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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1656: Storm Rising Read Novel

Chapter 1656: Storm Rising – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1656: Storm Rising

Bing Long nodded, stretched out his hand and sucked in the portrait. Looking around, the person on the portrait looks about twenty-five or sixty years old, with a cold and resolute expression, and his appearance is not good or bad. I don’t know what peculiar place Huo Yaozong is looking for so hard.

“Let’s take a look.” Bing Long tossed the portrait casually and tossed it to another elder, “Remember what this person looks like. If we can find him, take him back to Bing Jue. Coming to the island! Huo Yaozong wanted to be disadvantageous to my Ice Heart Valley some time ago. Suddenly I was delayed because of this person. It seems that this person is involved in a lot of things, otherwise Huo Yaozong will definitely not do it. Maybe Ice Heart Valley this time You can find a breakthrough in this person’s crisis.”

“In that case, should we also look for this person?” Ran Yunting asked.

Bing Long nodded and said: “Naturally it is necessary, but you don’t have to deliberately. After the meeting, I invite you to go back and send a portrait of this person to the disciples, so that they can pay more attention when they are walking outside. Click.”

“Yes, the valley master is wise!” All the elders responded in unison.

The portrait was uploaded by one of the elders. They are all powerful people in the three-level return to the virtual state, and their memory is naturally not bad. Only a glance can remember the person on the painting.

Bing Long said again: “A few years ago, the elder of this sect made a mistake in practicing kung fu, and has not recovered so far. What clues are there for the few good medicines that people are looking for?”

The dozens of people present all shook their heads sadly, and an elder said: “The other medicinal materials have been purchased with a lot of money, but the precious red scrophulariaceae is really rare, perhaps only on the dry thunder mountain of Huo Yaozong.”

“Dry Thunder Mountain!” Bing Long’s expression sank, “It is the forbidden area of ​​Huo Yaozong, and there are only a handful of people who are qualified to enter Huo Yaozong, let alone us. Look carefully, no matter how expensive it is, you must find it.”


“Damn it!” Ran Yunting gritted her teeth, “If it is not the elder Taishang who made a mistake in practicing a few years ago, How can I be suppressed by Fire Yaozong in Ice Heart Valley! For thousands of years, the strength of the two schools has always been equal, but this time,”

Listening to her, all the elders looked angry.

“Grand Elder, Hugh is so nonsense, are you blaming the Supreme Elder for making a mistake in your exercises?” Bing Long stared at her apricot and drank aloud.

Ran Yunting’s body trembled lightly, and hurriedly said: “Don’t dare, disciple does not mean that.”

Bing Long’s face was slightly sullen, and he nodded: “My palace knows that you didn’t mean that, but this is also my Bingxin Valley disaster. Although the elder Taishang is not easy to move now, but Huo Yaozong wants It is not so easy for us to give in. Well, without mentioning this in advance, this palace is very concerned about another matter. Great Elder, how is your disciple now?”

Ran Yunting smiled slightly: ’She is very good, and now she is the master of the Void Returning Stage.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone in the room was all moved.

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“Have you returned to the virtual world so soon?”

“Her qualifications are so good? When the great elder brought her back, she could only enter the holy third-level realm, right? How many years are this?”

“Even if the cultivation resources are abundant, it won’t be so fast, right?”

Bing Long also seemed to be extremely pleased, and said with joy: “Elder, I heard that your disciple has the special characteristics of ice crystal jade body?” Is it true or not?”

“Good! Ran Yunting nodded, “Her physique is indeed an ice crystal jade body, but it doesn’t seem to be a congenital physique, but an acquired one. I don’t know what adventure she has had before. So after practicing my Ice Heart Valley’s secret technique, my cultivation level can be so rapid, not to hide from the Valley Master, she is now not only returning to the first level of Void, but also preparing to attack the second level!”

In the Bing Palace, the expressions of many elders became even more exciting, one by one was extremely astonished, and seemed very shocked.

Bing Long was also extremely happy: “Innate and nurture, there is no difference. Her ice crystal jade body is the key to the future of my Ice Heart Valley. The sky is not dead, my Ice Heart Valley! It seems that she is very likely to achieve the achievements of the Supreme Elder in the future, and the future of my Ice Heart Valley may be handed over to her.”

Ran Yunting said modestly: “The valley master is looking at her high, the little girl is still low in her cultivation base, and she needs more cultivation by the valley master.”

“Do everything possible to meet her cultivation needs! “Bing Longjiao shouted.

“Yes! “Ran Yunting respectfully nodded.”

“Elder, I heard that the reason why Huo Yaozong targeted me at Bingxin Valley this time was because of your disciple? Someone asked with a chuckle.

“Yes, I heard about it. It is said that Wei Feng, the son of Huo Yaozong Sect Master, encountered that girl when he was practicing outside, and he never forgot about it. After returning, he urged Wei Qing to come to my Ice Heart Valley VIP!”

“I haven’t seen that girl. It seems that after she came to Bingjue Island, she rarely went out and kept practicing in retreat.”

“I’ve seen it once, and she was really beautiful. No wonder that little bastard Wei Feng will never forget her. If I were a man, I’m afraid I would be overwhelmed by her.”

The elders laughed loudly, and the atmosphere became much more relaxed.

“A matter of chasing after the wind. “Ran Yunting smiled bitterly.

Bing Long said: “You are also the elders of my Bingxin Valley, don’t you see that this incident is just a cause? Huo Yaozong just used this as an excuse to embarrass us, and took the opportunity to test the injury situation of the elder Taishang! Once they are sure that the Supreme Elder is indeed injured, they will probably make a big move.”

“I want to see if it is their Huo Yaozong’s hard teeth, or my Ice Heart Valley’s defense is stronger!”

“They are not so bold and aggressive, unless they don’t care about the life or death of their disciples.”

“They dare to come, they will definitely make them look good!”

A group of women screamed, and they were full of aura.

An old woman on the left who seemed to be about 60 years old frowned. There was some sadness between her eyebrows, and she waited for the others. After speaking, she said, “Return to the Sect Master, the old man heard a news a few days ago.”

“What news makes Elder Wu care so much? Bing Long turned his gaze to the old woman and asked, and everyone else looked at her.

“The old man heard that Luo Hai has arrived at Huo Yaozong!” Elder Wu said solemnly.

“Luo Hai?” In the Bing Palace, everyone frowned. They didn’t seem to remember who Luo Hai was, but soon someone exclaimed, “Master Luo Hai, Lord of Cuiwei Star?”

“Really him?”

“No way, he is not in Cuiweixing. What will he do with Chilanxing?”

Although Luo Hai is Cuiweixing Lord, but as a strong person in the Void King two-level realm, he has long been known throughout the star field, so even if the people in Bingxin Valley are on the Bingjue Island, they have long heard of his name.

Now when I heard that he had arrived at Huo Yaozong, his expressions faded.

“The news is reliable?” Bing Long’s delicate body leaned forward slightly, and Yu’s hand squeezed the armrest of the chair, and a creaking sound came from the armrest, showing that her mood was greatly fluctuating.

“Reliable!” Elder Wu looked solemn, “The spies placed in the Huo Yaozong, I saw it with my own eyes.”

The ice palace immediately fell silent, and everyone’s faces were As if covered with a layer of frost, his expression became wrong.

“You may also know that although Lord Luo Hai is the master of Cuiwei Star, he has a close relationship with Huo Yaozong’s Scarlet Fire. He came to Huo Yaozong at this time.” Elder Wu said nothing. After finishing speaking, no matter who it is, he can hear his overtones.

“Not so!” Bing Long shook his head, “He does have friendship with Chi Huo, but he doesn’t want to rush over from Cui Wei Xing specifically in order to deal with our Bingxin Valley. Chi Huo doesn’t have such a big face.”

“But Valley Lord, this time is a sensitive time, and I have to guard against it. If Luo Hai and Chi Huo join forces, then my situation in Bingxin Valley is worrying.”

Bing Long Pretty face turned white!

If this is the case, Ice Heart Valley is only afraid that there is only one way to dissolve. A Luo Hai alone cannot be resisted by Ice Heart Valley. He is one level stronger than Chihuo and the Supreme Elder of this sect. Master.

“I feel that Lord Luo Hai arrived at Chilan Star at this time and may have something to do with the person Huo Yaozong was looking for.” Some elder guessed.

“How do you say this?”

“Think about it, Huo Yaozong’s search for this person is a recent thing, and even slowed down the pace of suppressing us, and Luo Master Hai arrived at Chilan Star recently. The place where he went was Huo Yaozong. If they were connected together, would it be Master Luo Hai who asked Huo Yaozong to help find the trace of that person?”

Before everyone’s eyes Shine!

“The possibility is great! If this is the case, then we have to find the trace of this person before Huo Yaozong!” There was a strange brilliance in Bing Long’s beautiful eyes, “Just find him, Hand him over to Lord Luo Hai, and the current crisis in Ice Heart Valley can be solved. After the elder Taishang fully recovers, Huo Yaozong will definitely not have more troubles!”

” said the Lord Gu Not bad.” Ran Yunting nodded in agreement.

“The order goes on, so that all the disciples who can be dispatched will be dispatched, and try to find the trace of this person as much as possible!” Bing Long made a decisive decision, gritted his teeth and drank.

“Yes!” All the elders promised to leave the Ice Palace together.

On this day, tens of thousands of Bingxingu disciples set off from Bingjue Island and went to various places of Chilan Star. Each of them brought a portrait of Yang Kai.

At night, Bingjue Island is near the center, in an ice room, Ran Yunting sits cross-legged, practicing exercises.

The temperature in the ice chamber is extremely low, and even the martial artist of the Void Returning Third Stage is extremely uncomfortable here. You must use the Saint Yuan to resist the ubiquitous chill, but for the elder of Ice Heart Valley, it is here. It is the best place to practice.

The ubiquitous cold air seemed to be drawn by something, and it surged into her body one after another, resonating with her Saint Yuan, and enhancing her strength.

There was a slight sound of footsteps outside the door, and soon the sound of footsteps stopped, and someone outside said: “The disciple, please come to Master!”

“Come in!” Ran Yunting Smiled slightly and opened his eyes.

The next moment, the door was opened, and a beautiful figure walked in from outside.

Wearing white clothes, spotlessly clean, strands of cloud-like black hair cascading down like a waterfall, phoenix eyebrows of appropriate shades, a pair of bright eyes, a beautiful nose, and white as gelatin seeds The face is crystal clear as jade, the smooth snow muscle is as tender as honey, and the figure is slender and demure.

She is like an ice doll carefully crafted by the gods, with no flaws in her body.

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