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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1638: Strong and outrageous Read Novel

Chapter 1638: Strong and outrageous – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1638: Strong and outrageous

“Why are you running?” Yang Kai stood there grimly, raising his brows when he heard that, and asked back.

“Are you not afraid of death? Are you not afraid of my king killing you?” The blood chain showed an expression of interest.

“It’s not always certain who kills who. Senior is too full of words.” Yang Kai laughed.

Xuelian narrowed his eyes, looked at Yang Kai seriously, and nodded slightly: “Although you don’t want to admit it, you human being is much better than the little guys of my demon clan, my demon The clan seems to be in decline now.”

’Senior is absurd.” Yang Kai still looks indifferent, “But seniors don’t have to play mystery, even if you were a demon king tens of thousands of years ago, you can Now that you have regained your home, how much strength can you exert? Be careful not to overturn the boat in the gutter, it will be ugly to die by then.”

The blood test was startled, and immediately laughed, laughing. Billowing like thunder, he seemed to be extremely cheerful, nodding his head and said: “Yes, not bad, even if you know the identity of this king, you don’t have the slightest fear, and you can talk to this king. You human kid is really good, and this king is born. The love of talent, some reluctant to kill you. Well, this king has just seized the home, and has gone through tens of thousands of years of weakness. It is true that he can’t exert much strength, but it is okay to kill you, and you have to die. This king likes the origin of the golden sacred dragon in your body. Give it out obediently, and this king can give you a happy one!”

“Is the power of the golden sacred dragon origin?” “Yang Kai frowned, revealing a faint look, “It turns out that I was in the cave just now, and it was the senior who wanted to attack me, no wonder I felt something wrong.”

“Your perception is sharp enough! “Xuelian coldly snorted,” Stop talking nonsense, behave obediently. This king will not be too cruel to you. If you dare to resist”

“How about resisting?”

“”Yang Kai snorted coldly, the words fell, his figure shook slightly, and he suddenly disappeared in place.

“This is” the cluster of blood-linked brows, revealing a dignified color at the place where Yang Kai disappeared. For a moment, he noticed a strange power spreading out. This power made him feel familiar and unfamiliar. Soon, he remembered and exclaimed, “The power of space!”

The two eyeballs of the blood chain shot out a terrifying blood red light, and the expression was almost distorted.

He did not expect that there is so much in the human body. He covets extremely wealth.

Not to mention that the power of the golden sacred dragon is what any monster clan powerhouse is eager to have, it is said that the power of this partial space is not something ordinary people can cultivate.

As long as he can occupy the body of this human kid, then whether it is the original power of the Golden Sacred Dragon or the power of his cultivation space, he can take it for himself! Although his original demon body also inherits the ancient bloodline and has the bloodline of wild alien species, how can it be compared with the golden sacred dragon, coupled with the spatial power, the blood refining feels that if he can win Yang Kai’s body, then his future cultivation level It may be better than the peak period!

“Okay! It’s a godsend!” Xuelian laughed, blood-red eyes full of greed.

The sound of chuckle suddenly became louder, and a half-moon-shaped spatial crack suddenly appeared five feet in front of the blood chain. The spatial crack was three feet long. Once it took shape, he rushed towards him, and there was nothingness in the crack. The chaotic breath gave people an uncomfortable feeling, as if to banish him into the endless void.

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“Your use of space power has reached this level!” The blood chain yelled, more excited.

Still standing still, there was no movement, and he didn’t even mean to avoid it. The blood chain just stretched out a big hand and shook it forward.

With his grip, the rapidly advancing crescent-shaped space crack suddenly seemed to be restrained by some force. It stopped in the air and could no longer get in.

The blood chain frowned, and the demon element was running frantically, and his mouth burst out: “Bring it to me!”

After drinking, the crescent-shaped space crack was separated by him The empty grip was shattered, and the cut space was twisting and wriggling, repairing itself.


A slight noise came from the soles of the blood refining feet, a gray figure rushed to the top of his head, his hands clenched a dark stick, and slammed toward him. Smash it down.

“What is this?” Xuelian was taken aback. Even with his perception, he didn’t notice the trace of this figure approaching him. He didn’t notice until the opponent broke through the ground.

Staring attentively, the opponent is not actually a body of flesh and blood, but like a human-shaped rock.

Not tall, only the thigh length of ordinary people.

But the pitch-black stick it held in both hands wielded the power that made the blood refining fearful!

If this stick hits, Blood Refining estimates that he will not get any benefit.

His face darkened, and a cold snort in his mouth, the blood chain was suddenly filled with a bloody red mist, covering it as if it were spiritual, suddenly forming a solid defense.

The black stick slammed down.

The cracking sound reminded me of the fact that the defense under the blood-refined cloth could not resist the power of the stick, and it shattered directly, and the black stick slammed down at him unabated.

The blood chain finally changed his face, covered in blood-red scales, cast the body of the flood, and greeted the stick with a fierce punch. On his fist, there was not only a shocking wave of power, but also a strange aura.

The power of the domain!


The blood color and the black light collided, and a dazzling halo suddenly appeared. The blood chain sank and was directly smashed into the ground, and the little figure He also flew out, fell heavily, and quickly stood up again shaking his head, as if nothing had happened.

The sound of a high bird’s song came out, and in the void, a flaming strange bird swaying with a beautiful figure suddenly appeared.

It waved its wings, opened its big mouth, and fireballs filled with terrifying power, sprayed downward, covering the location of the blood chain in an instant.

The roar of blood refining sounded instantly, and the bursting of fireballs one after another, echoing each other!

Yang Kai’s figure appeared again ghostly, with an indifferent expression. He plunged straight down from the sky. The dragon bone sword Di Cui was already in his hand, and Sheng Yuan poured into it, a huge green dragon. Shaking his head and wagging his tail, he appeared, opened his blood basin, and rushed toward the location of the blood chain, as if he was going to swallow him in one bite!

Yang Kai almost used all his strength, and had no intention of keeping his hands.

The opponent’s strength is unfathomable, and he naturally would not regard it as a general virtual mirror.

The huge dragon body of the green dragon hit the ground fiercely, and a wave of swaying motion spread. Yang Kai then ejected hundreds of golden blood threads, like a swarm of demons dancing, cutting it frantically. A piece of space.

“Boy, you are looking for death!” Blood Refining screamed frantically. He didn’t expect that he would suffer such a big loss in Yang Kai’s hands just after seeing the sun again.

He thought that Yang Kai was not much different from the violent gale he had killed before, so he underestimated Yang Kai’s ability.

The power of the domain came out, and the fireball that was smashed crazily couldn’t penetrate into his body. They were blocked and burst into the void. The emerald dragon was also punched and flew out by him. The golden bloodshot ejected by Yang Kai didn’t have much effect, leaving only shallow scars on the surface of his body.

After being seized, the strength of the blood refining is almost unreasonable.

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and stretched out his hand to face a little bit forward. The purple shield was immediately revealed, lying in front of his body.

The next moment, a blood-red giant fist bombarded the shield.

With a bang

Following Yang Kai for many years, the imaginary top-grade defense treasure, which has been repaired and refined by Yang Yan several times, was so shattered that it could no longer help Yang Kai. Up.

The destruction of the purple shield slowed the violent offensive of Xuelian’s punch, and Yang Kai took advantage of it with a punch to meet it.

When the two fists collided, Yang Kai only felt a strong force that he could not resist, and his throat was sweet, and he flew upside down, shooting hundreds of feet away, and he was able to hold it down. Stature.

After standing still, Yang Kai spit out a blood congestion and looked forward intently.

Over there, the dust was gone, the blood chain was spreading out, standing there with a violent aura, his face was hideous and terrifying, and his scarlet eyes were looking straight at Yang Kai from a distance of hundreds of meters.

He seemed to be hit with real fire.

Yang Kai grinned, his heart settled.

Just now he seemed to go all out, but in fact it was just a powerful temptation.

Now that he has the desired result, he is naturally happy.

Blood refining is not invincible!

He is afraid of the Shaking Pillar in the hands of the stone puppet, he is afraid of his own golden bloodshot, he is afraid of the dragonbone sword dripping with green, and he is also afraid of the firebird!

All your own means can cause him harm!

This is enough. Yang Kai is afraid that no matter how hard he tries, the blood refining will be unscathed. If this really happened, he immediately patted his butt and left. Can’t break other people’s defenses, so what else to fight?

When Yang Kaixin’s thoughts turned sharply, the expression of blood refining anger abated a lot, as if he was aware of something, and there was a little jealousy in his eyes.

He finally saw the situation before him. Yang Kai was different from Gale, and it was not an existence he could kill at will.

This kid is a bit outrageous!

With dignified eyes on the firebird, stone puppets, and the emerald dragon, the blood chain suddenly shouted: “Boy, you are really good! I have cultivated the power of space, and this king is not sure to kill. You! That’s all right, you leave this king’s Xu Nian Jing, let’s shake hands and make peace. From now on, the well water will not offend the river!”

“You want Xu Nian Jing?” Yang Kai curled his lips.

“Yes, that is the king’s inner alchemy. This king will never give up.”

“Then you think too much.”Yang Kai chuckled, “Xu Nian Jing entered my hand, it is impossible to return it to you, if you want, you can take it by your own ability.”

“Boy, don’t toast or eat fine wine!” This king thinks that you are a man of creation, and he doesn’t want to bully the small with the big ones. If you are embarrassed here, don’t get the wrong idea.”

“Well, how come I feel that Senior is a little lacking in confidence.” Don’t you want my golden sacred dragon origin power? Kill me, everything is yours, why bother and waste saliva here?”

Read Light Novel MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1638: Strong and outrageous

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Chapter 1638: Strong and outrageous – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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