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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1633: Heavy losses Read Novel

Chapter 1633: Heavy losses – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1633: Heavy losses

“Return?” Qian Tong was taken aback, wondering why Yang Kai was so nervous.

“Let’s go! If you don’t leave, it will be too late.” Yang Kai didn’t explain, he let out a loud shout, and at the same time his figure retreated sharply. Before leaving, he even pulled Lin Yuluo.

Lin Yulao was confused, but did not resist, let Yang Kai drag her, and quickly withdrew more than ten feet away.

“Brother Qian” Zhao Tianze looked at a loss and turned to Qian Tong for help.

“Listen to Yang Kai.” Qian Tong didn’t hesitate to turn into a streamer, following Yang Kai.

He didn’t know why Yang Kai made such a choice, but he chose to trust Yang Kai unconditionally.

Maybe Yang Kai has his own reasons!

Seeing that the three of them had already retreated, Zhao Tianze stood there hesitated for a moment, then slapped his thigh in annoyance, and followed the three of them to leave.

The scene has become chaotic.

As the cracks on the Yushi Mountain increase, countless warriors are rushing forward, trying to snatch the fragmented Yushi.

There are also some guys who are very shrewd. Hearing Yang Kai’s shouts, he noticed something was wrong, and instead of wading in the muddy water, they withdrew quietly.

If something goes wrong, there must be demons, not to mention the fact that Yu Shishan is about to shatter such a big event.

However, there are not many such people, only one in ten, and more people are fascinated by the temptation in front of them, and they don’t care about Yang Kai’s loud reminder.


The sound of the sound continued, and Yushishan seemed to be about to break apart. Under the eyes of everyone, the cracks became more and more and bigger and bigger.

Finally, Yushishan collapsed, and the huge Yushishan turned into blocks of different sizes and scattered on the ground.

But what makes everyone feel weird is that the broken domain stones are not the same as the domain stones produced in the domain vortex. Each piece is as thin as a cicada’s wing.

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“Impossible, this area of ​​Shishan is actually empty?” Someone yelled in disbelief.

These fragmented domain stones have already explained the problem. If the inside of the non-domain stone mountain is empty, how can these fragments appear as thin as cicada wings after the fragmentation? The scene before him was as if an empty clay pot had been smashed.

This is unacceptable to many people.

But even if it is a domain stone as thin as a cicada wing, it is a domain stone.

After a few breaths of surprise, everyone rushed forward frantically, staring at the domain stones of varying sizes, and robbed them.

The scene is out of control instantly!

The power of various secret treasures and martial arts bloomed, and the naked eye shining the position of a radius of several tens of meters could hardly be seen clearly, the screams sounded, and the blood splashed. The ripples visible to the naked eye swelled from the center of Yushishan, spreading around at a very fast speed.

All the warriors covered by this layer of ripples involuntarily stopped their movements, and their expressions suddenly became panic.

When the ripples swept across their bodies, they all felt a dangerous aura, that was the aura of the field!

And it’s a terrifying field!

The quiet domain Shishan’s unique domain seems to have resurged again.

“No, let’s go!” a clever warrior yelled.

No one will rob the scattered domain stones anymore, every warrior desperately urges Sheng Yuan to retreat frantically.

It’s too late!

When the first wave appears, the second and third waves have already followed.

In an instant, countless layers of corrugations visible to the naked eye filled the area of ​​nearly one thousand feet, and enveloped the whole thousand feet of the earth.

The field of vision became blurred, and the powerful field of Shishan Mountain, the birth domain, finally revealed its hideous appearance, like a wild and hungry beast, opening its mouth in the blood basin, swallowing nearly two hundred Void Returning Realms Into the abdomen.

The screams from all directions made everyone’s scalp numb, and no Void Mirror Warrior could withstand the crushing and strangulation of this violent field. The vigorous vitality was crushed. The bubble suddenly disappeared.

After the layers of ripples struck, everyone exploded and died in the horrible howling, blooming the last beauty with their own lives and blood.

Yang Kai and the other four stood at a distance of thousands of meters away from Yushishan, and everyone looked forward with pale faces.

Zhao Tianze’s lips trembled, and the two rows of teeth collided with each other, making a rattling sound.

He couldn’t imagine that if he was a little greedy just now, what would happen to him? I’m afraid it would be the same as the person caught in the field. He subconsciously looked at Yang Kai, his heart filled with gratitude.

If it hadn’t been for the young man’s vision, this bloody journey would be over by himself.

Qian Tong and Lin Yuluo’s faces are not much better.

So many warriors with the same cultivation realm as theirs, so many powerful existences that can initiate a charge towards the Void King Realm, they have fallen without resistance.

These people are dead like ants

Their mood is subtle and complicated.

At the same time, in the stone pavilion a hundred miles outside the blood prison, Luo Haihuo, who had been sitting peacefully, got up, his face suddenly turned ugly.

“Lord Luo Hai, what happened?” Seeing that his face was different, the old woman surnamed Lei asked nervously.

“Yes, Brother Luo Hai, what makes you so nervous?” An old man was also puzzled.

When the cultivation base reaches the level of the Void King Realm, the mind must be very calm, and it is rare to be so shocked because of something, not to mention Luo Hai is not an ordinary Void King Realm, he is Cuiweixing The star master of, is a master of the Void King’s two-layer realm. Looking at the entire star field, except for a few dragons who see the head and the end, not many people can be stronger than him.

Luo Hai’s face suddenly became so ugly, they realized that something big must have happened.

“Yu Shishan, ruined!” Luo Hai said solemnly.

“What? I heard that right?”

“Yeah, how could Yushishan be ruined?”

“Who did it? The little girl in there? Guys shouldn’t have this ability, right?”

Everyone screamed, if Luo Hai hadn’t said this, they wouldn’t believe it anyway.

Even if Luo Hai said it, they still had doubts.

How could Yushishan be destroyed?

“Master Luo Hai, are you serious about this?” The old woman looked at Luo Hai solemnly.

“Will this seat make such a joke with you?” Luo Hai frowned, “As for how it was destroyed, this seat is not clear, but it is definitely destroyed!”

Everyone looked at each other, but did not question Luo Hai’s judgment.

He is the star master. Since he said so, he must be completely sure.

Everyone looked at each other, and some couldn’t accept the result.

“Hey, what a pity, Yu Shishan is a treasure in the blood prison. It has existed for tens of thousands of years, and it will be destroyed if you say it.” For a long time, the old man who spoke before sighed, although Yu Shishan It exists on Cuiwei Star, but it can be said to be the treasure of the entire star field. Once it is destroyed, anyone will feel sorry.

Perhaps its destruction will reduce the birth of a lot of Void Kings in the star field!

“By the way, Lord Luo Hai, since Yushishan is destroyed, what about the people who had been around Yushishan before?” The old woman suddenly remembered a more serious question.

When the others heard it, they all got nervous.

“A lot of deaths! The specific number of annihilated vitality can not be found in this seat, but it is estimated that there are almost two hundred people in this seat.”

“Two hundred!” The old woman’s face changed drastically. Stunned for a long time before he smiled bitterly: “Now, the major forces have suffered heavy losses.”

The blood hell trial, the original fall rate was ridiculously high, because most of the people who entered it were returning to the void. In the realm, no one would be afraid of anyone. In order to advance to the Void King Realm, they would kill all the enemies that blocked them.

Today, the changes in Yushishan have killed as many as two hundred warriors who entered it. I am afraid that the warriors who enter it will be wiped out by some forces, and will never recover.

Everyone quickly realized the seriousness of the problem.

“Fortunately, the three young masters didn’t come this time, otherwise,” the old man from the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce suddenly broke out with cold sweat on his forehead, with an expression of fear on his face.

If San Shao Xueyue had also come to participate in the trial of the Blood Prison this time, and went to Yushishan too

He couldn’t imagine it!

Xueyue Sanshao is the best hope for the future of Hengluo Chamber of Commerce.

In the blood prison, before and after, just a few breaths, the chaotic world calmed down again, all the warriors who did not retreat in time, all the bones are gone, and they are finally here. Fewer than thirty people survived a catastrophe.

All these people heard Yang Kai’s chants and retreated immediately to save their lives.

After regaining their horror, they all arched their hands in the direction of Yang Kai, expressing their gratitude.

The Yu Shishan is gone, and naturally they will not stay here anymore, each going in a different direction, going deep into the blood prison to find their own opportunities.

Soon, only Yang Kai and his party were left in this huge area.

’Sect Master Yang, the old man for savior is grateful, and I also ask Sect Master Yang to make a trip to Lushui City after he is out of the blood prison, and Zhao will surely welcome him by sweeping the couch!” Zhao Tianze said sincerely Dao, he really convinced Yang Kai now.

Yang Kai smiled faintly: “City Lord Zhao is polite, and I didn’t do anything, but I will pass Green Water City. I hope I won’t disturb City Lord Zhao by then.”

Qianyue was still inquiring about Su Yan in Lushui City, and Yang Kai was naturally going to pick Qianyue out.

“No, no!” Zhao Tianze waved his hand quickly, a smile appeared on his face, ’Sect Master Yang is an honor to come, it is an honor for Zhao Mou, how can there be any nuisance.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, looked at Qian Tong and Lin Yulao and said, “You will be more careful next.”

Lin Yulao was a little disappointed when he heard the extraneous words of his words: ’Sect Master, won’t you come with us?”

“No, I still have work to do. “Yang Kai shook his head. The Xu Nian Jing ordered by Chi Yue has not yet arrived, and the other half of the Hua Yao Jue is also in Yu Xiong’s hands. He has to get the Hua Yao Jue over.

He eagerly wants to develop the original power of the Golden Sacred Dragon in his body.

“Then you should be careful. I am afraid that none of the people here are your opponents, but the remaining fields here are very powerful. You have to measure your strength. And OK. “Qian Tong exhorted.

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Chapter 1633: Heavy losses – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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