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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1648: Things are not good Read Novel

Chapter 1648: Things are not good – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1648: Things are not good

Lao Jiu was obviously showing good intentions. He was anxious that Yang Kai would ask him to borrow some sacred crystals. As long as Yang Kai accepts his favor, he will be able to say anything later. After all, cannibalism is the shortest, and it is soft.

“There are also many holy crystals in this palace.” Li Wanning pursed her lips and smiled.

Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, and he ignored them. He couldn’t tell what these people were thinking.

At this time, if they really borrowed their holy crystals, the favor would be great. This matter is related to Qian Tong’s promotion and the key to whether he can break through to the Void King Realm.

“How many holy crystals do you have?” Yang Kai turned his head and looked at Yang Xiuzhu and the others.

Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi and others looked at each other, each took out their own holy crystals and gave them to Yang Kai.

“That’s it.” Yang Kai swept across his mind, roughly counted, frowning.

The total number of holy crystals of several people is only about 5 million.

This number is not small, after all, it can meet everyone’s training needs, and when leaving the Gloom Star, the holy crystals dispatched from the sect are basically kept by Yang Kai.

And those holy crystals were already on the Tongxuan Continent, and the little elder sister used them when refining the origin of the stars.

Yang Kai doesn’t have many holy crystals!

He couldn’t help but was a little bit troubled, and quickly rummaged in his space ring.

He found the storage belonging to the Heaven, Blood Refining, Gale and others, and put their holy crystals together, but they can only add up to tens of millions!

They came to the Blood Prison to test, and whoever is fine will carry so many holy crystals on their bodies.

“If it is not enough, if it is not enough, I will lend you some.” Seeing Yang Kai’s expression on his face, Xu Binbai took the initiative to speak.

“How embarrassing it is.” Yang Kai chuckled. He didn’t expect that one day he would be worried about Saint Crystal. In the past, he spent Saint Crystal without counting the purpose and squandering at will.

“What’s the matter, Saint Crystal is just something outside of the body.” Xu Binbai grinned, “But I don’t have much, only 20 million.”

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“It should be enough.” Yang Kai nodded: “Thank you brother Xu first.”

“You are welcome, maybe someday, Xu will also ask to go to Brother Yang’s place. Please don’t refuse Brother Yang at that time.” Xu Bin Bai smiled and handed a space ring to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai took it and nodded at him: “Brother Xu’s kindness to Yang took it down. There will be a day when I really need me to do something, just speak up.”

“I hope you and me There is still the day of meeting.” Xu Binbai smiled slightly.

There are more than 30 million holy crystals in total. There are many such numbers, but they are definitely not many.

But it should be enough for Qiantong to break through. The aura of heaven and earth on this wasteland is only slightly thinner, not really barren.

Seeing that Yang Kai would rather ask Xu Bin to borrow the sacred crystal than to ask himself and others, many of the virtual king realm powerhouses looked at each other and shook their heads slowly, helpless.

Yang Kai knows what they think, why don’t they know what Yang Kai thinks?

I didn’t say much, Jiu Lao just kindly reminded: “Boy, if you want to send the holy crystal in, you have to go back quickly. The horror of being promoted to the Void King Realm, isn’t it? As you can imagine, staying inside for a long time, even you will be affected.”

“Thank you, senior for reminding!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, took a deep breath, his figure swayed slightly, and suddenly he was in the original position. The ground disappeared.

At the next moment, the whole person has turned into an electric light, rushing straight under the dark cloud.

Everyone was watching his movements straight, their eyes immovable.

Countless large and small tornadoes swept across the ground. Yang Kai’s figure was erratic, and he went back and forth in it, approaching over there at an extremely fast speed.

Qian Tong’s potential field permeating his body became the biggest obstacle to his advancement.

Dacheng’s potential field is almost as powerful as the domain field. Fortunately, Yang Kai has a lot of experience of breaking into the domain vortex in the blood prison. This difficulty can’t stop him and integrate his own potential into it. Yang Kai didn’t receive much resistance, he moved quickly and quickly.

Even Qiantong did not cause interference.

“This kid really has a hand!” Old Jiu’s eyes beamed.

“He actually merged his own potential field into someone else’s potential field. It seems that his understanding of potential has far surpassed a lot of the three-level return to the Void!”

“Give him some time, he can definitely be promoted to the level of the Void King Realm!”

With less than ten breaths of effort, Yang Kai has rushed to Qian Tong not far away.

Qian Tong was sitting cross-legged on the spot. Yang Kai’s arrival made him open his eyes as if he felt it was Yang Kai. After seeing that it was Yang Kai, he closed his eyelids again, motionless, as firm as a rock.

Yang Kai did not dare to delay, his spirit burst out, he took out all the holy crystals he had gathered from the space ring and piled them around Qiantong, enclosing him in three and three layers, almost Water can’t get through.

“Elder Qian, this is for you, maybe I can help you at the critical moment.” Yang Kai suddenly threw out another jade bottle and landed firmly in front of Qian Tong.

After all this, he rushed back non-stop.

After a while, Yang Kai returned to the original place.

As soon as I stood firm, there was a sudden shock of energy fluctuations over there.

A white beam of light suddenly rose up into the sky, straight into the nine heavens. With the birth of the beam, the 30 million sacred crystals dropped by Yang Kai burst into dazzling light. What kind of traction, the internal energy vented out, gathered together, and poured into the dark clouds in the sky with the beam of light.

The dark clouds became thicker and denser.

There was a humming thunder sound inside, which shocked people.


A thunderbolt, deafening, a power of heaven and earth like a dragon, pounced from the sky, and hit Qian Tong without warning, poured into his body, for him Wash the sutras and cut the marrow.

“It’s started!” Luo Hai yelled, staring deep at that side.

Qiantong’s breakthrough has finally begun!

A kind of magical artistic conception, which diffuses with the beginning of promotion, makes all the warriors in this place involuntarily show a thoughtful color. Everyone tries their best to taste this artistic conception, in the hope Benefit from it.

This is the artistic conception when the virtual king is promoted. It is also the scene when the virtual king is promoted. Observing it is definitely beneficial to your own growth.

The first power of heaven and earth smashed down, and the whole earth trembled violently. Within a radius of thousands of miles, violent noises shuttled through the ground, dust flew up, and the air was chaotic, which made people involuntarily produce a kind of Not the heavens, the earth is not the terrible feeling of the earth.

This kind of power makes most of the virtual mirrors look as earthy.

They put themselves in place and thought for a while, and felt that with their current strength, I am afraid they could not be resisted, just one face-to-face, it will be wiped out!

The breakthrough of the Void King Realm is so terrifying?

Some people’s confidence has been hit, but there are others who are shining brightly in their eyes, full of longing for the future and strength.

Those who are strong in the virtual king realm seem to be in Qiantong, but their minds are paying attention to the reaction of these warriors and identifying talents that can be made.

The second power of heaven and earth slashed, followed by the third, and the fourth

like a gust of wind and rain, almost without stopping.

Qian Tong’s low growl like a beast came from there, and anyone could imagine how much pressure he was under.

His own potential field was frantically ups and downs, the large and small tornadoes began to circulate around him, and the wonder of the potential was gradually sublimating and changing.

Time slowly passed, Yang Kai and others showed nervousness on their faces.

From Qian Tong’s roar, Yang Kai can deduce some information. The pressure on Elder Qian seems to be getting heavier. He was baptized by the countless powers of heaven and earth, and his breath became weaker and weaker. Life is getting bleak.

It seems that it is a canoe driving on a rough sea in the stormy rain. Qian Tong is in danger of annihilation at any time.

“The situation is not good!” Hao Lao looked worried.

“Yes, the baptism of the power of heaven and earth that this person bears seems to be much stronger than I was then.” Li Wanning also frowned.

“The stronger the baptism he bears, the higher the achievement this person can achieve in the future. The baptism power of each Void King Realm is different when he is promoted. The soul flies away.” Luo Hai sighed softly, “From ancient times to the present, how many geniuses have fallen at the threshold of promotion. The promotion of the first few great realms of martial arts is nothing, but since the Holy King realm broke through the virtual mirror, the real realm is not just casual. Breaking through, it’s fighting for your life!”

Everyone nodded and said yes.

They are all people who come here, how can they not know the truth?

Luo Hai is right. Since the Holy King Realm broke through the Void Returning Mirror, the warriors have been fighting against the sky for their lives. The breakthrough of the great realm, the only outcome of failure is death!

There is no other possibility!

Once the power of heaven and earth is attracted, it will be reborn under that crazy baptism, or people will die.

Jiu Lao glanced at Yang Kai, pondered for a long time, and then said: “Boy, you have to be mentally prepared, the current situation is not optimistic.”

Yang Kai turned his head and looked. He glanced at him and smiled: “Elder Qian will succeed.”

Old Jiu shook his head: ’Sometimes I think it may not be possible. The old man also hopes that this person can succeed, but”

He didn’t go on, obviously some are not optimistic about Qiantong’s prospects.

Yang Xiuzhu and others suddenly became nervous.

The five of them followed Yang Kai to leave the Dark Star and came to Cuiwei Star. It coincided with the once-in-a-millennium trial of blood hell. Qian Tongfu has a profound source of wealth, and now they have the qualification and opportunity to touch the Void King Realm, No one wants to see him fail like this.

If he succeeds, Qian Tong will become the first Void King Realm powerhouse in Gloom Star for tens of thousands of years.

Even though they were promoted in other cultivation stars, this was enough to allow Yang Xiuzhu and others to see a bright future.

The power of heaven and earth continued to fall, constantly bombarding Qian Tong’s body, and the roaring sound over there became weaker and weaker, and the vitality and breath were more like candlelight in the wind and rain, swaying with the wind

“Hey, it looks like it won’t be done.” The old woman surnamed Lei suddenly shook her head, a trace of regret appeared on her face.

“Yeah, it’s a pity, I’ve already reached this point.” Jiu Lao nodded in agreement.

Under their perception, Qian Tong’s vitality has been dimmed, and that breath has fallen to the lowest valley. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is getting worse.

If nothing happens, this person will undoubtedly die!

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Chapter 1648: Things are not good – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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