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Chapter 1628: People can’t look like – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1628: People can’t look like

“Elder Qian, Elder Yang, and Elder Mo, have all of them responded?” Among the three, a half-old man in a brown robe looked around from time to time and whispered for money. Asked.

“Nothing.” Qian Tong slowly shook his head, and replied anxiously, “I don’t know where they went, and the communication compass can’t be contacted at all. Where is Vice City Lord Ning? You contacted him. No?”

The old man sighed, “I can’t get in touch. I don’t know where Brother Ning has gone.”

The two looked at each other and saw each other. Anxiety and helplessness in the eyes.

The half-old man is the city lord of Cuiweixing Green Water City. Yang Kai left Cuiweixing and returned to Tongxuan Continent. Qian Tong and his group of five stayed behind, preparing to participate in the trial of the blood prison in a few years.

The lord of Lvshuicheng is also very good at being a human being. After learning that Qian Tong and others had arrived, he strongly invited them to serve as the elders of Greenshui City. Qian Tong and others would cause misunderstandings and also needed someone Where he settled down, he readily agreed.

In the past few years, everyone has been getting along fairly well, and there is no gap or friction.

As soon as the blood prison trial started, they entered the blood prison with the half-old man and a deputy city lord surnamed Ning.

Everyone is a powerful person in the Void Returning Three-layer Realm. Entering here is also to perceive the magic of the realm, in order to explore the mystery of the Void King Realm. Of course, it is impossible for seven people to travel together.

So everyone dispersed.

A few days ago, the half-old man heard about the appearance of Yu Shishan and immediately contacted his companions with the communication compass, but only Qian Tong and Lin Yuluo arrived here, Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi, and Mo Yu of Qian Tianzong, and The Deputy City Lord Ning of Green Water City has no news.

Seeing that more and more people came here, Qian Tong and the three were naturally anxious.

Without absolute strength and number, it is impossible to keep the territory currently occupied.

There was already a warrior who arrived later, not far away. They couldn’t get a good position and looked towards this side unkindly, but they were too few in number, there were only two of them, so naturally they would not act rashly.

But they are also frequently pouring divine thoughts into the communication compass, seeming to be in contact with someone.

Once they waited for their help, the situation was worrying.

“Elder Lin, do you have a response?” The half-big old man turned Qi Yi’s gaze to Lin Yuluo again.

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The latter slowly shook his head, a worried look in his beautiful eyes: “Neither.”

“How can this be good.””The half-big old man is anxious, and the great opportunity is placed in front of him, but he has no time or opportunity to comprehend, so he can only wait here. This is even more uncomfortable than killing him.

“Wait another half day, and wait another half day. If Elder Yang and the others do not come, we will leave! “The half-old man gritted his teeth and drank.

Although the appearance of Yu Shishan was a godsend, he did not want to lose his life here. Yu Shishan is still stable for the time being, but I believe it will not take long. This place will become chaotic, and there will definitely be many warriors fighting for the position!

“Leave?” Qian Tong’s face became uncertain and his eyes were full of unwillingness.

No one is looking forward to prying into the mystery of the Void King Realm more than he from the Dark Star.

If Yang Kai had taken him away from the Dark Star and came here, he would never be able to get rid of that land for the rest of his life. Fettered by the law, he has never had a chance to touch a higher level of martial arts.

Yang Kai gave him this opportunity, and now he has a bigger opportunity before his eyes. Let him take the initiative to leave, he will naturally not be reconciled.

While “Huh” was annoyed, Qian Tong suddenly changed his expression and poured his spiritual thoughts into the communication compass in his hand.

“Is someone here? Seeing that Qian Tong’s expression was different, the city lord of Lushui City asked with joy.

Lin Yulao also changed his expression, looking at Qian Tong with beautiful eyes.

Qian Tong did not respond, and continued to investigate the transmission compass. After a while, he laughed: “Yes, someone is here.”

“Who is it? Elder Yang or Chu Elder, or Elder Mo?”

“Neither.” Qian Tong slowly shook his head.

“Neither? Is it Brother Ning?” The city lord of Lushui City changed his expression and nodded and said, “Brother Ning is also okay, he is not weak.”

“Neither Brother Ning.”

“Who is that?” The city lord of Lushui City was stunned. Qian Tong and his party consisted of five people. Now there are two by his side, and they are not the remaining three. This made him suddenly confused.

Lin Yulao also looked puzzled, looking at Qian Tong suspiciously, not knowing what he meant.

Qian Tong smiled and glanced at Lin Yulao and said: “Yang Kai is here!”

Lin Yulao’s beautiful eyes lit up, and he exclaimed in surprise, “The lord is here? Why is he here? Didn’t he return to his homeland?”

“I’m also very strange.” Qian Tong smiled and looked relieved, “Maybe he rushed back in time, he left Cuiweixing back then. At the time, didn’t he say that if there was enough time, he might rush back.”

“Elder Qian, you are not mistaken?” Are you sure that is the response of the suzerain?”

“How can I make a mistake in this kind of thing?” Qian Tong shook his head repeatedly.”

“This is great. “Lin Yulao jumped up with joy, “When the lord comes, things will be much easier.”

The two of you say something to me, and the words are full of admiration for Yang Kai. Although the lord of Green Water City does not know who Yang Kai is, it can be seen that they have such expressions, and they know that they must have come. My helper.

The nervous mood is a loose one, he also laughed, and looked at Lin Yulao and said: “Elder Lin, can you tell me a little bit about you, the lord, the old man and him? I’ve never met before, so you can’t be too rude to see you later.”

Lin Yulao’s strength, the half-old man knows in his heart that he is definitely stronger than himself.

Not only is Lin Yulao, but Qian Tong and his team of five people seem to be better than the normal three-tiered return. The realm is much stronger! Their understanding of momentum is profound and unusual, and their holy essence is extremely strong and strong.

At first, the half-old man didn’t understand why this was happening, but after a long time in contact, I knew it. The cultivation star from Qian Tong and others’ background has magical laws of heaven and earth, preventing them from being promoted to the Void King Realm, so they can only work hard at the level of Returning Void Mirror.

So they can cultivate to a very high level at the level of the Void Returning Mirror, surpassing the Void Returning Mirror of other cultivation stars.

It’s not unreasonable to drink and peck everything.

And the person who can be called suzerain by a strong man like Lin Yulao, wants to be stronger than Lin Yulao, right? I’m afraid that half of his foot has already stepped into the Void King Realm!

The lord of Green Water City took it for granted.

When such a powerful helper arrives, the lord of Green Water City is naturally overjoyed.

“What should I say about him?” Lin Yulao couldn’t help showing an embarrassed look on her face, with a strange expression, and it seemed a bit difficult to speak.

“Hehe, I don’t know how to say it. After I meet him, Brother Zhao will know it.” Qian Tong smiled on the side, as if he also felt that it was useless to explain. Yang Kai couldn’t use common sense. conjecture.

“That’s it, it’s okay!” The half-old man nodded lightly, and didn’t force him. Anyway, he could meet in a while. Now it doesn’t make much sense to ask.

“But Brother Zhao, Qian has to tell you in advance that some people in this Sect Master Yang are not good-looking!” Qian Tong seemed to exhort him casually.

“You can’t look good?” The lord of Lushui City frowned, his expression dazed, he didn’t know what Qian Tong’s words meant.

“He’s coming!” Qian Tong suddenly changed his expression, gave a low drink, and raised his eyes to look in a certain direction.

When he heard this, the lord of Lvshui City immediately refreshed his energy, ready to meet the powerful helper in the best condition.

A figure galloped from far away, extremely fast.

When Qian Tong said that, the figure was still far away from the sky, and only a small black spot could be seen, but after only three breaths, a majestic young man suddenly appeared. Not far in front of Yu Shishan.

“Yang Kai, come here!” Qian Tong shouted loudly.

Around Yushishan, countless warriors glared at him.

Qian Tong couldn’t help but laugh, realizing that he was overjoyed, some of which were too eye-catching, and he quickly kept a low profile.

Yang Kai, who rushed to this place, first glanced at the huge Yushi Mountain, a flash of astonishment flashed in his eyes, and then he shook his body and came to Qian Tong and the others, enthusiastically hitting He greeted: “Elder Qian, Elder Lin!”

“I have seen the lord!” Lin Yulao hurriedly saluted.

Yang Kai waved her hand and motioned to her to be so polite, and asked in amazement: “Why are you two here, where are the others?”

“I can’t get in touch, I don’t know if they are there. where.”Qian Tong smiled helplessly, “Have you returned from your homeland?”

“Hmm. “Yang Kai nodded.”

“Just come back, just come back. It just happened to encounter such a grand event as the Blood Prison Trial. I’m really afraid you won’t be able to make it in time.” “Qian Tong laughed.

“It’s also luck to be here. “Yang Kai replied casually, without saying too much.

It was indeed luck for him to be here. He went to Dichen just to meet Shan Qingluo. He didn’t expect to be able to come to the blood from Dichen. Hell.

While speaking, he looked at the Lord of Green Water City, and said suspiciously: “This is”

“Oh, I forgot to introduce you, this is Green Water City. City Lord Zhao Tianze Brother Zhao, Brother Zhao, this is the Yang Kai I told you about.”

Zhao Tianze stared at Yang Kai blankly, with an extremely weird expression.

As soon as Yang Kai appeared, he has been examining each other.

After all, Qian Tong and Lin Yulao. The previous conversation has greatly elevated Yang Kai’s strength and status, and made Zhao Tianze expect a lot of Yang Kai’s arrival.

He has been a top master in the third-level return to the Void!

He thought that the visitor was definitely more powerful than Qian Tong and Lin Yulao.

As soon as we met, Zhao Tianze discovered something was wrong.

This guy who came here is actually a seemingly young young man, that’s all, but the energy fluctuations emanating from the opponent’s body are only in the two-level state of returning to the virtual!

Zhao Tianze almost thought that he was wrong, and kept scanning Yang Kai with his spiritual thoughts, three times, and then he was sure that the other party was really only a two-layer realm of returning to the void. Vomiting blood.

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