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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1619: Blood Hell Read Novel

Chapter 1619: Blood Hell – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1619: Blood Hell

The groggy feeling came from all directions, as if the space had been misplaced and collapsed.

This is a sign of space teleportation!

For Yang Kai, short-distance teleportation has not affected him at all, but this kind of ultra-long-distance teleportation from one cultivation star to another cultivation star is still a burden to him.

Fortunately, he is proficient in the power of space, and only a little operation of the holy yuan will dispel the many negative effects.

With a flower in front of him, Yang Kai realized that he had come to a strange land.

Before he had time to look around, he noticed a breath of life not far away.

Turning his head vigilantly, Yang Kai discovered that the man was actually a gale from a mad lion collar, and he was no more than a hundred feet away from him.

The other party took a step ahead of him, but seeing his embarrassed look, it seemed that he hadn’t recovered from the transmission.

Gale does not cultivate the power of space like Yang Kai, and the negative impact on this transmission is naturally not as fast as Yang Kai’s recovery, but he is also a rookie of the Monster Race, and his strength has reached the third level of returning to the void. After about three breaths, he suddenly opened his eyes, and his eyes were full of brilliance. Like Yang Kai, he probed vigilantly, and Sheng Yuan secretly operated, ready to take action at any time to deal with possible crises.

The next moment, he saw Yang Kai who was a hundred meters away.

“Huh” Gale showed a surprised look. He stood there and thought about it. After shaking his figure, he came to Yang Kai and asked with a smile: “I heard your name is Yang Kai?”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, neither cold nor hot.

“I also heard that you taught your blood?” Gale seemed very interested in him.

Yang Kai did not answer.

Gale shrugged his shoulders: “I heard what Yuxiong said, but unfortunately I didn’t make it to Chiyueling earlier. Otherwise, we can watch a lively event. Hey, let’s not tell you, neither I like the guy who likes blood refining, but it’s really surprising that you can teach blood refining. Human race really can’t underestimate it. Well, I think I can invite you.”

“What do you invite me to do?” Yang He looked at him suspiciously.

The other party looked familiar, and his attitude was considered friendly, which made Yang Kai not feel bad.

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“Invite you to act together.” Gale smiled, “Brother Yang, you know, this is Cuiwei Star, my monster warrior came here, and there must be no good treatment, but look around here. It seems that there are only two brothers Yang and I. If we can join hands, the security will increase a lot.”

’Sorry, I’m not interested!” Yang Kai shook his head and refused.

“Why?” Gale frowned.

“Because I am a human! I will not be treated differently here.” Yang Kai pointed to himself, and pointed to Liefeng, “You are a monster, if you say you hate the monster The guy who sees me with you, will he even attack me? I don’t want to ask for trouble.”

“Uh” Gale was surprised, scratching his head and said: “This is also what I said. Reason, since Brother Yang said so, let’s forget it, Gale hasn’t considered it well.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“Then good luck to Brother Yang, and take the next step!” Gale did not look irritated because Yang Kai refused his invitation. Hehe laughed, and then randomly looked for a direction. Leave quickly.

He is very dry and refreshing.

After he left, Yang Kai released his spirit and looked around carefully.

After a while, his face changed leisurely, and he quickly withdrew his spiritual thoughts.

The information provided by Shan Qingluo is not wrong. In the blood prison, it is indeed not suitable for casual release of spirituality to investigate anything.

Although there are no restrictions on the retraction and release of Divine Mind, there are countless domain vortices in this special ancient battlefield.

These domain vortices are all left over after the battle of those virtual king realm powerhouses tens of thousands of years ago, some have dissipated, and some have undergone transformation in the long river of time and become more terrifying.

The vortex of this realm is enough to swallow anything, including divine consciousness!

Yang Kai suffered a small loss just now. If he hadn’t recovered his divine consciousness in time, I was afraid that he would suffer a severe injury in an instant. This is the case. At this moment, there is a sting in his mind, like a needle stick. general.

This is a sign of divine consciousness damage, but there are colorful Wen Shenlian nourishing divine soul, and Yang Kai will not care too much about this damage.

“It looks like you are in the blood prison.” Yang Kai looked around and muttered to himself.

Only in the blood prison can such a weird domain vortex exist.

The previous generation of Scarlet Moon Lord is indeed a wizard of Tianzong, and he can create that kind of super space array, connecting the blood prison and the emperor star.

Unfortunately, because the distance was too far to achieve precise positioning, Yang Kai only found Gale near here, and the other rookies of the demon clan didn’t know where they were teleported to.

Yang Kai is relatively at ease with Shan Qingluo’s strength. In any case, she has inherited the power of the Sky Moon Demon Spider, and ordinary warriors of the same realm are not her opponents.

Coupled with the seven thunder and fire whips that she gave her, it can greatly enhance her combat power.

The only thing that is troublesome is her coquettish appearance, which may be the main reason for her troubles.

Her coquettishness, few men can resist

After thinking for a while, Yang Kai slowly shook his head and stopped thinking.

Qing Luo has her own way to go. Yang Kai feels it is impossible for Yang Kai to take care of her all the time. She has not seen her for so many years. She is still alive and well. I believe she can move forward smoothly in the future.

Randomly found a direction, and Yang Kai slowly flew forward.

He didn’t dare to move too fast. He just heard the strangeness of the blood hell and hadn’t personally learned it, but here is the burial ground of the Void Returning Three-level realm powerhouse. There is no doubt about it.

Yang Kai can be invincible under the Void King Realm, but he must also be cautious when facing the Void King Realm’s domain power. He doesn’t want to die before he leaves the teacher.

I didn’t encounter much frustration along the way, but there were several domain vortices remaining in the blood prison that made Yang Kai study it with interest.

Unfortunately, these domain vortices are not too strong, and the hidden mysteries are also vague. Yang Kai tried to penetrate the divine mind into them. Of giving up.

He didn’t take it lightly because of this. He knew there were countless murderous intents hidden here, and he definitely couldn’t underestimate the blood hell because of the few weak domain vortices.

Along the way, he also felt a few breaths of life, and even saw a warrior in the Void Return Three Stage passing by hundreds of meters away from him.

Fortunately, the blood prison has just opened, and there are no disgusting guys willing to cause trouble. Everyone is still in a sensible mood and avoid conflicts as much as possible, so Yang Kai feels the breath, All took the initiative to avoid him.

One day later, Yang Kai stood dignifiedly on a certain clearing, looking straight ahead at somewhere a hundred meters away.

There, there is a middle-aged man wearing a blue robe covered in blood, and the holy yuan bursting out of his body is bright and dark. It seems that the situation is very difficult. There is a water curtain outside his body. Secret treasure, envelop him all over.

He constantly releases his own potential, performs various secret techniques, and wants to escape from that place.

But it didn’t have much effect. The space seemed calm, but it seemed to be frozen, confining the middle-aged man to it. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t move forward.

In the void, there is constantly flowing light, like a sharp sword, cutting the defensive treasure outside of the human body, and wiping away the power of the secret treasure.

This guy accidentally rushed into a realm vortex!

Moreover, it is a very powerful domain vortex, which can easily imprison a powerful person who returns to the three-layer realm.

His expression was rushed to the extreme, he felt the call of death, and urged Sheng Yuan more and more vigorously.

Suddenly, he saw Yang Kai who was staring here not far away, his eyes lit up, as if he had caught a life-saving straw, and he shouted: “This friend, help me. Be careful to get involved in the vortex of this realm, and you can’t get out, and ask your friend to help!”

Yang Kai frowned, but did not respond.

Although he was not afraid of this middle-aged man, the domain vortex that made him unable to extricate himself made Yang Kai a little jealous. For the sake of a stranger, Yang Kai naturally couldn’t put himself in danger.

He stayed here, only to comprehend the subtle mysteries that came from the vortex of that realm.

Seeing that Yang Kai didn’t reply, the middle-aged man couldn’t help but anxious, thinking that the other party was cold-blooded and ruthless, he couldn’t save him. He hurriedly shouted: “This friend, next is Xu Dingyang, the master of the Crimson Blue Star Qingyu Gate. I also asked my friends to help. If you can get out of trouble, Xu will be grateful, and Qingyumen will also be grateful.”

“Chilan Star?” Yang Kai’s expression moved, and he was vaguely in the air. I’ve heard of this cultivation star, but I won’t remember it for a while, then slowly shook his head and said, “Friend, it’s not that I don’t want to save you, but the power of the vortex in this realm is a little daunting.”

Xu Dingyang’s face darkened. Although he showed a look of unwillingness, he also knew that Yang Kai was telling the truth.

For a while, he was a little speechless.

“Hold on, let me see if I can figure out a solution. “Yang Kai said lightly.

He wasn’t really kind to save people, not to mention Xu Dingyang’s disposition, Yang Kai didn’t know anything about him, even if he was a kind person, since he was in blood He must be mentally prepared to fall in prison.

He can’t blame anyone for dying here.

Yang Kai said that because he wanted to enter the vortex of that realm and try it out.

He wanted to understand more about the realm power of the Void King Realm.

Xu Dingyang obviously misunderstood Yang Kai’s meaning and was overjoyed and said: “Okay, okay, Xu Thank you for being here first, friends, please be careful. This vortex seems to be a fusion of many different domain powers, which is extremely difficult to deal with!”

Yang Kai nodded lightly and took a step forward.

In an instant, Yang Kai changed color in amazement. At this moment, he felt that the surrounding space seemed to freeze, and there was still Many different moods are added to him, making the Saint Yuan in his body involuntarily fight against it.

The sound of sneer was made loudly, and Yang Kai’s clothes were cut into several holes in an instant. That invisible domain power seemed to kill any creatures who dared to break into it. Just one step difference is the difference between heaven and earth.

Not dare to neglect, Yang Kai hurriedly resisted, and at the same time offered a purple shield, which turned into purple fluorescence, guarding the whole body.

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