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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1610: Hard Shake Read Novel

Chapter 1610: Hard Shake – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1610: Hard Shake

“Brother Xuelian, be careful, this is the human I mentioned to you before.” While looking at Yang Kai with cold eyes, Mi Tian reminded him softly.

The blood-refined monster warrior frowned, scrutinized Yang Kai grinningly, and said, “This is the human who killed your two Leiyan flying lizards? How is it.”

He didn’t open Yang to his eyes, with a contemptuous expression.

Hehehe laughed loudly: “If Brother Blood Refining is contemptuous because he is a human, that would be a big mistake. He seems to be a little different from those humans on Emperor Chenxing.”

“Huh, I haven’t seen you in more than ten years. Where did your spirits go to the sky? You are so proud of a human being. I don’t know what to say. If my cart beast was killed, he wouldn’t want to live to see the first The two days of the sun, the sky is full, you can’t do it, from now on this Emperor Chen will be the world of my blood refining.” The blood refining didn’t seem to take it seriously, it was a moment of cynicism.

He didn’t mean to be angry, but smiled and said: “I just remind you, whether you listen to you, hehe!”

Two strong monsters, you say me In a word, without lowering his voice, Yang Kai naturally heard clearly.

I couldn’t help but look at the martial artist called Blood Refinement with interest, and a strange expression appeared.

I’m afraid this blood refining really has a background, otherwise how dare you talk to Meo Tian like this? He knew that Mitian was the little son of Lord Thousand Eyes, and he was well-known on the entire Emperor Chen star. He could sit on an equal footing with him, and even criticized and mocked mercilessly. What is the origin of this blood test?

However, his cultivation base is not weaker than that of the sky, and he is also a powerhouse of the three-layer Void Returning Realm!

“What’s the matter with you two?” Yang Kai asked faintly with a smile on his face, but his eyes were slightly cold.

“It’s natural to come here.” Xue Lian grinned and looked at Yang Kai disdainfully, “But you are not qualified to talk to my son and ask that human woman named Xia to come out and see me.”

“Want to see Little Sister?” Yang Kai smiled and shook his head: “This is probably not very convenient. Little Senior Sister is doing alchemy and won’t see anyone.”

“No?” Blood Lian’s expression was sharp and coldly snorted: “That can’t be for her! Since my son is here, she can see and see if not.”

Standing behind Xie Lian, he smiled and agreed. : “Brother Blood Lian came this time to find that girl to refine alchemy. Well, I heard that her alchemy skills are really good. Brother Blood Lian has already prepared medicinal materials, as long as she refining it.”

“Alchemy can be done!” Yang Kai nodded, “You don’t need to tell my senior sister about this little thing. I agreed on her behalf, handed me the medicinal materials, and then went back and waited for some time.”

He raised his brows and sneered: “I will give you the medicinal materials, what are you? My son heard that you are just a little white face who depends on a woman for food, tell the woman to get out and see me! A small human servant, who dared to show up in front of this young man, be careful that I smash her!”

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The smile on Yang Kai’s face receded leisurely, his eyes narrowed, and suddenly revealed a cold and unfeeling meaning: “You just scolded my senior sister?”

“Are you deaf? What if I scold her?”

“Not so! You will pay the price!”

Yang Kai’s tone was cold, and he didn’t see any movement, but the whole person suddenly appeared not far in front of the blood chain, slammed a punch, and smashed him towards the door. The Saint Yuan was fiercely surging, pouring his fists, and bursting out.

The opponent was obviously here to find fault, and Yang Kai didn’t intend to continue talking with him.

The blood chain was shocked. He didn’t see Yang Kai’s movements clearly, he felt a sharp murderous intent in front of him, roared in a hurry, and also threw a punch to meet him.

His eyes were full of anger and joking. The look.

Yang Kai’s sudden attack really surprised him. No human being has been so bold and daring to take the initiative against him.

But human beings are a little overwhelmed, and they actually try to use their physical power to contend with themselves! Even in the Demon Star Emperor Chen, the physical strength of his own bloodline is top-notch, and even many powerful monsters are beyond the reach, let alone a human being.

He made an all-out effort, thinking that Yang Zhou had been blasted to pieces by himself.


The fists touched in the void, and the void seemed to collapse in an instant, and there were circles of naked-eye ripples around it, fiercely spreading around.

Yang Kai’s body shook, and his brow raised, looking a little surprised.

The blood-refined eyes widened, and an unbelievable look appeared.

With the collision of the punch, both of them felt the ferocity transmitted from the other side, and both felt that the other side was not easy to provoke.

The huge force drove the two back a few steps back at the same time, and finally stabilized their figure.

“It’s amazing!” He praised it without hesitation. The moment Yang Kai made a move, he gracefully floated to the distance. After he stood firm, he just happened to collide between the two. Look in the eyes.

He was surprised.

Although he has always felt that in terms of overall strength, he is worse than blood refining, but if he fights for physical strength alone, he is ashamed. After all, the blood of blood refining is not comparable to him, then This is the bloodline known for its tenacity and violent power.

If he fights alone with the blood chain, he will try his best to avoid contact and collision with the opponent’s body, and use his own strengths to attack the enemy’s shortcomings.

But this guy named Yang Kai actually matched the blood test! No one seemed to take advantage of this first blow, and no one suffered.

The expression of the sky became solemn, and he immediately understood that Yang Kai could kill his two Lei Yanfei in Huiyue City in that way. Lizard, it’s not just an accidental outbreak, he really has this ability!

There is a good show here! Motian suddenly became excited, his gaze moved up, and he glanced at a position beyond Baizhang.

There, Yu Xiong is holding his arms, standing on the roof of a palace happily, condescendingly watching this side, with a triumphant expression on his face, he noticed the gaze of the sky, and he stretched out his hand He yanked up, said hello, and watched with Mitian.

“Interesting, you are a human being!” The blood chain looked at Yang Kai up and down, there was a taste of reexamining him, and he burst out: “Come again!”

Suddenly a layer of blood light appeared strangely, the blood light was rich and bright red, full of evil aura, enveloped by this blood light, the aura of blood refining suddenly skyrocketed.

He took a big step and rushed towards Yang Kai.

Every step of the fall makes the earth tremble, leaving deep footprints on the ground. With the footprints as the origin, the surrounding ground splits into dense gaps like spider webs.

Yang Kai was instantly enveloped by a bit of murderous intent.

Murderous intent is like the essence, cutting his body like a blade. The cold breath makes people’s nerves split. I just want to stay away from that murderous intent.

Yang Kai is inevitable and doesn’t want to avoid it.

There was a low, muffled roar from the throat, like a mad beast, fleshy muscles swelled, and a crackling sound from the bones, and his own momentum soared, attacking the ubiquitous murderous intent around him, Stir this intangible thing into powder.

The blood chain rushed to Yang Kai, and his fists fell like raindrops, mixed with the power of destroying the sky and the earth, and greeted Yang Kai all over his body.

Yang Kai didn’t seem to have the intention to dodge, letting the opponent’s attack fall on him, his two iron fists also fought back at the vital point of the blood.

Pang Pang Pang

The muffled sound that made people numb the scalp, sometimes mixed with the snoring of two people.

Yang Kai didn’t show any defeat, but instead came and went with the blood forging you and me, fighting in full swing.

The sky was moved, Yu Xiong opened her mouth wide, and the servant girl in green had lost the ability to think, her beautiful eyes tremblingly looked at all this.

She had always thought that Yang Kai was nothing more than a soft meal. She was shameless and faceless. She secretly regretted Xia Ningchang’s heartache, and felt that Xia Ningchang’s vision was really problematic, God. There are so many outstanding men underneath, how could she choose such a man.

But now, she finally understands that this man who she regards as a worthless man has his own shining side.

Just for my own woman, dare to head-to-head with the blood-forged boy, it is already dazzling.

This kind of man is so handsome!

The proud power and physical body of the blood refinement failed to play a half-suppressing effect in front of Yang Kai, and the opponent’s attainments in this field were clearly comparable to him.

The eyes are cold and sharp, like the anger of a bloodthirsty beast. In the world of fists and feet, Yang Kai is entangled with the blood chain, fighting with physical strength, every blow is shocking, and the power is surging like a sea.

Between Yang Kai and the blood chain, there is violent power splashing into the void, the pure physical power still sublimates, turning into an inexplicable mood, covering the two together.

Even strong men like Mitian and Yuxiong can’t tell the specific situation in the battlefield. They only saw their bodies move up and down, and heard a loud noise. The terrorist power of one blow.

Blood battle!

The blood chain roared, and his voice was full of rage. Yang Kai also looked like a madman. The two people who met for the first time regarded each other as enemies of life and death, and both of them shot blood red in their eyes. The light is fascinating, and it makes people frightened and afraid to face it.

The two figures are entangled in one another, bombarding each other wildly, just like a brash man who has never practiced before, without using any other power, just wanting to dominate the other side in this field.

The burst of light during the period, like meteors flying by, is gorgeous and intoxicating.

This rough and simple fighting method has always been dismissed by the warriors, but at this moment, this kind of rough battle shines under the hands of the two.

Any kind of strength can not be underestimated when it is cultivated to the extreme.

The more the blood refining, the more frightened.

He never thought that a human being could actually fight him in a tie in the fight of physical power. He bombarded Yang Kai’s fist with all his strength, as if he had touched the strongest rock, and there was a sound of intersecting gold and iron.

The toughness of Yang Kai’s physical body makes him feel like he is facing a body of gold and iron, rather than a body of flesh and blood.

How is this possible? Even the monster race, who is known for the strength of their physical bodies, cannot compare with their own blood. How does a human do this?

Is he still a human?

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Chapter 1610: Hard Shake – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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