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Chapter 1649: Succeeded – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1649: Succeeded

Promoting to the Void King Realm is not only based on strength, sometimes it is also closely related to luck.

Qian Tong’s luck is obviously not very good.

Although his strength exceeds the general Void Return three-level realm by a large margin, he has also gained a lot in the blood prison, but the baptism of heaven and earth power he encountered when he was promoted was also unreasonable.

He can sustain him so far, which is already strong enough.

It is impossible to hold on to the last moment. The dark clouds in the sky only disappeared in half, which means that the baptism of Heaven and Earth Power only progressed to half of his baptism.

No one is optimistic about him! Even Luo Hai looked back regretfully, not anymore.

Although Yang Kai said lightly before, he secretly sweated for Elder Qian.

He has never encountered such a scene before, so he has no way of judging.

However, he has confidence in Qiantong, and confidence in the thing he gave Qiantong!

Ordinary people can’t appreciate the desire of the Dark Star warriors for this level of the Void King Realm. Under the suppression and restriction of the laws of heaven and earth, no one has been able to rise to the level of the Void King Realm for tens of thousands of years. The more so, the more warriors on the dark star yearn for this supreme realm.

Only talking about the heart of Taoism, Qiantong will not lose to anyone.


Another terrifying power of heaven and earth washed down and poured into Qian Tong’s body, washing his mantras and marrow while destroying his body.

In that chaotic energy center, Qian Tong’s not strong vitality is in danger of being annihilated!

Lin Yulao screamed, her face changed color, she couldn’t help covering her small mouth with her hand.

Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi Mo Yu and the others also changed their faces!

“It won’t be made, it won’t be made! This time it really won’t be made.” Old Ji shook his head, feeling sorry for a while, “This popularity is unlucky, otherwise it is very possible to become a virtual king. Hmm? What’s the matter?”

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Jiu Lao suddenly widened his eyes and looked straight ahead, as if he had found something extraordinary.

The other virtual king realms also showed their surprised expressions, and they all yelled.

“No way? Why is this person’s energy and blood rising crazily?”

“Does he take any heaven-defying spirit pills? What spirit pills can have such a miraculous effect?”

“Bullshit, how can there be any kind of pill that can make a person who has died like this alive? The virtual king-level pill will not work!”

“It’s strange, this person eats What’s the matter?”

Many Void Kings are at a loss, wondering why Qian Tong’s vitality that was about to annihilate will be like a dead tree in spring, blooming with amazing brilliance.

The strong energy of blood, even if it is disturbed by the violent energy of promotion, can make people feel clearly.

In the distance, Qian Tong’s laughter was heard. His figure is straight as a sword, standing proudly on the earth, looking up at the sky, and vigorously: “The old man hasn’t lived enough yet, how can he You die in a foreign land! Heaven thief, what do you have to do, just use it!”

The face of Jiu Lao and others twitched, and their eyes showed shock.

This person dared to challenge the power of heaven and earth when he was promoted. Throughout the ages, there has never been such a person.

Don’t he know that the power of heaven and earth caused by his promotion at this level is spiritual?

So provocative, this is simply digging your own grave!

Sure enough, as soon as Qian Tong’s voice fell, the huge black cloud in the sky suddenly spun around, and there were waves of humming thunder in the cloud, shaking people’s souls.

In the blink of an eye, a huge whirlpool appeared on Qian Tong’s head.

Immediately afterwards, a thick beam of energy was projected into the vortex, directly hitting Qian Tong!

Qian Tong’s howls and low growls sounded again, and the boiling vitality was consumed at a very fast speed.

“This old fellow!” Dodo smashed his lips, not knowing what to say.

Luo Hai’s eyes were full of brilliance, staring deep there, his expression moved.

The power of heaven and earth seems to be pouring down, and as the beam of light shoots, the dark clouds in the sky also become smaller and thinner at a speed visible to the naked eye.

With less than ten breaths of time before and after, the sky suddenly opened up, the terrifying power of heaven and earth disappeared, and the looting energy disappeared in this instant.

In the distance, only Qian Tong’s figure stood upright, motionless!

I don’t know whether it is life or death.

But there is a wonderful artistic conception with him as the center, and it suddenly spread out, spreading straight out of a hundred miles, and then gradually dissipated.

Immediately afterwards, the mood was reclaimed leisurely, rushing towards Qian Tong’s body together.

Something seems to have changed.

Many those who are strong in the illusion mirror furrow their brows, and they can’t see through the mystery, but those in the Void King Realm all raised their brows, showing surprise The color.

’Squeezing his own potential into a realm, this man actually succeeded!” The old woman surnamed Lei whispered.

Yang Kai, who had been in these Void King Realm all the time, heard the words and laughed.

He couldn’t see the clues from the scene of Qian Tong’s promotion. He could only start from these virtual kings. Now, hearing the words of the old woman surnamed Lei, he immediately relieved.

Qian Tong is now a real virtual king realm powerhouse!

Compared with Luo Hai and other veteran Void King Realm powerhouses, he is still a little immature. After all, the perfection of the domain cannot be achieved in a day or two.

Among the strongest of the Void King Realm here, the worst one was also promoted five hundred years ago, with five hundred years of experience in tempering his own field.

In other words, if you are alone, Qian Tong may not be able to withstand three breaths of effort in front of them!

Thinking about it, Yang Kai flew high into the sky, clasped his fists and said loudly: “Everyone, although Elder Qian has now been promoted to the Void King Realm, it takes some time to stabilize my mind. I hope you don’t stay here for a long time. If you offend, please Haihan!”

Many warriors looked at each other, knowing that Yang Kai was going to drive people out.

Without the previous disdain and ignorance, the mirrors turned around and left very sensibly. A few people even clasped their fists at Yang Kaiyao and said something about the scene.

Before they dismissed it, it was because of the large number of people, but now, Qiantong has become a virtual king, and if they go to provoke them, don’t they want to kill themselves?

No one dares to do this.

“Several seniors, you” Yang Kai looked at the Void King Stages again, showing inquiries.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to chase people, the old man is going by yourself!” Jiu snorted, “but when that friend wakes up, you tell him that the old man and others are here. Waiting for him in the nearby city, he just broke through, there must be a lot of things he doesn’t understand. If you have anything to ask, you can come and wait for me. I won’t be stingy.”

“Yes. If we can tell him, we will tell him.” The old woman surnamed Lei also nodded in agreement.

“That kid thanked a few seniors on behalf of Elder Qian.” Yang Kai respectfully nodded.

The Void King Realm glanced at each other, and disappeared from where they were.

Yang Kai clearly saw that Luo Hai glanced at himself intentionally or unintentionally before leaving.

It’s really not suitable to stay here for long!

“Brother Yang, I also leave, I hope that one day you and I will have the chance to see you again.” Xu Binbai hugged Yang Kai with a fist.

“Brother Xu, take care!” Yang Kai nodded. Although he thought Xu Binbai was a very good person and worthy of making friends, it was not the time to make friends, so he didn’t keep him.

Soon, only Yang Kai and his party were left in the noisy wasteland.

Zhao Tianze didn’t leave either. At this moment, he was looking at Qian Tong in the distance with envy, secretly worrying that he didn’t have this ability and understanding. He and Qian Tong entered the Blood Prison together, and experienced it together, but Qian Tong succeeded. On the contrary, he just felt that he was greatly improved in his attainments, and he was far away from being promoted to the Void King Realm.

“City Lord Zhao.” Yang Kai walked to Zhao Tianze and shouted.

’Sect Master Yang, what is your order?” Zhao Tianze asked.

“I don’t dare to be told, but we’re probably leaving soon.”

“Go? “Zhao Tianze was stunned, “Where to go?”

“Back to the Gloom Star! “Yang Kai whispered.

“Why are you leaving? “Zhao Tianze looked puzzled, even Yang Xiuzhu and the others stared at Yang Kai in amazement, not knowing why he said that, “The seniors didn’t invite Elder Qian to come to them, why”

said. As he said, Zhao Tianze frowned, as if he was aware of something.

Yang Kai couldn’t tell the truth, but said: “Elder Qian will definitely not join them. If he doesn’t join, why bother Go find them. Before the kid refused their wooing, although they didn’t say anything, they were always a little uncomfortable in their hearts. Now if Elder Qian refuses again, it is hard to guarantee that they will not turn their faces.”

“Not so much. “A cold sweat broke out on Zhao Tianze’s forehead.

Although I feel that those Void Kings are not so stingy, Yang Kai also has some truth in what he said. This kind of thing has to be guarded.

“I’m always afraid of it. In case, I want to leave Cuiweixing immediately when Elder Qian wakes up!”

Zhao Tianze nodded slightly, and sighed: “That’s a pity, Zhao also wants to ask Sect Master Yang to go to my Green Water City to rest for a few days.”

“There will be opportunities in the future. “Yang Kai laughed, “Now the kid has something to trouble City Lord Zhao.”

“Sect Master Yang said, Zhao will definitely live up to his trust. “Zhao Tianze said in a deep voice. In the blood prison, Yang Kai ignored the predecessors and asked him to return to Yushi Mountain to learn about the mystery. Later, he saved his life intentionally or unconsciously. Zhao Tianze naturally knew his favor. “Can you ask City Lord Zhao to go back to Green Water City and bring Qianyue to me?”

“Miss Qianyue?”

Zhao Tianze is naturally no stranger to Qianyue. When Yang Kai left Cuiwei Xing, Qian Tong and other members of the Void Returning Third Stage stayed behind. Qianyue also stayed, wanting to explore Su Yan and Bing. The whereabouts of the main Qingya and others.

Now that Yang Kai is leaving, naturally she can’t be forgotten.

“This is okay. Zhao will set off now. The length is six or seven. Day, as short as two or three days, Zhao will definitely bring Miss Qianyue here! “Zhao Tianze promised. After finishing speaking, he said goodbye to Yang Xiuzhu and others, and left like a dash.

“Sect Master, why are you so nervous? “Yang Xiuzhu looked at Yang Kai a little puzzled. He could feel that Yang Kai was wary of some things, but he didn’t know why he was like this.

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