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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1658: Do you know him? Read Novel

Chapter 1658: Do you know him? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1658: Do you know him?

“It’s just that why is this place expanding? Will something happen?” Chu High Heaven was a little worried.

“It should be related to the suzerain, you don’t have to worry.” A voice suddenly came from behind, and the three powerful men, monsters and demons looked back and saw Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi, Mo Yu and Lin Yulao. The strong people from the peak of the virtual mirror come together.

The three clans didn’t dare to neglect, and they gave up one after another.

Yang Xiuzhu and others hurriedly responded.

Everyone has obviously already known each other, knowing who each other is.

It’s just that although Yang Xiuzhu and others are far better than the powerhouses of the tribe of humans, demons and demons in their cultivation level, the relationship between Ling Taixu and others and Yang Kai is extremely close, so they are not If you dare to be big, you just talk with these people.

“It has something to do with Yang Kai?” Ling Taixu was interested, “Brother Yang, can you talk more about it?”

The others also looked at Yang Xiuzhu with curiosity.

Yang Xiuzhu pondered, and said: “The higher the cultivation base of the Sect Master, the deeper the attainments in the power of space, the broader the world will be.”

Jiezhu doesn’t know too much. As one of the former elders of Xingdi Mountain, he only knows that this is a space secret treasure, and it is a treasure of the Emperor Treasure level. There are too many things to know, so I can only explain it. probably.

Listening to him, everyone nodded.

’So, are these Yang Kai’s hands and feet? He’s here?” Chang Yuan showed a suspicious expression, letting out his spiritual sense, and his expression was shocked after a moment: “He really came. Seems to retreat to Xia Yatou, the fluctuation of this power is so weird, is it the power of space?”

“It should be!” Did not stop.

From the original radius of a hundred miles, it expanded to ten thousand miles away, and then gradually subsided.

At the edge of Xiaotiandi, there seems to be some hidden power blocking it, which obscures the fluctuation of Yang Kai’s spatial power, so that more of the world is still sealed, making it impossible for people to get a complete picture.

“Hey, there is a complex of buildings over there!” With the sharp eyes of Lei Long, he immediately saw that there was a new complex of buildings in a very distant place. Those buildings were not too dense. Although it seems to be scattered and scattered, in fact it is scattered and there seems to be some mystery.

“Would you like to check it out?” Everyone looked curious, and wanted to find out.

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“Haha, I’m going to be a striker first!” A loud laugh came out, and the Earth Demon had turned into a streamer and rushed towards that side, seemingly fearless.

The others shook their heads slowly and followed closely.

Yang Xiuzhu and the other four looked at each other and followed with a wry smile.

After a short while, everyone came to the location of the building complex. Once they set foot here, everyone was shocked.

Because the aura here is more than two or three times stronger than the original position, which means that if you can practice here, the efficiency will be at least twice as high as before!

“This place is good, I want to occupy a part of it!” Thunder Dragon did my part, and with a stroke, he drew a large area down.

“Then my demons occupy this area.” Chang Yuan followed suit.

Ling Taixu and Meng Wuya looked at each other. The former looked calm and calm, and said: “The rest is for my human race.”

In a few words, The powerhouses of the three major races divided this newly emerged building complex, each occupying a large area.

“It seems that the new world will have a lot of aura. If Yang Kai opens up a new world in the future, it should be better than here, right?” Chu High Heaven thoughtfully.

“It should be so right.”

“I just don’t know how big this place is. If it is big enough, the deity would be willing to go out for the rest of his life.” Changyuan laughed.

He suddenly discovered that the decision that day to make up his mind to follow Yang Kai with the demon elite to leave Tongxuan Continent was correct.

If he stays in Tongxuan Continent, how can he have a chance to be promoted to the Saint King realm, and how can he have a chance to spy on higher martial arts?

Perhaps until he died of old age, he would not want to surpass the achievements of the Great Demon God back then.

But now, the legend of the Great Demon God has been broken by countless people.

Changyuan thinks so, why not Thunder Dragon?

I am grateful to Yang Kai.

In the next few days, the three clans of humans, demons and demons moved collectively, abandoning the attic residences built before, and flooding into this newly-emerged complex.

The time flies, and another three months have passed.

Yang Kai exits.

Xia Ning Chang was still guarding in front of the attic. Yang Kai called her in to learn about the situation in the Lower Profound Realm. He was surprised to learn about the huge changes here.

The expansion of the small Xuanjie is a matter of course. As his cultivation base and understanding of the power of space deepen, this piece of heaven and earth will surely gradually uncover the veil of mystery and slowly reveal its true meaning.

Yang Kai is also very curious about how big this place is.

It’s just a surprise that a new building complex appears.

It’s not a bad thing. After exiting the customs, Yang Kai took Xia Ningshang around and confirmed that there was no danger, and the cultivation environment was two or three times better than the previous position. Let go of your heart.

After that, he went to see Qiantong again.

Qian Tong was okay. Although he was slightly injured by Luo Hai in the periphery of Cuiwei Star, Qian Tong was promoted to the Void King Realm after all, and he recovered very quickly. Efforts to consolidate the realm.

Everything is thriving, Yang Kai is completely relieved, and personally finds an excellent place for Xia Ning Chang to stay in the Little Profound Realm.

Yang Kai wanted to take this opportunity to practice the demon transformation and develop the original power of the Golden Sacred Dragon in his body.

Being with the little elder sister is naturally indispensable, and the love of the concubine is indispensable.

This period of time is the most comfortable time Yang Kai has had in decades.

Bing Jue Island, in Ran Yunting’s ice room.

Su Yan is like a white flower blooming in the world of ice and snow, with a cold breath, white clothes surpassing snow, and long hair shawl.

“Do you want to go out and practice?” Ran Yunting frowned her eyebrows.

Su Yan came here to look for her today, and unexpectedly made such a request with her, which surprised Ran Yunting.

“Yes!” Su Yan nodded.

“Why do you suddenly remember to go out to practice?” Ran Yunting smiled, “Now it is the critical moment for you to hit the two levels of Void Return. It is not a good thing to run out at this time, and now on Chilan Star The situation is treacherous. Although you have lived in the inner island for a long time, you may have heard some wind noises. If you go out and meet someone from Huo Yaozong, it will be no good. You know, that little bastard Wei Feng has always thought of you, and Huo Yaozong also said This is an excuse to target us in Ice Heart Valley. We must hand you over.”

“The disciple knows.” Su Yan lightly opened her lips, “It is for this reason that the disciple wants to go out and practice. Maybe, Walking outside for a period of time, the disciple’s cultivation level will be improved.”

“Well, it’s not impossible.” Ran Yunting was a little bit troubled. If it was another time, Su Yan said he would go out to practice. Of course she would not stop her, although her own disciple only had the cultivation base of the Void Returning Stage, but in terms of true combat power, it was not inferior to the Void Returning Stage 3 stage.

She belongs to the kind of genius who can fight higher, and is the elite of the elite!

The special physique of the ice crystal jade body, coupled with the non-transmitting magical skill ice jade skill of Upper Bingxin Valley, has few rivals in the Void King Realm.

The training of a martial artist is not behind closed doors. Going out to experience has always been the only way to grow.

But now, the situation on Chilan Star has changed suddenly. Where can Ran Yunting rest assured that Su Yan can go out?

I was considering what excuses to use to let Su Yan’s thoughts rest. When she stayed on Bingjue Island obediently, Ran Yunting suddenly seemed to have discovered something, staring at Su Yan, showing her eyebrows. Gradually condensed into a ball.

Immediately, she released her spiritual thoughts and scanned Su Yan.

“What’s wrong with your practice? What made your Yujiebing heart dusty? Why has your cultivation level declined?” Ran Yunting turned pale.

Suddenly she noticed that Su Yan’s cultivation level was not ascending but descending compared with the previous days.

Although the amplitude is small, Ran Yunting, as her master, can naturally detect it.

This made Ran Yunting look shocked.

Although Su Yan’s aptitude is not the best, because of her special physique, combined with the non-transmitting magic skills on Bingjue Island, it is enough to make up for some of the shortcomings in aptitude.

What’s more, her aptitude is indeed very good. Perhaps there are few people in the entire star field who can compare with her.

Her cultivation base has always been increased, and there has never been such a weird situation.

Ran Yunting’s expression changed again and again: “You are actually backlashed by the exercises, and you are emotional? Who can make you emotional!”

At this moment, her face is almost hideous. The holy yuan in his body was roaring frantically.

Practicing ice jade skills will give Su Yan a Yu Jiebing heart. As long as Yu Jiebing heart is pure enough, her cultivation level will be rapid!

On the contrary, she will be backlashed by the exercises. The more muddy Yujiebing’s heart is, the greater the price she will have to pay.

And the number one enemy that can make Yu Jiebing’s heart muddy is passion!

This is something that any generation of warriors who have practiced ice jade arts must try their best to avoid.

Yujiebing’s heart is slender and dusty, and affection is like thick ink, which can pollute it extremely quickly.

Ran Yunting understood the truth of the matter almost immediately.

“No, you live on the inner island all year round, and you have no chance to contact men from the outside world!” Ran Yunting quickly shook her head again, and suddenly remembered something, gritted her teeth and said: ’Su Yan, tell me to be a teacher, Is it related to the portrait you saw a few days ago? Did you know that man?”

Ran Yunting is also a quick-minded person, thinking of countless possibilities in a very short period of time, and this The greatest possibility!

When Su Yan saw the portrait that day, a scene with a different expression appeared in Ran Yunting’s mind, which further strengthened her conjecture.

Faced with the master’s question, Su Yan bit her red lips lightly, a trace of guilt flashed on her face, but soon disappeared, she whispered: “The disciple knows him.”

Ran Yunting’s face turned pale, and she tremblingly asked: “What is your relationship with him?”

“He is my junior and my man!”

When he said this, A faint smile appeared at the corner of Su Yan’s mouth, which looked extremely sweet.

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Chapter 1658: Do you know him? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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