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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1637: You didn’t run away Read Novel

Chapter 1637: You didn’t run away – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1637: You didn’t run away

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After a short while, the roar of blood refining subsided suddenly, as if someone pinched the throat, and stopped abruptly.

While his roar died down, the whole demon mountain’s rich demon spirit suddenly turbulent, as if it had been summoned by some sort of call, rushed towards the cave.

The cave is like a cracked beast’s mouth, accepting all the frightening monsters, and after less than ten breaths of effort, the strong monsters that have existed in the monster mountain for tens of thousands of years The trickle doesn’t exist.

Yang Kai frowned.

Witian and Gale looked at each other, as if they couldn’t figure out the situation.

In the cave, a fierce aura is slowly recovering, and this aura is so strong that Yang Kai feels a little uncomfortable.

Sha Sha Sha

There are footsteps coming from the cave. After a while, the figure of blood refining emerges from the entrance of the cave. At this moment, he no longer has the previous embarrassment and anger, but faces With a thoughtful look, he spread his hands and placed it in front of him, staring carefully.

There was a hidden joy in the depths of his eyes.

“Blood Refining, what are you doing?” He shouted, with an angry look on his face. He had just met Yang Kai just now. The blood refining guy was so inexplicable, naturally it made him extremely unhappy.

Yang Kai is too strong, and the three of them together are not completely sure to kill him here, and no one can take it lightly.

“He seems to be a little different.” Gale squinted and looked at the location of the cave.

“We will kill Yang Kai first, let’s talk about other things!” With a cold snort, he once again drove the monster flower and launched an offensive towards Yang.

Although Gale felt something was wrong with the blood refining, he also knew that it was not the time to entangle them, his figure disappeared in a flash, and he quietly approached Yang Kai.

Yang Kai focused most of his attention on the blood chain.

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The blood refining at this moment is completely different from just now, he actually felt a great pressure from the opponent’s skill!

The blood refining also seemed to come back to his senses. The two blood-red eyes looked somewhere in the void, with a strange luster, and the expression was weird: “The shadow of the eagle? Interesting, I didn’t expect it. As soon as I saw the sun again, I met the blood of the deceased!”

After saying this inexplicable sentence, he suddenly took a step forward.

Ignoring the barriers of space, he actually came directly to a place ten feet away. No one could see how he moved. Only Yang Kai, who had been close to him, found a clue.

It is not that I ignore the barriers of space, but the speed is too fast, and my spiritual thoughts are too fast to keep up.

The blood chain stretched out his hand and grabbed it into the void seemingly at will.

With a grasp, the space suddenly solidified.

A hurried figure appeared from it, it was the gale that disappeared.

The gale’s expression was frightened and angry. He never thought that the blood refining would ruin his good deeds, so he hurriedly pulled back and asked to understand.

But Blood Refining didn’t give him this opportunity at all. Inexplicably, his blood-red, scaly-clad large hand grabbed Gale’s neck!

Yang Kai changed color in amazement, and was also shocked.

I didn’t even bother to attack Yang Kai. He glared at the blood chain and shouted sharply: “What are you doing?”

The three teamed up to ambush Yang Kai. Now the enemy is unharmed and bloody. Lian actually targeted his own person, which made him a little bit intolerable!

The blood chain did not pay attention to the meaning of the sky, but lifted the gale high up, as if holding a child, staring at him with scarlet eyes indifferently, and said indifferently: ” Who are you who are immortal?”

Gale finally noticed something wrong. It seemed to be aware of something, desperately urging his own demon element, trying to get rid of the control of blood refining, but no matter how hard he tried, his own The demon yuan actually seemed to be imprisoned, motionless in his body.

“You are not a bloodbath!” Gale cried out in shock.

There is no way that Blood Refining has the ability to subdue him. Combining with the demon mountain’s demon-like changes before, Gale immediately understood what was going on.

’Seize the house!” Yang Kai and Mitian also reacted at the same time, and said in surprise.

“The little guys have eyesight!” Xuelian Jiejie gave a weird laugh, but he didn’t mean to deny it. Instead, he glanced at Yang Kai with a deep look, and a trace of his eyes flashed in the depths of his eyes. Greedy look.

Yang Kai’s back was cold when he saw him, and he didn’t know what his eyes meant.

He didn’t have any more blood refining, and looked back, and continued to ask: “Who is the Tianjiu?”

“That’s the ancestor!” Gale flushed, and gritted his teeth.

“Is he still alive?” Xuelian tilted his head.

“The family ancestor has already fallen. I don’t know who the senior is?” Gale asked in a deep voice.

When the Tianjiu was alive, he was the top powerhouse of Demon Star Emperor Chen. He was an extremely powerful Demon King with the top cultivation base of the Void King’s three-level realm. Unfortunately, he had Falling, the bloodline of Gale has been passed down to the present, and only he is the most powerful.

“He actually died, it’s a pity, the king still has some old accounts that haven’t been settled with him.” Blood Refining seemed disappointed, and said with a grinning smile: “But it doesn’t matter, it’s all old things. Meeting his younger generation today is considered an old grudge of the old man.”

“Who is the senior?” The gale asked with a trembling voice. The harder he came, he could barely breathe.

“This king and Tianjiu were born in the same era, and have a lot of grievances with him, who do you think this king is?” Xuelian laughed.

Gale’s face turned pale, and he trembled: “You are the mad crocodile king, you actually fell here!”

The history of the family is naturally familiar with Gale. Tens of thousands of years ago, the Heavenly Eagle King was alive, and the Shadow Eagle was extremely powerful, almost dominating the entire emperor star. Unfortunately, there was also a powerful Demon King who could fight against the Heavenly Eagle King.

That is the Demon King of Crazy Crocodile!

Now that he heard the words of the blood test, Gale immediately understood his identity.

The guy who seized the blood refining was actually the bloody and brutal mad crocodile demon king who did not recognize the six relatives!

It is rumored that his cultivation base is earth-shaking, but he may be bloody and brutal. I don’t know how many demon races and humans died in his hands, and the entire Emperor Chen star was upset by him, so he was called the Crazy Crocodile Demon King.

Tianyi tried to kill him many times, but it has been unsuccessful, and the enmity between the two powerhouses is getting deeper and deeper.

It was only afterwards that he suddenly disappeared on the emperor star, and no one knew where he had gone.

Chiyue and others knew that the Crazy Crocodile King had fallen in the blood prison, but the younger guys didn’t know what happened tens of thousands of years ago.

Now that I learned the truth, Gale almost broke his nerves!

In the hands of such a strong monster, how can there be any good end?

“Yes, this king fell here, but this king can make a comeback today! Hey, since you are a descendant of the Tianjiu, you will blame you for your bad luck when you encounter this king.”Xuelian sneered, and the big hand that pinched Gale’s neck made a strong effort. With a click, Gale’s neck slid aside softly, and the look in his eyes quickly dimmed!

The gale is dead!

The blood refining is now so powerful that it is almost unreasonable!

He swallowed his saliva, his face pale and bloodless.

Even facing Yang Kai, he did not like this. Feeling powerless, the crazy crocodile demon king’s great reputation made him unable to resist the slightest thought.

At the moment of Gale’s death, he almost didn’t hesitate at all, and he pulled away and retreated, wanting to leave here. The land of right and wrong.

“The king didn’t allow it. Can you leave? Suddenly, the blood chain turned his head to look at the place where Mitian was, and he casually probed his hand towards that side. A magical power burst out.

The space in front of Mitian suddenly turned into a copper wall and iron wall. He slammed into it and was directly blocked.

Yang Kai’s eyes widened, watching this scene with a vague comprehension.

That is the power of the domain! Although the blood refines today’s The breath is still the pinnacle of the Void Returning Third Stage, but the Crazy Crocodile Demon King who robbed him of his body is a genuine Void King Third Stage! It is understandable that he can use some domain power.

Power can also be used in this way! Yang Kai’s eyes showed brilliance, and he seemed to be very interested in the methods of blood refining.

Unable to escape from the sky, he immediately changed his direction. With a cold snort of blood, he stretched out his hand and waved, a blood scorpion rushed out like a horse, turned into a rope-like existence, and bound towards the sky.

The sky was furious and turned around. The monster flower burst suddenly, turning into thousands of petals, and shot it towards the blood.

At the same time, his eyes suddenly bloomed with strange brilliance, looking directly at the blood chain.

Xuelian was not afraid of fear, but sneered contemptuously: “Despite the evil eye! Dare to use this to deal with the old man, boy, you are a little overpowered!”

While talking, scarlet eyes Youran became deep and dark, like a bottomless pit, pulling and devouring the power of the evil eye.

The power of the appalling soul rises up and down.

There was a scream, as if suffering from great pain, and the whole person’s momentum suddenly languished.

The power of his evil eye not only didn’t play any role, but was wounded by blood refining, and his soul was greatly damaged.

The blood-red rope was immediately tied up tightly so that he could no longer escape.

Bloodlink smiled grimly, raised a hand high, and then slowly made a fist.

The blood-red rope bound to the sky quickly tightened his body with the movement of his fist.

“No!” Loudly yelled, but to no avail, the blood-red rope strangled his flesh and blood directly, breaking his bones.

There was a crackling sound, and the flesh and blood flew across the sky, and there was no bones left!

With a gesture of action, two rookies of the monster race were killed. Xuelian looked down at his hand, and a look of satisfaction appeared on his face: “That’s not bad, inheriting the ancients, the blood scorpion really has its own. Uniqueness.”

He seems to be satisfied with his new body.

But soon, he slowly shook his head, raised his eyes, and stared at Yang Kai with a fiercer gaze. His eyes were full of greed. To him, Yang Kai’s existence seemed more Attract him!

“Are you not running?” Xue Lian asked in a daze, although he had been moving around Yang Kai when he was killing Mighty Heaven and Gale, it was impossible to give him a chance to escape.

But this human being stood there, watching coldly, he didn’t even mean to run away, and he was still very surprised by the blood.

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