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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1661: Encounter Read Novel

Chapter 1661: Encounter – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1661: Encounter

“This is obedient!” Yang Kai smiled slightly and thought for a while: “Don’t be afraid to tell you, if you are willing, you can crush the man in the boat into powder at your fingertips, on this boat. The strongest old guy is nothing more than a return to the Void. It’s just that this seat is compassionate and doesn’t want to do this. I hope you can think about it for your loved ones and friends. If you really annoy this seat, the consequences I’m afraid you can’t afford it.”

The girl’s beautiful eyes were round and nodded repeatedly.

Yang Kai casually stated the realm of the highest cultivation level on the ship, making the girl realize that this young man might be really terrifying.

Of course, she didn’t dare to make fun of her own life, the lives of her people.

Yang Kai let go of her, and the girl really stopped yelling, but looked at him anxiously, without saying a word.

“Well, don’t be afraid. Although this person is not a good person, it is not a bad person. You are obedient and good for you.” Yang Kai let out a relief.

The girl is still quite courageous. After experiencing the initial fright and fear, seeing Yang Kai’s gentle and pleasant look, she really calmed down a lot, but she still didn’t dare to speak at will, but just stood there uneasy.

Yang opened up his mind, and carefully scanned the surrounding environment, slightly wondering why he appeared here.

At that time, he hid the Profound Realm Pearl at the bottom of a river. Now it seems that the Profound Realm Pearl was accidentally obtained by this girl.

Just how to get it, he doesn’t quite know.

The opponent’s cultivation base is only an extraordinary three-level realm, not even entering the sage, he is slender, looks very weak, and has a delicate appearance.

“Where is this place, and who are you?” Yang Kai calmed his mind, found a chair and sat down, looking at the girl and asked.

The girl swallowed her saliva, suppressing the panic in her heart, and replied with a trembling voice: “Going back to the predecessors, this is Lake Thorns, and we are from the Wang Family.”

Thorns Lake, Wang Family! Yang Kai hadn’t heard of it, but in his mind it was probably a small family on this cultivation star.

I didn’t care about it. Now that he came out of the Profound Realm Bead, his first task was to find out if Luo Hai was still in Chilan Star.

Even though he thinks it has been more than a year, Luo Hai probably won’t look for himself again, but he is not wrong, he still dare not be too public, so he will persecute this girl, wanting to speak from her Snoop some news.

It is unlikely that the other party will know, but Luo Hai is also a strong two-level virtual king, and every move may be eye-catching. What if this girl knows something?

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“Well, what is the name of this cultivation star?” Yang Kai asked again.

“Chilan Star!” The girl looked at Yang Kai in amazement, her beautiful eyes full of curiosity.

“Chilan Star?” Yang Kai frowned, and immediately remembered that he had dealt with many Chilan Star warriors. Leaving aside the people from Huo Yaozong and Bingxingu, the Xu Dingyang who came across in the blood prison seems to be from the Scarlet Blue Star.

Before he was dying, he asked himself to go to Qingyu Gate to tell him the news of his death.

Unexpectedly, I made a mistake by accident and ran to this cultivation star.

“Is there a Huo Yaozong and Ice Heart Valley here?”

“Yes.” The girl nodded, “Huo Yaozong and Ice Heart Valley are the most powerful on the Chilan Star In both sects, there are strong masters of the Void King Realm.”

Answered a few questions from Yang Kai. The girl’s mood calmed down a lot, and her courage was much greater, so she took the initiative to step forward to Yang Kai. A glass of water.

She also saw that Yang Kai really didn’t look like a villain.

“There is a Void King Stage!” Yang Kai was surprised. He didn’t know the two sects deeply, but judging from the strength of his contact with those people, there is a warrior of this level. It’s a matter of course.

“Is there anyone named Qingyumen?” Yang Kai asked again.

The girl’s beautiful eyes brightened for a moment: “Does senior have friendship with Qingyumen?”

“It can’t be said, you answer my question!”

The girl’s face changed slightly, and she nodded quickly: “Yes. Our royal family is a family attached to Qingyu.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his brows, “Is that true?”

“The junior dare not deceive.” The girl bit her red lips.

“Then tell me, what is the name of the Qingyu Gatemaster?”

“Xu Dingyang and Xu Gatemaster!”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, he observed his words, and found The girl’s eyes were pure and she didn’t mean to deceive herself. She was sure that the other party did not lie. After thinking about it, she took out a space ring and handed it to the girl.

“Senior, this is”

“Your Qingyumen sect master died in the blood prison. This is his space ring. I have only one fate with him. Before he died If I have a chance to go to Chilan Star, send a letter to Qingyu Gate. Now that I see you, this task will be handed over to you. If you bring this space ring to Qingyu Gate, it will naturally be confirmed over there.”

“The master of the door is dead?” The girl was shocked.

In her opinion, the cultivation base of the Qingyu sect master is utterly powerful, which is the power she would never want to possess for a lifetime of cultivation, but such a powerful figure died unexpectedly.

The girl can’t help but lose her mind!

Yang Kai gave her some time to digest, and then asked: “What’s your name?”

“Junior Wang Ying!”

“En.” Yang He nodded, “Wang Ying, what big things have happened on Chilan star recently? But what big people have come here?”

“Big people?” Wang Ying was dazed, shook her head and said, “This junior is not Clearly, but if you want to talk about major issues, there is really one thing.”

“Let’s listen.”

At the moment, Wang Ying put Huo Yaozong and Bingxingu both looking for one person. The news came out.

The person Huo Yaozong and Bingxingu are looking for, although Wang Ying doesn’t know what she looks like, she is said to be a young man in her twenties and thirties.

Yang Kai knew it was bad when he heard it.

Could it be yourself? Moreover, it was inferred from time that it happened to happen after he came to Chilan Star.

Huo Yaozong is looking for himself, Yang Kai can understand. After all, when he was in the blood prison, Yang Kai accidentally heard someone say that the Supreme Elder of Huo Yaozong had some friendship with Luo Hai. If Luo Hai is If he was still at Chilan Star, Huo Yaozong would definitely be able to help him find it.

But why is Bingxingu looking for herself?

I have had an intersection with the people in Bingxingu, but that happened in the Imperial Garden. They have no grievances with Bingxingu, what do they look for?

The matter of Dibao and Xu Nianjing will never be leaked out. Luo Hai’s purpose is these two things. How can others get involved?

Yang Kai thought about it, but couldn’t figure out why.

’Senior” Wang Ying couldn’t help calling out when she saw Yang Kai lost consciousness.

“Your answer satisfied me. This is for you.” Yang Kai casually threw out a package, put it on the table, immediately got up, shook it slightly, and disappeared from the room.

Wang Ying didn’t see exactly how he disappeared at all.

Standing stunned for a while, Wang Ying gasped for breath, a feeling of aftermath filled her heart.

She stepped forward slowly, walked to the table, opened the package, her beautiful eyes suddenly brightened.

The exquisite jade bottles in the package, there are at least twenty bottles, and they are filled with some magic bullets.

No one noticed that Yang Kai had left the iron ship. After getting out of the iron ship, Yang Kai randomly found a direction and flew forward.

The Chilan Star is not safe. Luo Hai has been looking for his own trail under the guise of others. Yang Kai wants to leave this place as soon as possible. Otherwise, once Luo Hai finds the trail, it will be a troublesome thing.

Now he is more diligent in his control of the power of space. Although he is not worried about dying in Luo Hai’s hands, it is not a pleasant thing to be chased by such a strong man.

How to leave safely is the biggest problem.

The power of the Void King Realm is amazing. Moreover, who knows if Luo Hai and Huo Yaozong are leaving the movement of the warriors of the Chilan Star, if they are discovered, it is simply a self-inflicted trap. It might as well be safe on the Chilan Star.

With a solemn expression, Yang Kai thought all the way.

It was the first time he was hunted down by a strong Void King Realm, and he was also a star master.

It’s really stressful!

The situation on Chilan Star is now treacherous. Although Huo Yaozong and Bingxingu have not dealt with each other hardly for a long time, they also often have friction with each other, but there has never been a time when they were tit-for-tat in this period of time.

The families of those sects attached to the two major forces have also been mobilized.

In the entire Chilan Star, fighting can be seen almost everywhere, and warriors die every day.

Yang Kai flew all the way, witnessing countless battles, big and small, small two people fighting alone, large-scale melee hundreds of thousands of people, the scene was extremely lively.

One day, he flew high in the sky, and a shout came from below.

Yang Kai looked down and found that there were at least 600 people gathered below, belonging to two camps, fighting each other.

Don’t think about it, it’s also a conflict between Huo Yaozong and Ice Heart Valley, each with their warriors falling, blood staining the earth, and the brilliance of secret treasures and secret arts are extremely dazzling.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, passing directly from above.

Flew forward for dozens of miles, and there were still battle fluctuations from below.

It’s just that this battle is a battle between three people, and it seems to be separated from that large battlefield.

Two men are besieging a woman, and their cultivation is not high. The woman has the realm of the two-tier Saint King, and the same is true for the two men.

At the same level, the number of people has the advantage. The woman rushes from the left to the right, but she can’t get rid of the two people’s flanking attack. The two men seem to be afraid of the women’s methods, and they dare not push too much. You Dou, with the idea of ​​exhausting the woman’s Saint Yuan.

Women are dressed in white clothes, full of ice and cold, but the two men have practiced fire-attribute techniques. The whole body burns like flames, easily dissipating the cold of the woman, while flanking it. Speaking rudely, disturbing the woman’s mind.

The attributes are different, and the situation of women is extremely difficult.

As Yang Kai flew past from above, he frowned and glanced below.

The woman’s profile was imprinted into Yang Kai’s sight. Yang Kai who was flying at a rapid speed suddenly stopped, his eyes shrunk, staring at the woman, seeming to have discovered something extraordinary.

The woman’s body is light, tossing and turning, and her hair flying, showing her front face to Yang Kai from time to time.

“It’s actually her!” Yang Kai’s body trembled, his eyes bursting with astonishing brilliance.

He didn’t expect that he would meet this woman at Chilan Star!

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