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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1631: Fuck him Read Novel

Chapter 1631: Fuck him – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1631: Fuck him

Beside the Yushi Mountain, Huo Yaozong Zhang Qing looked ruthless, released his own potential field, and enveloped the three of them towards Yang Kai.

His potential field seems to be mixed with a special mood. Once it spreads, it makes people feel like being in a volcanic crater. The heat is extremely hot, and it seems that everyone will be cooked.

Qian Tong and Lin Yuluo’s faces changed slightly, and they released their own potential field to resist.

Yang Kai raised his brows, revealing an expression of interest.

Zhang Qing really has arrogant capital, and his potential has obviously reached the realm of Xiaocheng!

Potential is a special power. As long as the martial artist breaks through to the third stage of returning to the Void, it can be condensed. As the cultivation level increases, the power of the potential field will become stronger.

But if you want to cultivate your own potential to a small level, you must integrate your own unique strength into the potential and strengthen the power of the potential field.

For example, Yang Kai can incorporate the spatial power of his cultivation in the potential field!

And this Zhang Qing, obviously can also do this, his potential field contains the power of fire.

Among all the three levels of Void Return, only 20% of martial artists can do this, and Zhang Qing is undoubtedly one of them.

Qian Tong and Lin Yuluo are also among them, so they can resist Zhang Qing’s pressure from the potential field. This is the fundamental reason why Zhao Tianze feels inferior to Qian Tong and others.

In front of the three of Yang Kai and others, there seemed to be an invisible barrier to resist Zhang Qing’s potential field.

Zhang Qing couldn’t help but show a shocked look in his eyes.

If Qian Tong and Lin Yulao can stand up against him, he can understand, after all, these two people are in a three-level realm like himself. But what’s the matter with this young man? Obviously there are only two levels of cultivation, so why did you actually cultivate the potential to the Xiaocheng level? The field of his resistance against himself was easier than the two behind him seemed.

The violent potential field oppresses the past, it is like a breeze to him, it can’t shake him at all!

Zhang Qing looked at Yang Kai in amazement, shocked deep in his heart.

“Xiaocheng’s momentum!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, with a playful smile on his face, “Not bad!”

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While speaking, he glanced around casually Since Zhang Qing and the others arrived, countless eyes have been looking towards this side, as if waiting for the scene of the outbreak of the war, and some of them had flickering expressions, wondering if they were playing some horrible idea.

Yang Kai observed his words and expressions, knowing that if he didn’t be strong enough this time, even if Zhang Qing and others were forced to retreat, there might be others who would provoke trouble, and it would be endless.

After all, the scarcity of people here is the biggest weakness.

With a sneer in his heart, Yang Kai stretched out his hand to point to a warrior behind Zhang Qing, and asked: “I just heard you say that you met a demon girl?”

The warrior one Startled, I don’t know why Yang Kai asked about this at this time, his face turned cold, and he replied in a deep voice: “What about it?”

“Is the demon in a red dress?”


“Have you hurt her?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, a dangerous aura flashing in his eyes.

“Wrong! It was I who injured her, but it was just a palm, which didn’t save her life!” The warrior sneered.

“Very good!” Yang Kai nodded, and when the words fell, his figure suddenly became blurred, and there was no trace in the next moment, as if he had disappeared out of thin air.

Although the incident happened suddenly, Zhang Qing and others did not respond slowly. They could cultivate to the third stage of Void Return. Which one has not experienced countless life and death battles? Under the horror, their eyes widened, looking for Yang Kai’s trace.

Nothing! There is no trace of Yang Kai at all.

Yang Kai’s figure appeared in the middle of Zhang Qing and the others like a ghost, with a cold expression, spreading his five fingers and grabbing it at the warrior who had spoken before.

“Be careful!” someone shouted beside him.

The warrior was furious and was about to strike back. Yang Kai had already buckled his head in his big hand. Sheng Yuan burst out and poured into him frantically, defeating him like a bamboo. Layers of Saint Yuan’s protection inside his body poured into his internal organs, and then he made a mistake in his footsteps, swinging his arms and exerting force.

This warrior was directly thrown away by Yang Kai.

While in the air, he suddenly heard a terrible howling, as if he had suffered some cruel and inhuman torture, and then there was a muffled sound on the ground, and the whole person suddenly burst open.

The blood viscera was scattered, and the smell of blood rose to the sky!

“Forgot to tell you, that enchantress is my woman!” Yang Kai looked ferocious.

Everyone was stunned.

Looking at the blood and meat falling from the sky with trembling eyes, looking deep into the tiger’s den but as if not knowing the danger, Yang Kai, they even forgot to breathe at this moment.

With just one blow, he instantly killed a warrior in the Void-Returning Three-level Realm. I am afraid that any three-level warrior would not be able to do this kind of thing.

The only thing that can be done is the powerhouse of the Void King Realm!

But the murderous young man has only two levels of return to the void, which is lower than any martial artist present!

The subtle gap in the realm, the intense visual conflict, and the unexpected ending have formed an extremely sharp psychological contrast, making everyone silent.

The guys who had played against Yang Kai and others before but didn’t do anything, couldn’t help but broke out in a cold sweat, secretly rejoicing that they didn’t see them at the time to bully them, otherwise, they might end up waiting for others. It would be miserable.

“Boy, do you dare!” Zhang Qing finally reacted, screamed, and blasted towards Yang Kai who was close at hand with a fist, and the potential field integrated with the power of fire also turned towards Yang. Open coverage.

His fist seemed to burn, and the high temperature distorted the space, fisting out, and a fire-like attack shook his head and rushed towards Yang Kai.

At the moment he acted, his companions also sacrificed the secret treasure one after another, the sacred yuan on his body was ups and downs, and the secret treasure was blooming.

A magical potential field suddenly broke through Zhang Qing’s potential field blockade, and suppressed them instead.

At this moment, everyone’s aura is fiercely pressed back into the body, and cannot be released at all.

Not only that, the space became solidified, making them difficult to walk, the movement of the holy yuan in the body seemed to have been affected, and the brilliance of the secret treasure in the hand suddenly became dim.

The suppression of the potential field!

They know better than anyone what the reason is. They have fallen into Yang Kai’s field and cannot extricate themselves. They used this to deal with enemies whose cultivation base is lower than their own in the past. The method has been tried and tested.

Now they are suppressed by a warrior of two levels.

I am afraid no one will believe it, but this is the fact!

Their eyeballs trembled, and their muscles rose high, desperately urging their own Saint Yuan, trying to get rid of Yang Kai’s suppression of them.

Qian Tong and Lin Yuluo did not give them a chance to breathe.

Qian Tong gave a sharp scream, and a coin-like secret treasure popped out with his fingers. The coin exuded a dazzling golden light. As soon as you appeared, it turned into two, two into four, and four into eight

The sky is full of golden copper coins. From the central circular hole of the copper coins, a series of extremely sharp attacks are suddenly shot, shooting at the enemy, like a locust crossing the border, with a terrifying momentum.

While Lin Yulao’s body twisted, a colored ribbon flew out of her hand. Amidst the shining brilliance, it wrapped up an enemy and bundled it fiercely. The enemy’s bones were immediately broken The sound of blood filled his mouth.

By the time the colored ribbon flew back to Lin Yuluo’s hands, the enemy was already limp on the ground like mud, breathless.

Yang Kai laughed wildly, and didn’t pay attention to the enemies except Zhang Qing. The others had Qiantong and Lin Yulao to deal with, and neither of them was weaker than Zhang Qing. The two teamed up to deal with those enemies who were suppressed by their own potential.

He was distracted and used twice, separating a part of the potential field and Zhang Qing’s potential field to fight against each other, and at the same time his mind moved.

Accompanied by the high-pitched song of birds, the firebirds of the spirits shine on the stage.

“Fuck him!” Yang Kai yelled and leaned towards Zhang Qing. The firebird flapped his wings, like a meteor falling from above the nine heavens, and landed on top of Zhang Qing’s head. The mouth is constantly spitting out a fireball containing violent power.

Zhang Qing’s face changed drastically. He didn’t expect that the situation would turn out to be like this. The screams in his ear made him frightened, and the joint attack by Yang Kai and Qiling Firebird made him tired. Handle.

Unable to withstand three breaths, Zhang Qing was pierced by Yang Kai with a Heaven-Scaring Spear through his lower abdomen. The Firebird took advantage of the situation to bully him, and a ball of fire directly hit his forehead.

Zhang Qing’s hair was all mushy, and he was embarrassed. He gritted his teeth and looked at Yang Kai. A look of resentment flashed across his face. Suddenly, there was a terrifying aura in his body, and there was a faint sound of thunder on his body surface. A faint arc of thunder bounced everywhere, and the momentum was astonishing.

The golden light suddenly appeared, Yang Kai shot a golden bloodshot with his fingers, caught Zhang Qing caught off guard.

Looking at him playfully, Yang Kai smiled in a low voice: “Do you think I didn’t know that you practiced Dry Sky Thunder and Fire? Do you want to use this secret technique to die with me?”

“How did you know?” Zhang Qing’s face changed slightly.

“Because I killed a few of you from Huo Yaozong in the Imperial Garden, so I know.” Yang Kai’s expression turned sullen, and the golden blood that bound Zhang Qing suddenly shrank.

With a crash

The extremely sharp golden blood thread broke through Zhang Qing Shengyuan’s defensive blockade, cutting him into countless pieces, and the corpses scattered on the ground.

The war subsided

It was only ten breaths before and after, and it was so fast that people were dizzying.

On the side of Chilan Star, the six people headed by Huo Yaozong Zhang Qing were completely wiped out.

On the contrary, Yang Kai and the others were unscathed.

The audience was shocked!

All the warriors looked at Yang Kai with a look of monsters, and there was an unbelievable look in their eyes.

They saw from the beginning to the end of this battle, and they naturally knew how much role Yang Kai played in it.

It can be said that he alone suppressed Zhang Qing’s six people. If his potential was not strong enough, Qian Tong and Lin Yulao would not be able to kill the enemy like cutting melons and vegetables!

Among the six people, except for Zhang Qing’s potential field that can be released slightly, the remaining five people can’t release the potential field at all. They are all suppressed in the body and did not play any role.

Can a virtual mirror that can’t play the power of the field, can it be a virtual mirror?

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Chapter 1631: Fuck him – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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