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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1622: It’s none of my business Read Novel

Chapter 1622: It’s none of my business – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1622: It’s none of my business

When it was learned that a warrior of the Void Returning two-layer realm could actually walk out of the domain whirlpool safely, those Void King Realm powerhouses in the stone pavilion suddenly exploded.

In an instant, they saw that this virtual mirror warrior had unimaginable potential.

“Hey, this little guy, the old man made a reservation for the Sword League.” The old woman chuckled, “If he can walk through the hemorrhagic prison alive, the old man will immediately take him back to the Sword League main star and cultivate it vigorously.” p75>

’Sister Lei, are you awake?” A middle-aged man dressed as a Confucian sneered, “You made a reservation in one sentence. Shouldn’t you ask all of your friends here first? My Hengluo Chamber of Commerce also doesn’t want to give up.”

“I want a purple star too.” The beautiful woman interrupted.

“I don’t care about the old man. If he can really come out alive, he will only need one person in his old age, and you can do the rest at will.” The old woman looked leaning on the old and selling the old, with a firm expression.

’Sister Lei, you can’t be the master of this matter, not to mention where he comes from and whether there is any backer behind him. Even if there is no backing, you are sure that Senior Sister Lei will follow you? Maybe He is more optimistic about our Hengluo Chamber of Commerce. After all, in the Star Territory, the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce is more famous than the Sword League.” The middle-aged man was not to be outdone, mocking.

“In terms of fame, our three are not much different, right?” The beautiful woman pursed her lips and smiled, disagreeing. “Maybe he would like Zixing more.”

Old Ou let out a cold snort, and said with an unkind expression: “You two, do you have to fight with the old man for that little guy?”

“It’s not that we want to fight with you, it’s Sister Lei, you are too arbitrary It’s a bit.” The middle-aged man shook his head slowly.

“Okay, stop arguing!” Luo Hai frowned and interrupted the three people’s quarrel. “It’s still unknown whether the little guy will survive. The three of you are here. What’s the noise? Maybe he just got lucky this time to get rid of the vortex of the realm, maybe he can’t hold on to the end, if he really died inside, you are making noise here, didn’t you tell others to watch the joke?”

When Luo Hai spoke, the three of them were still a little dazed, and nodded when they heard the words.

The old woman said: “Lord Luo Hai, please pay attention to this little guy’s movements. If he is really dead inside, please tell me to wait, lest I wait for it.”

“I will try my best.” Luo Hai nodded lightly.

“Thank you, Lord Luo Hai, then.” The old woman hurriedly thanked him.

Calm was restored in Shiting.

In the blood prison, Yang Kai picked up the space ring on the ground, shrouded his own potential, and walked forward quickly.

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The terrifying domain vortex couldn’t stop him at all, and it was ruined all the way, like a broken bamboo, Yang Kai easily left the scope of that domain vortex.

A few days of confrontation and insights made Yang Kai feel that his own potential has grown significantly, and his understanding and control of potential has also become deeper.

This is the reward that meditation cannot get.

The blood hell is really a good place!

Standing on the spot, Yang Kai’s spirit swept into Xu Dingyang’s space ring, and then silently put it away.

There is nothing in Xu Dingyang’s space ring that makes him shine. Although Xu Dingyang’s wealth is amazing enough at the level of the virtual mirror, Yang Kai’s vision is very high. Naturally, he will not be moved by his wealth.

As for Xu Dingyang’s request before his death, Yang Kai didn’t care.

I met him peacefully, and had no friendship, and never agreed to his request. Of course, Yang Kai would not deliberately go to the Chilan Star to inform Qingyumen for a stranger.

Let’s talk about the fate.

Lifting his head to identify the downward direction, Yang Kai walked forward.

Blood Prison is different from the places where Yang Kai has practiced in the past. Whether it’s the Flowing Flame Sand on the Dark Star or the Imperial Court of the Great Emperor’s Courtyard, the space inside is extremely wide and restrictive. So even if there are a lot of people in it, they rarely have the chance to meet.

But the blood hell is different.

Although the Blood Prison covers a large area, it has existed for tens of thousands of years and has a reputation, attracting countless Void Returning Realm powerhouses in the entire Star Territory to come here, leading Yang Kai to go this way. Come, I can often meet strangers.

Most people don’t like to be troublesome. When they notice the breath of strangers, they will take the initiative to avoid them to avoid conflict.

However, when they noticed that Yang Kai had only two levels of return, they all showed stunned expressions. They quickly scorned and looked at Yang Kai’s position with a sympathetic look. As if he would die soon.

Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t pay attention to them.

He encountered several life and death struggles among the warriors.

The major forces in the star field are not in harmony. Many forces have frictions and grievances. Now that they encounter them in the blood prison, they will naturally fight if they don’t agree with each other.

Yang Kai didn’t try to harmonize, he was just looking for the domain vortex, hoping to get greater benefits from it, and more condensed and comprehension of potential.

His caution brought him peace. Since entering the blood prison for half a month, Yang Kai has not had any friction with others, and has encountered three powerful domain vortices. After committing a risk, breaking into the trial, and finally all walked out safely, and the harvest was quite rewarding.

His momentum and terrifying speed are growing, as if he has surpassed the realm of Xiaocheng, and is advancing towards the realm of Dacheng.

What disappoints him is that he has not been able to find the special product in the blood prison-Yushi.

The birth of the domain stone is inseparable from the existence of the domain. The domain power that remains in the blood prison for countless years is absorbed by some peculiar jade in the blood prison. After countless years of evolution, the domain is formed. Something special like stone.

So domain stones generally exist in the domain vortex. If you want to obtain the domain stones, you must break into the domain vortex.

So where there is a domain stone, there must be a domain vortex.

Yang Kai felt that his luck was not very good.

On this day, he was looking for the domain vortex, when he suddenly heard a piercing sound from far and near.

Yang Kai frowned, and immediately knew what fighting he was afraid of encountering again.

He subconsciously wanted to avoid it, but when his divine thought swept over there, he suddenly made a faint sound, paused in place, and looked over there suspiciously.

He noticed that the breath of life over there was somewhat familiar.

The warrior who was coming over there obviously also discovered the existence of Yang Kai, his speed immediately increased a lot, and he rushed straight towards him.

After a short while, a rainbow light imprinted in Yang Kai’s eyes, and within ten breaths of effort, the rainbow light flew in front of Yang Kai, revealing a graceful and embarrassed figure.

“Is it you?” Yang Kai frowned, showing a look of surprise.

She actually set off with herself from Emperor Chenxing, a snow falcon from the angry crab collar.

At this moment, her aura is disturbed, and she seems to have some injuries on her body. The green dress is dyed red, and she does not know whether it is her own blood or the enemy. After falling in front of Yang Kai, she gulped. Panting, his plump chest undulates exaggeratedly, looking at Yang Kai with complicated eyes.

She didn’t seem to expect that the one standing here is actually this human being who has only one side.

She just felt that the breath here was a little familiar, so she wanted to ask for help.

“Very embarrassed, hurt?” Yang Kai glanced at her up and down.

“Stop talking cold words, I’m being chased.” Xue Falcon replied coldly, his attitude is not much enthusiasm, “Help me.”

Yang Kai raised his eyes. Looking behind her, two figures over there are rushing towards this side, murderous.

“Why, it’s none of my business, right?” Yang Kai frowned. If he had known that the visitor was Snow Falcon, he would have greased the soles of his feet long ago.

A trace of helplessness flashed through Xue Falcon’s beautiful eyes, and she bit her red lips and said, “Believe it or not, I have a good relationship with Sister Qing Luo.”

“That’s not true. It’s my business.” Yang Kai chuckled. She thought she was going to take action out of justice if Shan Qingluo was pulled out? He shook his head and said: “You are mistaken, I’m just a two-level return to the Void, you’d better run away quickly, the two guys are going to chase over, I am afraid it will be too late if you don’t leave.”

“You can’t take it lightly at the two-level realm. I know what you are in the palace. You have defeated the blood chain, and you are not weaker than us!” Snow Falcon is obviously unwilling to give up the reinforcements in front of him.

Yang Kai still shook his head: “Girl, your situation is not so severe right now? With your strength, even if you can’t beat the two, you should have no problem running away, why bother to drag me into the water?”

He saw this, so he didn’t want to intervene.

Snow Falcon’s persistence made him a little repulsive, which gave him a feeling of being used.

“Of course it’s okay to escape.”Xue Falcon replied proudly,” But have you ever thought about it, I am a monster, and I flee in the blood prison so blatantly, once the masters of other human races detect it, will they chase me? Fleeing will only make my situation worse and worse!”

“This is also true. “Yang Kai was stunned, he really didn’t expect this level.

“Help me kill one of them, and I will solve the remaining one by myself. Xue Falcon stared directly at Yang Kai, and said solemnly, “I owe you a favor.”

“Forget about favors, what are the substantial benefits?” “Yang Kai asked casually, looking at her up and down, his eyes staying on her plump breasts for a moment.

A trace of disgust flashed in Xue Falcon’s beautiful eyes, unmarking his side. He lowered his body and said lightly: “What benefits do you want?”

“It’s not what I want, but what you have. “Yang Kai raised his brows.

Xue Xing Dai’s eyebrows furrowed, a trace of hesitation flashed across Qiao’s face, watching the two chasing soldiers getting closer, he gritted his teeth and said: “I found If you don’t have time to get the Yushi, I can take you there.”

“Domain stone? “Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, and he nodded immediately: “Deal!”

Seeing him look profitable, the color of disgust in Snow Falcon’s eyes became stronger.

She really can’t understand why Shan Qingluo, who is so arrogant and arrogant, has a soft spot for such a man. She seldom associates with such men, lest she delay her career.

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