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Chapter 1660: 1 year – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1660: 1 year

The woman frowned and asked in confusion: “Junior sister knows this person?”

When she asked, Su Yan realized that she was a little gaffe.

While she was walking just now, she suddenly heard someone talking about the word Yang Kai, and immediately rushed over.

Taking a breath, closing the strange look, Su Yan nodded: “Well, I know him, Senior Sister, can you tell me when you met and how he was? Senior Sister is grateful. It’s endless.”

“The relationship between Junior Sister and him seems not to be shallow.” The headed woman chuckled, but she didn’t mean to ask the bottom line, “Tell you that it’s natural, but it’s a matter of years ago Now.”

“A few years ago?” Su Yandai frowned.

“Well, sister, you know, the Emperor Garden opened a few years ago, and I went to the Emperor Garden with a few other people. I met him at that time. If it weren’t for his help, we I am afraid that a few of my sisters will be killed and injured by the fire Yaozong Kong Wendong! He helped us and killed Kong Wendong.”

“He killed Kong Wendong?”

“Kong Wendong is returning to the void With the cultivation base of the third level, he can kill Kong Wendong, isn’t it very powerful?”

The people who chatted with this woman before were amazed.

If Yang Kai were here, he would definitely recognize this woman.

On the trip to the Imperial Garden, Yang Kai encountered the first wave of battles between warriors. It was this woman and Kong Wendong who were fighting for an ancient hidden cave mansion.

Yang Kai’s Pill Dao True Solution and Pill Refining Furnace Zixu Cauldron were obtained at that time.

“Can you tell me more about it?” Su Yan’s beautiful eyes bloomed, looking at the other side expectantly.

The woman looked at Su Yan thoughtfully, she seemed to realize something, and nodded and said: “Yes.”

Now I will tell you what happened in the Imperial Garden a few years ago. After that, a group of Bingxingu disciples listened with gusto, but Su Yan was already in a trance.

He is so amazing.

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Who Kong Wendong is, she doesn’t know, but from the exclamations and short words in the same door nearby, Su Yan can still infer some information.

That Kong Wendong is definitely the top powerhouse of the Void Returning Stage 3, and Yang Kai was able to kill it a few years ago. At that time, he was only a Void Returning Stage 1 stage!

Now that a few years have passed, what realm is Yang Kai? What kind of powerful combat power is there?

My younger brother, my own man, so good.

Su Yan’s face was filled with a faint smile, and the entire Bing Jue Island seemed to be bright for a moment.

“Sister Su, hurry up, don’t make us embarrassed, okay!” The tall woman who was in charge of guarding Su Yan urged impatiently, Su Yan’s dazzling eyes made her feel very dazzling.

“Yes, it’s procrastinating. Let the elder know that we must be punished. Sister Su will be punished for us by then?” Another woman also shouted.

The others looked at them in surprise, and then at Su Yan, not understanding what was going on.

Su Yan thanked the senior sister who had told her about Yang Kai’s situation before, said goodbye, and continued to walk towards her ice house, walking briskly, sweeping away her previous worries.

At the bottom of the Canghe River, the Xuanjiezhu was covered by silt, and it has been silent for more than a year.

One day, a group of feet-long fish swam to the top of the Xuanjiezhu, clinging to the silt and shuttled, the tail of the fish in front flicked, muddling the silt, and the whirlpool of water was brought up. Pulling the Profound Realm Pearl to expose it.

The fish that followed opened his mouth and swallowed the Profound Realm Bead into his abdomen, twisted his body a few times uncomfortably, and followed the school of fish casually.

Ten days later, the fish rushed into a vast lake. As soon as you entered this place, a huge black shadow appeared under the water. The black shadow opened its mouth like a whale sucking water. A large number of fish were sucked into the mouth, and less than one-fifth of the fish that flowed down the river were kept.

After a long while, the black shadow hiccuped and left contentedly.

A few days later, thousands of miles away from the entrance of the lake, an iron ship sailed slowly on the lake. Secret Treasure Brilliance, fighting against a huge black shadow under the ship.

Half an hour later, the black shadow was killed, and the warriors happily fished the black shadow from the lake.

This is a strange fish about five feet long. Its eyes are like gongs and extremely scarlet. Its mouth is full of jagged fangs. It looks terrifying and terrifying, and its tail is like a meteor hammer. And it was covered with barbs.

Many warriors were injured while fighting this strange fish, but at this moment, they were sitting not far away with joy, healing their wounds while watching the spoils.

“Uncle Wang, this meteor fish is really big enough. Judging from its power just now, it is almost a Tier 8 top monster.” A young man with a holy king level stands in a monster. Next to the fish, while kicking his belly with his feet, he smiled and looked at an old man in a green shirt not far away.

The old man smiled, stroked his beard, nodded and said: “Yes, this is a meteor fish that has grown to its limit. It is indeed a Tier 8 top monster.”

“Haha, This time I can make a profit. The Meteor Fish’s inner alchemy is extremely rare, at least it can sell 200,000 sacred crystals, which is much more valuable than the inner alchemy of monsters of the same level.” The youth laughed.

“Yes, with this meteor fish, we will make a worthwhile trip! Selling the inner alchemy will provide us with six months of training for the upper and lower martial artists of the king’s family.”

“Uncle Wang, do I do it, or do you always do it yourself?” The young man looked at the old man.

“Come on, the old man is too old to be bloody!” The old man said and laughed, and everyone in the boat burst into laughter.

The young man did his part, and took out a silver dagger from his waist. The dagger was about the same length as the arm, and it was extremely sharp. It was poured into the holy yuan, and it was more sharp. And successfully found a fist-sized inner alchemy at the location of his skull.

Respectfully sent the inner alchemy to the old man, the old man carefully examined it, and said: “Yes, a good inner alchemy contains a rich water system artistic conception, if it is called a water system secret technique The warrior who gets it will definitely increase his strength. Well, the old man Naidan will keep it for the time being. When he goes back, he will hand it over to the owner of the house. Everyone will have a reward for this trip!”

Hearing this, the warriors who participated in the battle just now screamed in excitement.

“This meteor fish is rare to see. I heard that the meat is so fat that it can’t be wasted. Come and deal with it. “After the old man gave his instructions, he turned around and entered the cabin.

The young man stood there to fish his head and greeted a few people to deal with the fish.

The young man was naturally unwilling to do this kind of chores. To do it, the few people who deal with fish meat are the ones with the lowest level of cultivation on the ship. Generally, they do not participate in the battle, but are only responsible for doing some chores and earning some sacred crystals for cultivation.

Meteor fish is big, but handle It doesn’t take a lot of trouble to get up.

It didn’t take a moment for everything to be processed. The fresh fish was preserved in a special way, and the intestines of the fish were thrown into the lake wherever they were.

On the boat, in a very rudimentary boat house, a girl about sixteen or seventeen years old closed the door tightly and came to her bed. She looked at her left and right like a guilty conscience, and then carefully reached out her hand into her arms. Take out an inconspicuous bead from her arms.

The bead is only the size of a longan, so it doesn’t seem to have any special place.

But there is a pounding heartbeat from the girl’s chest.

“Is this an inner alchemy?” The girl muttered to herself, her face flushed with excitement, she bit her thin lip and looked uncertainly at the beads in her hand.

Just now, she was also a member of the fish handler. She inadvertently found this bead in the belly of the fish and hid it by herself.

She thought this was the inner alchemy of Meteor Fish!

Now when I recalled what I had done, I was still afraid for a while.

Since she came out with the iron ship of the family, everything she got should belong to the family. She didn’t know why she was so fascinated at the time that she even put away the bead by herself.

It is obviously impossible to turn in now. If you really want to do this, you may be punished by family law.

“This isn’t an inner alchemy.” The girl hadn’t calmed her mood yet, so she found an excuse to ease the guilt in her heart.

After all, the inner alchemy has been taken away by Uncle Wang. I haven’t heard of any monster that gave birth to two inner alchemy. Moreover, this bead has no energy fluctuations at all, obviously it cannot be an inner alchemy.

It’s not an inner alchemy, what is it? Why is it in the belly of the fish?

The girl tilted her head and kept looking at the beads in her hand, puzzled.

At this moment, the bead seemed to flash suddenly, and then, strangely disappeared from her hand.

A ghostly person appeared in front of her.

The girl turned pale suddenly, staring at the scene, raising her head and looking forward.

Standing in front of her was a young man who seemed to be around twenty-five or sixty years old. His expression was a little confused, and he seemed to be confused about the current situation.

Her eyes were facing each other, and the girl’s beautiful eyes showed horror. She opened her small mouth and started to shout.

Yang Kaiyan was quick, and he reached out and covered her mouth.

The girl struggled, punching and kicking Yang Kai, her eyes were extremely panic, as if Yang Kai was a heinous villain.

“Don’t call, don’t move!” Yang Kai frowned and shouted in a low voice.

He still doesn’t quite understand what happened, but the first time he came out, he knew that he was on an iron ship, and there were many people on the ship, although the one with the highest strength only returned. A virtual realm is not to be feared, but Yang Kai didn’t want to cause trouble.

I can only treat this girl roughly first.

The girl remained unmoved, still struggling.

Yang Kai saw that his kind words and persuasion were not effective, suddenly he laughed grinningly, his eyes revealed evil light, and he glanced at the girl’s delicate breasts unkindly, and said in a low voice: “You won’t cooperate obediently, I will rape you first and then kill, and then kill all the people on this ship, and throw them down to feed the fish!”

The girl’s body trembled, and a pleading look appeared in her beautiful eyes, constantly Shaking his head, tears flowed out, and he was obviously uneasy to the extreme.

But she was frightened by this, and she calmed down and stopped struggling.

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