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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1623: I don’t like killing women very much Read Novel

Chapter 1623: I don’t like killing women very much – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1623: I don’t like killing women very much

Just as Xue Falcon was thinking about it, the two people who had been chasing her suddenly came to the front of her.

One man and one woman, men have fair skin and oily face, but the powerful breath on the body cannot be ignored.

Women’s dress is coquettish, heavy makeup is applied, and it attracts the attention of men.

When she fell to the ground, the woman took a look at Yang Kai, her beautiful eyes lit up, showing an expression of interest, she chuckles, and said to the man next to her: “Brother, this guy has a very good figure. Well.”

“Junior sister likes it?” The man didn’t even care at all. Instead, he took a look at Yang Kai with interest and nodded: “The body is really good, and it is indeed the type you like. Junior sister, are you tempted?”

“Brother,” the woman squeezed, “Junior sister and the man next to her are just acting on occasion, and you are truly in love with you.”

“Brother knows.” The man chuckled.

Yang Kai and Xue Falcon looked stunned.

“It’s not a good thing!” Yang Kai glanced at Xue Falcon, frowned and said, “Is this guy chasing after you because of your beauty?”

Hearing the words, Xue Falcon gave Yang Kai a ferocious look, gritted his teeth and said: ’Stop talking about the wind.”

Yang Kai chuckled lightly.

Seeing them look confident and indifferent, the men and women who chased them were a little surprised. The man looked at Yang Kai seriously, and couldn’t help but laughed: “I dare to return to the two levels Come to the blood prison? This is really interesting, Junior Sister, this guy is very courageous.”

“I like courageous men.” The seductive woman looked very interested in Yang Kai.

“Okay, then this man is yours.” The man nodded and pointed at Xue Falcon and said: “This demon is mine, demon, you came here, do you expect this guy to save your life? I advise you to be obedient and catch it. Li has always been pitying and cherishing Yu. As long as you cooperate, I will not embarrass you too much, but will make you physically and mentally happy, how about it?”

Yang Kai asked broadly.

“The dog can’t spit out ivory.” Xue Falcon snorted coldly, and said softly: “The woman will be dealt with by you, this man belongs to me.”

“Can I change A moment? I don’t like killing women very much.” Yang Kai looked at her, and before she could finish her words, Xue Falco had already rushed out, a fierce demon spirit raging, and a gust of wind engulfed the man in.

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In an instant, Xueyan handed over the man, leaving Yang Kai and another seductive woman staring at each other.

“Brother, did you just say you want to kill me?” The seductive woman didn’t mean to worry about her senior, but looked at Yang Kai with interest.

Yang Kai grinned and said, “How can I be willing to kill a woman like you.”

The woman was startled and giggled. ’Since I can’t bear it, how about finding a place to talk? My brother looks very young, and my sister can’t bear to embarrass you.”

While speaking, a Qianqian jade hand came out and directed towards Yang. The opened cheek stroked it.

“Okay.” Yang Kai smiled brilliantly, and before her jade hand touched her, a cold expression suddenly bloomed in her eyes and grabbed her wrist.

caught off guard, the woman’s wrist was caught by Yang Kai.

The seductive woman’s face changed slightly, looking at Yang Kai in a grieved manner, and Hyun Ran wanted to cry: “Brother, you hurt me.”

Speaking like this, Hao Arm said slightly. Shaking, that pink arm shook like a snake, twitching backwards like a boneless, trying to get out of Yang Kai’s control.

Yang Kai grinned sternly, grabbed her wrist tightly, and slammed her towards him.

Realizing that she could not resist this amount of violent violence, the woman finally changed her face, and another small hand that was not controlled was turned over without a trace. Suddenly a few faint long needles appeared between her fingers. Fell into Yang Kai’s embrace, and the needle-shaped artifact pierced Yang Kai’s waist relentlessly.

Blowed a sigh at Yang Kai gently, and said with a chuckle: “This elder sister’s exclusive secret treasure, brother, be obedient, and elder sister will definitely satisfy you.”

“This is called Seven Emotions and Six Desires?” Yang Kai grinned, “It’s not very good, it can’t mobilize people’s passion at all.”

The charming woman’s smile immediately stiffened on her face, looking down, impressive I found that Yang Kai’s waist and abdomen had an extra layer of purple fluorescence, but his secret treasure was blocked by the purple fluorescence, and it didn’t penetrate at all.

She immediately drank sweetly, and her figure turned, the Saint Yuan suddenly broke out in her body, and patted Yang Kai with a fluttering palm.

Yang Kai snorted coldly, burning black magic flames on his fists, and slammed her jade palm with a fierce punch.

With a bang, the two Saint Yuan collided, and the woman’s jade palm was unable to withstand Yang Kai’s violent power. She was beaten back directly, and there was a sound of broken bones in her chest.

There was a scream, and the woman’s body flew high like a paper kite with a broken thread.

The woman staggered, desperately urging Sheng Yuan, and finally stabilized her body, standing in the void, lowered her head and looked at her chest, her face immediately distorted, looking bitterly While holding Yang Kai, he screamed: “I’m going to kill you!”

Yang Kai looked cold and stern, golden light appeared in front of him, two golden blood threads suddenly appeared, and his thoughts moved, two lines The golden bloodshot immediately turned into an arrow from the string, and shot at the woman without mercy.

The woman was shocked. She didn’t expect this man with only two levels of Void Return to be so powerful.

She thought she could deal with him easily, and she thought that the other party would definitely bow down under her pomegranate skirt and let her do what she did.

Until this moment, she knew that she was so wrong.

This two-level man is no worse than any third-level man, or even worse.

Two golden lights rushed in front of her, the woman did not dare to neglect, her delicate body shook, and a light blue treasure immediately emerged, wrapping her delicate body inside, while waving her bare hands. Needle-shaped artifacts that were barely noticeable by the naked eye shot out.

There was a string of clanging sounds, and two golden blood threads were blocked in mid-air.

But before the woman breathed a sigh of relief, the two golden bloodshots suddenly turned into two huge golden and red intersecting monsters in a twist and change.

“Lei Yan Flying Lizard!” The woman’s expression was dull, she couldn’t understand the mystery of this secret technique at all.

Two huge thunder-flaming flying lizards rushed towards her from left to right, opening their mouths in their blood basins, as if they were about to swallow her.

The woman’s expression was in a panic, her beautiful eyes filled with terror, and her delicate body couldn’t help shuddering.

Without waiting for her to perform any secret techniques, the huge claws of the Lei Yan flying lizard have been photographed in front of her, and a muffled sound came, and the woman was shot and flew out immediately. She bit.

The light on the pale blue treasure armor flickered, resisting the terrifying bite force of the lightning flying lizard.

Yang Kaifei rushed forward. In the desperate gaze of the woman, a small arrow-like artifact suddenly appeared in his hand.

Feather Spirit Arrow! After the charge is complete, the weird secret treasure that can be used twice, with powerful lethality, even the Void Returning Third-layer Martial Artist can’t ignore it.

The wrist shook slightly, and an energy arrow shot at the woman.

The breath of death came to her face, and the woman exclaimed: “Brother, help me!”

The cry for help came to an abrupt end, and the feather arrow directly smashed the defensive armor on her body. The blow fell into pieces, and without the protection of the treasure, the Lei Yan flying lizard bit the woman in two with one bite.

She is not a fragile body, and she still has no ability to resist in front of the Leiyan Flying Lizard.

The corpse fell from the sky, and the smell of blood rose to the sky.

The two Lei Yan flying lizards were twisted again, transformed into golden bloodshot eyes, and shot back into Yang Kai’s body.

Standing on the spot, Yang Kai pondered for a moment, showing a satisfied look.

The last time in Huiyue City, Yang Kai killed the two chariot monster beasts in the sky, and used the golden blood thread to absorb the blood of the thunder flame flying lizard and refine it into a blood beast. Used in battle once.

The power is really impressive! The most commendable thing is that once it is refined into a blood beast, there is no need for Yang Kai to be distracted and manipulated. The blood beast has the ability to independently face the enemy.

This made Yang Kai very satisfied.

He cast his gaze on another battlefield, looked at it for a while, and then felt relieved.

The man who was very arrogant before seemed to be no match for Xue Falcon at all. The demon over there completely suppressed the man’s breath, and Xue Falcon had the absolute upper hand.

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Chapter 1623: I don’t like killing women very much – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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