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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1632: What’s in the Bag Read Novel

Chapter 1632: What’s in the Bag – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1632: What’s in the Bag

Zhang Qing and the others do not seem to be facing an opponent in the two-tier return to the virtual realm, but a real virtual king realm.

All around the Yushishan, everyone is looking at Yang His eyes became serious.

They realized that this is an extremely terrifying opponent!

Many martial artists groups close to Yang Kai and others stepped back without a trace, and subconsciously distanced themselves from Yang Kai, avoiding the god of plague.

A group of purple thunder fire was revealed in Zhang Qing’s corpse. This thunder fire not only has the heat of flames, but also the violent thunder and lightning. It is a secret that the powerful warriors of Huo Yaozong will refine. Surgery.

Last time in the Imperial Garden, the beautiful woman named Tan Tinghe in Bingxin Valley told Yang Kai that Huo Yaozong had a group of dry sky thunder flames, which was the foundation of Huo Yaozong’s sect. It is also the treasure of Zhenzong, with infinite power.

If the martial artist of Huo Yaozong is strong enough, they will use the power of Dry Sky Thunder Flame to practice the secret technique of Dry Sky Thunder Fire.

Zhang Qing is obviously qualified.

As soon as this group of dry sky thunder and fire that belonged to Zhang Qing appeared, the Firebird Spirit flew down like chicken blood, and bit the group of dry sky thunder and fire, swallowed it into the abdomen, and issued Its invigorating cry.

“Come back.” Yang Kai greeted, and the Qi Ling immediately turned into a flame of fire, and flew into Yang Kai’s body and disappeared.

Turning his head and looking around, Yang Kai found that those people seemed to be still immersed in the shock and did not return to their senses, and many people also subconsciously avoided his gaze, as if they were afraid of being stared at.

Yang Kai laughed and said loudly: “Don’t worry, I don’t offend people, I don’t offend people. I just want a more spacious site. You can do whatever you want.”

Listen He said so, those warriors who were wary were relieved, and their nervous expression gradually eased.

With the strength that Yang Kai showed just now, if he is focusing on a team, then the team will definitely have no good results. Zhang Qing and his party will die when they say they are dead. There is no chance to resist. Here The most powerful team is only nine people, no one has the confidence to resist Yang Kai’s violent attack and resolve his powerful potential field!

“Continue to comprehend, I don’t think no one will come to bother now.” Yang Kai gestured towards Qian Tong and Lin Yulao.

The two looked at each other, looking at a loss, as if they couldn’t believe it.

Just now when they saw Yang Kai’s hands, they participated in it without hesitation. They didn’t expect the victory to come so easily. They thought there would be a bitter battle, and perhaps they would fall here.

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But their opponents have no resistance.

When they killed their opponents, they clearly felt the opponent’s powerlessness.

As a result, the battle is now over, and the two of them are still dreaming.

“Yang Kai, you seem to have grown a lot, did you gain a lot in the blood prison?” Qian Tong looked at him suspiciously.

The last time he attacked the three giants of Understar with Yang Kai, Yang Kai was not so terrible. Although Qian Tong felt that Yang Kai had unlimited potential, he did not grow up after all. He felt that his own The strength may be as good as Yang Kai’s.

But now, he can only look up.

The improvement in cultivation level is only a small part of the reason. Yang Kai’s accomplishments in the potential field are Yang Kai’s strongest capital. Qian Tong vaguely feels that Yang Kai’s trip to the bloody prison will definitely gain a lot.

“It’s okay.” Yang Kai nodded lightly without explaining too much.

Qian Tong nodded lightly, restrained his mind, and stopped thinking. When he was about to sit down cross-legged, he suddenly said: “By the way Yang Kai, Brother Zhao”

“You Call the shots.” Yang Kai smiled brilliantly and sat down cross-legged.

Qian Tong nodded, thought for a while, walked not far away, personally came to Zhao Tianze who was standing there, like a fool, and talked to him in a low voice.

For a while, Zhao Tianze returned with a shameful expression, looked for a position, sat down cross-legged, and looked at Yang Kai with a complicated expression.

He is really ashamed. Before he was greedy for life and fear of death, and did not stay with Qian Tong and others to share the joys and sorrows. Now that the enemy has been exhausted, he has come to pick up the ready-made cheapness. Zhao Tianze is quite embarrassed.

If it’s something else, Zhao Tianze will most likely refuse. He always has to be a little dignified.

Keyu Shishan’s temptation to him is too great, even if he feels embarrassed, he can only bite the bullet and return. Now sitting down, he only feels his old face is hot.

“Brother Zhao, don’t think too much. In the situation just now, anyone who doesn’t understand Yang Kai’s details will probably make that choice. You don’t have to feel embarrassed, Brother Zhao. Isn’t Qian still clear about his personality?” Qian Tong said relievedly.

Zhao Tianze smiled bitterly, glanced at Yang Kai with flickering eyes, saw that he was motionless and didn’t mean to speak, he sighed and earnestly said: “Zhao is so grateful!

He was embarrassed to speak.

Qian Tong patted him on the shoulder, motioning him to boldly and confidently enlighten it.

Around Yushishan, he was taken up. The warriors gathered in the three-layer return to the virtual world of the Hundred Numbers were blocked, and groups of all sizes occupied different positions.

Yang Kai and others occupies the largest position. Even if there are only four of them, no one dares to offend. The corpses and blood remaining on the ground show the battle that has happened before.

On both sides of the small group of Yang Kai, there was a large space that no one dared to occupy.

From time to time, there are warriors who have heard the news to join in. When I saw the open space on both sides, my eyes lit up and I wanted to occupy it, but when I saw a few corpses on the ground, they were all Their expressions changed, and finally gave up reluctantly.

Half a day later, Yu Shishan was surrounded by two full circles. The number of warriors who came here has reached as many as two hundred, and warriors continue to come from afar.

The conflict inevitably occurred.

Those teams with a larger number of people want to seize a better position. The warrior team that came here first will naturally not let it go, and the two sides will fight if they don’t agree with each other.

Someone screamed for death from time to time.

Around the Yushi Mountain, it seems that it has become the burial ground of the three-tier return to the Void Realm strong. Those strong in the major cultivation stars have fallen one after another, and the scene is extremely hot.

But no matter how frequent the fighting, the four of Yang Kai did not encounter any provocations.

They occupies a very good place, and the people on both sides are far away from them. This is very telling. Anyone with a little brain will understand that this small group is not easy to mess with. Naturally, it will not be uninteresting.

Qian Tong, Lin Yuluo, and Zhao Tianze seem to have been immersed in the wonders emanating from Yu Shishan.

Yang Kai didn’t enlighten him, but sat cross-legged on the ground to protect the law for them, seemingly to prevent people with short eyes from coming to make trouble, but there was a weird smile on the corner of his mouth. Staring at the domain stone ahead.

His eyes are like looking at what’s in his pocket!

One day later, many warriors who were feeling faintly discovered something wrong.

As time goes by, the miracles emanating from Yushishan seem to be diminishing. In the beginning, they thought it was their own illusion, but after a careful investigation, they found out that this happened.

Yu Shishan is really slowly losing its effect!

This discovery left the warriors at a loss. They didn’t understand why the Yushishan, which had existed for countless years, had such a change.

Two days later, more warriors discovered the incident, and then everyone knew.

Whispers sounded one after another.

“What’s the matter? It’s only a few days, how come Yu Shishan’s effect is so bad?”

“You feel that way too? I thought I felt wrong.”

“Is it because there are too many people here? So the power in Yushishan has been absorbed?”

“Fart! Which time Yushishan will not be attracted? So many people come here? Only more people have come here before, and there hasn’t been any problem before. Why is there a problem this time?”

“Is Yushishan really going to lose its function?”

“Quickly stop talking nonsense, take advantage of it’s still useful, and quickly comprehend what is important. After it completely loses its effect, this is a dead mountain.”

The strange change of Yushishan, let Every warrior who came here was aware of the crisis, and they spared no effort to comprehend the mystery in order to obtain the greatest benefit.

By the third day, the warriors outside Yushishan actually felt any magical mood. Only those warriors who were close to the inner layer of Yushishan could gain something.

On the fourth day, it was difficult for the warriors in the inner layer to comprehend anything.

The effect of Yushishan seems to be reduced to a minimum. This kind of thing has never happened before. Yushishan is a treasure in the blood prison. It has existed for tens of thousands of years. No one understands what all this is.

Only the smile hidden in Yang Kai’s eyes grew thicker.

Carefully, a soft click came from a certain position.

Although the noise was extremely slight, it attracted the attention of many people.

Looking over there along the voice, in an instant, many warriors’ eyes trembled.

“Crack! There is a crack in Yushishan!” Someone exclaimed, as if something extraordinary had been discovered.

“What? There will be cracks in Yushishan? Impossible!” Some people are even more unwilling to believe it.

What is the domain rock mountain? It is a huge domain rock at all. It has existed here for tens of thousands of years, how could cracks appear?

But just as the questioning sounded, more cracks appeared on Yushishan. Those tiny cracks were like spider webs, dense and criss-crossed.


“No good, Yushishan is going to be destroyed!”

“It broke apart? Haha, now it’s developed, I’m worried about it. Walking on such a big thing, it shattered by itself. God helped me.”

All kinds of yelling and yelling sounded in an instant, and all the warriors got up one after another, or looked solemn or excited. Going towards Yu Shishan, they had different ideas in their hearts.

An atmosphere of tension suddenly spread. The many warriors who had been living in peace were all looking around at this moment, as if any stranger had become a rival in competition.

They all started Yu Shishan’s idea.

“Yang Kai, we” Qian Tong swallowed a mouthful of water and looked at Yu Shishan fieryly.

Yang Kai frowned, his divine consciousness expanded, his face suddenly changed slightly, and he shouted in a low voice: “Get out!”

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