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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1659: House arrest Read Novel

Chapter 1659: House arrest – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1659: House arrest

Ran Yunting was stunned.

Since she brought Su Yan back to Bingjue Island, she has never seen Su Yan smile for nearly 30 years. Today is the first time.

This sudden blooming smile formed a diametrically opposite contrast to the cold and aloofness before. Together with Su Yan’s almost flawless beauty, Ran Yunting was slightly lost for a moment.

I couldn’t help but sigh in my heart.

Soon, Ran Yunting dispelled the distracting thoughts, sullenly and asked: “You actually have a man, when did it happen?”

“It’s been a long time before I met the master.”

“Have you ever had a skin close to him?” Ran Yunting continued to ask.

Su Yan’s cheeks appeared intoxicating red, and she nodded slightly.

Ran Yunting’s body trembled, as if she had lost her strength, she fell back two steps, her eyes showed an obvious disappointment, and said in pain, “Why didn’t you talk about this kind of thing earlier?”

“Master never asked.” Su Yan bit her red lips lightly.

Ran Yunting said: “I didn’t ask, it’s because your breath is pure. Master thought you are a virgin body! But since you have been intimate with a man, why is your breath not turbid?”

Once a woman has had close contact with a man, there will definitely be some masculine aura belonging to a man in her body, which is enough to break the pure cleanliness.

Su Yan’s breath is extremely clean, and she is not stained with dust. Ran Yunting can’t even dream of it. She is no longer a virgin body.

Is it because of her special physique? It is also possible that Su Yan’s physique was obviously not born congenital, but acquired. Perhaps when her physique was formed, her breath became clean.

’So I don’t know how to love myself!” Ran Yunting gritted his teeth and drank.

“The disciple disappointed Master.” Su Yan lowered her eyes.

“If I knew about this, it would never have been possible for you to practice Ice Jade Art!” Ran Yunting was heartbroken, her huge expectations turned into disappointment, and said with red eyes: “Did you know that you have practiced Ice Jade Art? , Once you are emotional, you will definitely encounter the backlash of the exercises! Now the situation is still mild, if you continue to do this, your holy essence will be dispersed, and you will eventually become a useless person!”

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“The disciple doesn’t know!” Su Yan shook his head, but was not afraid.

She came to Bingjue Island and came to Ran Yunting’s door. What Ran Yunting asked her to practice, she would naturally practice what, where would she ask more? It wasn’t until a few days ago that there was a problem with the practice that she was aware of it.

Ran Yunting’s expression changed, and she realized the seriousness of the problem. Although she was disappointed with Su Yan’s concealment of her love history, she was very optimistic about her disciple and said anxiously: ’Su Yan, still It’s not too late. You have to cut the mess quickly and cut off your emotions. Otherwise, your cultivation level will get lower and lower, and you will eventually become an ordinary person. No one will be able to save you at that time.”

“Cut off the love thread?” Su Yan raised her eyes and looked at Ran Yunting, her beautiful eyes flashed with strange light, and she slowly but firmly shook her head and said: “Master, forgive sin, disciples won’t do this.”

“You” Ran Yunting was mad, pointing at Su Yan, unable to say a word.

Su Yan smiled again: “If I can meet him again, even if the disciple becomes an ordinary person, I will still be willing.”

Ran Yunting looked dazed, staring at Su Yan blankly:” Is this your truth? You won’t regret it?”

Su Yan nodded.

“Have you ever thought that you are just doing it for a while. If you really become an ordinary person, your life span will be less than a hundred years. In the end, you will become yellow. Which man will be interested in you? You? The man you like may eventually leave you!”

Su Yan’s body trembled, and a trace of fear appeared in her beautiful eyes.

As soon as Ran Yunting saw her expression, she knew that there was a play. She was about to hit the iron while it was hot. She was eager to lure, but the fear in Su Yan’s eyes dissipated. She stretched out her hand and stroked the hair in her ear, Su Yan whispered: “If we can stay with him again, the disciple will be willing. Before the old Zhuhuang, the disciple will leave, and he will not be allowed to see the appearance of the disciple.”

“You are so angry with me!” Ran Yunting’s chest was violent. Ups and downs.

She has never discovered that her apprentice has such a stubborn and unreasonable side.

“Master, disciple wants to go out!” Su Yan said solemnly.

“Do you want to go out to find that man?” Ran Yunting looked at her coldly. Before, she thought that Su Yan wanted to go out and practice in order to break through the bottleneck in front of her, but now she doesn’t know where she is this apprentice. The real purpose?

She was obviously going to find the trace of the person in the painting.

“Yes, please also master!” Su Yan did not deny.

“Wishful thinking!” Ran Yunting snorted coldly, “During this time, you will stay on the inner island and never want to take a step out of the inner island. The teacher will find a way to solve the current difficulties for you. I hope you don’t Let me down again.”

“Master!” Su Yan was anxious.

Ran Yunting snorted coldly, and sternly shouted: “Come on!”

Two women walked in immediately outside the door, both of whom had the cultivation of the first level of Void, and clasped fists together: “What’s the command of the Great Elder!”

“Take Su Yan to me and watch it carefully. If she dares to leave her residence for a while, I will ask you all!”

The two women glanced at each other with inexplicable expressions. They didn’t know what Su Yan did, and the elder was so angry.

You must know that the elder had always been proud of Su Yan before, and countless times in front of outsiders declared that the most correct decision he had made in his life was to accept Su Yan as a disciple.

Su Yan will definitely become the first candidate for the glorious Ice Heart Valley.

But now, Ran Yunting is obviously irritated, and even begins to put Su Yan under house arrest.

What happened?

The two women didn’t dare to ask more, they just glanced at Su Yan thoughtfully, and said, ’Sister Su, please.”

“Master” Su Yan begged. Looking at Ran Yunting, I hope she can change her mind.

“Take it with you!” Ran Yunting turned her back to Su Yan, screaming in her mouth, as if she never wanted to see her again.

“Sister Su, please don’t make us embarrassed.” Among the two girls, a taller woman frowned and urged impatiently.

Su Yan looked at Ran Yunting’s back and sighed softly, knowing that it didn’t work anymore, so she could only give a salute and turned and left.

Soon, only Ran Yunting was left in the ice room.

She stared at the portrait hanging on the ice wall with fiery eyes, her stern gaze seemed to cut the person on the painting with thousands of swords, and suddenly lifted her palm to strike forward.

With a thud, the portrait instantly turned into powder.

“Boy, don’t fall into the hands of this palace, otherwise you will be crushed into pieces!” Ran Yunting was secretly ruthless.

As long as Su Yan still has a little regret, she will immediately kill Yang Kai and get rid of Su Yan’s demon.

Su Yan doesn’t want to cut off her love, so she will do it for her as a master!

As long as the man dies, Su Yan will have no obstacles on his way forward, and will not be backlashed by the ice jade skill.

Perhaps, she will be silent and sad for a while, but Ran Yunting believes that with the passage of time, Su Yan will only be grateful to herself, but will not resent herself.

After thinking about it, Ran Yunting quickly left her ice room and went to the Bingfeng where the elder Taishang retreats. She had to ask the elder Taishang about this matter. She was actually not sure that she had this method. No effect, if the elder Taishang nodded, then there would be no worries.

The inner island of Bingjue Island, with ice roads criss-crossing and leading to all directions.

Many female disciples of Bingxin Valley are walking, and the buildings on Bingjue Island are also unique, like being carved from ice, crystal clear, and chill everywhere.

Su Yan walked on the ice road in despair, walking towards her ice room step by step.

The two female disciples who were in charge of guarding her followed closely behind her every step of the way, their eyes met and spiritual thoughts exchanged.

“Senior Sister Zhou, what exactly did Su Yan do that made the elder so angry.” The shorter woman asked suspiciously.

The taller Senior Sister Zhou snorted coldly: “The great elder didn’t tell me, how did I know it, but this matter is not trivial, otherwise the great elder would not have to put Su Yan under house arrest. Hmph, the little girl doesn’t know how high the world is. Since I entered Bingxin Valley, I’ve always had my eyes above the top. I never put those of us who are seniors in my eyes. Even if we meet, we don’t come to say hello. There is no courtesy at all.”

“Yes. Isn’t she just relying on the great elder to dote on her.”The petite woman smiled, “Now she has angered the elder, and she seems to be falling out of favor. I see how arrogant she can be in the future.”

“As a sister, it’s time to teach her how to behave.”

The two looked at each other and smiled knowingly. They only felt happy. The sky today looks a little different from the past.

While they were walking, Su Yan suddenly stopped. With the pace, her absent-minded eyes suddenly brightened, and she looked in one direction. Soon, she shook her figure and disappeared where she was.

The expressions of the two women who had been following her changed suddenly, thinking Su Yan wanted to run away, but she turned her head to see that she actually ran in front of a few of her colleagues.

“What the hell? “The woman surnamed Zhou showed an unhappy expression and hurried to the other side.

There were a few Bingxingu disciples who were talking in low voices. They all looked puzzled at this moment, and didn’t understand why Su Yan. Suddenly ran over, a woman headed by a powerful cultivation base of the Void-Returning Three-layer Realm, frowned and looked at Su Yan, and said in surprise: “Are you the disciple Su Yan under the seat of the elder?”

“Is she Su Yan?”

“I heard that she entered the third-level holy realm when she started, and now it’s less than thirty years, she is about to return to the two-level virtual realm.”

“I’ve heard of her too, she turned out to be like this.”

Several women came and looked up and down Su Yan, as if they had seen her for the first time.

“Yes. Su Yan nodded, “I have seen a few senior sisters!”

“Well, are you okay? “The headed woman asked.

“I just heard a few senior sisters discuss the person in this painting. Have you seen him? Su Yan pointed to the portrait held by the headed woman.

“You mean this guy?” The woman raised the portrait and chuckled, “I have seen it.”

Su Yan’s eyes lit up, and he asked urgently: “When did the senior sister meet him, is he okay?”

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