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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1639: Send you on the road Read Novel

Chapter 1639: Send you on the road – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1639: Send you on the road

Xie Lian’s face darkened: “Boy, you really don’t give any face?”

“How old are you?” Yang Kai smiled contemptuously.

“Well, there are not many who dare to talk to this king like this. The old eagle is one of them. You count one, but you will die here today!” Xue Lian roared, one A blood-red mist suddenly diffused out of his body, enveloping him, and he was no longer visible where he was, only a cloud of blood covered him.

Immediately, the blood cloud flew in at an extremely fast speed, and immediately enveloped Yang Kai.

In the blood mist, there were horrible and astonishing energy fluctuations, and bloody rays entangled towards Yang Kai like living creatures.

At the same time, a mysterious and unusual power surged.

Yang Kai suddenly felt that his actions had become difficult, and the Saint Yuan in his body was slightly suppressed.

The realm!

Yang Kai burst into tears, his own momentum frantically spreading outwards, and the surrounding space collapsed and twisted inch by inch.

But his power was completely suppressed by the realm of blood refining, only less than three inches out of his body, he could no longer extend.

“Close to Dacheng’s potential!” Xuelian yelled in surprise, “The kid really has the arrogant capital. With the cultivation base of the Void Returning two levels, he has condensed his own potential to this level, but you Not enough to see!”

He grinned, and separated from his body a bloody energy full of hostility, transformed into a flood of dragons, and rushed towards Yang Kai in all directions.

This is the condensed evil spirit of the mad crocodile demon king itself. As long as the average warrior is invaded, he will immediately be distraught and go crazy.

Although Yang Kai doesn’t know the mystery, how can he get close?

Hundreds of golden blood lingers around the body, as if there are hundreds of more arms, waving and shuttle.

The pressure brought by the field is greatly reduced!

Golden Blood Silk has the magical effect of breaking power. The domain is an evolutionary body of potential. The Golden Blood Silk also has a little restraint effect on it. Two lines are inconspicuous, and hundreds of lines are used together, and the effect comes out.

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Yang Kai’s momentum instantly spread to a foot outside of him.

With a move of his hand, the emerald dragon turned into a green glow, flew back to his hand, and turned into the form of a dragon bone sword again.

There was a loud dragon chanting sound from within the sword body, Yang Kai held the sword in one hand, Sheng Yuan poured it in and swung it forward fiercely.

The green sword light tore through the space, tearing the blood-red violent breath in half, and slashing towards the blood chain hidden in the blood mist.

The blood chain seemed to dare not be light-hearted, and could only dodge. Before he could react, a burly figure suddenly sprang out from the ground.

Stone puppets!

At this moment, the stone puppet has suddenly become a stone giant, and the sky-shaking pillar on that hand has also become terrifying. It is about five feet long, and the dark giant stick is carrying the potential to destroy the sky and the earth. Taking advantage of the unprepared blood, smashed it down.

Blood refining a terrible horror, how dare to take the attack of Shaking the Tianzhu, his figure shook, he avoided again, and smashed it out at the same time.

The fist had a terrifying power that hit the stone puppet’s chest.

With a bang, the stone puppet stepped back a few steps, and stone chips flew on the solid chest.

The stone puppet was obviously taken aback.

Since its birth, it has never been hurt by anyone. Today is the first time!

Even if only a few stone chips were dropped, it was an injury.

The round eyes of the stone puppet suddenly reflected its cruel brilliance. It stretched out its hand and slammed its chest, and there was a loud sound of booming, and immediately, the stone puppet’s body was filled with A scorching hot force that made people startled.

The scorching breath seemed to burn everything in the world, erupting from the inside.

The body surface of the stone puppet melted suddenly, and the whole body became fiery red!

Yang Kai was stunned. He didn’t know what caused the stone puppet’s trouble. He had never seen such a change in the stone puppet before. In a hurry, he pulled back and avoided the frontal collision with the blood chain. Stone puppets came from the ground.

He didn’t know whether such an event was good or bad for the stone puppet.

Soon, the stone puppet’s body surface has an extra layer of fluid-like existence, like rolling magma, covering its whole body.

At first glance, the stone puppet seems to be wearing a lava armor! On that lava armor, braving the surging heat, even Yang Kai did not dare to approach easily.

“The sun is really hot!” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up.

He felt the power of the sun’s true fire from this lava armor!

In an instant, Yang Kai suddenly realized.

Back then, the stone puppet did swallow the real fire of the sun, but for so many years, the stone puppet has not used this power, and even the master Yang Kai does not know the details of the stone puppet.

But today, the blood-refining punch undoubtedly made the stone puppet angry, and it has fully utilized its strength!

The stone puppet dressed in lava armor suddenly turned into a lava giant. It held the large and unbelievable Shaking Tianzhu in one hand, and clenched it into a fist with the other hand. There was a trace of it on the face that had always been simple and honest. The grinning looks very weird.


The stone puppet stepped forward, rushing into the cloud of blood without fear, swinging a hot and huge fist, and slamming toward the blood.

The strange cry of blood refining sounded, and that thick blood cloud became thinner at a speed visible to the naked eye, as if it had been evaporated by the power of the real fire of the sun.

A dozen punches were swung down, and the figure of the blood chain was exposed again.

His face was pale, and he looked at the lava giant who was constantly approaching him with great trepidation, and his eyes were full of incredible expressions.

Even with his profound knowledge, he doesn’t know what kind of monster the creature in front of him is.

The first time it attacked itself, it was only half a person tall and looked small and exquisite. The second time it attacked itself, it suddenly became tall and mighty. Now, it has turned into a giant made of lava.

The blood chain retreats and then retreats, not dare to collide with the stone puppet head-on.

The firebird took advantage of the situation to bully, and fireballs of all sizes spewed out desperately.

The fireball has not only the scorching heat of flames, but also thunder arcs.

The firebird has also swallowed the real fire of the sun, thus achieving leap-like growth. It has also swallowed the dry sky thunder and fire, letting its own flame merge with the violent thunder and lightning.

Its flames are even more terrifying than stone puppets. What it lacks is the scary power of stone puppets, but it is more agile.

Two great aids, one underground and the other in the sky, joined forces, and the only thing that forced the blood to persecute was the power of parry, and there was no counterattack.

Yang Kai grinned.

Firebirds and stone puppets alone, blood refining is not good, even if he has been a demon king for tens of thousands of years, he can still use a bit of domain power, but after all, his physical body limits him. The display of strength.

If he was in his heyday, he would be able to kill Yang Kai on the spot with just a gesture.

The top cultivation level of the three-layer virtual king is not a joke.

It’s just that now Longyou is in shallow water, and there is no wave at all.

“Get away!” Xue Lian was embarrassed, stretched out, and he couldn’t help but roared out of his heart. He punched the stone puppet, and the huge force pushed the stone puppet back more than ten feet.

The bloody fist was also burnt, filled with a disgusting breath.

At the next moment, he did not stop without stopping, avoiding the crazy attack of the firebirds, and rushed towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai is the key figure in this battle. As long as he kills Yang Kai, the stone puppets and firebirds who listen to his orders will not play a big role. Trying to kill him in one fell swoop, to restore the decline.

The power of the domain once again went up and down, covering Yang Kai, and blood forging fiercely rushed forward.

Yang Kai’s potential came out, antagonizing the realm, but retreating steadily, and was soon suppressed back.

The blood chain is already close, grinning grinningly, and making a sharp roar in his mouth.

The roar was as sharp as a sword, as if hundreds of sharp swords were inserted into the human heart, capable of piercing the soul and fascinating, making Yang Kai’s actions a stop.

“Boy, you’re done!” The blood refining shouted wildly, reaching out to grab Yang Kai.

“Not necessarily?” A weird smile suddenly appeared at the corner of Yang Kai’s mouth, his body shook suddenly, and a low roar came from his throat: “Long Hua!”

Jin Guangda After releasing, pieces of golden scale armor suddenly emerged from Yang Kai’s right arm, covering all his exposed skin.

The golden light on the five fingers is dazzling, and the whole big hand has become hideous and terrifying, as if it had become a dragon’s claw.

The power of the holy dragon spreads.

A trace of fear was instinctively revealed in the blood-linked eyes, and the infinitely ascending aura suddenly fell.

The power of the ancient creatures has the effect of suppressing any monster race, let alone the emperor among the holy spirits!

Whether it is the blood refining flesh body or the spirit of the mad crocodile demon king, they are just wild and alien species, and they can’t be compared with the golden sacred dragon.

Yang Kai put out his right hand, his five fingers gathered together, like a sharp sword, and stab forward fiercely.

There was a slight chuckle.

Xuelian’s body, which looked as solid as golden soup, was directly pierced by Yang Kai’s right hand with a hole, like a piece of tofu, without encountering any resistance at all.

A beating sound came from the chest of the blood chain, and Yang Kailong’s right hand held his heart.

The blood refining paused in place, and the big hand that was grabbing Yang Kai stopped above his head, motionless, his eyes trembled violently.

’Send you on the road!” Yang Kai grinned, and squeezed his right hand, directly crushing the heart of the blood chain.

“Boy, you’re still a little tender!” Before Xue Lian died, he suddenly laughed strangely. As his heart was squeezed, the look in his eyes quickly disappeared.

Yang Kai’s face sank, and he faintly realized that something was wrong. When he was about to withdraw, he saw a blood-red light suddenly flew out from the top of the blood chain, without stopping, he rushed directly towards Own head.

The blood-red light revealed an extremely strange aura, tearing through the defenses of the sea of ​​consciousness, breaking into it.

“It turns out that you made this idea!” Yang Kai suddenly realized that he didn’t dare to neglect, he quickly absorbed his mind, and manifested the spirit body in the sea of ​​consciousness.

In the sea of ​​knowledge, the ocean of fire of divine consciousness rolls and roars.

A strange figure stood in the air, looking at everything around him in shock and surprise.

He found that this place was a little different from what he had imagined!

“If you plan to take away my physical body, then you will probably be disappointed.” Yang Kai looked at the strange figure and sneered.

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