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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1630: This place is not allowed Read Novel

Chapter 1630: This place is not allowed – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1630: This place is not allowed

Listening to him, the man in the lead frowned and said displeased: “I don’t want to be too far away from the Yushi Mountain. What is the effect of being too far? I want the innermost layer. Location.”

“Then you have to grab it!” The man surnamed Cai grinned.

“Have you found a target you can start?”

“I have found it.” The man surnamed Cai said as he looked back at the location of Yang Kai and others. Hehe with a low smile, “And the location is good.”

The leading man glanced at the location of Yang Kai and others, and immediately showed a satisfied look, nodding: “The location is indeed good, that’s it. It’s a place.”

“They don’t necessarily let it.” The man surnamed Cai chuckled lightly. He noticed that Yang Kai’s gaze had been looking at this side, and he looked back and took a cold look: “That kid seems to It’s been with us all the time.”

’Since we are fancy, they have to give way, and they have to give way!” The leading man snorted coldly, and met Yang Kai’s gaze without evasiveness. Strode forward.

The other five people also followed closely, and their aura was extremely strong.

After a while, the six people came to Yang Kai and the others three feet away. The leading man looked down at Yang Kai and said coldly: “Boy, where did you come from?”

Yang Kai grinned and said lightly: “From Gloom Star.”

“Dark Star? “The leading man frowned and curled his lips and said: “I haven’t heard of it. I have taken a fancy to your place. Move it out quickly. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite.”

Yang Kai sits on the ground, digs out his ears carelessly, and blows out: ’Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said, can you say it again?”

The leading man sneered: “The kid has a kind, I believe you are not deaf. I won’t say the same thing a second time. If you know you, just get out of it-if you don’t want to die!”

The five people behind him laughed lowly, threateningly.

“What is this, you have something to say, why bother? “Zhao Tianze stood up suddenly, with a look of helplessness.

Although Yang Kai said that he was responsible for the protection of the law and let him see the mystery emanating from the rocky mountains of the realm, how could Zhao Tianze rest assured to hand over his wealth and life? Yang Kai? No matter how much Qian Tong and Lin Yulao admire him, to Zhao Tianze, Yang Kai is nothing but a stranger.

Moreover, he is still a strange two-level state of returning to the void! So he did not sink into his mind. There was a movement here, and he immediately noticed it, and jumped out to make a round.

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“In Xiacui MSI Green Water City City Lord Zhao Tianze, I have met all my friends, and haven’t you asked your names? “Zhao Tianze chuckled dryly, bowing his hands.

The leading man on the opposite side looked at Zhao Tianze, then turned aside Yang Kai, and secretly felt that the person in charge of the other party might be Zhao Tianze. As for Yang Kai, who had a lower cultivation base, he just acted according to orders. After a lot of relaxation, he said in a deep voice: “This constellation Chilan Star Fire Yaozong Zhang Qing, these are my friends and fellows of Chilan Star!”

“Chilan Star? Huo Yaozong?” Yang Kai raised his brows, and finally remembered why he felt a little familiar before.

When I met Xu Dingyang who was strangled by the domain before, he said that he belonged to the Chilan Star. Yang Kai felt very strange. He always felt that he had heard the name of this cultivation star.

Now that Zhang Qing introduced himself like this, he immediately understood.

In the imperial garden, he encountered warriors from the Chilan Star.

And there are two groups of people.

One group is this warrior from Huo Yaozong, and the other group is called Ice Heart Valley. The two gangs were fighting to the death for the ownership of an ancient cave mansion, and Yang Kai passed by accidentally and was involved.

Finally, Yang Kai also participated, helping the woman in Ice Heart Valley to kill several Huo Yaozong warriors.

The real solution of the alchemy and the alchemy furnace Zixu Cauldron were obtained from that secret ancient cave mansion.

No wonder the service worn by the man surnamed Cai is a bit familiar. It turns out that he has dealt with before! Yang Kai grinned and smiled, his face full of playfulness.

“It turned out to be Huo Yaozong’s friends!” Zhao Tianze’s face changed slightly, and he quickly said: “Disrespect, disrespect.”

He had obviously heard of Huo Yaozong’s name.

Zhang Qing looked proud, and nodded lightly: ’Since my friend has heard of my Huo Yaozong, it will be easy to handle. Let your partner clean up and give up your seat. I don’t want to do too much. As long as you take the initiative to withdraw, this seat can guarantee that you will not hurt you.”

“This” Zhao Tianze looked bitter, and said, “Excuse me, Brother Zhang, but I am alone in this matter. If you can’t be the master, let Zhao Mou discuss with these friends.”

“There is nothing to discuss, this place is not allowed, you can find another position.” Lin Yuluo’s soft voice came out.

She and Qian Tong had been alarmed a long time ago. They had been sitting there and watching with cold eyes. Now that Zhao Tianze said so, naturally they would not bear to shrink back.

She and Qian Tong’s determination to go to the Void King Realm are the same!

“You guys do this, don’t you think it’s a bit too much?” Qian Tong’s face was as deep as a pool of water, and he looked at Zhang Qing and others coldly.

“Excessive?” Zhang Qing sneered, “I don’t think there is anything excessive. I will give you a chance to survive. It depends on whether you can grasp it.”

“If you dare to talk, kill you all!” The man surnamed Cai screamed, his expression becoming impatient.

“Everyone, calm down and calm down.” Zhao Tianze was full of sorrow and motioned Qian Tong and Lin Yulao to stop talking. Then he said to Zhang Qing: “Brother Zhang, wait a minute, I’ll talk to them later. I’ll give you an answer!”

“Okay! I am considered half a landlord if I miss you, this seat will give you this face, not much time, I will answer after half a cup of tea!” Zhang Qing said coldly remind.

Zhao Tianze agreed bitterly, and approached Qian Tong and Lin Yulao, and said helplessly: “Two, do you really want to give up?”

Qian Tong looked at him lightly: “Why, Zhao Brother is going to quit here?”

Zhao Tianze slowly shook his head: “If it is possible, how am I willing to quit here? It’s just that there are so many people now, if we don’t follow their intentions, there will be no good results.”

Qian Tong frowned slightly, and said a little surprised: “Brother Zhao is not so courageous, right?” Anyway, you are also in the third stage of Void Return, what kind of wind and waves have not been seen? Why are you so afraid of this Huo Yaozong? What are their origins that make you so jealous?”

Zhao Tianze twitched his mouth and smiled bitterly: “Elder Qian can see it?” Hey, let’s not tell you, I am indeed a little afraid of them. Huo Yaozong belongs to Chilan Star, and logically speaking, it has nothing to do with my Cuiwei Star, but their super elders seem to be related to Cuiwei Star’s star owner. nice! We simply cannot afford to offend this group of people!”

“The star owner of Cuiweixing! “Qian Tong and Lin Yulao both narrowed their eyes.

After living on Cuiwei Star for two or three years, they naturally knew that there was a powerful star master here, a powerful person in the two-level virtual king.

“I said that, do you two understand? “Zhao Tianze looked at them worriedly.

“Understood, I just want to retreat, I listen to the lord, if the lord asks me to withdraw, I will withdraw, and if the lord asks me to stay, I will stay! Lin Yuluo raised his eyes and looked at Yang Kai.

“Listen to him” Zhao Tianze looked depressed. He didn’t expect that the final decision was still in Yang Kai’s hands.

“Yang Kai, you said that you want to withdraw or stay!” Qian Tong also looked over, “The old man is with you!”

“Do you need to withdraw?” Yang Kai curled his lips. “Naturally stay, how can you miss such a good opportunity? As for those people, don’t worry, if they want to die, I will complete them!”

“With your words, the old man will be relieved “Qian Tong laughed, Lin Yuluo also looked excited.

“You” Zhao Tianze is really speechless, staring at Yang Kai in a daze, “Are you still not clear about the situation? If you want to die, why bother to bring Elder Qian and Elder Lin But they have put their lives in your hands. You are also responsible for some things. Don’t speak louder than the sky. In the end, you will only suffer.”

He is obviously a little angry. Now, speaking to Yang Kai is no longer so polite.

“If City Lord Zhao feels wrong, you can leave by yourself.” Yang Kai looked at him lightly, “I didn’t force you to stay and live and die with us!”

Zhao Tianze is angry Knot, pointed at Yang Kai and kept pointing, but couldn’t say a word.

Zhang Qing and others saw this scene in their eyes and couldn’t help laughing.

Suddenly they thought that these four people were quite interesting. The catastrophe was imminent. Not only did they not show unity at all, they were fighting inwardly. They were really ignorant.

“The old man doesn’t care about you!” Zhao Tianze was almost mad at Yang Kai. He looked at Qian Tong and Lin Yulao and said, “You two, leave with me, otherwise they would definitely not I’ll be polite.”

Qian Tong sighed: “Brother Zhao, you have worked together for a few years. Qian knows that you are a human being. Qian knows that you have worked hard for our good. But this matter is not necessary to mention. Now, go back first!”

Lin Yulao smiled with a pursed lips: “You don’t have to leave too far, maybe you will come back later.”

Zhao Tianze was stunned.

Of course he understood the hidden meaning in Lin Yuluo’s words, but he couldn’t believe it.

Glancing at Yang Kai indifferently, Zhao Tianze sighed and said: “I don’t know why Elder Qian and Elder Lin are so confident in you, but I hope you know what you are doing.”

After speaking, go to the layman disheartenedly.

He has made his own efforts, Qian Tong and Lin Yulao are unwilling to listen to his advice, and he has no choice but to do it.

He didn’t have the confidence to stay to help Qian Tong and Lin Yulao fight the enemy, so he could only choose to leave sadly.

Zhang Qing and others looked at him coldly, without him needing to explain, they already knew the result.

As expected, they didn’t embarrass Zhao Tianze, they just rushed forward to Yang Kai and the other three.

“It seems that you will not cry if you don’t see the coffin?” Zhang Qing sneered, his eyes were as cold as a blade, and his tone was bad. “Don’t blame this seat for not giving you a chance. This is you I asked for it myself.”

While speaking, an extremely fierce potential field suddenly spread, and he hooded Yang Kai and the other three!

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Chapter 1630: This place is not allowed – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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