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Chapter 1629: Put a heart – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1629: Put a heart

The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

At this moment, Zhao Tianze finally understands what Qian Tong said before that people can’t look like they mean, it turned out to be this!

What can a two-layer realm of return to virtual do? Even if he has the ability to fight higher, it is impossible to influence the current situation. His arrival will not help the overall situation much! Can only barely say that there is an extra helper.

Zhao Tianze’s mood suddenly became lost.

But at any rate, he is also the lord of the city. He has a good relationship with Qian Tonglin Yulao and others. Of course, it is impossible to be too obvious. With a smile on his face, he hugged his fist and said: “Zhao has seen Sect Master Yang. Sect Master Yang, it really is young and promising.”

This compliment is insincere, anyone can hear it.

Yang Kai was polite, and naturally didn’t mean to care. Qian Tong and Lin Yuluo looked at each other and didn’t explain too much.

Yang Kai is powerful, they know it. It can be said that when Yang Kai arrives alone, at least the top digit returns to the third level of virtual reality! This gave them the confidence to stay here.

“Yeah, here comes a two-layer realm of returning to the virtual world!”

“He actually lived in the blood prison for so long, so lucky.”

“But his luck is coming to an end. I bet he won’t survive today.”

“It’s so reckless, I actually ran to the vicinity of Yushi Mountain!”

“This kid is really stupid. Not only did he fail to provide help to his companions, but he also exposed the weaknesses of their team. Look, they are done.”

Whispers suddenly sounded around, countless warriors came to Yang Kai’s attention, all looking at him with a playful look, as if they were looking at something strange.

Around Yushi Mountain, hundreds of people who return to the virtual mirror, a three-tiered realm.

Only Yang Kai is sandwiched in a two-tiered realm. Suddenly, there is something out of the ordinary, which will naturally arouse everyone’s attention. And the voice of discussion.

Yang Kai is calm and unpretentious, he didn’t care about the noise of those people at all, but Zhao Tianze’s expression became more and more uneasy.

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Originally, he and Qian Tonglin Yuluo were three together. Therefore, even if some people stare at them and have no good intentions, they can finally rely on their own aura to stabilize the situation, but when Yang Kai came, their position immediately became the focus of everyone’s attention. Sweeping, a powerful breath oppressed the place, and he suddenly became a little nervous.

The arrival of this young man named Yang Kai seemed to make their situation more difficult.

He watched from side to side, sweat gradually oozing from his forehead.

“Yang Kai, these two guys seem to have something wrong, they have been looking at us.” Qian Tong moved to Yang Kai’s side and said in a low voice, as he said, he gestured to the side.

Following his gaze, Yang Kai looked around, and suddenly discovered that two warriors in the Void Returning Third Stage were standing not far away, constantly scanning this side, and seeing Yang Kai staring, one of them unexpectedly He stared at him without shy, and sneered in his mouth at the same time.

The other person, holding a communication compass in his hand, is constantly communicating with someone.

“I see.” Yang Kai nodded slightly, a suspicious color flashed across his face.

He vaguely felt that the clothes worn by the two men were a bit familiar, as if they had seen the same everywhere.

But he has been living in the gloomy star, and basically rarely interacts with the warriors of other cultivation stars, but I don’t remember when I saw him.

Is it in the imperial garden? Yang Kai secretly thought that it was only during the days when the Emperor Garden was opened that he had frequent dealings with other martial artists of the Cultivation Star.

“By the way, where is this place, and what is this huge domain stone? How come so many people have gathered?” Yang Kai retracted his gaze and asked suspiciously.

He arrived here anxiously after sensing Qian Tong’s call. As for Yu Shishan’s information, he didn’t know anything.

“This is Yu Shishan.” Qian Tong replied, “We also knew that there is such a thing in the blood prison. Please tell me about the specific situation. Brother Zhao, he understands better. Many.”

“Then I will trouble City Lord Zhao.” Yang Kai gave Zhao Tianze a fist.

’Sect Master Yang is polite.” Zhao Tianze chuckled dryly. Although he was still a little uneasy, it was okay to explain the magic of Xiayu Shishan to Yang Kai, and he explained it five to ten.

Hearing what he said, Yang Kai was immediately intrigued.

“So, the chance of Yushishan’s appearance is very small?”

“This is natural. Out of ten trials in the blood hell, perhaps only once will Yushishan appear, except for this. Besides, it is surrounded by terrifying fields all year round, and no one can approach it.” Zhao Tianze nodded.

“Has no one thought of taking it away?” Yang Kai stared at the huge domain stone with scorching eyes.

If such a large domain stone can be taken away, the Void King Realm will be jealous, right? Placed in any sect, it can become the treasure of the town sect, and many virtual kings will be born because of it!

The gentle artistic conception it exudes can make people feel safe and secure.

’Sect Master Yang is joking.”The corner of Zhao Tianze’s mouth twitched,” Not to mention that the rock in this field is so heavy that no one can move it at all. Even if someone moves it, they don’t dare to touch it without authorization.”

“Why is this? “Yang Kai was stunned.

“If it triggers a lurking powerful domain, who can resist it? “Zhao Tianze looked solemnly, looking at Yang Kai with a weird expression.

He wanted to say that Yang Kai was somewhat ignorant, but he was embarrassed to speak.

“That’s it!” “Yang Kai nodded lightly, finally understood the peculiarities of this Yu Shishan, stared at Yu Shishan for a while, and suddenly grinned: “But this is really a godsend!” Now that it’s here and it’s occupying a good place, don’t waste time, and hurry up to enlighten it. I think many of them are already doing this.”

“Um, just how many of us? “Zhao Tianze was stunned.

“Who are you waiting for?”

“It’s not like waiting for anyone. It’s just a few of us. Some of us are lonely and lonely. In case we were attacked by someone in the process of perception, the consequences would be disastrous.” Zhao Tianze worried, pointing to the largest number of people. A group said: ’Sect Master Yang, look over there. There are a lot of them, so you can separate two people to guard the surrounding area. The others can fully understand, but we only have four.”

“I To protect the Fa for you, the three of you enlightenment are enough. “Yang Kai said openly and honestly.

“This” Zhao Tianze was stunned and also showed a trace of gratitude. Although he was a little disappointed with Yang Kai’s arrival, Yang Kai’s actions undoubtedly touched him very much.

Regardless of his strength, this young man has a good character.

’Sect Master, why don’t I come to protect the law.” Lin Yuluo took the initiative to ask Ying.

“No, let you enlightenment and enlightenment, don’t waste time.” Yang Kai waved his hand and urged: “The earlier you enlightenment, the more benefits you will get!”

“That Okay.” Qian Tong pondered for a while and nodded, “Then Yang Kai, you will take more thoughts, and we will not sink into it. If there is any movement, we will react to it as soon as possible, and wait for me. I will come to exchange you for a while.”


Qian Tong and Lin Yuluo looked at each other and sat down cross-legged.

Zhao Tianze looked hesitant, and leaned to Qian Tong’s side and said in a low voice: “Elder Qian, can we really do this?”

He is really worried about handing over his safety to Yang Kai. In his hands, he would rather have Qian Tong or Lin Yulao standing by to protect the Fa, so that he would feel more at ease.

“When Yang Kai does things, you can put a hundred hearts on it.” Qian Tong stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder, his words earnestly and earnestly.

Zhao Tianze smiled bitterly. He really didn’t know where Qian Tong had so much confidence in Yang Kai, but seeing that both he and Lin Yuluo had closed their eyes and enlightened him, he couldn’t help Yu Shishan’s temptation to himself. He gritted his teeth and sat down cross-legged.

But he didn’t dare to immerse his mind too deeply, so as not to react in time.

Seeing that the three of them were in a state, Yang Kai also sat down cross-legged, and looked at Yu Shishan in front of him with interest.

Before that, he could not imagine that there was such a large domain stone in the blood prison. He broke through dozens of domain vortices and only got three domain stones in total, all of which were only the size of a fist One piece was also given to Snow Falcon.

If such a large piece of domain stone can succeed

Yang Kai was greatly moved, his eyes rolled and he laughed.

Just as he was making good calculations, Yang Kai suddenly changed his expression and turned his head to look aside.

Not far away, a group of four people are rushing towards this side. After a short time, the four people came to the front of Yushishan, stopped their steps, and all stared at Yushishan with scorching eyes. Short of breath, one by one showed joy and excitement.

The appearance of Yushishan is a chance for anyone!

“You are finally here!” someone greeted him and complained.

Yang Kai looked carefully. This person is the same guy who sneered at him before. He and his other companion have been in contact with someone, and Qian Tong has been waiting for someone.

It looks like a companion they had contacted before has arrived.

“I ran into some trouble on the road, I ran into a demon!” The leading man replied in a deep voice.

“Wonder?” The questioner was stunned.

“Well, I don’t know where I came from. The strength is outrageous. If it weren’t for the four of us, I’m afraid we would not be able to repel her. Fortunately, there are so many people and we hurt her, but It’s a pity to let her run away.” The leading man replied angrily.

“The demon girl is so beautiful, Brother Cai, you haven’t seen it. If you see it, I’m afraid you won’t even be able to walk.” Someone laughed and said.

“Is there such an exaggeration?” The warrior surnamed Cai curled his lips, obviously a little unbelieving.

“It’s not that I’m exaggerating, that demon girl is definitely the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life, but the aura on her body is also very weird. Mixed together, I can’t say clearly.”

“Forget it, don’t mention the enchantress.” The leading man waved his hand and interrupted the chatter, “Brother Cai, what’s the situation here?”

“That’s it.”The man surnamed Cai shrugged, “You have also seen that in this large area around the stone mountain, the innermost layer has been occupied by the first comers, but if you go out, there is still a large area.”

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Chapter 1629: Put a heart – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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