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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1605: A Model in the Little White Face Read Novel

Chapter 1605: A Model in the Little White Face – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1605: A Model in the Little White Face

“Humans, Master Yuxiong has a bad temper. If you want to survive, you should quickly admit your mistakes and apologize, kowtow and salute, maybe you can save your life!” Some demon cries yelled, seeming to think. Instruct Yang Kai how to act. After all, the charm of the adult above is obvious to all, and it is not all his fault that this human man is so ghoulish.

“Apologize, kowtow, and salute” Yang Kai touched his chin, with an unfamiliar appearance, still staring at the coquettish woman with scorching eyes, and a playful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Beauty, you are sure Want me to do this?”

When he said this, the audience was shocked.

Everyone looked at Yang Kai, revealing an unbelievable look.

Does this human call that adult a beauty? This is not just rude, but molesting, blatant molesting!

Although that adult was originally a human, but for special reasons, the lord accepted her as a righteous daughter. Over the years, she has been taught and cultivated, and her excellence is also known to the world, even if the elite of the monster race is When you see her, you have to be humble, careful, respectful and polite.

A human being, in full view, actually flirted with this adult blatantly? Did he never die?

“Bold!” A strong Yaozu shouted, full of anger.

molesting that adult is tantamount to insulting the demon race and insulting Lord Scarlet Moon!

No demon clan can tolerate Yang Kai’s arrogance. For a while, the heroes in the hall were indignant and murderous intent spread.

Yu Xiong was stunned for a moment. It seemed that he hadn’t recovered. After a while, he burst into laughter and pointed at the coquettish woman of Yang Kai and said: ’Sister, this little white face actually calls you beautiful.”>

“Am I not?” The coquettish woman glanced at Yu Xiong lightly, and her Feng eyes narrowed slightly.

Yu Xiong’s laughter immediately got stuck in his throat, his head shrank, and he quickly said, “Brother, of course, doesn’t mean that, but I’ve never heard anyone call you that way. I was surprised for a while. Well, this little white face is too shameless, do you want to teach him a lesson for your brother!”

Speaking like this, he looked at Yang Kai fiercely.

On the leader of Chiyue, Yu Xiong can be said to be less than one person and above 10,000, and he is also the adopted son of the leader of Chiyue. His strength and status are not comparable to those of ordinary monsters.

And his temper is also straightforward, not afraid of the sky, and only two people can make him subdued.

One is naturally Lord Scarlet Moon, and the other is the coquettish woman sitting on his right.

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If he said that he was in awe of Lord Scarlet Moon, then he would admire his little sister. He admired the other party’s aptitude and cultivation speed, which he would never be able to match.

The mother-in-law once said that the younger sister is the one who has the most hope of being promoted to the Void King Realm besides Bahe on the Chiyue leader! He couldn’t compare to this point.

“No need!” The coquettish woman rejected Yu Xiong’s proposal.

“Just let him go like this? That would be too cheap for him. He must pay for his frivolousness!” Yu Xiong shook his head, a little unhappy.

The coquettish woman smiled slightly, got up from the chair, walked down, and said with a chuckle: “Let him go? Naturally there is no such a cheap thing, such a shameless guy who provokes flowers everywhere, Of course, I can’t just let it go, I’ll teach him personally!”

“Uh, that’s fine.” Yu Xiong nodded, looked at Yang Kai with a gleeful look, and said with a grin: “Little white face, you It’s over, if it’s the uncle, I can do it for you, but if the little girl does it, hehehe.”

The strong monsters lined up on both sides heard that the adult would personally teach that little boy. Immediately all cheered up, secretly looking forward to the show’s debut.

But again, this adult is able to personally teach him, this little white face is really blessed, and many monster races show envy.

After a short time, the coquettish woman came to Yang Kai, her smooth and white chin still slightly raised, a noble and inviolable look, revealing the white and slender neck, which made people dazzling.

Yang Kai is not afraid, smiling and looking at her.

The woman’s silver teeth bite, and slowly stretched out a hand, the jade finger poked towards Yang Kai’s chest.

Yu Xiong gazed happily, expecting the little girl to have some cruel and inhuman ways to torture this shameless guy.

Many monster races also craned their necks. With a happy expression

Jade pointed at Yang Kai’s chest, and the coquettish woman gritted her teeth and said: “You said, I am digging out your heart, or taking out your liver, or directly taking you Let’s see if you are black or white inside!”

“You hate me so?” Yang Kai touched his nose.

“Yes!” The coquettish woman raised her chin a little more, “Hate you to the bones, I can’t wait to break your corpse into pieces, I can’t wait to thump your bones to ashes”

“Haha” Yang Kai Dry laughing.

As the coquettish woman said, her jade finger tapped on Yang Kai’s chest, and her silver teeth rattled, as if she had a deep hatred with Yang Kai.

Yu Xiong’s face flashed with excitement, and Yang Kai’s reaction was dark.

The little girl doesn’t seem to have used too harsh means, but with her ability, it should be easy to get this little white face to be injured.

I don’t know if the little white face’s internal organs will turn into a puddle of pus after being poked by the little girl for a few times.

But why do you feel the little girl’s tone is so sad? ? Yu Xiong scratched his head, puzzled.

“Don’t make trouble!” Yang Kai showed a helpless look, and grabbed the small hand of the coquettish woman. The other party shook it hard, but couldn’t get it out.

A group of strong monsters immediately filled with outrage, and their eyes were almost ready to breathe fire.

Be bold! This guy actually not only dared to molest the adult, but now he is still wanton and frivolous. How can this make them bear?

They were about to rush out to teach Yang Kai a good lesson, but saw that the adult’s face showed a shy look, his white cheeks were blushing, and his neck became pink and raised. I don’t know when the chin has drooped, and the arrogant temperament has also become gentle and pleasant at this moment.

What’s the situation? Why do adults react like this?

A group of demons are dumbfounded.

“You bastard!” The coquettish woman cursed softly, with an aggrieved look in her beautiful eyes, “Didn’t I tell you that I was in Dichen? Why did you not come to see me until now?”

“There’s no way, Star Territory Voyage, I didn’t come as I wanted to.” Yang Kai helplessly explained, “It’s really luck to be able to come this time, isn’t I here now, Qing Luo Ah, don’t be angry and show people to watch the jokes.”

“They’ve been watching the jokes a long time ago.” Shan Qingluo scorned Yang Kai, “You want to make the situation like this, right? Satisfied now?”

“Hehe.” Yang Kai grinned, “Actually, I didn’t expect you to meet me and the younger sister. You have wronged me by saying that.”

“If this is the case, then I won’t care about you.” Shan Qingluo snorted softly.

The two are here for me, me and me, with a deep feeling of affection, but the eyes of the many monsters in the hall are dull.

Now, they don’t know where they are. Their adult and this little white face seem to have known each other a long time ago, and the relationship is still very close, otherwise there would be such a flirtatious scene.

This makes them almost unacceptable.

Yu Xiong was also dumbfounded, his eyes almost popped out of his eyes.

He has never seen his little sister treat a man so pleasantly. When the little sister talked with that little white face, she actually showed an expression of satisfaction and happiness!

Yu Xiong saw her little girl alone when she was alone more than once, but now, her satisfaction forms a sharp contrast with the previous loneliness.

“You seem to have a high status here.” Yang Kai asked softly.

To be honest, seeing Shan Qingluo sitting high above him was a bit surprised. Although he had known that Shan Qingluo was adopted as a righteous daughter by Lord Scarlet Moon, his race was different after all. He originally thought that Shan Qingluo was having a hard time here, but now that he saw her, he realized that he was wrong.

“Well, the mother-in-law values ​​me very much, so those monsters dare not disrespect me.” Shan Qingluo replied softly.

“Who is that guy? It seems to be in the same position as you.” Yang Kai looked up at Yu Xiong.

“Like me, it was taken in by a stepmother. He is my eldest brother in name, but he is an orthodox demon clan.” Shan Qingluo explained softly. After speaking, she found Yang Kai The slightest hostility in his eyes suddenly disappeared.

This discovery made her excited.

A man will be jealous for a woman, and it means that Shan Qing Luo knows better than anyone.

“Uncle brother, hello!” Yang Kai suddenly raised his head and smiled at Yu Xiong, calling out loudly.

Yu Xiong’s eyes fell to the ground instantly!

If Yu Xiong had some guesses at seeing the little girl’s intimacy with this little white face just now, then Yang Kai’s name now confirms his guess.

The kind of relationship between the little girl and this little white face!

Is this possible? Yu Xiong looked at Shan Qingluo in disbelief, and suddenly found that the little girl didn’t mean to deny, but smiled shyly.

Yu Xiong seemed to hear a cracking sound. He couldn’t help but glanced at the other monster races in the hall, and suddenly found that those guys looked sad and indignant, showing heart-like expressions, and his eyes burst into flames. Staring at Yang Kai, as if wishing to turn his gaze into a sharp arrow, he shot this little white face to death on the spot.

“Uh” Yu Xiong’s head can’t turn a bit, and some don’t know what to say to Yang Kai. Suddenly he glanced at Xia Ning Chang, who had been standing quietly beside Yang Kai, and asked in a buzzing voice: What does this girl have to do with you?”

“Little Senior Sister is my woman!” Yang Kai smiled, stretched out his hand to embrace Xia Ning Chang’s waist, and held Shan Qingluo with his other hand. Also swept over.

Shan Qingluo struggled a little, but he still complied with Yang Kai’s intention, with a reddish face nestled in Yang Kai’s arms.

Yu Xiong opened his mouth wide, and looked at the bright smile below innocently. The little white face of the human being hugged to the left and right, a feeling of admiration spontaneously emerged, and he gave a fierce thumbs up.

This is the winner of life! Is a model in Xiao Bailian!

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Chapter 1605: A Model in the Little White Face – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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