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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1618: What a good way Read Novel

Chapter 1618: What a good way – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1618: What a good way

The red-haired old man snorted coldly, and said with a displeased expression: “It’s really unnecessary for a human being to make a fuss, but Chiyue, are you making a mistake? This time it is for me Going to the blood prison, if he comes here, is it possible that he is also going to the blood prison?”

“That’s it.” Chiyue nodded lightly.

The red-haired old man’s face sank, and his face was angered, and the strong man also looked coldly and sternly: “Why haven’t I heard of this kind of thing? Brother Mad Lion and I have never heard of it?”

“Some little things, I didn’t tell them anymore.” Chiyue looked disapproving, “This little guy is old acquaintance with my Qingluo. This trip is just to go to Cuiwei through the spatial array here in the palace. Stars, you two don’t care!”

The brawny man frowned and stared at Chiyue deeply, and said in a low voice: “Chiyue, what the hell are you doing?”

“What the hell can this palace do? Can’t the two of you see that he is just a two-level return to the virtual? This little guy is a little overwhelmed. Relying on his old acquaintance with my Qing Luo, he thinks of the toad eating swan meat. My palace has made an agreement with him. If he can safely come out of the blood prison, my palace will allow him to pursue Qing Luo. He wants to die, and my palace is not easy to stop it. Well, with this explanation, the two are satisfied. That’s it?”

The red-haired old man and the strong man looked at each other. Although they didn’t dare to believe Chiyue’s words, they couldn’t get to the bottom of it.

The space array leading to the blood prison was created by the previous generation of Scarlet Moon Lord tens of thousands of years ago. It belongs to Scarlet Moon Lord. She can open it up and let rookies from other territories pass through. Righteous.

Chiyue already has complete control over this space circle!

If you entangle again, the gain might not be worth the loss. In case Chiyue gets angry and refuses to pass the disciples of other territories next time, then the rookies of other territories will not be involved in the blood hell trial.

“This kid is very rampant!” The red-haired old man looked at Yang Kai disdainfully, “How dare to speak so boldly, since he wants to die, of course the old man has no opinion, but Chiyue, next time If this happens again, please tell the old man in advance!”

“Yes!” The strong man also nodded in agreement.

Chiyue said with a smile: “This time, my palace is a little bit reckless. Well, my palace promises that there won’t be another time.”

Listen to her, the red-haired old man It’s hard to say anything with the strong man, so I can only open one eye and close one eye, but Quandang didn’t see it.

“Qing Luo, I have come to meet Senior Mad Lion and Senior Angry Crab, these two are the prestigious figures on my Emperor Chen star.” Chiyue Chong Shan Qingluo beckoned.

Shan Qingluo responded and hurriedly stepped forward to salute.

Yang Kai’s expression moved slightly, and he immediately understood that these two virtual king realm powerhouses should be the lord of the wild lion and the lord of the angry crab, but I don’t know why they appeared here.

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Just as he was thinking, a spiteful gaze suddenly came from the side. Yang Kai turned his head and looked at him. Yang Kai grinned, and his face twitched. Seems to recall the unpleasant scene of the fight with Yang Kai a few days ago.

In that battle, his pride was completely defeated.

“Yang Kai, come here!” Ba He greeted him, looking enthusiastic.

Yang Kai nodded lightly and walked to the chair next to him to sit down.

A few days ago, Ba He went to the attic to ask the little sister to refine the alchemy. The result naturally made him happy. The medicinal materials he worked so hard to find were not wasted, and they were successfully refined by Xia Ning Chang’s wonderful hands.

So he was very grateful to Xia Ning Chang, and he was very kind to Yang Kai.

“Yang Kai, you have to be more careful about this trip to the bloody hell. The ones in there should be a level higher than you. Don’t be too arrogant then.” Ba He whispered.

“The kid has always been very low-key.” Yang Kai chuckled.

Ba He couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

“By the way, senior, who are those two?” Yang Kai asked, turning his eyes to the two rookies of the demon race that he had never met before.

Ba He would naturally not conceal anything, and immediately introduced him in a low voice.

One of the plump-bodied woman of the two is called Xueying, from the angry crab collar, seems to be a capable man of the angry crab lord, and the sunny-looking young man named Gale Feng, from the wild lion collar, It is also the master of the lord of the wild lion.

Lord Angry Crab and Lord Mad Lion do not have decent heirs, so they can only send their best men to participate in the trial of blood hell. Whether it is Snow Falcon or Gale, they are famous in their respective territories.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, remembering them in his heart.

The two monster clan powerhouses seemed to be very interested in Yang Kai. They took a look at him from time to time, and the gale also showed a friendly smile at Yang Kai when they touched their eyes.

This guy shouldn’t be difficult to get along with! Yang Kaixin secretly commented.

The hall was quiet and silent, time passed by little by little, everyone was closing their eyes and rested, waiting quietly.

Yang Kai’s divine mind is constantly circulating in the super space magic circle in the hall, prying into the subtle secrets in it, he suddenly discovered that the layout of this magic circle is connected with that of the emperor Chen and the spider. There are some similarities in the altar of the mother’s lair, and I don’t know what the connection is.

At a certain moment after a day, Chi Yue and other three master-level powerhouses suddenly opened their eyes together, their eyes overflowing with energy.

“It’s started!” Lord Mad Lion screamed in a low voice.

The eight Void Returning Mirrors who were waiting for their departure were all shocked and stood up together.

I didn’t see any actions by the three monster lords, they all suddenly came to the edge of the super space circle, standing in a triangular position with solemn expressions.

“Do it!” Chi Yue yelled, her hands suddenly pinched a mysterious and complicated magic decision.

The same is true for the angry crab and the mad lion. With the emergence of the law, the body of the three powerful demon races at the level of lord gradually fluctuated in shock.

The Void Returning Mirror Warriors in the main hall looked at all this dazzlingly, secretly dreaming that they didn’t know when they would be able to be so powerful in their gestures.

Chiyue, angry crab, mad lion, holy yuan surging, frantically poured into the space formation, seeming to have tried their best.

The magic array hummed, and the sacred crystals that had been inlaid for a long time burst into light, making the entire hall suddenly bright as day, and the bright people couldn’t open their eyes.

“Everyone, Cuiwei Star is far away from my Emperor Chenxing. Although this super space array can guarantee to send you to the blood prison, it cannot guarantee where you will be sent to, so you must Be careful.”Chiyue’s voice came, “Those who can enter the blood prison are all powerful and powerful. In there, try to avoid conflicts. The main goal is to understand the mystery of the domain and find the domain stone. This palace hopes that you will go forward together. Go, come back together!”

“Can you hear everything clearly? Seeing that the crowd didn’t react much, the mad lion couldn’t help but roar.

“Clear! “All the rookies of the demon clan shook their spirits and replied in unison.

The mad lion showed a satisfied look.

“There is not much to tell you.” “The angry crab chuckled, and said concisely: “Come back alive, the future Emperor Chen will have your place!”

“Follow the teachings of the three predecessors!”

At this moment, the entire palace seemed to tremble, and there was a terrifying wave in the super space array that would destroy the world, and immediately, a white beam of light rose into the sky. Straight into the sky.

Even if you are thousands of miles away, you can clearly see this white beam of light.

The trembling sound gradually subsided, and the white beam of light gradually disappeared. In the end, On the super space array, an oval energy gate appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

“Go! “Chiyue looked solemn and yelled.

Bahe took the lead, nodded slightly towards Chiyue, and rushed into the oval energy gate without looking back, and disappeared in a flash.

One figure after another followed Ba He, rushing in one after another.

Yang Kai was too lazy to fight with others, walked at the very end, and when he stepped on the space circle, when he was about to disappear, he suddenly grinned at Chiyue and waved his hand: “Chiyue Senior, goodbye!”

Chi Yue Qiao’s face sank, her brows frowned.

But before she asks anything, Yang Kai has disappeared.

“This human kid is really rampant!” Mad Lion snorted coldly.

“Close this circle first.” The Angry Crab hurriedly said, “Lest there be too much movement, and the guy from Cuiweixing will spot the clues.”

Chiyue did not respond and looked on. Amidst the changes, as if he had realized something, the tidal thoughts suddenly filled out, and he visited the attic where Xia Ning Chang had been before.

At the next moment, Chiyue’s pretty face distorted and gritted his teeth and said: “Little bastard, I dare to do this with my palace!”

When I realized that Xia Ningchang was not in the palace. At the time, Chiyue immediately understood what horrible idea Yang Kai was making.

He didn’t mean to return to Dichen at all, and he didn’t need to return to Dichen anymore!

I thought that holding the Master Xia, I could play with this human kid at will, but I didn’t want the opponent to be a better player.

But Chi Yue didn’t even think about it, how Yang Kai made Xia Ning Chang disappear suddenly, and where he hid her again.

When I was investigating myself before, the woman named Xia was still in the attic. Why did she disappear suddenly?

“Chiyue, what are you doing?” Both Angry Crab and Mad Lion looked at her with puzzled faces, wondering why she suddenly burst into flames.

“It’s nothing.” Chiyue shook her head and took a deep breath, “First shut down the magic circle.”

He was calculated by a human kid who only had two levels of return to the void. What did Chiyue say about this kind of thing? If you really want to say it, you must be laughed at by angry crabs and crazy lions.

She wouldn’t do such a shameful thing.

This kid is a good method, no wonder he would have to hand over the half set of Demon Decision to Yu Xiong for safekeeping. It turned out that he had planned for a long time.

Where is Qing Luo? Will you also leave with him? At the thought of this, Chi Yue’s heart was in confusion, and her face was extremely ugly.

It’s nothing more than being calculated by Yang Kai. If he really takes the Xu Nian Jing and enters into a deal with Yu Xiong, he is not a loss, but if he takes Qing Luo away with some rhetoric, Where should I look for this vast star field?

If this happens, even at the end of the world, this palace will take your head! Chi Yue’s heart was secretly ruthless.

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Chapter 1618: What a good way – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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