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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1626: I don’t want to die, just wait there Read Novel

Chapter 1626: I don’t want to die, just wait there – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1626: I don’t want to die, just wait there

No one had expected such a situation, and no one had encountered such a situation before, not even hearsay.

Five people are in the same domain vortex, but most of the power of the domain vortex was dragged by one person. It seems that even the domain vortex has begun to target that person and prevent him from walking. Right in the center.

The pressure on the three of them including the old man was greatly reduced. Naturally, they saw a glimmer of hope and were unwilling to give the Yushi to others.

They approached the center at an extremely fast speed, looking fiercely at the center, looking at Yang Kai, they showed a sense of murder, obviously unkind.

The Snow Falcon’s face changed slightly, and after shouting to remind Yang Kai, he should also rush forward.

“If you don’t want to die, just wait there!” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly rang in her ears.

In the end, Xue Falcon’s lifted steps did not take any step. She looked at Yang Kai’s back with a change of expression on her face, her eyebrows frowned lightly, not understanding what Yang Kai was doing.

But she didn’t go deep into it, she chose to believe in Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s situation seems to be very dangerous. The power of the huge domain that he has drawn over is not something that a Mirror of Return can withstand at all. It is a miracle that he can stand there.

Snow Falcon clearly felt that Yang Kai’s own potential was being suppressed back into his body inch by inch, and his potential could not compete with that strange domain power.

Xue Falcon couldn’t help getting nervous. She didn’t know what the man would end up when Yang Kai’s momentum was completely suppressed.

It is very likely to be killed on the spot!

If this is the case, Qing Luo’s sister will definitely be sad. It is said that the relationship between the two of them is very good.

In her nervousness, Yang Kai’s power and the domain power in the whirlpool They could collide, as if two armies were fighting fiercely, but Yang Kai’s momentum was unable to break into an army. He was defeated all the way and was suppressed all the time.

The potential field shrank little by little, and finally only covered Yang Kai’s body.

The fluctuations in the domain vortex became even more bizarre and violent, as if all the powers were attracted by Yang Kai, and launched a ferocious and cruel final blow at him, destroying his potential field in an instant. He was completely submerged.

Xue Falcon couldn’t help screaming, and turned his head, a little bit unbearable to see the scene of Yang Kai exploding and dying.

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The imaginary movement of flesh and blood did not come, and Xue Falcon was uncertain. The next moment, she heard Yang Kai’s laughter, and in that desperate situation, she seemed extremely happy.

She turned her head suddenly and looked at Yang Kai again, and was surprised to find that Yang Kai, who was submerged in the field, was unscathed.

“How could this happen?” Snow Falcon was stunned.

She obviously didn’t feel Yang Kai’s release of any potential power. He was in the center of the domain vortex without any defense, but he was safe and sound!

There is a kind of magical power that lingers around Yang Kai, allowing him to blend in with the domain vortex. If you don’t need to look at it with the naked eye, Xue Falcon feels that he will definitely not be able to discover Yang Kai’s existence. At this moment, he seems to have It merges with the domain vortex and becomes a part of the domain vortex.

He paused in mid-air, and slammed down, really coming to the most central position.

With the fall of his foot, the chaotic domain vortex he stirred once again returned to normal, and the horrible pressure that should have existed once again struck from all directions, making Xue Falcon unable to help but groan. With a cry, hardships resisted.

The old man and the other three are so lucky.

When the pressure was greatly reduced before, they rushed inward frantically, rushing inward several tens of meters, and they were only about ten meters away from where Yang Kai was.

Now that the pressure in the domain whirlpool has returned, how can they bear it?

The sudden domain power can make the three of them horrified, yelling in a hurry, desperately urging the holy yuan, offering all kinds of secret treasures to protect the whole body, and attempting to withdraw back.

This is not a place where they can come at all. If Yang Kai hadn’t pulled most of the pressure from the Domain Vortex before, they wouldn’t have the ability to get here.

It is undoubtedly too late to return now.

The mysterious strangulation power that broke out in the field, they could not contend. Pieces of protective secrets exploded into powder. In the yelling, the three of them exploded and died one after another, and their blood and internal organs were scattered. All over the floor

Xue Xi stared at all this in a daze, watching the three Void Returning Third-Level Realm powerhouses die in a short period of three breaths, a chill from head to toe.

She suddenly remembered what Yang Kai had reminded herself before.

Wait there if you don’t want to die!

She was sure that if she hadn’t listened to Yang Kai’s persuasion at that time, the old man and the other three would definitely have their own fate, and she would definitely have hatred on the spot.

A feeling of escaping from the dead inexplicably came to my heart, and Snow Falcon’s face turned pale.

Has this guy been making this idea? Did he always want to integrate himself into the domain vortex and get rid of the domain vortex’s targeting of him? Where is his confidence to be able to do this? How deep is his understanding of Shi?

Has he realized the mystery of the realm?

Snow Falcon has countless questions lingering in his mind, but it is difficult to ask. She only knows that the height of this human being in martial arts can only make herself look up.

In fact, although the vortex in the realm is strong enough, if the old man and the three of them step by step, understand the mystery little by little, and advance their distance inch by inch, they may not have the chance to walk to the center. Will not die tragically in it.

The bad thing is that they didn’t have this opportunity. Yang Kai gave them hope. When they saw the light, he brought despair to their eyes. The power of Domain Vortex killed all three!

If this was what he planned long ago, it would be too bad.

Should it be just a coincidence? Snow Falcon’s expression is extremely complicated.

“What are you doing? I went out.” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly came, and Xue Falcon was slightly startled. After regaining his senses, he realized that Yang Kai had already come to him, playing with two hands. A domain stone with inexplicable luster.

While speaking, he threw a domain stone over.

Snowfalcon took it, glanced at him suspiciously, frowned and said, “Why do you divide me? I didn’t do anything.”

Yang Kai smiled slightly: “It was you who took me. You found the domain stone first, so you will be part of it. Or? Don’t give it back to me.”

The snow falcon collected the domain stone into the space ring at a very fast speed.

It’s worth taking advantage of nothing.

Yang Kai chuckled: “You share the domain stone. I will take the space ring of those three guys. There seems to be nothing good in it.”

“Me too. I didn’t want to divide their space ring.” Xue Falcon replied lightly, groaned for a moment, and then said: “Then let’s stop here, and good luck.”

“Are you not going out?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“I want to stay here and continue to comprehend!”

Yang Kai nodded, without forcing her, and said sternly: “Then I wish you good luck, I will go one step ahead.”

Speaking like this, he passed her shoulders and strode towards the outside.

“Yang Kai!” Xue Falcon suddenly shouted from behind.

“What?” Yang Kai turned to look at her.

“May I ask, how did you integrate yourself into the domain whirlpool?” Xue Falcon looked at him curiously.

Yang Kai touched his chin, pondered for a moment, and smiled slightly: “Let’s follow the trend.”

“Follow the trend?” Xue Xing Dai frowned, savoring carefully. With the deep meaning of this sentence, suddenly his beautiful eyes lit up, showing a grateful expression, and said sincerely: “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.” Yang Kai waved his hand gently, and moved forward without looking back. Go, go away.

In the next few days, Yang Kai will still be moving around in the blood prison. Once he finds the domain vortex that meets his own requirements, he will go there for some enlightenment. Insight into the mystery.

Absorbed the magic in those domain whirlpools, his momentum and its terrifying speed grew.

There is no realm vortex that can get him deep into it, unable to extricate himself. Most realm vortices can enter and exit at will, even if he occasionally encounters some powerful ones, which takes some time, he can also integrate himself into Among them, unimpeded in the field whirlpool.

He found that the method Xu Dingyang taught him before was a bit wrong.

To understand the mystery of the realm, using your own potential to fight against it may be a way, but integrating your own potential into it can give you a deeper insight into the mystery.

That’s why he would say something to the snow falcon.

But if you want to do this, you need to have a strong control over your own potential, otherwise you will be insulting yourself.

The domain stone did not get much. Even in the blood prison, the domain stone is extremely rare. Since the separation from the snow falcon for half a month, Yang Kai has encountered many large and small domain vortices. Ten, only two more domain stones were found.

When he was on the way, he had studied the peculiar product of Yushi.

There is indeed the power of the domain inside, which is in the same line as the domain vortex in the blood prison.

However, the domain power contained in the domain stone is extremely gentle, not as violent and difficult as the domain vortex.

This kind of gentleness is enough to allow any Returning Mirror to safely absorb it, improve their understanding of the potential, and understand the mystery of the realm.

This is also one of the reasons why the domain stone is so valuable.

Except for Xue Falcon, he did not meet any acquaintances. Whether it was the strong monster clan who came here from Emperor Chen together, or Qian Tong and others who were stranded in Cuiwei Star, he was one of them. Didn’t come across.

Yang Kai didn’t know if Qian Tong and others had entered the Blood Prison, but the main reason they stayed at Cuiwei Star at the time was this, so I would never miss this event.

They should have come in, but they don’t know where they are.

Occasionally in his spare time, Yang Kai would also take out the communication compass and pour his spiritual thoughts into it, hoping to establish contact with Qian Tong and others.

Unfortunately, after so many days, there is no response in the communication compass.

On this day, Yang Kai was meditating cross-legged in a secluded place, regaining his energy, and took out the communication compass to investigate.

He didn’t report any hope at all, but when he poured his divine mind into it, he couldn’t help looking happy and quickly began to spy.

Qian Tong actually responded!

And he went to his place before summoning a companion.

He seems to have found something amazing!

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Chapter 1626: I don’t want to die, just wait there – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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