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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1652: Hiding Read Novel

Chapter 1652: Hiding – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1652: Hiding

Fortunately, these medicines are made by Yang Kai himself, each of which is of extremely high quality. It takes only a while to enter the abdomen, and it turns into a stream of heat into the limbs. Make up for the loss of Yang Kai Shengyuan and spiritual consciousness.

Qian Tong has been taken into the Profound Realm Bead by him, and he was hit by Luo Hai. Qian Tong suffered some injuries. Although it is not serious, it is undoubtedly better not to let him show up at this moment.

If Luo Hai is oppressed and his realm falls, Qian Tong will regret it for life!

After all, he has just broken into the Void King Realm, and this realm has not had time to stabilize.

In terms of realm cultivation, Yang Kai is now inferior to Qian Tong, but in terms of escape, Yang Kai is confident that he will not lose to anyone.

His speed is already extremely fast, and the wind and thunder wings spread out behind him, flying like electric light in the star field.

But Luo Hai’s speed seems to be faster, and the distance of tens of thousands of miles is only shortened by the time of tea.

A thick coercion came from behind, and Yang Kai immediately understood that Luo Hai was not far away from him.

“Boy, cooperate with this seat obediently, this seat may not take your life! If you continue to be stubborn, I will not blame this seat for your ruthless actions!” Luo Hai’s threatening voice clearly spread to Yang Open your ears.

Yang Kai ignored him and still ran away. Facing such an opponent, he had no intention of fighting with it. Now he can only have such a ray of life if he keeps running away.

“You are looking for death!” Luo Hai was furious when he saw that Yang Kai was unmoved. Five hundred miles away from Yang Kai, he suddenly stretched out his hand a little, and a slender energy blasted from his fingertips. After coming out, he immediately surpassed the obstacles of space and shot towards Yang Kai at a terrifying speed.

Feeling the murderous intent coming from behind, Yang Kai gritted his teeth, the power of the whole body space ups and downs, stretched out his hands, grabbed hard in the void in front, and tore it to the sides.

A void of space cracks immediately appeared in front of him.

Yang Kai stepped in, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. The next moment, that strange attack hit the location where Yang Kai was before, piercing the phantom he left behind.

’Space crack!” Luo Hai screamed in surprise, and his figure shook, he came to the position where Yang Kai disappeared, and wanted to follow Yang Kai and rush into the chaotic crack.

But Yang Kai obviously didn’t give him this opportunity, and the gap in space was directly closed.

“The kid is proficient in space power!” Luo Hai looked incredible.

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At the level of his cultivation level, Luo Hai has seldom been moved by anything, but Yang Kai has let him lose his mind several times.

First, he sacrificed the Emperor Treasure, and then casually tore the space. To what extent is this kid evildoer?

Di Bao doesn’t matter, he can only say that Yang Kai has a deep connection, and he doesn’t know where he got it. However, even Luo Hai had never heard of such a thing as tearing space at will.

There are hundreds of thousands of martial artists in the entire star field, and there are also a few who cultivate space power, but the few people Luo Hai knows are just a little dabbled in space power and know how to repair the space magic circle.

Who can tear the space at will?

“This is your killer? No wonder you dare to be presumptuous in front of this seat!” Luo Hai looked gloomy and chuckled softly, “but you think you can escape the palm of this seat with this, wishful thinking.”

The words fell, and the terrifying spirit spread wildly around.

Only three breaths before and after, his eyes flashed, and he turned to look in a certain direction: “Here, the escape is very fast, it is five thousand miles away!”

Taking a deep breath, the holy yuan in Luo Hai’s body swelled, lasing like a meteor, approaching Yang Kai at a very fast speed.

Five thousand miles away, Yang Kai just took a few breaths, and keenly noticed that a divine mind locked his position tightly, like a tarsal maggot, unable to get rid of it.

Looking back, in the distant starry sky, a streamer was approaching him.

Yang Kai gritted his teeth and stretched out his hand again to tear away into the void.

After a while, Luo Hai tracked down here, stopped his figure, expanded his mind for the second time, searched for Yang Kai’s location, and after he noticed it, he launched a chase again.

As soon as the two fled and chased each other, the distance sometimes narrowed and sometimes shortened, and the atmosphere was extremely tense.

Yang Kai knew that he would never fall into Luo Hai’s hands, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

Time passed, and it was half a month in the blink of an eye.

Luo Hai was originally calm and relaxed, and the look of winning the ticket disappeared. Instead, he was infinitely ferocious and annoyed.

He thought that even if Yang Kai was proficient in space power, he would never escape the palm of his hand.

Space power is indeed mysterious, and it is extremely difficult to kill a warrior who is proficient in space power, but compared with him, Yang Kai’s cultivation base is too low!

Luo Hai doesn’t know how much holy yuan has to be used and how much spiritual consciousness is consumed to tear the space once, but he knows that the cost is definitely not small. Not catching, that was the moment he captured the opponent.

He played this abacus!

What surprised him is that in the past half month, Yang Kai has performed at least two hundred tearing spaces, each time he can escape two or three thousand miles, and with the passage of time, The distance he escaped is getting farther and farther, it seems that being forced in this way, Yang Kai’s mastery of space power has become more and more exquisite.

This kid shows no signs of exhaustion!

Where does he have so many sacred yuan to squander? How could he have such a powerful sense of God to provide power? Even taking the spirit pill, he could not support his escape for such a long time.

Luo Hai can’t figure it out with 10,000 people!

But he did not give up. He firmly believed that his conjecture was correct, and he firmly believed that Yang Kai would always stop for a moment.

Luo Hai guessed right, every time Yang Kai tears the space, he needs to pay a huge amount of holy essence and a huge amount of power of divine consciousness. In the past half month, he has almost exhausted his lamp!

Fortunately, Saint Yuan said that if the Saint Yuan in the body is not enough, just explode the golden blood and it will be filled immediately.

But the power of divine consciousness is not enough, the consumption of divine power is too terrifying, and recovery is not fast. If there were no such treasures as Colorful Wen Shenlian, Yang Kai would have been unable to continue.

Even so, he is at the end of the battle!

He took a lot of pills, and the spirit pills he refined to restore the consciousness were almost exhausted!

Yang Kai had no choice but to swallow the herbs that would help restore spiritual consciousness.

Although swallowing some violent things like this, the medicinal power in the herbal medicine cannot be fully utilized, but now it is important to escape, how can Yang Kai take care of this?

He pressed his own limit time and time again, unknowingly, Yang Kai’s sea of ​​consciousness was expanding, and the power of divine consciousness became more and more solid.

The mastery of the power of space has become more refined.

Yang Kai didn’t notice it, and now all his energy is on how to get rid of Luo Hai’s tracking!

After much deliberation, there is only one way.

He also hid in the Profound Realm Bead! But this method is too risky, once he hides and is discovered by Luo Hai, he will become a turtle in the urn.

He didn’t dare to do this when he was less than a last resort!

Five days have passed.

The two have already rushed in the star field. I don’t know how far away, but Luo Hai is still like a locust, biting down not far behind Yang Kai, once he tears the space apart, Luo Hai will catch up in a short time.

The strongest of the Void King Realm is so hard to be troubled!

The sea of ​​consciousness is almost dried up, and the herbal medicines swallowed can’t replenish the power of divine consciousness. There are only three chances at most, and Yang Kai will be exhausted.

After gritting his teeth, Yang Kai once again tore through the space and got into it. The next moment, a person appeared thousands of miles away.

Without stopping, Yang Kai tore a second time

Third time

In an instant of effort, he had gotten rid of the distance between Luohai and thousands of miles.

His face was as pale as paper. Looking around, Yang Kai immediately landed on a huge meteorite nearby.

The meteorite is about hundreds of miles in size, just like a big mountain.

After arriving on the meteorite, Yang Kai looked for an extremely concealed location and immediately threw the Profound Realm Bead and hid it in the crevice of the meteorite. After shaking his body, he entered the Little Profound Realm.

There is peace in the Little Profound Realm.

The relatives and friends brought from Tongxuan Continent have lived here peacefully for a long time.

Here is indisputable in the world, with rich aura. In addition to the incomplete laws of heaven and earth, this place is simply a paradise.

In the Xiaoxuan Realm, at this moment, there are many attic-like buildings, scattered within a radius of a hundred miles. In each attic, there are warriors who meditate and adjust their breath and practice behind closed doors.

These attics were built by warriors on the Tongxuan Continent. There are mountains, waters, grasses and trees in Xiaoxuan Realm. It is very convenient for them to obtain materials from the spot.

The three clans of humans, demons and demons live in harmony without disputes.

Everyone cherishes life now.

The cultivation conditions and environment here are many times better than those on the Tongxuan Continent. Almost ninety-nine percent of the people have already broken through here, and their cultivation is one step closer.

Meng Wuya, Chu High Heaven, Ling Taixu, Earth Demon, Demon Sovereign Changyuan, Demon Race Great Thunder Dragon

These veteran three-tier holy entry realms have successively broken through to the holy The level of the king’s realm.

Although the law of heaven and earth in the Little Profound Realm is incomplete, it is enough to meet the breakthrough needs of people like them. After all, the Saint King Realm is not that powerful.

When Yang Kai appeared here, the entire Little Profound Realm was silent.

No one noticed his arrival either.

He kept up his energy, endured the pain in his mind, and released his mind to probe.

Soon, he noticed the location of Xia Ning Chang, his figure shook, and he immediately came to the second floor of an attic.

Xia Ning Chang seems to be making alchemy, still covered with black gauze. She is concentrating on alchemy. She seems to be exuding an invisible radiance. She looks mysterious and dignified. Although she can’t see the whole picture, it’s just the face. The silhouette is enough to make any man fascinated.

Yang Kai’s appearance frightened her. When she noticed that Yang Kai’s breath was floating, Hua Rong changed color, and immediately rushed to Yang Kai to support him, and said in shock: “What’s wrong with you, brother? Who hurt you?”

“It’s nothing, I met a strong enemy, chasing me.” Yang Kai wanted to laugh, and relieved Xia Ning Chang, but couldn’t laugh at all.

Xia Ningshang’s expression changed, without asking too much, she knew that Yang Kai could be forced into this way, and at least she was a Void King Realm!

She knows Yang Kai’s combat power. In Scarlet Moon Palace, even a strong person like Blood Refining is not an opponent of Yang Kai. Now he is so miserable, who can do it except Void King Realm?

Xia Ningchang gritted her teeth, her eyes were moist, and her eyes were painful.

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Chapter 1652: Hiding – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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