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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1621: Something interesting Read Novel

Chapter 1621: Something interesting – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1621: Something interesting

In the beginning, Yang Kai was not very interested in this trial of the blood prison, after all, this place was specially prepared for the Void Return three-level martial artist.

He only has two levels of returning to the Void. Although he can fight beyond the ranks, he is not afraid of any warrior under the Void King Mirror, but the level of cultivation is not reached. Yang Kai thinks that he will not gain much from the blood prison. So he left Qian Tong and others behind and went to Tongxuan Continent to find his relatives and friends.

But since Shan Qingluo told him that there are domain stones in the blood prison, he has been interested.

Now that he is here, Yang Kai fully understands that even without the domain stone, he can get unimaginable benefits by relying on the domain vortex that floods the blood prison alone.

As long as the ability is sufficient, any level of Void Returning Mirror Warrior can condense their own potential through the domain vortex, allowing them to advance to the realm of Dacheng! This has nothing to do with the level of cultivation.

Having said that, there are probably very few who can really do this.

Yang Kai is one of them.

At the same time, a hundred miles outside the blood prison, there is a high mountain, the mountain is very high, and there is a stone pavilion on the top of the peak.

At this moment, there are seven or eight warriors with introverted aura sitting in Shiting. These warriors are old and young, male and female, but these people, without exception, are all of the Void King Realm level. The strong.

Anyone who sees this terrifying lineup will be shocked.

This is definitely a terrifying force.

These powerhouses sit in various positions of Shiting, closing their eyes to rest their minds, or talking in pairs, discussing the martial arts of heaven, or watching them with cold eyes.

This is the top powerhouse who has gathered all the cultivation stars of the entire star field!

They will rush to here on the day when the trial of the blood hell starts, naturally not to watch the excitement, but to tap talents.

They are waiting for the day when the warriors who have entered the blood prison will come out.

Entering the blood prison and being able to walk out safely, it means that this warrior has great potential. Even if he cannot be promoted to the Void King realm in the future, he is also a top master in the virtual mirror.

Hengluo Chamber of Commerce has masters here, Zixing also has masters, and Jianmeng also has people here.

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It can be said that the seven or eight Void King Realm powerhouses here represent the entire star field. The most powerful forces.

Every time the blood hell trial is opened, they will come to Cuiwei Star to find talents that they are optimistic about, and bring back their own forces to cultivate.

Of course, some people came here for the domain stones produced in the blood prison.

They already have the cultivation base of the Void King Realm, and they don’t need domain stones, but they also have nephews and descendants. These nephews and descendants need them. Every domain stone brought from the blood prison can be used. Acquired at a high price.

And among the seven or eight powerful people in the Void King Realm, the man wearing a golden robe and a purple and blond crown is the most conspicuous. When the other powerful people look at him, they all have a dignified look. The color.

This man seems to be young. He seems to be only about thirty. His sword brow flies into the temple, his expression is not angry and prestigious, and he seems to be born in a high position, which is awe-inspiring.

At this moment, the man is closing his eyes and resting.

Carefully, he opened his eyes and gave a soft voice, seemingly surprised.

All the powerhouses of the Void King Realm all around have turned their attention to him.

An old woman frowned thoughtfully, looked at him with a chuckle, and said: “Master Luo Hai, have you found something interesting? If it’s convenient, can you tell us? Last mentioned? You also know that on Cuiwei Star, only you, as the star master, can sense some movement in the blood prison.”

Someone nodded in agreement: “Yes, Brother Luo Hai, we are staying here, although it is very close to the blood prison, but you also know where it is, and the spirit of my waiting cannot penetrate into it. Ah, what is going on inside now?”

The man who called Luo Hai smiled, stood up, and said unhurriedly: “I did find some interesting things, but it’s not a big deal. You don’t have to make such a fuss. Well, this time in the blood hell trial, a little guy who returned to the Void two-layer realm entered.”

“Oh? Return to the virtual two-layer realm? “The old woman looked surprised.

Others also showed surprise.

“The two-level return of the Void has gone deep into the blood hell. It’s not like this has never happened before, but it’s Very few, and the fate of those people is not much better. Basically, after a day or two in it, they have fallen. They have always been some little guys with high self-esteem and eyesight. I am afraid that this is also the case for this person. “The old woman shook her head slowly, somewhat contemptuously.

“Yes, such a little guy will not be at peace if he doesn’t suffer a bit of a loss. The blood prison has always only been entered by the warriors of the Void Return three-level realm. Although there is no explicit stipulation, there are no restrictions, but This is the experience that the pioneers of the past tens of thousands of years have summed up!”

“Brother Luo Hai, what is the situation of that little guy now? You are so interested in him, is there any incredible performance from him?” The woman looked at Luo Hai with a smile. This beautiful woman has picturesque eyebrows and a powerful cultivation base of the first level of the virtual king, but she has to be careful when facing Luo Hai.

This is not only because Luo Hai is one level higher than her cultivation level, but also because here is Cuiweixing, Luo Hai’s territory!

No one is stupid enough to be on a cultivation star and oppose the star master!

It’s not good to say that even if the top martial artist of the Void King’s third-layer realm comes here, he may not be able to kill Luo Hai on Cuiweixing.

Here, he is the master.

When will Luo Hai be promoted to the third level of the Void King, any strong person who comes to Cuiweixing will have to look at his face and act, and Luo Hai, who has refined the origin of the stars, definitely has this potential!

Therefore, the strongest of the virtual king realm here, while fearing Luo Hai, they all have a flattering meaning in their speech.

“It’s not a big deal.”Luo Hai smiled slightly, “It’s just that I haven’t seen such an interesting little guy for a long time, so I was a little curious for a while.” Well, he seems to have rushed into a realm vortex now, and the specific situation cannot be investigated in this constellation. After all, it is a blood prison. Even if this constellation is the star master of Cuiwei, the divine mind is greatly restricted there.”

“Rushing into the realm vortex? “The old woman sighed slightly, “It seems that he is dead. There are always people who don’t know the heights of the world.”

“This kind of person should be taught!”

“Forget it, don’t go to him, he won’t live long, let’s wait a few days to see if there are any good seedlings coming out of it alive.”

“Yes, once in a thousand years, isn’t it just for that day when I waited for Cuiweixing.”

Everyone was chattering, and Luo Hai smiled upon hearing the words: “Everyone, I know the purpose of your coming here, but I still allow this seat to exhort you, if you see any good seedlings at that time, you must not Use strong, everything is voluntary. As the star owner of Cuiwei Star, this constellation has the obligation and responsibility to protect those little guys and let them get fair treatment.”

“Brother Luo Hai has filtered it out. After so many years, whichever one of us used to be better than others, of course it was up to them. “The beautiful woman pursed her lips and smiled.

“I don’t want people, the old man is here just to buy the Yushi, hehe, those little guys will grab them by themselves.”A pale-haired old man chuckled, and said unwillingly after speaking, “If Brother Luo Hai didn’t allow him, the old man would want to go to the Blood Prison to find the Yushi.”

“Brother Zhou said this wrong. “Luo Hai shook his head when he heard the words, “It’s not that this constellation doesn’t allow it. It’s just that there are restrictions on Cuiwei Star’s previous generation of star masters before they die, and no Void King Realm can enter it. Even if this constellation has now become the new star owner of Cuiwei Star, that level of restriction can’t be solved. Maybe it will be several thousand years before the strength of this constellation breaks through to the third level of the Void King, and that level of restriction can be ignored.”

“The previous generation of star masters issued a ban? “Everyone was shocked. They didn’t seem to have heard of such a thing.

“Yes, this matter has not been publicized, but it is a fact, otherwise you think it was tens of thousands of years ago. In the battle, why didn’t anyone leave from the blood prison?”

“What is the restriction? ’Someone showed a thoughtful look.

“Well. That level of restriction was issued by using the power of Cuiweixing’s origin, not only forbids the entry of the Void King Realm level powerhouse, but also forbids leaving. “Luo Hai nodded lightly.

“No wonder, no wonder there are more than a dozen or twenty masters who have such cultivation skills as me, none of them came out alive. It turned out that this was the reason. “The questioner suddenly realized.

There were many doubts in the war tens of thousands of years ago, and the biggest doubt was that there was no survivor.

Even if that battle was unprecedented, and the number of Void King Realm powerhouses participating in it was huge, it was logically impossible for the entire army to be wiped out, and at least a few people would survive.

But in fact, the history books record no survivors.

Listening to Luo Haiyi’s explanation now, everyone understands.

Using the power of Cuiwei Star’s origin, the restriction was issued. Without the star master’s lifting, the other virtual king realms could not leave. The final result may be that the previous generation star masters were outnumbered, and they were buried together with the enemy.

Learning the truth about the birth of the Blood Prison, everyone sighed for a while, and they all fell silent.

The sun and the moon rose, and three days passed in a flash.

Suddenly, Luo Hai let out another whisper, his face full of surprise.

“Master Luo Hai, what else did you find interesting?” the old woman frowned and asked.

“It’s interesting, it’s really interesting.” Luo Hai raised his eyebrows, his face was extremely surprised, and he said in a deep voice: “That little guy actually walked out of the domain vortex!”

“What “The old woman was shocked.

“Brother Luo Hai, are you talking about the little guy in the two-stage return to the Void?” The beautiful woman was also shocked.

“Yes! This is really interesting, how did he survive?” Luo Hai looked suspicious, even if he was the star master of Cuiweixing, he couldn’t detect the situation in the blood prison too clearly. So he was very surprised at how Yang Kai could survive.

“Could it be that the domain vortex is very weak.” Someone speculated, “There are countless domain vortices in the blood prison, and some are not worth mentioning. This is what he encountered. Domain vortex, right?”

“No! Before him, there was a Void Rebirth three-layer realm that died in that domain vortex, so this vortex is definitely not too weak.” Luo Hai slowly shook his head and denied That person’s guess.

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