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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1608: Please be nice to Master Xia Read Novel

Chapter 1608: Please be nice to Master Xia – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1608: Please be nice to Master Xia

Xia Ningshang has been reused, not only has her own independent attic, but also has several young, beautiful, and smart maids to take care of her daily life. All she needs to do is to feel at ease. Alchemy can be done by month.

Everything was in Yang Kai’s expectation.

“Miss Xia, these materials are assigned to you by the lord. The adults hope to see the finished elixirs in a month.” In the attic, a maid in green clothes puts a space in Jie handed it to Xia Ning Chang.

“Give it to me.” Yang Kai smiled and took the space ring.

The green-clothed servant girl frowned slightly, she seemed a little unhappy, but she didn’t refuse too much, and gently put the space ring on Yang Kai’s hand.

Yang Kai’s spiritual thoughts swept across, and he chuckled softly: “How come there is only such a little material?”

“Are these still few? This is already forty virtual grade Dan’s. The material is ready.” The green-clothed servant girl frowned.

“Well, it’s a bit less, can you get more materials?” Yang Kai asked.

“It can be, but the other masters in the palace have so many shares in a month. If there is more, they will have no time to refine.”

“Those people How can it be compared with my little sister!” Yang Kai curled his lips with a look of disdain, “Go get more materials, the more the better.”

The girl in green immediately looked at Xia Ningchang in embarrassment. To be honest, she didn’t like Yang Kai very much. Rumors that Yang Kai was a little white face, who only relied on women for food, and spent her heart on her food had long been spread. All over the palace.

No woman has a good impression of such a man.

He has a woman who has a master of alchemy but is still not satisfied, and actually stretched his claws to Lord Shan Qingluo. Sadly, Master Qing Luo didn’t know what was concealing those wise and bright eyes, he couldn’t see the nature of this shameless man, and couldn’t see the dirty soul hidden under the light.

In the palace, almost everyone was sighing for Shan Qingluo, feeling a good flower, but willing to stick it on the cow dung, which made them grief and indignant.

Now Yang speaks more angry Great, this made the servant girl in green who had a bad impression of him even more disgust.

However, Lord Lord seemed to intend to reuse the new alchemy master, so she was not good at rejecting it, she just wanted to ask for it. Next Xia Ningshang’s opinion.

“Just follow the younger brother’s opinion. “Xia Ning Chang said softly, “If Lord Lord asks, just say what I want, and she won’t disagree.”

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“Yes! “The maidservant in green nodded helplessly.

“By the way, what are the chances that the masters in the palace will usually come out? “Yang Kai asked again.

“Twenty percent!” The servant girl in green replied indifferently, “Ten materials, successfully refined twice!”

“Understood, thank you for telling me!” Yang Kai smiled and clasped his fists.

The servant girl in green looked at him earnestly, as if she had something to say, but she hesitated for a while but couldn’t say it. She just complained to Xia Ning Chang and turned around and left.

“This girl seems to hate me.” Yang Kai looked at her back and laughed. He naturally knew why the other party put on a look that disgusted him, but he wouldn’t take it to his heart.

“Junior Brother, will it be a little bad for us to do this?” Xia Ning Chang looked at Yang Kai worriedly.

“What’s wrong?”

“After all, it is a virtual material, and its value is not low. If you do this, it is equivalent to cheating the material from Lord Scarlet Moon.” Xia Ningshang was a little uneasy And guilt.

“That’s not right.” Yang Kai shook his head, ’Sister, think about it, that girl just said that when the other masters in the palace refine the virtual grade pill, the chance of becoming a pill is About 20%. In other words, 80% of the materials will be wasted by them. But sister, you are different. If you do your best to refine, not to mention a 100% chance of becoming a pill, there will always be 80 to 90%, and it doesn’t matter if there is occasional failure, you only need to convert those materials into 30%. The finished medicine pills, for Lord Chiyue, she has already made a lot of money, and we are just getting some benefits from it. This is something that is beneficial to everyone.”

“Although what you said is good, I always feel bad. “Xia Ning Chang pursed her red lips lightly.

Although she feels that she and her junior brother are like thieves in her heart, since Yang Kai wants her to do this, Xia Ning Chang will not refuse.

p0>The two quickly plunged into the great cause of alchemy.

The process of Xia Ningchang’s alchemy is cultivation. For her, alchemy is a kind of enjoyment, not hard. And she is also returning to the void now. A martial artist in the first level, after delving into the real solution of the alchemy, her attainments in alchemy are not trivial.

Plus the last time she successfully refined a pill cloud in Huiyue City The spirit pill, the harvest is huge, and the insight is quite deep. Yang Kai also admires her understanding of alchemy today.

A portion of the material is transformed into a finished spirit pill in her hands, efficient Extremely high.

Yang Kai is not idle either. He is experimenting with the refining methods of the final pill formation in the true solution of the alchemy. If it succeeds, then one material will produce more spirit Dan, not just one.

It can be imagined that if he succeeds in the experiment, it will have a great impact on the field of alchemy.

This is definitely a groundbreaking development.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai didn’t have any clues yet, so he could only refine the spirit pill while delving into the truth of the pill.

The two brothers and sisters worked together to squander 40 alchemy materials in a mere few days.

A few days later, when the servant girl in green came over again and received a bottle of twelve spirit pills, she almost stared out her eyes in surprise.

It’s only a few days now, this young and beautiful alchemist master, really has finished refining all the materials? And the number of Cheng Dan is 10% higher than that of other masters in the palace!

She could hardly believe her eyes.

If it weren’t for those spirit pills that actually matched the previously delivered materials, she would almost doubt that Xia Ningshang had used the previously refined pills to replenish her count.

No wonder Lord Lord takes her so seriously, it turns out that she is really capable!

Thinking about this, she felt that Yang Kai became an eyesore. This little white face is really thick-skinned. She has nothing to do all day, and she just stays by the girl’s side, keeping every step of the way, as if she is afraid It’s like someone else robbed her away!

But I don’t blame him for doing this. I don’t have much ability and can only rely on women for food. Of course, I have to pay more attention to it. For a woman such as Master Xia, there are many suitors.

“Master Xia, this is one hundred virtual grade pill materials, Lord Lord said, if you want any more materials, just say to the maidservant, and the palace will unconditionally provide enough.” Green The maidservant handed over more materials respectfully.

“Thank you!” Xia Ning Chang smiled slightly.

“Just put it there.” Yang Kai gestured lightly.

The servant girl in green gave him a vicious look, put down the material in her hand, thought for a while, and suddenly shouted: “Thank you for being nice to Master Xia, you shameless man!”

After speaking, he left angrily.

Yang Kai looked inexplicable and frowned, “What did she scold me for? I didn’t ask her to mess with her!”

Xia Ning Chang pursed his lips and chuckled lightly, and said with relief:” Don’t mind, others don’t know how good you are, I just know it.”

Yang Happy’s head warms up.

Xia Ningshang lowered his head and whispered softly: “In fact, this is pretty good. I’m really afraid that more women will know how good you are!”

“Since Little Sister said so, then I can take care of your little white face. “Yang Kai laughed loudly.

Xia Ningshang’s face was reddened, and the word ’little white face” always reminded her of something bad and messy.

The Scarlet Moon Collar is the demon star ten The top three existences in the territories are naturally rich and produce a large number of genius treasures. What’s more, there are monster stars and countless monsters. Therefore, the palace does not lack the medicinal materials needed for alchemy and the monster inner pill.

As much as Xia Ningshang wants, the palace can be satisfied.

In order to get as many benefits from here as possible, Yang Kai, Xia Ningshang, sister and brother naturally spared no effort to refine the medicine. Only 30% of all the materials are refined, and the refined pill is handed over to the servant girl in green, and then new materials are taken from her.

The remaining 70% is in Yang Kai’s pocket.

There are not many opportunities to search for alchemy materials. How can Yang Kai let it go?

He doesn’t matter. Now he is a Void King-level alchemist, unless let Only by practicing with virtual king-level materials can he effectively improve his alchemy skills, otherwise, no matter how many pills he refines, he will only increase his proficiency.

But Xia Ningshang is different. She needs a huge base of materials to refine her alchemy and improve her cultivation.

As the star master of the Tongxuan Continent, the younger sister eagerly wants to raise her realm so as to bring life to her homeland.

The materials obtained from the palace will all become stepping stones for Xia Ningshang’s growth.

Xia Ning Chang’s excellent performance made Chi Yue very happy.

Although there are several virtual-level alchemists in the palace, there is no such high-efficiency and high-speed alchemy as Xia Ningshang. It can be said that adding those virtual-level alchemists in the palace together, Not as practical as a Xia Ning Chang.

Chiyue feels that if Xia Ningshang can serve in the palace for ten years, then it is very likely that he will create hundreds of Void Returning Mirror Warriors for Chiyueling!

This is not a joke. If there are really ten years, the medicine pill refined by Xia Ningshang, and then handed over to those talented monster warriors to take, it will definitely help them grow effectively.

She became more optimistic about Xia Ningshang, and she was almost responsive to her request, without any procrastination. This kind of indulgence made it easier for Yang Kai to search for materials.

He is already considering whether he should get some Void King Grade materials from Chi Yue.

There has never been a virtual king-level alchemist on the emperor star!

This also means that there must be a large amount of Xuwang-level medicinal materials stored in the palace.

Yang Kai had already hit this point from Shan Qingluo’s side, knowing that Chiyue had a warehouse where many precious materials were stored, including the existence of the Void King class, which made Yang Kai very excited.

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