned out to be a little boy

Ba He was taken down! This result made Yang Kai stunned, but seeing Ba He’s confident look, Yang Kai estimated that he would not have any life concerns.

Mitian was also warmly entertained aside, while Yang Kai and Xia Ningshang were introduced to Banyue Mountain by a demon woman, and they passed the neat mountain road all the way up.

The demon woman walking in the front doesn’t know which demon beast’s bloodline she is. She is petite, but she is extremely vigorous, with a level of Void-returning cultivation, and her two ears are not similar. Human ears, on the contrary, are somewhat like cat ears, short and delicate.

Yang Kai looked at the scenery of the Holy Land in the Scarlet Moon Collar.

The surrounding heaven and earth are very aura. There should be good ground veins under the Banyue Mountain, otherwise it will not be able to meet the needs of a large number of monster warriors to practice here.

“Girl, are we going to see Lord Chiyue now?” After a long time, Yang Kai asked.

“My lord has important matters, so I won’t see you for the time being, but someone else will receive two of you.” The demon woman in front of her did not turn her head, and replied lightly.

“Understood.” Yang Kai nodded, and didn’t ask any more questions.

Although Xia Ningchang’s performance in Huiyue City was shocking enough, Chiyue was also one of the top ten lords at any rate, and even a powerhouse of the Void King Realm. He would not personally receive Xia Ningchang, but it was said.

However, she would not despise Xia Ningshang too much. She should arrange for a competent staff to receive her to show her importance to Xia Ningshang.

Yang Kai came here just to see if Shan Qingluo’s demon girl can be interviewed by Chiyue, it doesn’t matter. For him, it might be better not to see Chiyue. After all, facing a Void King Realm, Yang Kai was somewhat stressed.

Now hearing this Yaozu woman say that someone else is receiving him, it fits his mind.

Following her all the way, Yang Kai is already considering how to find Shan Qingluo.

In this kind of place, he doesn’t dare to look for it with his spiritual mind too presumptuously. If he does this, it is very likely to cause trouble.

After walking for about half an hour, the demon woman brought Yang Kai and her brother to a magnificent palace, and she walked straight in.

In the palace, there is a spacious and bright hall, and many monster warriors are lined up on both sides, all looking curiously at the door.

They all got news that a human had refined a pill with pill cloud in Huiyue City, and the lord Magna of Huiyue City will soon escort her to the palace as the lord. Effectiveness.

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They are naturally curious about what kind of human beings actually have such a skill in alchemy.

On top of those monster races, there are two strong men who have reached the third stage of the Void Returning Realm.

The one on the left is burly, like an iron tower, and looks terrifying.

The one on the right is tall, with picturesque eyebrows, and there seems to be thousands of styles in the eyebrows. She has a beautiful appearance, but now she is set off by the hideous and ugly man on the left, making her look more and more inhuman. woman.

The waiting Yaozu warriors below, many people take a peek at this woman from time to time, but quickly turn their eyes away, as if they are afraid that they will be trapped in her charm after watching for a long time.

At this moment, the face of the brawny man on the left tower twitched slightly, as if waiting impatiently, his butt was also writhing, looking very uncomfortable.

On the contrary, it was the woman on the right. Dai’s eyebrows were slightly furrowed, her face was suspicious, her beautiful eyes projected out of the temple, as if she was going to pass through the barrier of space, looking far away.

With the passage of time, the woman’s expression began to change, gradually becoming joyful and excited, her originally lazy figure gradually straightened, and her delicate body couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

Her beautiful eyes burst out with amazing colors, and she bit her red lips lightly. There was an expectant look on Qiao’s face, and a smile appeared on the corners of her mouth.

The many strong monsters below

captured this scene, only to feel that there were bursts of violent heartbeats in the chest, and their mouths were dry.

They have never seen this adult show such a smile that is enough to turn all beings upside down. For a while, they can’t get rid of the temptation brought by that smile. The darkness is bound, and you will never see the light or turn back.

A muffled hum sounded, and many Yaozu experts noticed something wrong, and quickly ran the Saint Yuan to shock their own minds, preferring to self-mutilate and quickly regain their consciousness.

Sink down again, I’m afraid it will really be overwhelming!

Disaster! The righteous daughter that Lord Lord accepted back then was indeed a disaster! Even the most famous fox woman in the monster clan is three points weaker in coquettish and charming.

It’s just a human being, why can we have such amorous feelings? Many Yaozu powerhouses want to break their heads but don’t understand.

With this kind of existence, even the best Yaozu disciple is not worthy of her.

“Why not come, the uncle is so anxious!” A thunderous explosion echoed in the palace, completely awakening the minds of the monster warriors, and looked up at the strong man of the iron tower.

The big man was sitting on pins and needles, scratching his head with a thick palm, turning his head to look at the coquettish woman next to him, posing a flattering appearance, with an ugly smile on his face, and said in a buzzing voice: ’Sister, Would you like to wait here and do your business for your brother?”

The coquettish woman glanced at him, pursed her lips and chuckled, “Yu Xiong, this is what the mother-in-law ordered to come down.” , The visitor is an alchemy master, and you can’t miss the etiquette. If you run away, the mother-in-law will know about this, and being a younger sister won’t say good things for you.”

“Cough” Yu Xiong smiled. Thinking of the horror of the foster mother, I couldn’t help but chill. The tall and sturdy body seemed to be a bit short: “I just said casually, don’t take it seriously, don’t take it seriously!”

Yu Xiong’s As soon as the voice fell, a demon woman walked in outside the door, strolled to the position of the nave, bowed her lips slightly, and said, “Two adults, the people have already been brought!”

“Finally here.” !” Yu Xiong snorted coldly, with an unhappy look on his face: “My uncle wants to see if the alchemist master is really capable, if he is still like the previous ones, but is just a fame, then stop blaming the book. You are not welcome, I will tear her apart.”

Because Chiyue attaches great importance to humans with special talents, many humans in Chiyue collars dream of being appreciated by Lord Lord. Stay in Banyue Mountain

However, some people, who are obviously incapable, brag about how awesome they are, and try to make up for it. Without exception, these people were brutally tortured and killed by Yu Xiong.

So this time, Yu Xiong didn’t believe it very much. There are really human beings who can refine the virtual grade pill born with pill cloud. Most of them are flattered by the city lord of Huiyue, who wants to benefit from it.

“Come in soon!” The coquettish woman above suppressed her excitement and quaked softly.

“Yes!” The demon girl responded, turned and looked back, and beckoned over there.

A man and a woman walked over there side by side. The man was stalwart and the woman was petite and exquisite. The two people’s eyes turned around randomly in the hall, and then they fixed themselves on the coquettish woman.

Yang Kai grinned and smiled, and Xia Ning Chang also pursed his lips and chuckled.

The charming woman above her body was trembling slightly, and a mist of water vapor appeared in her beautiful eyes, but fortunately, her temperament was well recuperated, and she was not too gloomy in the crowd.

After taking a few deep breaths, he calmed down the excitement. The smooth chin was slightly raised, and his beautiful eyes stared at Yang Kai. There was a look of love and hate gleaming in his eyes, no one noticed, her silver The teeth were biting, and there was a slight noise.

“Two adults, the people have arrived.” The demon clan woman reported in a respectful voice.

“Hey, didn’t it mean that only women are alchemy masters? What does this man do?” Yu Xiong looked at Yang Kai curiously.

The demon girl replied: “These two seem to be the same elder sister and brother, coming together.”

“It turned out to be a little white face!” Yu Xiong sneered, “The uncle despised this most. I’m cultivating people.”

He subconsciously regarded Yang Kai as someone who relied on Xia Ningchang to eat soft food.

Yang Kai didn’t care about his evaluation. He still stared at the coquettish woman above, with a playful smile on her face, as if she couldn’t bear Yang Kai’s aggressiveness and innocence. With a shrinking gaze, the enchanting woman above gave him a vicious look, a look of anger in her beautiful eyes.

This large public

“Bold humans, why don’t you salute when you see two adults?” The monsters on both sides suddenly shouted angrily.

Chiyue led so many people, and even two respectable adults personally received it, it was enough to give the alchemy master face, because of emotion and reason, these two humans should not be stupid. Here, I have to express my humility.

But they are standing here, motionless, and they take themselves too seriously.

Without the appreciation of Lord Lord, human beings are a fart! It’s just an accessory under the power of Yaozu.

What makes those monsters unbearable is that since entering the hall, the little white face cast his eyes on the adult, without blinking, as if he wanted to devour that big life. The same.

Too rude!

Even if that adult is infinitely attractive, a human should not be so presumptuous. Is this adult something that a human can profanity?

Many demons glared at Yang Kai at this moment.

“Where do you look, you little white face!” Yu Xiong also found something wrong, Huo Di got up, looked at Yang Kai, and said fiercely: “Do you believe the uncle dug out your eyeballs?”

“Humans, there are some people that you can’t see. Just be your little white face with peace of mind!” There was a teasing sound from a strong monster from the side.

This human being is too insatisfied. Although the woman next to him can’t see her true face clearly, she knows that she must be a rare beauty only by looking at her figure and skin color. If he is not satisfied, forget it. He even dared to cast his coveted gaze on that adult, but he didn’t know what to say.

This human woman is also blind. How can she be with such a man? Such an excellent alchemy master can only be matched by the elite children of the demon race.

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Chapter 1604: Turned out to be a little boy – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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