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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1612: A shameful shame Read Novel

Chapter 1612: A shameful shame – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1612: A shameful shame

“Blood-refining this kid’s body of the flood has already exhausted its essence.” In Chiyue’s bedroom, she whispered to herself softly, looking more and more focused on the attic The movement.

As one of the top ten lords, of course she would not run to watch the battle like Shan Qingluo and Yuxiong. It would be too cheap to do so, but with her powerful spiritual power, secretly peeping No problem, and I don’t worry about being discovered.

To be honest, Yang Kai’s battle with Blood Refining really made her feel bright.

Who is the blood refining? That is the son of the bloody flood lord, the successor cultivated by the bloody flood lord with all his strength, and the future master of the bloody flood leader. With the powerful cultivation base of the three-layer realm of Void Return, Failed to defeat Yang Kai.

If Yang Kai can fight evenly against the ordinary Void Return Three-tier realm martial artist, then he is already a Wizard of Heaven, but the opponent is a blood refiner.

She didn’t expect that Yang Kai, as a human, could actually force the blood refining to display the body of the flood in the battle of physical strength.

Even the strongest among the demons, few people can do this.

Yang Kai did it, as a human being!

This kind of thing has never happened on Emperor Chen Xing. The human warriors of Emperor Chen Xing are suppressed by the demons. Their training resources are scarce. Even the Void Mirror is extremely rare, not to mention someone who can interact with blood Lord Jiao’s son is facing each other!

Chi Yue’s face was shocked, and the strange one seemed to have missed her eyes, not seeing Yang Kai’s true power.

I just don’t know what his accomplishments in other fields are. If his overall strength is really good, it would be enough to match Shan Qingluo, then it won’t be a good thing by himself. Nothing is impossible.

In this way, not only can Shan Qingluo’s heart be absorbed, but also a powerful booster can be gathered, which will do two things with one stone.

Through the incident of Bahe two hundred years ago, Chiyue no longer dared to be too authoritarian against similar things. She was afraid of causing Shan Qingluo’s resentment or making her follow Bahe’s mistakes again.

“I hope you won’t let this palace down!”

With that in mind, Chiyue hides his spiritual thoughts around the battlefield, and there is movement over there.

Outside the attic, Yang Kai frowned and looked at the blood chain with a strange expression.

The blood chain at this moment is hideous and terrifying, and the exposed skin is covered with blood-red scales. The red light is transpiring all over, and the fighting spirit is high. You can see the different colors on Yang Kai’s face. Haha laughed and said: “Humans, are you afraid of it? If you are afraid, there is still time to beg for mercy!”

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“Are you only talking big words?” Yang Kai curled his lips, his face The weird look became stronger.

At the moment when the blood refining cast the body of the flood, Yang Kai felt a force in his body about to move, as if he wanted to rush out of his body without his control.

This surprised him extremely.

After figuring out what kind of force would cause this situation, he was relieved again.

Yang Kai didn’t let the mysterious power erupt, but suppressed it. Suddenly, his body was filled with multicolored rays of light. The multicolored rays of light wrapped around him as if it were spiritual, and kept wandering. With.

Yang Kai’s vigor is not weak, and he soars instantly!

“What is this?” Ba He was shocked, craned his neck and looked at Yang Kai.

“Damn, he really didn’t use his full strength, this guy is too terrifying, right?” Yu Xiong’s eyes were about to come out, with an incredible expression on his face.

Wotian, who was watching the battle in the distance, was also shocked. He thought that the blood refinement displayed the body of the flood, Yang Kai was only defeated, but he did not expect that in the blink of an eye, Yang Kai actually used one. The magical secret technique enhances his power.

The secrets of mankind are indeed profound! He was very excited, and stared at Yang Kai unblinkingly, as if trying to figure out the magical effect of that colorful light.

The colorful rays of light are distinct in color, yellow, blue, white, red, and gold are intertwined and entangled, exuding five different auras, but these five auras are perfectly integrated, without the slightest abruptness. The sense of.

Indestructible Five Elements Sword Qi!

Yang Kai is capable of extremely high attainments in physical strength. Firstly, he has a good foundation, and secondly, he has taken a lot of life jelly to create a large amount of pure golden blood, which enriches his own qi. The power of blood and vitality.

And the immortal five-element sword cultivated has raised his physical strength to a higher level.

This is a very magical method of tempering the body.

When Yang Kai cultivated it, he chose the Five Elements Supreme Grade of extremely high grade, and the effect of cultivation was naturally significant.

Today’s Indestructible Five Elements Sword is already small, and it can be used against the enemy!

Looking at Yang Kai who was enveloped by the colorful rays of light, his blood refining was stunned, but soon he laughed grinningly: “Okay, human, it seems that you have also used the bottom of the box, then take a look. In the end, who is stronger between you and me!”

The words fell, and the figure had turned into a blood-red light, shooting towards Yang Kai.

The red light, like a cloud of blood, rushed directly to the top of Yang’s head, split a big mouth, and enveloped Yang Kai, trying to swallow Yang Kai, the blood mist that filled the surroundings was full Its evil and violent aura dragged Yang Kaixin’s deepest brutal factor, causing his eyes to become crimson.

Yang Kai let out a deep cry, the colorful rays of light were generous, turned into five layers of energy armor, wrapped in himself, two fists appeared dazzling golden light, for an instant, Yang Kai’s fists seemed to be covered with. With countless tiny golden needles, they bombarded the blood cloud wildly.

Among the five elements of the immortal sword, the metal is the sharpest, the lethality is also the strongest, and the defense of the soil is the most outstanding. The five elements complement each other in length and are perfect.

The thin, blood-red scale armor on the blood chain is very strong at first glance, and Yang Kai naturally wants to use the metal indestructible sword energy to attack the enemy.

The powerhouses who were in this battle overtly and secretly, everyone held their breath at this moment, wondering who is better between Yang Kai and Blood Refining in the bonus of the secret technique.

The results are surprising!

There was no too anxious battle, nor was it still evenly matched without the long entanglement before. This time after Yang Kai collided with the blood chain, the blood chain seemed to suffer immediately.

From the blood light, there were bursts of exclaims and roars of blood refining, but Yang Kai was silent, but everyone could perceive that he was launching a fierce attack, and he was merciless.

Blood spattered, and there were faint pieces of scale-like things falling out, that was the scale armor on the blood chain.

Ba He’s eyes trembled.

Until this moment, he finally determined that Yang Kai’s attainments in the field of physical strength have surpassed that of the blood-flooded bloodline known for its tenacity and intrepidity. He looked away thoroughly before.

He subconsciously put himself in the position of blood refining, thinking about how to resolve the immediate crisis if he is a refining blood.

The result made him pale.

I can do nothing! Really powerless!

The true strength of this Void Returning two-layer human being is no less inferior to any three-layer realm, and even more fierce than most three-layer realms! Even if you go down and fight him alone, I am afraid that there will be nothing good to eat.

Ba He oozes fine cold sweat on his forehead, and he groans in his heart. He is completely dumbfounded, and he doesn’t know what Yang Kai comes from.

For such a wizard, I am afraid that looking at the entire star field, I can’t find a second one!

“Little sister, which cultivation star did you say my brother-in-law came from?” Yu Xiong asked blankly.

“A low-level star that is very backward.” Shan Qingluo pursed his lips. “You don’t know if you say it.”

The low-level star Yuxiong felt that he couldn’t think anymore.

A human being who walked out of the low-level stars can have this kind of performance? He is strong enough to make all the guys in Star Territory who consider themselves geniuses to commit suicide with grief.

“Well, now you can have sex with your mother-in-law? Presumably the mother-in-law will be very satisfied with this result.” Shan Qingluo glanced at Yu Xiong, smiling enough to upset all living beings.

“It’s okay” Yu Xiong nodded heavily. If such a human stepmother is still not satisfied, then no one can satisfy her.

In this battle, my cheap brother-in-law has proven his strength to everyone.

Shan Qingluo stopped talking, looked down dizzyingly, his mind immersed in Yang Kai’s strength, unable to extricate himself.

After confirming that Yang Kai had the upper hand, she no longer worried about Yang Kai, but began to appreciate the battle.

A scream came out, and the blood chain drew back, his eyes filled with horror, and he looked at Yang Kai tremblingly.

His breath is sluggish, and his blood-red scales have fallen countlessly, and even the two corners of his forehead seem to have become a little dim, no longer exuding the dazzling luster as before.

What a shame!

Being forced into such a situation by a human warrior who is a little lower than himself, this is simply a stain in his life!

He could not accept such a result.

On the emperor, his blood refines his prestige, and he is not afraid of any warrior under the Void King Realm. Even the sky has never been put in his eyes, but this unclear human, let him He suffered a great loss and humiliated his blood.

How can he accept it? How could he be willing to give up?

“Human, this is what you forced me!” The blood chain roared angrily. After speaking, a decisive expression appeared on his face, and a blood-red ball was spit out with a mouth.

The ball is about the size of a baby’s fist, and it contains terrifying power. Vaguely, there seems to be something like a small snake swimming in the blood ball.

“Blood refining is crazy!” Yu Xiong was shocked, and screamed in horror: “He actually vomited the inner alchemy.”

“No, blood refining is going to be desperate.” A look of horror flashed across Ba He’s face, and he hurriedly shouted: “Quickly stop him!”

Speaking like this, he rushed toward the battlefield.

Shan Qingluo seemed to have finally recovered, and after a response, he followed Ba He.

Whether the monster is transformed into a human being or born as a human body, a monster of the monster race has a special thing like inner alchemy in his body. The inner alchemy is the most important treasure of a monster race. The existence of their lives.

A monster warrior, in battle, when he is not a last resort, he will never use the inner alchemy, because once it is slightly damaged, the consequences will be disastrous.

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Chapter 1612: A shameful shame – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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