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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1655: Chilan Star, Bing Jue Island Read Novel

Chapter 1655: Chilan Star, Bing Jue Island – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1655: Chilan Star, Bing Jue Island

Yang Kai’s arrival this time still didn’t alarm anyone. Ninety percent of the martial artists in the entire Little Profound Realm were practicing in retreat.

In the attic, Yang Kai sat cross-legged and took some pills to help recover from his injuries. Only then did he start to agitate Sheng Yuan to dissolve the Qi Jin in his body.

Those small vigors contain the mood of the powerful of the virtual king realm killing the enemy, full of the meaning of killing and killing. If Yang Kai’s physical body is not strong, these moods alone would be enough to crush his body to pieces.

The methods used by the two-level virtual king can not be judged by common sense.

Sheng Yuan agitated, shuttled through the meridians and flesh and blood, and surrounded the small Qi Jin.

But very quickly, Yang Kai’s expression changed and it was extremely ugly.

His own richness is so strong that he can look down upon the Saint Yuan at the level of the Void Mirror, but there is nothing to do with those vigor. The Sheng Yuan wrapped in the past seemed a little vulnerable in front of those Qi Jin, no matter how large and powerful the condensate, it would be torn out a breath, and the army would be defeated.

He didn’t get discouraged, and encouraged Sheng Yuan to try again and again, and he tried to get rid of it a little bit.

Ten days passed in a flash.

In the attic, Yang Kai’s breath has not recovered much, but has become more and more wilted.

After ten days of hard work, there was not the slightest result. Not only did Luo Hai’s vigor not be resolved, but his own Saint Yuan lost countless.

It’s a whole big difference, and his Saint Yuan is not his vigorous opponent at all.

Yang Kai opened his eyes and stopped doing useless work. Although his expression was languid, his eyes were still bright.

Qi Jin is dead, and people are alive. He feels that he can definitely dissolve these Qi Jin, but he didn’t find the right way.

Since the Saint Yuan is invincible, what about the others? The power contained in Yang Kai’s body is more than just Saint Yuan.

There is still the power of space, and the inextinguishable Five Elements Sword Qi

Thinking of this, Yang Kai began to experiment.

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He condensed a force of space and wrapped it in a small Qi Jin, as if he was aware of it. When the power of space was wrapped over, Qi Jin immediately began to counterattack, extremely sharp. The artistic conception pierced toward the power of space, although it had some influence on the power of space, it did not collapse like Shengyuan.

There is a play! Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, and he controlled the space power more and more cautiously.

After a short while, the power of space wrapped up that small energy, and let it rush from the left to the right, but it still couldn’t get rid of it.

At the next moment, Yang Kai’s spiritual thoughts moved, and the power of the space enveloping the vigor broke through the barrier of space in a short time and came outside of the body.

The power of space dissipated, and the invisible energy splashed into the void, lasing towards a certain place, punching a pinhole-sized hole in the attic, eliminating the invisible.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai secretly breathed a sigh of relief, confirming that space power can drive away the energy in his body, but doing so would be too cumbersome and inefficient.

On the way to flee, Yang Kai was shot into tens of thousands of Qi Jin by the aftermath of Luo Hai’s attack. If he were to use this method to get rid of it, it would be impossible to complete it without three or five years.

It’s too long!

Yang Kai frowned, and began to try the unquenchable Five Elements Sword Qi.

The Indestructible Five Elements Sword is a body tempering technique, but in the process of cultivating it, the practitioner will give birth to the immortal Five Elements Sword Qi. The Five Elements Sword Qi has different effects. The golden fire kills. Wood governs growth, soil and water govern defenses, and the five elements restrain each other, and cultivate to the extreme, allowing the martial artist to achieve an indestructible body.

Yang Kai’s Indestructible Five Elements Sword can only barely be regarded as a small achievement. It can be used in opponents, and it is still far away from the legendary indestructible body.

Now the immortal five elements sword aura in the body is activated, and the two sword auras of the golden fire which are the main killer are extracted, and Luo Hai’s vitality is beginning to dissolve.

Amidst the flesh and blood, golden and red rays of light bloomed, shuttled through Yang Kai’s wound, attacking that Qi Jin.

Although Luo Hai’s Qi Jin was uncommanded, he was unwilling to sit still, facing the interception of two Jian Qi, and began to counterattack.

It was in vain, the two sword qi of Jin Huo took only three breaths to strangle that qi to invisible!

Yang Kai raised his brows, revealing a look of joy.

He didn’t expect that in dissolving Luo Haijin’s energy, the Five Elements Sword would have such a miraculous effect, but the power of space would pale in comparison.

But this is also understandable. Although the power of space is vast and profound, Luo Hai’s energy seems to be derived from sword energy. The five elements of sword energy are both sword energy, which can be restrained.

Seeing hope, Yang Kai spared no effort to mobilize the Five Elements Sword at the moment. Not only did he use two types of gold and fire, but the rest of the water, soil, and wood also rushed forward, and his efficiency immediately accelerated a lot.

After thinking about it, Yang Kai didn’t waste any time. He took out the five-element treasure, painted the formation around him, and laid it down in order. While driving away Luo Hai’s energy, he practiced the indestructible five-element sword.

Time passed, and it was three months in a flash.

The Qi Jin in Yang Kai’s body was finally driven away. For no reason, Yang Kai felt that the power of his indestructible Five Elements Sword Qi had increased a lot.

He guessed that it had something to do with dissolving Luo Hai’s energy and absorbing his sword energy mood!

The treasures of the five elements are Sun Zhen Jing, Xuan Yin Kui Shui, Dayan Shensha, Xuan Jin, and Lei Mu.

Don’t worry about the true essence of the sun. It is the core of a sun star. Since Yang Kai has practiced, it has basically not changed. There is only a half of Xuanyin sunflower water left, and the same is true of Dayan Shensha. In this way, the black gold is only the size of a baby’s palm, and Lei Mu doesn’t seem to last long.

Cultivating the indestructible Five Elements Sword consumes too much of the treasure of the Five Elements.

The average person really can’t afford to practice.

It seems that in addition to the sun is really fine, the other four things have to look for some substitutes, otherwise, once these materials are consumed, they will not be able to continue practicing.

Thinking about this in his heart, Yang Kai did not stop practicing.

He checked his body.

Luo Hai’s energy was completely driven away, and all his injuries were recovered. Moreover, after the experience of escaping from the dead under Luo Hai, Yang Kai faintly felt that his cultivation base had improved a lot.

It seems that we are about to break through the third stage of returning to the Void!

After all, Yang Kai had also gained a lot in the blood prison before, but it was not long after he was promoted, so he couldn’t break through quickly. If he had been promoted to the second level in the early years, Yang Kai felt that he would be able to break through to the third level in the blood prison.

Not in a hurry, anyway, I can get there anyway.

Sweeping away the spirit, Xia Ningchang is making alchemy, her beautiful eyes are full of firmness, there are a lot of bloodshot eyes, and she doesn’t know how long she has not rested.

Yang Kai sighed lightly, and the sound transmission told her that she had fully recovered, and then the little senior sister smiled.

Yang Kai did not rush out, but continued to stay in the attic.

This trip he was chasing by Luo Hai and constantly using the power of space to escape, which inspired him a lot and made him feel much deeper in the power of space.

The situation was too urgent at the time, and he didn’t have time to learn more about it.

Now that the crisis has been eliminated, he certainly will not miss such an opportunity, staying in the attic while cultivating the Five Elements Sword, and comprehending the power of space.

Bing Jue Island, Chilan Star is famous for its existence.

It is famous because one of the two most powerful sects on Chilan Star, the rudder of Ice Heart Valley is on this island.

Bingjue Island is surrounded by the sea. The ice on the sea surface is frozen for several tens of feet. The temperature is extremely low. The disciples of Ice Heart Valley on the island practice all ice-type techniques and martial arts, and the secret treasures they use are also ice-type attributes.

And the reason why Ice Heart Valley can become one of the two most powerful sects of Chilan Star is because there is a Supreme Elder of the Void King Realm who is sitting in town!

In addition, the sects from the Valley Lord to the elders are all the top cultivation bases of the Void Returning Three-layer Realm, and it takes only one step to have the qualification to break through the Void King Realm.

Only the powerhouse of the third stage of returning to the Void, there are hundreds of people in Ice Heart Valley.

Such numbers are extremely terrifying, and no power on the Dark Star can be compared with it. The once the most powerful Star Emperor Mountain, there are only 30 Void Returning Three Stages, and now they are all. Became a member of the High Heavenzong.

Together with Ice Heart Valley is the same famous Huo Yaozong.

These two sects have held the throne of Chilan Star’s strongest sect for tens of thousands of years. I don’t know if it is because of different cultivation concepts, or because one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers. There is often a gap between grievances and grievances between the two sects. If the disciples encountered it outside the practice, they would often die endlessly.

The grievances are deeply ingrained and have been so for thousands of years. There is absolutely no possibility of resolving them.

At this moment, in the center of Bingjue Island, in an ice palace, a dozen women of different ages and different ages are sitting in two rows in two rows.

At the top of the list is a woman in a palace costume. That woman’s face is not all overwhelming, but her beautiful eyes are extremely beautiful, like the stars in the sky, which makes people reluctant to move it away after a glance.

The valley master of Ice Heart Valley, Binglong! The powerhouse at the top of the Void Returning Three-layer Realm, his own potential tends to become great, and he is the strongest under the Supreme Elder of Ice Heart Valley.

Bingxingu’s disciples are all women, and there has never been a precedent for a male disciple to enter the clan.

But no one dared to look down upon them just because they were women. Anyone who dared to do so was dead.

The atmosphere in the Ice Palace is a bit solemn, and many senior officials in Ice Heart Valley seem to be discussing important matters.

“Gu Master, Huo Yaozong’s recent movements are a bit strange. The pressure on me in Bingxin Valley has become much weaker. Many disciples are frequently out and seem to be looking for someone.” The woman said, she looked about thirty years old, dressed as a young woman, with a sleek figure, but extremely cold expression.

Bingxin Valley Grand Elder Ran Yunting, the realm of cultivation is comparable to that of Valley Master Binglong, but his strength is slightly inferior to the former, so he can only succumb to the position of the Grand Elder.

“Looking for someone? Why?” Bing Long, the master of Bingxin Valley raised his eyebrows, and his voice was extremely soft. “What exact information can the disciples hear?”

Ran Yunting shakes He shook his head: “Huo Yaozong’s low-level disciples are not too clear. I only know that the young man Huo Yaozong is looking for is a young man. By the way, I have his portrait here. Please look at it!”

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