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Chapter 1650: Stopped – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1650: Stopped

“If it’s just those people’s wooing, you don’t have to worry about the suzerain. If you like this kind of thing, even if they feel uncomfortable, they can’t do anything for their own reputation. The evil is coming.”

“It’s not just this.” Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t worry about the draw, I am worried about something else.”

“What?” Lin Yuluo Asked.

“I’m afraid that someone is watching.” Yang Kai’s mouth twitched.

There are various signs that Luo Hai, the lord of Cuiwei Star, has some understanding of his affairs in the blood prison. It is about Xu Nianjing, and Yang Kai dare not careless.

If the Xu Nian Jing is still in his hands, it’s okay to say, the big deal is to give the Xu Nian Jing to Luo Hai to keep everyone safe, but now the Xu Nian Jing is not in Yang Kai’s hands at all, he has already Give it to Yu Xiong.

Losing such a bargaining chip, how dare he stay here for a long time?

If it is not for Qiantong, it will take some time, Yang Kai wants to leave now.

Yang Kai didn’t say too much detail, but from his tone and expression, Yang Xiuzhu and others infer that the matter was a bit serious, so they didn’t ask more, just followed Yang Kai’s choice.

Qian Tong is still standing in the distance, motionless, he should be comprehending something.

Yang Xiuzhu and others had nothing to do, and then they sat cross-legged to digest the gains of this bloody prison trip.

Although they were not promoted to the Void King Realm like Qian Tong, it does not mean that they have nothing to gain. On the contrary, everyone has a huge gain. As long as there are enough opportunities in the future, there may not be a chance to become a Void King. The environment launched a charge.

Yang Kai’s expression changed, and various thoughts flashed through his mind, imagining all kinds of things that might happen and the means of coping.

Time passed slowly, and three days later, Zhao Tianze brought Qianyue back.

After seeing Yang Kai, Qianyue was naturally extremely happy, but when she remembered that she had been searching for clues on Cuiwei Star for several years, but had found nothing about the whereabouts of Su Yan and others, Qianyue couldn’t help but feel sad.

Zhao Tianze didn’t stay long. After sending Qianyue here, he hurried back to Green Water City.

This time the Blood Prison was opened. He entered the Blood Prison together with the deputy city lord of Green Water City, but unfortunately the deputy city lord who also reached the Void Rebirth Level 3 fell into the blood hell, unable to do so. Come out alive.

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It really hurts him.

He needs to return to Green Water City to re-select a deputy city lord.

The time flickered, and another five days later, Qian Tong’s laughter sounded leisurely, and everyone who was waiting was shocked and looked up in the direction where Qian Tong was.

With a flower in front of him, Qian Tong has appeared in front of everyone with a smile on his face.

“Congratulations to Elder Qian.”Yang Xiuzhu clasped his fists in congratulations.

“Elder Qian was promoted to the Void King Realm. This is a grand event that my Gloom Star has not seen for tens of thousands of years. The Hall of Shadow Moon must be very happy, all the warriors and glory of my Gloom Star Yan. “Mo Yu haha ​​smiled.

’Several people are serious. “Qian Tong shook his head, “This time Qian had escaped from the dead. If it hadn’t been for Yang Kai, I would have fallen a long time ago, and how could I be promoted.”

Speaking like this, he looked at Yang Kai sternly: “Yang Kai, the old man owes you another favor!”

If it hadn’t been for the things in the jade bottle that Yang Kai gave him at the time to wake up and strengthen his vitality and repair his injuries, how could he persist until the end?

Qian Tong knew. The thing that Yang Kai gave him was the life jelly! He and Fei Zhitu used it once.

It was juxtaposed with the soul-washing water, the immortal original liquid, and it was known as one of the three great waters in the star field. Every drop is precious.

The bottle that Yang Kai gave him is at least about 20 drops.

It can be said that Yang Kai has the greatest credit for his promotion.

“Elder Qian is polite. “Yang Kai chuckled, “Well, this is not a place to talk, it’s important that we leave quickly.”

“Leave now? “Qian Tong raised his brows.

“Leave now!”

“Good!” Qian Tong didn’t say much, still looking forward to Yang Kaima.

“There are too many people to move, you guys come in first!” Yang Kai said as he sacrificed the Profound Realm Orb.

Several people know what he is going to do, naturally cooperate, relax their minds, and don’t resist.

Yang Kai threw the Profound Realm Orb to everyone, the light flashed, everyone disappeared in place, and they were all taken into the Profound Realm Orb.

“I don’t have to go in, right.” Qian Tong smiled slightly, “I just broke through, I want to feel more about the laws of heaven and earth here.”

Hearing what he said, Yang Kai didn’t want to Reluctantly, he nodded and said: “It’s okay, but if you really encounter any danger”

“The old man is now in the Void King Realm, what kind of danger can he encounter?” Qian Tong laughed, but it was I didn’t care much.

A trace of sadness appeared between Yang Kai’s eyebrows, and he didn’t explain much. He greeted Qian Tong and sacrificed the Star Shuttle with him and galloped away towards the stars.

This is still Cuiweixing. Yang Kai didn’t dare to let the battleship out casually. Once the Xuwang-class battleship appeared, he would immediately alarm Luo Hai.

The speed of the two is extremely fast, which is different from Yang Kai’s worry. Qian Tong is now full of energy, and seems to feel that everything is different from what he sees. While flying, he looks around, sometimes showing thoughtfulness. Look.

At the moment when the two left, a city thousands of miles away from here, in the city lord’s mansion, Jiulao and other powerful people in the virtual king realm were talking, or chatting about strange things, or exchanging practice experience.

They will be here because they have to wait for money to pass!

Qian Tong is a newly promoted virtual king realm. They think that the other party will definitely come to find themselves and others. After all, after every virtual king breaks through, there must be a lot of things they don’t understand. Some people are willing to answer, naturally Will not miss this opportunity.

They didn’t expect Yang Meeting to be so decisive, and they would leave Cuiwei Star directly.

Luo Haiduan sat in the first place, occasionally he would say a few words wherever he was excited, every time he made the old man Jiu and the others a look of enlightenment and admiration.

Lookingly, Luo Hai frowned, revealing a look of surprise.

“Lord Luo Hai, what’s the matter?” The old woman surnamed Lei looked at him puzzledly.

’Suddenly there is something to deal with in this seat, let’s go ahead!” Luo Hai said, his figure suddenly faded in place, and then disappeared. No one knows how he left.

“Brother Luo Hai, what are you going to do?” Old Jiu and the others looked at each other, all at a loss.

“Looking at his expression, it seems that something major has happened. Did something happen in his palace?”

“Not so, Brother Luo Hai is the lord of Cuiwei Star, who Dare to be presumptuous in his palace!”

“That’s right, hehe, it seems that I think too much, but why the newly promoted Void King Realm hasn’t come yet? I’m waiting here. It’s been a few days, shouldn’t he run away?”

“What did he run? We have no malice against him, and we can teach him some experience in vain. Such a good thing, as long as he is not stupid. Will not fail to come.”

“Wait then.”

The sky above Cuiwei, the land of one hundred thousand meters, Yang Kai and Qian Tong The two of them drove side by side and flew outwards like a whirlwind, trying to escape from Cuiweixing’s control.

Suddenly, Qian Tong frowned and shouted: “Yang Kai!”

“What did you sense?” Yang Kai turned to look at him.

“I have the feeling of being stared at!” Qian Tong frowned, his spiritual thoughts spread out like a tide, but he didn’t notice it, which made him puzzled.

He just broke through. It was when he was proud of his life that he suddenly felt this way, and he was naturally unhappy.

“Quan Dang doesn’t know!” Yang Kai passed through the voice of Shen Nian.

“Yang Kai, do you know something?” Qian Tong also responded with thoughtful thoughts.

’Some guesses!” Yang Kai looked ugly, “If you didn’t guess wrong, it is Cuiwei Star Master Luo Hai who is staring at us!”

“It’s him!” Qian Tong’s expression was on his face. A big change, “What is he looking at us for?”

“He is looking at me!” Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “He thought I had what he needed.”

“What to do then?” Qian Tong asked in surprise.

Being stared at by such a strong man, even Qian Tong was panicked. He is right now in the Void King Realm, but he has just been promoted after all, and what about Luo Hai? He is a strong person in the two-level virtual king, and even the master of the star of Cuiwei.

Qian Tong has no doubt. On Cuiwei Star, if the other party wants to take his own life, he only needs one thought.

“Quickly leave this ghost place, as long as you get rid of the constraints of the Cuiwei Star Heaven and Earth Law, Luo Hai is nothing but a two-tier virtual king! Maybe we still have a ray of life.” Yang Kai thought clearly.

Qian Tong nodded impenetrably after hearing this.

As long as there is no Cuiweixing law of heaven and earth, Luo Hai will not be so scary, or he can really get rid of him.

As soon as I thought of this, the speed of the two suddenly increased.

“Want to get away from Cuiwei Star?” In the distance, Luo Hai seemed to be aware, smiled slightly, and whispered: “Good idea, but too naive.”

While speaking, stretched out his hand towards With a light grab from the front, something seemed to have been changed under the grab.

Yang Kai and Qian Tong, who were tens of thousands of miles away, suddenly had their faces like earthy colors, and their lightning-like figures suddenly stopped in the void. They were sweating and their faces were blue.

Looking at the endless starry sky, Yang Kai secretly gritted his teeth, desperately agitating his own Saint Yuan and potential field, trying to get rid of the invisible shackles, but what shocked him was that he couldn’t move anyway.

The space around it seems to freeze.

The power of the star master is as powerful as this!

Only close!

Yang Kai could feel that, only a little bit, he and Qian Tong were about to get rid of Cuiweixing’s laws of heaven and earth, but at this last moment, they were blocked.

Qian Tong seems to be in better condition than Yang Kai. At least he can still run Saint Yuan, watching from side to side, and sternly shouted: “Who!”

A figure appeared silently Not far in front of Yang Kai and Qian Tong, with golden crowns on their heads and golden robes, who is it if it’s not Luo Hai?

He glanced at Qian Tong indifferently, a hint of approval flashed across his eyes.

As a newly promoted Void King Realm, even his own realm is not stable. It is already great to be able to do this. In time, Qiantong’s achievements will not stop at the Void King Level, maybe Reach the level of two-level realm.

But he didn’t have too much money, so he took his gaze back and looked at Yang Kai.

The main purpose of his coming here is Yang Kai!

Before in the wasteland, there were many people with mixed eyes, and he was not good at what to do to Yang Kai, but now, Yang Kai and Qian Tong flew out of Cuiwei Star and came to this starry sky. Let it go.

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