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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1615: Void Crystal Read Novel

Chapter 1615: Void Crystal – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1615: Void Crystal

“However, although you have the power of the holy dragon, but you don’t seem to know how to use it, you wasted this great opportunity.” Chiyue looked at Yang Kai mockingly,” That’s why the blood refining can easily take back the inner alchemy. If it weren’t, he would have his life.”

A trace of embarrassment appeared on Yang Kai’s face.

The so-called origin of the holy dragon was obtained when he was in the High Heaven Pavilion and Su Yan together in the Heaven of Inheritance.

Many years later, Yang Kai learned that it was the inheritance left by the two founders of Dragon Phoenix Palace in Tongxuan Continent.

But for so many years, Yang Kai has never used it to do anything. Only when he was doing double repairs with Su Yan, the golden dragon pattern engraved on his body became more active.

Chiyue said that he wasted this great opportunity, which is not wrong.

“Let’s not talk about it, the holy spirits of the ancient times, each has the magical power to open the world, each is the emperor of the monster race, and among them, the dragon and the phoenix are the best! I don’t know why, These ancient holy spirits all disappeared in a certain period. There are rumors that a great battle has occurred between them. Ninety-nine percent of the holy spirits have fallen. There are also rumors that they have been hidden. As for the real situation, no one knows.”

“After the disappearance of the ancient holy spirit, some powerful monster races have taken the lead. These monster races are all called ancient alien species, and can also be called wild alien species! Blood Jiao, Tianyue Demon Spider, and Jiuyou Qiongqi all belong to this category. Although the wild alien species only appeared after the Holy Spirit, some powerful wild alien species are actually not inferior to the Holy Spirit, and some are even worse. Moreover, some wild alien species still survive in the world, of course, this is the blood that has been passed down from generation to generation, not really surviving from ancient times to the present day.”

“The bloodline of the blood refining body, and the original power that Qing Luo possesses, belong to the wild alien species, right? “Yang Kai asked humbly.

“That’s right. “Chiyue nodded, “That’s why this palace will say that Qing Luo’s future achievements will be brighter than this palace! What she possesses is a complete source of power, not like this palace, but inherited a light bloodline, I can count with her, it can also be said to be a family, you should understand what Qing Luo’s position is in the heart of this palace.”

“The kid got it. “Yang Kai nodded sternly.

“Let’s talk about the Holy Spirit. “Chiyue is very satisfied with Yang Kai’s attitude,” the palace said just now, among the holy spirit, the dragon and the phoenix are the best, and among the dragons, the golden sacred dragon is the respect! What you inherit from you is the original power of the Golden Sacred Dragon!”

“Golden Sacred Dragon! “Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed.

“In short, the power you inherit, even in the Holy Spirit, is the most powerful! Now, you should understand how attractive it is to the lords of the monster race?”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, and suddenly smiled and said: ’Senior can resist this temptation, but the kid is very admired.”

“If there is no Qing Luo, you think your house will follow Are you nonsense?” Chi Yue’s pretty face was cold, and she seemed to be a little unwilling, “If there was no Qing Luo, this palace would have cramped you to refine your soul.”

“Haha!” Yang Kaigan smiled.

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“It’s just that this palace is also very curious, how much do you inherit from the origin of the holy dragon” Chiyue looked at Yang Kai with interest, and carefully scanned his divine mind, but looked suspicious.

“I don’t know.” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders.

“Hey, it’s weird.” Chiyue suddenly seemed to have discovered something, her pretty face became even more curious, “Why do you seem to have two powers of the Holy Spirit in your body? One is the previous one? The power of the sacred dragon, the other one”

“Senior said this?” Yang Kai frowned, and without thinking about it, he drew out the Dragon Bone Sword Di Cui, and Sheng Yuan poured in, accompanied by the sound of the dragon chant, The green dragon immediately hovered over Yang Kai’s head, looking down at Chiyue condescendingly.

Chiyue Phoenix’s eyes suddenly condensed, and she cried out: “Impossible, you still have this!”

With her eyesight, it was natural to see that this was caused by one The secret treasure made by cutting the dragon bones seems to be mixed with a dragon ball! And the faint dragon soul was still not annihilated.

Chi Yue was shocked, her eyes turned red, and she was envied and jealous for the opportunity Yang Kai had.

Obviously, he is just a human being. Why do you have the opportunity to make all demons jealous?

“This is your trump card?” Chiyue gasped loudly, feeling the dragon power rushing towards her face, and the thin blood of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider in her body was about to move again, and it took a long time to calm her mood. Excited, with a complex expression: “If your trump card is just this, then I would advise you not to take yourself too seriously. With the power of this secret treasure, you may be able to stay under the Void King Realm. Invincible, but the Void King Realm cannot be resisted by the Void Returning Mirror.”

Yang Kai smiled, not commenting.

The kid has a hole card! Chi Yue was really shocked, what kind of freak was this after all.

Yang Kai looked at Chi Yue lightly.

He knew that what Chiyue felt just now was not a dragonbone sword, but an ice phoenix remnant soul!

It’s just that the Remnant Soul of the Ice Phoenix is ​​not owned by him, it is only temporarily attached to himself, that belongs to Su Yan!

Yang Kai would rather expose the Dragon Bone Sword than let Chi Yue detect the existence of the ice phoenix.

If Chiyue knew this, I don’t know how she would feel.

“Forget it, put it away, if you do this again, I’m afraid I will be tempted to shoot you.” Chiyue said sternly.

Yang Kai responded and retracted the Dragon Bone Sword into his body.

Chi Yueduan sat there, her mood as if she was still ups and downs, she didn’t speak for a long time, and Yang Kai didn’t want to irritate her rashly, so she could only stand and wait.

After a full cup of tea, Chi Yue raised her head again, looking at Yang Kai, a weird smile appeared on her face, and she asked unhurriedly: “Boy, do you want to dig you? The power of the origin of the holy dragon in the body?”

With a word, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up: ’Senior has a way?”

“Hehe, do you think there is a way in this palace?” Chi Yue smiled slyly, “Just now in your battle with Blood Refining, I saw from the beginning to the end. Yes, your physical fitness is indeed very different. You are actually better than Blood Refining. I don’t know what you are. How to temper it must have something to do with the colorful light! But if you can exert the power of the golden sacred dragon, your physical fitness will be improved, and it will even be comparable to the real golden sacred dragon!”

Yang Kai’s eyes became brighter.

“That is an immortal existence!” Chiyue’s words were full of strong temptation.

Yang Kai’s longing was instantly annihilated, he looked at Chi Yue vigilantly, and hesitated: ’Senior has something to say directly, don’t be so circumspect, the kid admits that he’s very interested in what you say, and he can give. Get it at a price, but please also ask the senior to tell the kid clearly what you want me to do. If it is too embarrassing, then forget it.”

“Have fun! Chi Yue yelled, ’Speaking to smart people, you are not tired. Well, there is something in this palace for you to help. You can choose to refuse or agree, all voluntarily.”

“Senior, please tell me!”

“Have you heard of the trial of the blood hell on Cuiwei?”

“Heard of it. “Yang Kai’s expression is weird. He has naturally heard of the Blood Prison Trial. Before, he left Qian Tong and others at Cuiwei Star, waiting for the Blood Prison Trial to start.

Could it be Chiyue? What’s said is related to this?

Although the blood prison trial is famous, it has attracted all the experts of the Void Returning Realm of the entire star field to participate, but the experts on Emperor Chen are monsters after all, so it’s impossible. Go to Cuiwei Star blatantly, right?

If you really do this, there will be nothing good to eat. Just like the demons on Emperor Chen don’t want to see humans, humans won’t wait for them.

“I have heard of it, so it’s easy to explain. Chiyue smiled with satisfaction, “This palace needs you to go to Cuiweixing, enter the blood prison, and find something for this palace to come back!”

“What are you looking for?”

“Xu Nianjing! “Chiyue drank low.

“What is that? “Yang Kai frowned.

“A kind of thing that can only be condensed by the strong of the Void King three-level realm. You can think of it as the crystallization of the strong man’s spirit and spirit. The strong at this level will die. After that, the imaginary crystal will be left behind. Of course, what I want you to find is the imaginary crystal left by a top expert who was born in my demon star emperor Chen. Its body is actually an inner alchemy!”

“Inner Alchemy?”

“Yes, you should have heard of the origin of the blood hell trial. It was the battlefield after a dozen or twenty Void King Realm powerhouses fought. They were almost wiped out. That battlefield The middle is full of the domain power of the Void King Realm powerhouse, so it attracts so many Void Returning Three-layer Realm warriors to the trial. Back then, a powerful lord of my monster clan participated in that battle, but unfortunately he fell to the Blood Prison I want you to take out his virtual thought crystal!”

“I want to take it?” Yang Kai frowned, “By the way, Mitian and Blood Refining are coming to the palace at this time. He went to participate in the trial of the Blood Prison, right?”

He suddenly realized this and counted the days. The trial of the Blood Prison is not far away. It happens to be the little son of the Lord Thousand Eyes and the son of the Lord Blood Flood. When we arrived at the Chiyue Palace together, Chiyue mentioned the trial of the blood prison again at this juncture. How did Yang Kai think that there was something to do with this.

“Yes, they will go to participate. That’s why they come to the palace to gather together! Because only here can you safely go to the blood prison. In addition, not only them, but also Qingluo, Yuxiong, and Bahe will also participate. There are also two rookies from the monster clan that you have never seen before. Now they are also coming soon!”

“Since so many people are attending, why should I get it? “Yang Kai squinted at Chi Yue, hehe sneered: “Could it be dangerous, right?”

“Participating in the blood prison trial is a very dangerous move in itself. Have you never heard of the strong who enter the blood prison, will most of them fall? As for the danger of taking that imaginary crystal, but since you are so arrogant, are you still afraid of the mere danger?”

“The kid also has only one life, so I naturally want to cherish it. Please answer the question just now. “Yang Kai looked at Chi Yue stubbornly.

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