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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1657: Su Yan Read Novel

Chapter 1657: Su Yan – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1657: Su Yan

Ran Yunting glanced up and down at the woman who came in, with a hint of approval on her face: “Yes, look at your appearance, the ice jade skill has made progress again, it is worthwhile to be a teacher to cultivate you, Even do not hesitate to make an exception to pass on your magical skill.”

The woman’s expression is neither happy nor sad, and she hasn’t even changed a trace of expression since she came in. There is a deep chill from all over her body, as if it is really a piece of ice.

Upon hearing the words, the woman said: “The teacher is so kind, and the disciples don’t dare to neglect.”

“Very well, sit down!” Ran Yunting nodded slightly and pointed to an ice jade futon in front of her.

Today is a day to solve puzzles once a month. On this day of every month, a woman will come to Ran Yunting’s residence to ask for peace, and by the way, ask her to explain the problems and doubts encountered in her practice for herself.

The two masters and apprentices have obviously experienced such things countless times, so the woman is no stranger, and sat down obediently.

“What obscure places have you encountered in your practice recently?” Ran Yunting asked in a peaceful manner.

Although her current cultivation base is two levels higher than that of her disciples, with her cultivation speed, I am afraid that within a few years, her disciple will be able to keep pace with her, and in a few more years, She might reach the height of the elder Taishang, and Ran Yunting had high hopes for her and was not impatient.

The woman nodded lightly. Just as she was about to speak, her beautiful eyes suddenly caught sight of a portrait hanging on the ice wall behind Ran Yunting.

The female body shook suddenly. The ancient well has never been waved. Even if the sky falls, she will not move her face. She reveals an extremely shocking look, and her beautiful eyes bloomed with an astonishing look, which never moved. Staring at the figure in the portrait.

The expression of the woman is extremely complex, with surprises, disbelief, and dazed changes several times in an instant.

But in the blink of an eye, she calmed down her strangeness.

“Do you know this person?” Although the woman’s expression changed quickly, she could not hide from Ran Yunting’s observation. Seeing that her expression was wrong, Ran Yunting asked in confusion.

The woman shook her head slowly: “I don’t know.”

Ran Yunting frowned, as if she didn’t believe it.

The woman said: “The master’s room has always been rudimentary, with nothing but a bed and chair. Today I suddenly saw a portrait of a man, so the disciple was a little surprised.”

Listen to her With this explanation, Ran Yunting didn’t do what he thought. He nodded and said, “Oh, I’ve never seen the person in this painting. It’s just that Huo Yaozong is looking for this person recently, and the Lord Gu ordered the disciples to go out to find him. He may be the key person to resolve the crisis in my Ice Heart Valley!”

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“That’s it!” The woman tried her best to control her emotions and nodded lightly.

Ran Yunting observed her words and colors, and did not see anything suspicious from her apprentice’s expression. She believed her just now for seven to eight points, and smiled slightly: “Just let others busy with this kind of thing. Your primary task now is to cultivate well, strive to reach the realm of being a teacher as soon as possible, and strive to break through the realm of being a teacher as soon as possible. At that time, Ice Heart Valley will be your world. Don’t let me down.”

“The disciples must do their best!” the woman said solemnly.

“That’s fine, um, tell me about the problems you have encountered in the recent period of cultivation.” Ran Yunting gestured kindly.

The woman immediately spoke and asked a few questions that puzzled her. Ran Yunting listened and explained it carefully. The master and the apprentice answered each question and time passed.

In a blink of an eye, it was dawn, and the woman stood up and said goodbye.

Out of the ice room, the woman walked towards the outside without hurried pace. After a while, she walked out of the inner island of Bingjue Island and came to the outer island.

Bingjue Island is divided into an inner island and an outer island. The inner island is tightly protected. Ordinary disciples cannot enter unless they are summoned. Only the direct disciples under the elders and the core personnel of Bingxin Valley can enter.

The outer island is the place where ordinary disciples live and practice.

The outer island occupies a huge area, and the woman went straight to an ice peak to the southeast of the outer island.

Under the ice peak, there is an artificially excavated ice mansion, such as this ice mansion, the entire ice peak has hundreds of, and such an ice peak, the entire outer island has hundreds!

The Ice Mansion is naturally a cave residence for the disciples to cultivate and live in. It regards cultivation as a high ground and contributes differently to Bingxin Valley, and the grades of the Ice Mansion that disciples can have are also different.

The woman came to an ice mansion near the foot of the mountain, stretched out her hand and shot out a holy yuan, poured it into the restraint in front of her, and waited quietly.

For a long time, there was no response.

The woman frowned, took out a token from her space ring, and pasted it on the restraint in front of the ice house. The next moment, the restraint took the initiative to separate to the sides, revealing a passage.

The woman stepped into it, hurriedly.

Soon, she came to the innermost level and looked around. There was no trace of anyone else in the Bing Mansion. There was only a letter on a desk that wrote ’Su Yan, please!”

With a trembling hand, she picked up the letter, uncovered the wax print, pulled out a piece of paper from it, and read it carefully.

’Su Yan, taking the order of the Presbyterian Church, I have gone out with the crowd to perform the task. The order is so rushing that I cannot say goodbye to you. If you come here to find me, you will surely see this letter. The task this time is to find someone, and that person is actually Yang Kai! He has arrived at Chilan Star, but I don’t know why, Huo Yaozong is looking for him, and Bingxingu is looking for him too! Remember, don’t act rashly, wait until I come back!”

The signature is Qingya!

The once top powerhouse on the Tongxuan continent, the ice master Qingya!

Su Yan wrote this short letter from beginning to end. After reading it several times, Jiao Chu trembled lightly, making sure that he was not mistaken.

Yang Kai really came!

I saw the portrait of Yang Kai in the ice room of Master. Su Yan could hardly believe it, but for some reason, it was difficult to ask Ran Yunting in person. Therefore, he hurriedly came to Qingya early in the morning to ask if she had heard any wind.

Back then Qingya came to Ice Heart Valley with her. After all, Qingya also cultivated ice-type techniques. The reason for her low cultivation level was only because of the lack of spiritual energy on the Tongxuan continent, so Ran Yunting brought Su Yan back to Ice Heart Valley. At the same time, Qing Ya was also brought here.

It’s just that although Qing Ya has a good aptitude, she can’t compare with Su Yan. She can only live on the outer islands. She is an ordinary disciple in Bingxin Valley. Now she also has a holy king. The cultivation of the two-level realm may soon be able to break through the holy king’s third-level realm.

Su Yan would often take time to visit Qingya. The two are from the Tongxuan Continent, and the relationship is naturally close.

But this time, Su Yan was late.

Yesterday, after discussing with the elders, they immediately decided to send their disciples out to look for Yang Kai’s traces. After receiving the order, Qingya left Bingjue Island with countless colleagues.

She couldn’t go to the inner island to send a letter to Su Yan, but knew that Su Yan would definitely visit her, so she left a letter to inform Su Yan of Yang Kai before she left.

Holding the letter in her hand, Su Yan’s mood fluctuated rapidly, her eye sockets slightly moistened.

If Ran Yunting saw this scene, she would be surprised.

She always thought that her disciple had a firm heart, and she didn’t care about everything. How could she be moved by a letter?

Decades of hard thinking, now released once, is enough to swallow Su Yan!

Qi and blood surged, Su Yan screamed, her face suddenly became pale, the corners of her mouth overflowed with blood, and her own Saint Yuan was ups and downs, becoming unstable.

Su Yan’s Huarong changed color, so she didn’t dare to neglect, so she hurriedly sat down cross-legged to resolve her movement.

After a long time, her chaotic aura gradually subsided, got up and carefully collected the letter, and quickly left Qingya’s ice house!

The disciples of the two top forces on Chilan Star frequently moved out and moved their whole body. In a short period of time, almost the entire Chilan Star was stirred.

The sect family who had close relations with the two top forces were urged to cooperate with Huo Yaozong or Bingxingu to search for Yang Kai’s trace.

Chilan Star was almost turned upside down!

Yang Kai seems to have disappeared out of thin air, no one has seen his traces.

In the Little Profound Realm, Yang Kai devoted himself to cultivation.

He was not in a hurry to get out, and finally got rid of Luo Hai, how could Yang Kai reappear rashly?

God knows if Luo Hai is still looking for him everywhere? If you run out and throw yourself into the snare, you have to bother to escape.

Just take advantage of this time to consolidate the gains of the previous days.

Invisible power fluctuations filled the attic where Xia Ning Chang was located. It was an extremely mysterious space power.

The Little Profound Realm originally only opened up a radius of a hundred miles. Tens of thousands of people, demons and demons live here. Although it is not crowded, the scope of activities is really small.

But today, as the power of that space fluctuates, the area of ​​the small mysterious world is expanding outwards at a very rapid rate, and some scenery and land that were previously invisible are presented one by one. In front of the creatures living here.

Two hundred li, five hundred li, one thousand li

Two thousand li

Three thousand li

Soon, the tribe of people, monsters and demons in retreat It seemed that the strong men had all sensed them. They left the customs one after another, released their spirits to investigate the surroundings, and immediately discovered the abnormal changes in the Little Profound Realm.

“Brother Ling, this little world is actually expanding, am I not mistaken?” Meng Wuya stood in the void, bringing the bizarre scene in the distance into his eyes, his expression shocked.

“That’s right.” Ling Taixu slowly shook his head, “It’s really expanding.”

“Hahaha!” There was a loud laugh, and the monster king Thunder Dragon Flashing came to Meng Wuya’s side, “Now it’s all right, you don’t need to squeeze with the Changyuan gang anymore, this seat is really fed up with the devilish energy on them!”

“Thunder Dragon, your deity heard these words.” A cold snort came, and Demon Lord Changyuan appeared leisurely.

“What about hearing it? My Thunder Dragon still doesn’t cut back and talks badly, that is to say to you.” Thunder Dragon curled his lips.

Chang Yuan hummed: “You think this deity is willing to squeeze with you? The demonic spirit on you is not that good.”

Thunder Dragon smiled, not paying attention.

Although the three clans of humans, demons and demons now all live in the small profound world, there is no major dispute, but they are competing with each other. But it was very fierce. Yang Kai gave them this opportunity. Everyone of them now has enough energy to advance to a higher martial art, to explore more powerful forces.

So occasionally meet together, Can also bicker, but also enjoy themselves.

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Chapter 1657: Su Yan – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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