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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1665: What are you doing Read Novel

Chapter 1665: What are you doing – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1665: What are you doing

There was nowhere to look after the iron shoes, and it was all effortless. The disciples of Huo Yaozong had been searching for a key person for a year, but he unexpectedly ran into him. Yan Chilei was overjoyed.

At this moment, he finally understood what Yu Xueqing had mobilized manpower to launch an attack a few days ago to divert Huo Yaozong’s attention.

Obviously, the plank road is to be repaired, and the plank is to be darkened!

Moreover, judging from the direction of their group, it is indeed the route back to Bingjue Island.

“That’s it!” Yan Chilei nodded slightly and turned to look at Yu Xueqing: “It turns out that your goal is this, but it’s a pity that since Yan has met, you are destined to not succeed!”

Yu Xueqing screamed badly in her heart, she couldn’t help but glared at Yang Kai, blaming him for talking too much and asking for trouble, and at the same time yelled in a low voice: “What are you doing in a daze, don’t hurry up! Anyway, let this kid go! Send it to Bingjue Island!”

The words fell, Yu Xueqing violently urged her with Saint Yuan, and a visible chill centered on her location, frantically spreading around her.

The cold air almost froze the sky and the earth, and the earth immediately filled with a thick layer of ice.


Suddenly icy ridges appeared behind Yu Xueqing, sharp and sharp, flashing cold and cold, she raised her bare hand, and the countless ice cones passed like locusts. Generally attacked towards the people of Huo Yaozong.

“I have heard the name of the thirteen elders for a long time, Yan Mou will come to play with you, I hope you won’t let me down!” Yan Chi screamed sharply, facing the countless ice cones, he was not afraid, and slammed forward. Threw a punch.

There was a crackling sound, a hot mood splashed into the void, and a huge fist made of flames greeted the ice cones.

Boom boom boom

The ice cone shattered innumerably, and the flame giant fist gradually disappeared, finally disappearing invisible.

“Brother Jiang, you can decide whether the other people are dead or alive, but that kid must be caught alive!” After Yan Chilei crushed Yu Xueqing’s attack, he hurriedly approached Yu Xueqing and exclaimed.

“Hey hey with you, the old man is relieved!” Jiang Xi smiled grimly, urging his own poison.

In an instant, the world within a radius of ten miles was enveloped by a layer of colorful poisonous mist, like an inverted bowl, covering the ten miles of land tightly, with an unpleasant breath. In this piece of heaven and earth, it makes people feel sick to hear it. All the Ice Heart Valley women who smelled this breath felt a little dizzy and the Saint Yuan was not working well.

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“It’s not good, it’s Jiang Xi’s annihilating poison mist!” Bingxingu cried out in horror.

“No matter what, send this kid out first!” The other person followed Yu Xueqing’s instructions and reminded everyone with a sweet drink.

All the women in Ice Heart Valley suddenly returned to their senses.

For more than a year, at least thousands of fellow students died tragically outside, in order to find Yang Kai, and now he has finally found his whereabouts. If they were robbed here, those thousands of fellow students would have died for nothing.

“Follow us!” A woman dressed up as a young woman drank to Yang Kai.

Yu Xueqing is entangled by Yan Chilei, and everyone is led by her.

“Can’t leave, right?” Yang Kai looked at her, and slowly shook his head, “That old guy is stronger than you, and the poisonous fog seems to be very serious. If you really run away, you will be It’s dead.”

“Why are you talking so much nonsense, let you go!” The young woman almost gritted her teeth and shouted, “This man is very strong, we can’t resist!”

“Very strong? How strong?” Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged.

“The peak of the third stage of returning to the Void! On Chilan Star, he is one of the most promising candidates to be promoted to the Void King. Only the top five elders in Bingxin Valley can compete with him, don’t know. Life and death.”

“It’s really strong.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

The “you” young woman was annoyed and dissatisfied with Yang Kai’s inattentive attitude. She said so seriously that the other party didn’t care at all. This is not to drag them down and suffer. What?

“We have missed the best time!” a woman next to her said sadly.

Upon hearing this, the young woman sighed.

If they acted at the moment when the thirteen elders opened their mouths to remind them, they might have escaped from birth, but after being so dragged by Yang Kai, how could there be any chance of surviving?

Jiang Xi hates Bingxin Valley deeply. His strength is extremely high, and the poisonous skills he cultivates are even more secretive and difficult to prevent. The fate of his masters and sisters may not be optimistic.

Thinking of this, the young woman glared at Yang Kai fiercely, biting her silver teeth and said: “If we die, you will kill you, and I won’t let you go to the Yin Cao Netherworld.”

“What are you doing so serious?” Yang Kai still didn’t care, “Just kill him.”

The young women were in a daze, and all the women in Ice Heart Valley looked at them like idiots. Yang Kai, thinking that men are really stupid creatures, doesn’t he know the strength gap between himself and Jiang Xi? Actually dare to speak so loudly.

After everyone was delayed for such a while, the same colorful poisonous fog had filled Jiang Xi’s body, making it impossible to see his figure, only the creepy laughter came from the poisonous fog.

“Follow the old man, but remember to the old man, don’t kill anyone. These lowly servants in Bingxin Valley are all old men. The old man wants them to know what it means to be unsightly!” Jiang Xi Negative test and low drink.

Several warriors of Huo Yaozong rolled their eyes together, but their strength was not as good as others, and they could only nod their heads to cooperate. Following Jiang Xi, the fire-type Saint Yuan was overwhelmingly powerful and headed towards Bingxin Valley. Everyone rushed.

“Come! We have more people than them. We will try our best to defend first, and be especially careful of Jiang Xi’s poisonous mist!” The severe cold urged it to its extreme.

She looked at Yang Kai again and said: “You hide behind and feed, what are you going to do!”

When she was speaking, she saw Yang Kai step forward. One step, he greeted Jiang Xi and the others straight, with a look of recklessness.

“Hurry back!” The young woman was shocked.

On the other side, Yu Xueqing, who was playing at the same level as Yan Chilei, noticed the abnormality here, turned her head and glanced, the same color changed.

You got distracted, and Yan Chilei took advantage of the originally evenly matched situation. He could only defend hard, and cursed Yang Kai for not knowing the severity and acting so recklessly.

She knows, this is over.

Not only couldn’t bring Yang Kai back to Bingxin Valley, the dozen or so disciples probably died back alive. As for herself, the hope of escape was only 30%! For a time, Yu Xueqing was anxious, but she had nothing to do.

“This kid is interesting! Well, Elder Yan said that he can’t hurt his life, so he can only catch him alive. It’s really troublesome!” Jiang Xi looked at Yang Kai, who was approaching him quickly, with one hand. The poisonous mist separated from his body and attacked directly towards Yang Kai.

In the blink of an eye, the wisp of poisonous mist hit Yang Kai, twisting and wriggling like a rope, winding towards Yang Kai, apparently trying to capture him alive.

“It’s broken!” The young woman behind her heart sank, she could hardly bear to watch the next scene, and she felt anxious in her heart.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s chirping and hurried actions, they would at least have hope to complete this task. By then, it would be worthwhile even if some people were killed or injured, but now, everything is done.

If the poison smoke is spiritual, it binds Yang Kai’s body.

“This kid is useful to you, Huo Yaozong, I will leave it to you!” Jiang Xi commanded, without even looking at Yang Kai, he flew past him, aiming not far ahead. The young woman at the office waits for someone.

Huo Yaozong exchanged eyes, one rushed towards Yang Kai, and the others continued to follow Jiang Xi.

A team of seven or eight people passed by Yang Kai.

The golden light is coming!

There is blood spattering, and there are severed limbs flying across.

The vitality of several people is instantly annihilated!

The corpse and pieces of meat fell like rain, crashing down, and the scene was extremely bloody.

Perceiving the energy fluctuation behind him, Jiang Xi frowned and looked back suspiciously.

At the next moment, his eyes widened, and he turned around quickly, looking at Yang Kai solemnly, with an unbelievable look in his eyes.

The poisonous smoke that he restrained this kid, disappeared at some unknown time, and there were no Huo Yaozong warriors left behind, and all of them died!

There was no fighting movement, no screams before death, it seemed that there was only a momentary energy fluctuation, and six or seven Void Returning Mirror Warriors died inexplicably.

Jiang Xi suddenly felt something uncomfortable, and a chill came from his head to the soles of his feet.

“What’s the matter?” A group of women in Ice Heart Valley were also stunned. The young woman in the lead trembled even more, with a dazed expression, as if they were in a dream.

Qing Ya’s beautiful eyes are full of brilliance, showing an expression like this.

Yang Kai insisted on not fleeing, but took the initiative to meet the enemy. She had already guessed.

She doesn’t know Yang Kai very well, but from Su Yan, she knows that Yang Kai is a person who can always perform miracles and see the challenges of higher ranks as commonplace.

She was just guessing before, but now the facts are in front of her.

Huo Yaozong’s six or seven people, from the first level to the third level of Void Return, but when they passed by Yang Kai, they all died inexplicably.

This can no longer be explained by a step-by-step combat, this is simply a miracle!

No one knows exactly how Yang Kai did it. They only saw a ray of golden light blooming.

“No way?” The young woman looked at Yang Kai in shock. At this moment, Yang Kai had a golden thread floating in front of her. The golden thread was strangely full of vitality and vitality, as if she had her own. Life-like, people dare not underestimate.

With a faint smile on his face, he looked at Jiang Xi sarcastically.

Jiang Xi inexplicably felt the tremendous pressure, as if he was not facing a two-layered state of returning to the Void, but a real Void King!

The divine mind changed, Jiang Xi dispelled the uneasiness in his heart, and his voice was low: “Boy dare to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger?”

“You are just looking down on me.” Yang Kai grinned. Calmly said: “Old stuff, are you ready to die?”

“Don’t be ashamed!” Jiang Xi sternly shouted, his own momentum suddenly ups and downs, fan-shaped to suppress Yang Kai.

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Chapter 1665: What are you doing – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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