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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1625: Deeper Read Novel

Chapter 1625: Deeper – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1625: Deeper

The white-haired old man said like this, looked at Yang Kai curiously, and said with a light smile: “Brother, are you a human race? Why do you want to commit a crime with a demon girl?”

“Worthy as a traitor?” Yang Kai frowned, “Old sir, is this hat a bit big?”

The old man shook his head: “Humans are humans, demons are demons, humans hunt demons, demons Also hunting humans, the two races are already opposed, but now you are attached to a demon girl. What is this not being a mess?”

He subconsciously thought that the snow falcon with a stronger cultivation base had the dominant power. Yang Kai listened to her orders.

“The old man asks you, this demon girl said that Brother Li and brother and sister have fallen, is this really true?” The old man’s expression suddenly screamed, and he asked Yang Kai in a low voice.

“Yes, I saw them die with my own eyes.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“Are you involved?” The old man squinted, his eyes filled with murderous intent.



“If the road sees unevenness, draw your sword and help!” Yang Kai replied in a deep voice.

The snow falcon listened, and curled his mouth without a trace.

“Good, good!” The old man kept nodding his head, his tone was extremely cold, “Dare to be bold, young people are very courageous, the old man has written down your appearance, remember, the blood hell will be Your burial place.”

Yang Kai smiled splendidly: “Old sir, before you tell a big story, you should first weigh your own weight, be careful that the wind flashes your tongue.”

The old man sneered: “Whether it is enough, the old man knows in his heart that the old man won’t argue with you now, and the old man will take this field stone and talk about it.”

“Domain stone? “Yang Kai raised his brows and said in an arrogant tone: “Yu Shi is mine, so don’t even think about getting involved.”

The old man was startled, and the other two were stunned, and immediately laughed together.

The one-eyed man said with a sneer on his face: “The boy who has no full hair, Want to get the domain stone too? You’d better go back and practice for a few more years, and raise your realm. Now young people really don’t know the so-called, and they dare to go to the blood prison at the second stage of returning to the Void.”

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“You idiots, I don’t bother to have general knowledge with you, I have decided on the domain stone. “Yang Kai curled his lips in disdain, and walked towards the realm whirlpool.

“Be careful! “The snow falcon changed color and quickly reminded.

She had experienced the terrifying power of this whirlpool before, and she knew how powerful this whirlpool was.

The white-haired old man and the other three also stared at this side in amazement. They didn’t expect Yang Kai to rush into the domain whirlpool with such a grimace. Is this looking for death?

The old man couldn’t help but sneered, with a playful smile on his face, waiting for the good show to come on stage.

He thought that Yang Kai would definitely be strangled by Domain Vortex!

But the next moment, his smile stiffened on his face.

The Domain Vortex that made him and his companions fearful, failed to stop Yang Kai even a bit. The young man who uttered wild words strode inward step by step, completely treating the Domain Vortex as nothing.

The old man couldn’t help taking a breath, his eyes dulled, and he started Yang Kai’s movements more and more carefully.

He clearly saw that Yang Kai’s body was filled with the power of momentum, that power was no less inferior than his, and even stronger. The invisible and intangible potential field was like a perfect armor, protecting Around Yang Kai, allowing him to walk inward without hindrance.

Fortunately, this situation did not last long. The young man only walked inward for less than twenty feet, and his speed slowed down. He walked ten feet again, and his figure stayed in place.

Yang Kai closed his eyes, feeling the magical fluctuations around him, and comprehending the mystery of this field.

Seeing this scene, the old man finally took a long breath.

If Yang Kai really walked to the center to take the Yushi from the center step by step without stopping, then he might vomit blood.

Fortunately, although this kid is a little weird, he doesn’t really ignore the vortex of this realm. He also has to understand the magic in it to get to the deepest point.

I still have a chance! The old man’s eyes burst brightly, and Huo Di got up, regardless of the huge load he was bearing, and advanced a distance.

Seeing this, the other two also walked forward for a while, not to be outdone.

The domain whirlpool, the closer to the center, the stronger the power, and the greater the pressure on the martial artist in it. If it cannot be resisted, the final result will be strangulated by the domain.

Therefore, when the warriors are in the realm whirlpool, they will generally do what they can, and they will not dare to go forward with greed, otherwise they will find their own way of death.

Before Yang Kai arrived, the old man and the other three were going to advance to the center step by step, preparing to walk slowly to Yushi. They also had this confidence.

However, Yang Kai’s arrival and bizarre performance made them aware of the crisis. They realized that if they didn’t speed up a little bit, Yu Shi was afraid that it would give people a hand.

The surrounding chaotic realm makes everyone afraid to attack others easily, otherwise it is very likely to trigger a rebound in the realm and ask for trouble.

If this weren’t the case, the old man and the other three would definitely join forces to kill Yang Kai first. In today’s battle, whoever walks to the center of the whirlpool first and takes away the domain stone is the winner.

The heavy treasure takes the lead, and no one will show weakness.

Outside the vortex, Xue Falcon’s beautiful eyes glowed with brilliance, staring at Yang Kai’s back, deeply shocked.

This guy walked directly within thirty feet of the domain whirlpool without stopping! Step by step, it was like a sledgehammer hitting Xue Falcon’s heart, making her dull and almost unable to breathe.

She can be dispatched by the Lord of the Angry Crab to participate in the trial of the Blood Hell, which means that she is the most powerful master of the Mirror of Return of the Angry Crab.

The attention of Lord Angry Crab, the respect and admiration of people in the same realm, gives her proud capital! She has never looked into other virtual mirrors too seriously.

But today, she finally put away her arrogant thoughts.

Yang Kai’s performance made her realize that she was not doing well enough at the level of the Returning Mirror. At this level, there are still people overlooking her.

gritted his teeth, the snow falcon also turned its own momentum and stepped into the domain whirlpool.

As soon as you enter it, Xue Falcon’s body trembles slightly, and in all directions, the invisible and terrifying power can make her demon element run wildly, resisting hard, she strode hard, step by step Follow in the footsteps of Yang Kai!

Only less than five feet deep, the snow falcon can’t move.

Looking up at Yang Kai, Xue Falcon surprisingly found that in this very short period of time, this guy had moved a distance forward.

How did he do it? Ten thousand snow falcons don’t understand.

I have been with Yang Kai for less than half a day. Her pride and self-confidence have been blown away. She finds that she is incomparable with this human being.

On the Emperor Star, all lord-level powerhouses have extremely high evaluations of Blood Refinement and Mighty Heaven. They believe that these two rookies are likely to be promoted to the Void King realm and become lord-level existences.

If Blood Refining and Mighty Heaven have a great possibility of being promoted to the Void King Realm, Xue Falcon is sure that Yang Kai can definitely be promoted to the Void King Realm.

Only by his outstanding performance right now, it shows that his manipulation of the situation has reached the point where all the mirrors of returning to the illusion can’t be ashamed, and he may have also realized the mystery of the realm.

For the first time, Snow Falcon felt awe of the other Void Mirrors. The back figure that was drifting away in front of her was like an unattainable mountain that she could only look up at.

“Impossible, this is impossible!” The one-eyed man’s yelling sounded into everyone’s ears, his eyes tremblingly looked at Yang Kai’s direction, watching him step by step, walking flat on the ground. Heading towards the center of the whirlpool, even if there are occasional breaks, it will not take long to start again.

The powerful domain vortex seems to be unable to stop him at all!

The one-eyed man’s eyes were blank and distracted, his face was dull, and he was shocked by Yang Kai’s actions.

“Calm down!” The white-haired old man suddenly yelled, “This kid is indeed a bit weird, but we started earlier than him. He is still behind us in distance. We may not have the chance, anyway. Can’t let this kid succeed!”

Listening to what he said, the one-eyed man seemed to recover, took a deep breath, and nodded heavily: “I know.”

“Really?” Yang Kai grinned suddenly, and looked up at the white-haired old man. “Am I behind you above the distance? Take a look and calculate again.”

Yang Kai, who had been standing there for a long time without moving, suddenly moved forward lightly.

One step, two steps, and three steps don’t mean to stop at all. All the way is like a broken bamboo, unstoppable, approaching the center at a very fast speed, approaching the few domain stones.

The old man was stunned, the one-eyed man was stunned, and the third man was stunned.

Snow Falcon cried out in exclamation, her little hand covered her red lips, staring blankly in Yang Kai’s direction.

Yang Kai seems to have suddenly figured out something. The power of his own power envelops him and bounces off the power of all areas. There is no obstacle in his way.

He easily came to the front of the center.

The three old men looked in a hurry, feeling helpless.

At this moment, they don’t know what to do. If they were nearby, they would definitely go all out to stop Yang Kai together, but in this realm vortex, they could only watch and couldn’t do anything at all.

Their faces turned gray and bitter.

At a leisurely pace, the old man’s eyes lit up and he seemed to have discovered something extraordinary.

At the center of the vortex, Yang Kai’s steps stopped in mid-air. He seemed unable to fall for this last step, and his brows wrinkled, revealing a thoughtful look.

This kid is in trouble! The old man was overjoyed and secretly prayed that the kid had better stop there, or be directly strangled by the domain vortex.

He clearly felt that there was some strange movement in the vortex in this domain. It seemed that most of the power was attracted by Yang Kai, and he was putting pressure on him to crush him into powder!

Yang Kai’s face gradually became dignified, and sweat was oozing out on his forehead, dripping down drop by drop, and the invisible domain power continued to destroy his body.

The pressure of the old man and others suddenly lightened. After looking at each other, they red eyes and rushed forward, moving strangely.

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