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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1640: All Souls Are Annihilated Read Novel

Chapter 1640: All Souls Are Annihilated – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1640: All Souls Are Annihilated

The Crazy Crocodile Demon King has never regarded the survival of the flesh and blood as the same thing.

He pretended to fight Yang Kai close to death, in order to rush into the sea of ​​consciousness with the spirit body and seize his body at the moment when Yang Kaixin was relaxed.

He almost succeeded!

His spirit body broke into Yang Kai’s sea of ​​consciousness as he wished, and now only has to swallow Yang Kai’s spirit body, he can occupy Yang Kai’s body and enjoy the body. The many magics.

The mad crocodile has this confidence. Although he has been silent for tens of thousands of years, in the passing of the years, his spirit power has continued to weaken, and his soul is almost lost, but the lean camel is bigger than a horse, and his spiritual power It is still not comparable to the general virtual mirror.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t take away the blood-refined body in a very short time.

Blood forging is also an elite in the mirror of returning to virtual.

But when he broke into this sea-scorching sea of ​​knowledge, he faintly felt bad.

“Your divine sense is actually a mutant divine sense!” The crocodile exclaimed.

“Just laughed.” Yang Kai looked at him lightly, and didn’t rush to move his hands. His indifferent tone seemed to be gossiping with a friend.

The crazy crocodile frowned and looked around. Soon, his eyes were attracted by a treasure island emitting colorful rays in the center of the sea of ​​knowledge. In an instant, his eyes were round. With an incredible expression in his eyes, he pointed his finger over there and tremblingly said: “Is this the legendary Wen Shenlian?”

’Senior knows Wen Shenlian?” Yang Kai was surprised.

The mad crocodile’s face sank: “This king has drunk more water than you have traveled. How could this king have never heard of Wen Shenlian, such a treasure of heaven and earth?”

This kid actually has Wen Shenlian! What made him most unbelievable was that this Wen Shenlian turned out to be in colorful form.

With this kind of supreme treasure and warmth in the sea of ​​knowledge, it is no wonder that this kid’s power of divine consciousness is a bit unreasonable, and the sea of ​​knowledge is so solid. Rumor has it that this thing can nourish the martial artist’s soul and strengthen the soul power at all times. After a short period of time, you may not see any effect, but over a long period of time, the effect will be impressive.

Enough to save the warrior of countless years of hard cultivation!

Thousands of years ago, when the mad crocodile was alive, he naturally heard of Wen Shenlian, but unfortunately, I never saw it. I didn’t expect that tens of thousands of years later, when he was taking Yang Kai, he would actually see it with his own eyes. seen.

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I just don’t know if he got this colorful form of Wen Shenlian, it’s like that, or if he evolved his own ideas.

The former is even more likely! The evolution of Wen Shenlian is extremely difficult, how can it evolve to a colorful form casually?

The kid’s luck is too bad! The mad crocodile was filled with emotion.

He can become the demon king. Naturally, he has no talent and blood, and he has repeatedly obtained adventures. Only by working hard can he have the status and strength of the year. However, the opportunities he has obtained are compared with Yang Kai. It’s just a pile of rubbish.

He looked at the colorful island greedily, took a deep breath, as if to calm his excitement, turned his head, looked at Yang Kai solemnly, and said: “Boy, this king I really underestimated you. It seems that there will be a bitter battle next, but I don’t know if you die or I die!”

The power of the other party’s soul is not below the current self, and Wen Shenlian will help. The Crazy Crocodile Demon King hadn’t completely swallowed Yang Kai’s soul spirit body with complete certainty.

He treats the opponent as an opponent who can face him head-on.

“I think the latter one might be bigger.” Hearing that, Yang Kai smiled, his face was calm and calm, and he didn’t mean to put the Crazy Crocodile Demon King in his eyes at all.

“Boy, you are too crazy, it’s time to take a lesson, lest you underestimate the heroes of the world.”

“Don’t believe me? “Yang Kai tilted his head and looked at him with a sneer smile, “Forget it, I won’t talk nonsense with you, I will kill you sooner and finish it sooner.”

While talking, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and pointed to the sky.

The crocodile didn’t know what Yang Kai was going to do, so he looked up suspiciously.

A weird one. The extremely elliptical thing imprinted in the eyes, and there was a gap in the middle of the thing. At first glance, it looked like a closed eye, which seemed mysterious and unpredictable.

And accompanied by it. With Yang Kai’s finger, the gap slowly split open.

Immediately, a little golden light burst out from it.

The golden light became more and more prosperous, and finally formed a beam of light from high above the sky. It shone down and enveloped the spirit body of the Demon King Crazy Crocodile.

The golden light seemed to be mixed with colorful glow!

A magical power was wrapped around it. The spirit body of the Demon King Crazy Crocodile made him feel unable to move, as if he was bound by this golden light.

“What is this? “The mad crocodile screamed in horror.

As soon as you were irradiated by the golden light, he noticed something was wrong. His soul power seemed to be exposed to the scorching sun, quickly evaporating and dissolving. This discovery made him shocked. Desperately resisted.

The golden light is a bit slack, and the colorful rays of light hidden in the golden light seem to be some signs that the crocodile demon king cannot be restrained.

Yang Kai raised his brows, revealing an unexpected look.

The Demon Eye of the World Devil is the innate supernatural power of the Great Demon God. It can produce the golden light of the Demon God. It has an extremely powerful effect on the soul. Yang Kai has used it countless times and has tried repeatedly.

Although the Great Demon God is only a Saint King Realm until his death, his talent and supernatural powers are now owned by Yang Kai, and the power of Soul Destroying Golden Light is also improving with Yang Kai’s strength.

What’s more, the current golden light of Soul Extinguishment is still mixed with the power of the glazed divine light.

The glazed glazed light has the effect of restraining the body and restraining the soul, and it is combined with the soul-killing golden light, which is more powerful than before.

Even so, it is impossible to kill the Crazy Crocodile Demon King in one fell swoop, showing how pure and powerful his spirit power is.

But this is also understandable. After all, the mad crocodile is a powerhouse at the level of the Demon King. If it is so easy to be killed, it would be unreasonable.

Yang Kai smiled grimly, and didn’t make any movement, just a thought, the tumbling roar, the flame-burning sea water rushed from all directions, turned into huge waves, and rushed towards the mad crocodile. The spirit body of the demon king.

In an instant, the place where the mad crocodile was located was enveloped by the fiery divine energy.

“No!” The scream of the mad crocodile sounded, and in the sea of ​​fire, he struggled to resist, and a series of powerful spirit skills erupted, shooting in all directions.

“Crazy crocodile, here, I am the master! Do you dare to come here, just dig your own grave!” Yang Kai screamed, urging his own spirit power more fiercely, and exerting pressure on the crocodile.

The three-pronged approach of extinguishing the golden light of the soul, the divine light of glazed glass, and the fire of divine consciousness, suddenly turned the world upside down.

The screams and roars of the mad crocodile are endless, it sounds terrible, but no matter how hard he struggles to resist, he still can’t escape the golden light. Under the golden light, his spirit power dissolves at an extremely terrifying speed. The breath is getting weaker and weaker.

With the passage of time, his voice gradually weakened, and his resistance became weaker.

Finally, he didn’t respond. After Yang Kai waved his hand to calm the tumbling consciousness and revoked the power of the Demon Eye, only a group of spirit energy remained in the sky above the consciousness, the mad crocodile. Already fascinated!

Looking at the cloud of energy, Yang Kai’s eyes were burning.

This is what was left over after the mad crocodile was strangled. The bread contained his understanding of heaven and martial arts, and his insight into the realm!

This is the experience of a three-layer virtual king who has practiced his life!

The value is immeasurable.

If this mass of energy can be absorbed cleanly, Yang Kai estimates that he should be able to grow tremendously, which is very likely to save himself many years of cultivation.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t wait to escape the spirit body from the sea of ​​knowledge, turned his head and looked around, came to the dead blood chain and other rookies of the demon race, and took out their inner alchemy and space ring. A ball of magic flame was shot, their bodies burned clean, turned around, and rushed into the cave again.

Blood Refining, Sweeping Sky, and Gale are all extremely famous and powerful masters of Void Returning Mirror on Emperor Chen Star. It can be said that they basically represent the highest combat power of Void Returning Mirror.

The value of their inner alchemy is naturally extremely high.

Yang Kai didn’t use their corpses to condense the blood beasts. Now he has enough methods against the enemy, and the blood beast matter is not in a hurry.

Three inner alchemies equivalent to the 9th-level peak monster beasts, if used properly, as an alchemy, you can definitely refine three virtual king-level spirit pills!

He decided to use these three inner alchemy for refining medicine, and this level of inner alchemy is rare.

In the cave, Yang Kai sits cross-legged, savoring the essence of the pure energy, his face is sometimes exhilarated and joyful, sometimes in shock and change.

A hundred miles away from the blood prison, in the stone pavilion.

Luo Hai closed his eyes tightly, motionless.

But his spiritual thoughts wandered in the void, covering the entire blood hell.

Although he couldn’t perceive it too clearly, he could still perceive some general things.

Now all his spiritual thoughts have been put on Demon Mountain.

It seems that he has discovered something. Since half an hour ago, his body has been trembling slightly, and the stormy waves are surging deep in his heart.

Because of the request of the old woman surnamed Lei and others, he has been following Yang Kai’s movements.

When Yang Kai entered Demon Mountain, he noticed it, and he also noticed the changes in Demon Mountain.

The aura of the virtual thought crystal hidden in the demon mountain disappeared, and he also noticed it.

The Xu Nian Jing has been stored there for tens of thousands of years, and has been in peace. As soon as Yang Kai entered the Demon Mountain, something happened. What could this explain? Luo Hai understood the truth of the matter almost immediately.

Xu Nian Jing was taken away by Yang Kai!

That was the baby that made Luo Hai jealous and coveted. He concealed the deep excitement in his heart, and he didn’t show any signs of it on the surface, so as not to let people see the flaws, he was already thinking about it.

He will never let go of the imaginary crystals left by a powerhouse of the Demon King level after his death. That is the key to his promotion to the third level of the imaginary king, maybe he can use it Xu Nianjing broke through the shackles in one fell swoop and achieved the highest peak.

There were not only the Demon King, but the three-tier strongest of the Void King who fell in the blood prison that year, but there were as many as three people, but the Void Mind Crystals of the other two were taken away long ago. Only that Demon King’s Void Thought Crystal is quite tricky and no one can get it.

The strong demon energy shrouded in the Demon Mountain makes any Human Return to Void Mirror dare not easily break into it.

This time someone finally succeeded. How could Luo Hai let it go?

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