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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1664: It’s actually you Read Novel

Chapter 1664: It’s actually you – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1664: It’s actually you

In the wing of the inn, a beautiful woman in a palace costume looked at Yang Kai coldly, and nodded: “Yes, it’s him! Qingya, you have done a good job in locating people this time, and this elder will report to the owner of the valley. Meeting with the elders, there must be your reward!”

After Qing Ya sent the message, but two hours later, the thirteenth elder of Bingxingu hurried to this city and saw Yang Kai in the inn.

She took the disciples Gu Zhong to search for Yang Kai for a year. She naturally knew his appearance. Now she can find him so easily, and she is very happy in her heart.

“Elder Xie.” Qingya didn’t see much joy, but asked with some worry: “Elder, my disciple can ask, why are we looking for him?”

Elder Thirteen turned her head Taking a look at Qing Ya, there was ice in her beautiful eyes, and she said coldly: “You care about him?”

Qing Ya’s expression remained unchanged, and she said, “He was rescued by Huo Yaozong’s men. I am my fate, I am considered as my lifesaver, so”

The thirteen elders nodded lightly, all doubts disappeared, and slowly said: “We are looking for him naturally for a reason. You don’t need to ask more about this. Your savior, this elder can tell you that Bingxin Valley will not disadvantage him anyway, you can rest assured.”

Upon hearing this, Qing Ya breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly thanked him.

The thirteen elders then looked at Yang Kai, looked carefully for a while, nodded and said: “The strength is good, what is your name?”

“Yang Kai.”

“Are you not from Chilan Star?” The Thirteenth Elder seemed to be wary of Yang Kai.

“No, I came from Cuiweixing.”

“Cuiweixing!” The thirteen elders narrowed his beautiful eyes, vaguely guessing, but didn’t dare to be too sure, just asking “You know that Huo Yaozong and Ice Heart Valley are both looking for you, why did you take the initiative to ask to go to Ice Heart Valley?”

Yang Kai smiled slightly: “I have had a holiday with the people of Huo Yaozong. A person from Huo Yaozong now wants to seek refuge, so naturally he can only choose Ice Heart Valley.”

After speaking, Yang Kaiyi pointed out: “Is the elder suspecting that I have any impure motives?”

“The heart of defense is indispensable!” Elder Thirteen did not deny, “But your choice is correct, and now only Ice Heart Valley can protect you. Well, let’s just wait here. One day, let me make some arrangements. After one day, this elder will personally take you back to the Ice Heart Valley!”

“Thank you!” Yang Kai suppressed his emotions and thanked him.

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Finally, I finally have to meet Su Yan! Yang Kaixin was so excited that he could hardly contain himself.

He is looking forward to the moment when he meets Su Yan very much. He wants to see with his own eyes what is the beauty now.

Yang Kai waited anxiously in the inn.

As for the thirteen elders, they don’t know what arrangements are being made.

It’s the night. Those warriors who belonged to the sect and family of Bingxin Valley took the initiative to attack the disciples of Huo Yaozong, like chicken blood. There are countless battles, big and small, for a time. Almost everyone’s attention has been attracted to the past.

The sky was still dark, and the thirteen elders came to the inn again, greeted Yang Kai, and took him and Qingya to leave the city where they were hiding in the dark.

Thirty miles outside the city, a group of women with about a dozen or so people are waiting quietly.

After seeing the arrival of the thirteen elders, they bowed their hands in salute.

“Go!” The Thirteenth Elder didn’t talk nonsense, and with a wave of his hand, the leader galloped forward.

The dozen or so women dispersed, wrapped Yang Kai in the middle position, followed behind the Thirteen Elders, and marched in the direction of Bingjue Island.

There were bursts of different fragrances beside him, lingering on the tip of his nose, Yang Kai really realized what a group of beauty is.

The dozen or so female disciples of Bingxin Valley, regardless of their cultivation level, all have outstanding appearance, slim body, different temperament, and each have their own characteristics.

During the journey, these female disciples looked at Yang Kai from time to time, with strange expressions.

They have been rushing around for a year and fighting for Yang Kai. Nowadays, when they see a living person, they will naturally have more eyes.

They are all very curious about what is special about this man that caused Chilan Star’s two top sects to look for him with great effort.

For this man, many of his colleagues died tragically, and many of them were missing.

Yang Kai felt a very obvious hostility.

At least half of the dozen or so women who are responsible for protecting themselves hate themselves.

Yang Kai is inexplicable!

If it weren’t for the thirteen elders here, Yang Kai estimated that these women might join hands and beat themselves before talking.

“Senior Sister Qingya, they seem to be looking forward to seeing me.” Yang Kai whispered to Qing Ya quietly.

Qing Ya gave a wry smile. As a disciple of Bingxin Valley, she participated in this action. She naturally knew the reason, but it was hard to say clearly, so she could only say: “Normal, we people from Bingxin Valley Generally, they hate men more.”

“Oh.” Yang Kai nodded, no doubt about him.

The team continued to advance forward, extremely fast.

Three days later, a group of more than a dozen people passed by a valley.

Carefully, Yang Kai frowned and looked down.

The thirteen elders who led the team at the forefront seemed to be aware of it, and yelled: “Enemy attack!”

Her voice just fell, and there was a violent energy coming down. Fluctuations, that energy fluctuations are extremely overbearing, extremely hot, and the fire dragons shaking their heads and tails suddenly galloping out of the valley below, grinning towards the location of the people in Ice Heart Valley.

The fire dragon has as many as seven or eight ways, and the lethality contained in each of them is extremely terrifying.

The timing of the enemy’s shot was also just right. Even if the Thirteen Elders warned them in advance, the women in Ice Heart Valley were too late to react.

Only when their bodies shined with the light of Saint Yuan, the seven or eight fire dragons had already rushed into the crowd.

There was a scream, two women of lower strength were swallowed by the fire dragon, and the jade disappeared instantly. The others were also quite embarrassed and dodged in a hurry.

Yang Kai hid behind Qing Ya, squinting his eyes and looking down.

Suddenly a number of figures appeared in the valley below. These people did not have as many people as Ice Heart Valley, but everyone had a level of return to the virtual mirror. The thirteen elders are comparable.

Thirteen Elder Feng’s eyes narrowed, his face extremely ugly.

She didn’t expect that she was acting so concealed, and she actually made mistakes.

She immediately eliminated the possibility of rape. This time, the dozen or so women who escorted Yang Kai were strictly selected by her to ensure that everyone is loyal to Bingxin Valley, and every A person has blood and blood feuds with Huo Yaozong, and it is absolutely impossible to do things that will hurt their loved ones and their enemies.

A coincidence? The thirteen elders felt like electricity, and quietly glanced at Yang Kai, and found that he was unharmed, and he was relieved.

“Yu Xueqing, you didn’t expect it, the old man will be here waiting for you!” A loud laugh came from below. The speaker was a white-skinned middle-aged man, with narrow eyes twinkling strangely. Shining, staring at the graceful body of the thirteen elders.

“Yan Chilei!” Yu Xueqing gritted her teeth and drank.

In a sneak attack by the opponent, Bingxingu lost two of his disciples, and Yu Xueqing’s desire to kill was raging.

“It’s the old man!” The middle-aged man took a step forward, “I know that your hands and feet were conspired a few days ago. What do you want to do sneakily?”

“Elder Yan, why don’t you talk nonsense to her, why not just go ahead and do it directly.” A small old man next to Yan Chilei snorted coldly.

Yu Xueqing looked at the old man, her beautiful eyes shrank suddenly: “Jiang Xi!”

“Hey, I didn’t expect the name of the old man to be heard even by the 13th elders of Bingxin Valley. The old man feels honored!” The little old man smiled triumphantly.

Yu Xueqing’s face is even more ugly, while quietly winking at the women in Bingxin Valley, she asks in a deep voice, “Jiang Xi, I have no grievances and no grudges against you in Bingxin Valley, why do you come here? Water!”

“No grievances and no enmity?” Jiang Xi snorted coldly, “Is this the thirteen elders talking nonsense with open eyes? The shame of twenty years ago, Jiang has not forgotten, he wants to talk about hatred, You should ask your Fifth Elders in Ice Heart Valley!”

“Is that true?” Yu Xueqing was surprised.

She thought it was just a rumor, but she didn’t want it to be true.

No wonder Jiang Xi would be in trouble with Yan Chilei of Huo Yaozong, this is a big trouble.

Only against Yan Chilei, she is not afraid, but Jiang Xi is even more difficult to deal with than Yan Chilei. He has cultivated a poisonous skill, which makes people unpredictable. The disciples who follow her are definitely not opponents, let alone There are more than two people on the other side.

“The rumors are actually true.” Qing Ya muttered to herself as she looked at the short and ugly old man with a weird expression.

She obviously also heard some rumors.

“What is true?” Yang Kai was curious.

“I heard that twenty years ago this person wanted me to marry him, but was rejected by the fifth elder. Not only that, but the fifth elder severely injured him, but we I thought it was just a rumor, but I didn’t expect it to happen.”

“It’s him?” Yang Kai’s mouth twitched.

Seriously looked at that Jiang Xi, and found that no matter how he looked at it, he couldn’t find a bright spot on the opponent.

It’s fine for short stature, but the unborn ones are also ugly, with rosacea, big and small eyes, thick lips, like two sausages hanging on it, dark yellow complexion, large neck and short limbs

The Fifth Elder Yang Kai of Bingxin Valley doesn’t know what it looks like, but judging from the quality of the women who protect him, the Fifth Elder is certainly not bad.

This Jiang Xi would actually covet the five elders of the family, and Yang Kai couldn’t help but think of a word.

“The toad wants to eat swan meat!”

Although the situation is extremely severe, Qingya still couldn’t hold it back and laughed.

Jiang Xi’s hearing is naturally not bad. As soon as Yang Kai said that, he immediately turned his head and looked at the location of Yang Kai. There was a sense of coldness in his eyes, and he snorted coldly: “Boy, you What did you just say?”

Jiang Xi was disabled, which caused his psychology to be extremely distorted, and he could hardly hear others say bad things about him.

Yang Kai undoubtedly stabbed him on the reverse scale.

Yan Chilei also glanced at the location of Yang Kai, suddenly showing surprise, and shouted in a low voice: “It’s you!”

At this moment, he couldn’t help but want to go smoothly. Have a laugh.

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