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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1635: You finally came out Read Novel

Chapter 1635: You finally came out – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1635: You finally came out

Thinking wildly in his mind, Yang Kai cast his eyes on the chest of the monster bone.

In an instant, his eyes grew hotter.

He clearly saw that there was a dark red round crystal about the size of a baby’s head.

Vision Crystal! It can also be called the inner alchemy of this Demon King!

The two have different names, but they are referring to the same thing right now.

Only the powerhouse of the third-level virtual king can condense such a magical thing as the virtual thought crystal in the body, and the two-level virtual king does not have this qualification at all.

Xu Nianjing contains the top powerhouse’s perception of the martial arts of heaven, and the understanding of the field is of inestimable value!

The biggest reason Chiyue wants to get it is to use it to break through the three-level realm of the Void King and become the demon king.

Looking at the entire star field, how many of them can be strong in the third level of the Void King? At most, they are no more than a palm, and all of them are the existence of Shenlong seeing the head but not the end. No one knows where they are. It is difficult for ordinary people to see them.

But now, there is a dead bone of a strong man of this level, lying in front of Yang Kai, not only the bones are intact, but the Xu Nianjing is also there.

Yang Kai’s breathing inevitably became a little rapid, his eyes staring at the Xu Nian Jing scorchingly.

He carefully released his divine mind and stretched over there, but before his divine mind touched the virtual mind crystal, the dark red round crystal suddenly flashed a brilliance.

Yang Kai frowned, and quickly withdrew his spiritual thoughts, not daring to spy at will.

Chiyue is right. There is still a trace of the Demon King’s remnant soul remaining in this imaginary crystal. Any attempt to encroach on it will provoke resistance. If not, this imaginary crystal and skeleton may It’s been taken away long ago, so how can it wait till today?

The only way to safely obtain the Void Mind Crystal is to suppress that strand of remnant soul.

Those who may have come to the Blood Prison are all martial artists of the Void Returning Third Stage. Who has the ability to suppress the remnant soul of the Demon King?

Only the power of the Golden Sacred Dragon that Yang Kai bears!

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With a gentle exhalation, Yang Kai calmed his mind and looked at the piece of virtual thought crystal solemnly, motionless.

In the darkness, an almost imperceptible black shadow is cautiously approaching Yang Kai. This black shadow clings to the ground, it seems to have no substance, and does not emit any aura, even if it is as strong as Yang Kai didn’t even notice this.

The black shadow approached little by little, and soon came to a position less than five feet behind him. Immediately, the dormant black shadow turned up like a snake, gathered into one strand, and aimed at Yang. Open the back.

And just at this matter, Yang Kai’s body was shocked, and a high-pitched dragon chant sounded, and immediately, an unbelievable coercion filled the surroundings.

On Yang Kai’s right arm, a piece of golden scales suddenly appeared strangely, wrapping his entire right arm, not only on the right arm, but also on the back of his hand. When that scale appeared Suddenly, his five fingers burst out with golden light, and his nails grew strangely and long, flashing a sharp, unmatched cold light.

Long Hua!

After practicing half of the demon transformation, Yang Kai can now barely mobilize the original power of the Golden Sacred Dragon in his body to dragon part of his right arm.

The entire right arm became terrifying in an instant.

The black figure that appeared at five feet behind Yang Kai was obviously taken aback, and quickly hungered back to the ground again and hurriedly retreated.

At this moment, Yang Kai moved, his right arm leaned forward as if slowly and eagerly, breaking through the barrier of space in an instant, and descending on the virtual mind crystal.

The light flashes wildly on the Void Thought Crystal! There was a vaguely restless breath surging in it, as if it was about to burst.

With a cold snort, Yang Kai grabbed the Void Thought Crystal in his hand and squeezed it fiercely. At the same time, the Saint Yuan inside his body rushed in frantically with his own spirit.

Amidst the darkness, there seemed to be a light noise coming from the Void Thought Crystal, and the restless aura gradually subsided.

The golden scale armor on Yang Kai’s right arm gradually faded, and the terrifying right arm returned to its normal state.

He released his hand, looked at the virtual thought crystal in his hand, and grinned.

The strand of remnant soul remaining in the Void Thought Crystal has been wiped out by him forcefully. Now anyone can hold this Void Thought Crystal in his hand without worrying about it exploding.

The process is very simple and easy, and Yang Kai didn’t expect it.

Chiyue was so solemnly admonishing, he thought there would be some hardships, but he knew that it would be so easy.

“Huh?” Yang Kai looked at this virtual thought crystal from close range, with a strange look on his face.

He vaguely felt that this virtual mind crystal seemed a bit familiar, as if he had obtained it before.

After thinking about it carefully, Yang Kai suddenly realized that he remembered when he had obtained the Void Thought Crystal.

The first time I entered Liuyan Sand!

In the Flowing Flame Sands, in the pond filled with the soul washing water, he did get a crystal-like object. He didn’t know what it was at the time, and he was investigating it with his spirit. At that time, the crystal disappeared strangely, and entered the sea of ​​his knowledge.

In the end, the wonderful crystals were completely absorbed by the six-color Wen Shenlian, which also led to the successful evolution of the Wen Shenlian into the seven-color form. Yang Kai’s secret technique of growing lotus was realized at that time.

It turns out that that thing is a virtual mind crystal! Yang Kai finally understood.

No wonder the effect is so powerful that it actually made Wen Shenlian evolve. It’s just that I didn’t comprehend the mystery of the realm from there, and I don’t know what’s going on. It seems that the strong man who fell by the soul washing divine water is at least a Void King’s third-level existence.

The past has been going on for many years, and Yang Kai didn’t have the thought of exploring it carefully. After understanding it, he put away the virtual thought crystal.

Although this thing is precious, Yang Kai wants to get the demon transformation!

So I still have to hand it to Chiyue.

What’s more, Chiyue is still Shan Qingluo’s stepmother. She is stronger and Shan Qingluo can get more protection.

Yang Kai wanted to understand this. From the beginning to the end, he didn’t want to take the virtual thought crystal as his own. He believed that with his own ability, even if he did not rely on the virtual thought crystal, there would always be Sun can also be promoted to the third level of the Void King, achieving the pinnacle of martial arts.

Turning around, Yang Kai also put away the bones of the Demon King. Of course, Yang Kai would not miss the space of the Demon King. Although I don’t know what is in it, there is a third virtual king. The net worth of the strong in the realm is definitely not lost.

This is the biggest gain of my trip.

After a careful investigation, and confirming that nothing was missing, Yang Kai left.

The cave was not too deep, and Yang Kai soon saw the light again.

“You are finally out!”

When he had just stepped out of the cave, a familiar grin came from the depths of the earth, and a blood-red figure suddenly rose from the mud to the sky. He rose up, fell in front of him, and launched a storm-like attack in an instant.

Yang Kai’s face became cold, and the golden blood shot with his fingers, constantly dancing, forming an airtight barrier in front of him.

Boom boom boom

There was a violent burst of energy, and all the attacks that the blood-red figure displayed were stopped by the golden blood, and returned without success.

“Blood refining!” Yang Kai took the time to see who was sneaking on him, he couldn’t help crying coldly, murdering him.

“It’s your grandfather blood refinement!” The blood refining screamed wildly, with a terrifying expression. The body of the flood has been displayed, the whole body is covered with blood-red scales, and it looks abnormally strong, regardless of whether you ask. Still attacking Yang Kai desperately.

“You’re looking for your own death!” Yang Kai sneered, and with a thought, the two golden bloodshots suddenly turned into the appearance of a Lei Yan flying lizard, grinning and biting towards the blood refining.

“How can flying lizards be able to beat the power of my bloody dragon?” The bloody dragon seems to have forgotten the lessons he received in the palace before, and he has no intention of fearing Yang Kai, around his fists covered with scales. With two punches, the blood-colored flood dragons formed by two demon elements shook their heads and waved their tails. They greeted the Lei Yan flying lizards, entangled with each other, and did not lose the wind at all.

At the same time, he moved his hand, and a giant axe suddenly appeared in his hand and slashed at the location where Yang Kai was.

The sky-shaking axe light seemed to smash through the world, and it hit Yang Kai in an instant.

Yang Kai shook his figure and avoided him.

At this moment, another figure flew out from the soil, folded his palms, and slammed forward. A huge and mysterious flower suddenly appeared, and its petals opened. Like a beast with its big mouth open, it bite towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s face was cold and stern, the power of space went ups and downs, strangely disappeared from the place, and when he reappeared, the person was already ten feet away.

The fascinating flower failed to do its work, so it flew back and appeared on the top of the second person’s head. The petals kept opening and closing, seeming to breathe like life, with a sweet smell. Began to diffuse.

“Well!” Yang Kai raised the corner of his mouth, showing a playful look, “Okay, both are here. It seems that you know I will be here, so are you lying here?”

“Yes.” He smiled softly, with a gentle look, “You are born with the origin of the holy dragon, and the Xu Nianjing here is no secret to my monster race. In addition, you suddenly came to the Blood Prison from Emperor Chen, how can we not know what your plan is, Senior Chi Yue asked you to come?”

’Smart!” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

“What about Xu Nianjing?” His breathing was a little short.

’Since I have come out, where do you say Xu Nianjing is?” Yang Kai smiled brilliantly.

“You really succeeded!” He took a soft breath, and the greedy look on his face was obvious.

“Want it?” Yang Kai looked at him sarcastically, “Just because of you two, I’m afraid you don’t have the ability, be careful not to accompany yourself here!”

See him He despised himself so much and didn’t take himself seriously, no matter whether it was blood training or the sky, his complexion was not very good.

Although they didn’t want to admit it, both of them knew that no matter what they were fighting alone, no matter they were Yang Kai’s opponents, in the palace, Yang Kai had already proven his strength.

“If I have this ability, I will know after playing.” He snorted coldly.

Yang Kai was about to laugh twice, suddenly frowned, his own potential field spread out frantically, with him as the center, within a radius of ten meters, the space suddenly collapsed, a series of small spatial cracks, Swim like a snake.

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Chapter 1635: You finally came out – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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