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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1666: Kill Read Novel

Chapter 1666: Kill – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1666: Kill

“Almost a great potential.” Yang Kai raised his brows, and immediately felt that Jiang Xi was jealous of the young woman in Bingxin Valley for a reason. Just because of this almost great potential, Jiang Xi It is indeed qualified to be one of the candidates who can break through to the Void King Realm.

The potential field was extremely strong, and it soon spread to Yang Kai.

At the moment before wrapping him up, a mysterious power that is not inferior to Jiang Xi’s potential field burst out of Yang Kai’s body and rolled back.

Silent collision, invisible to the naked eye.

But Jiang Xi heard the vibration of her own heart and heard the sound of clicking.

My proud, almost Dacheng potential field was like an egg at this moment, hitting a big rock, shattered every inch, completely unsustainable, just in the blink of an eye, Jiang Xi was caught The thick power enveloped.

The opponent’s potential field!

Jiang Xi was shocked, and his face turned pale, only then realized that Yang Kai was not as simple as it seemed on the surface. His cultivation base was in the two-layer state of returning to the Void, but he The understanding of the potential field has far surpassed myself.

Furiously urging the Saint Yuan to resist the influence of the potential field on itself, the colorful poisonous fog spreads, forming a cloud of poisonous clouds on the side, so as to form a protection, and there are also colorful stripes. The energy separated from it and attacked Yang Kai, causing terrible damage.

Although Jiang Xi was suppressed in the potential field competition, he was able to do so well and was unwilling to sit still.

He is good at using poison, and that poison mist is a fatal threat to any flesh and blood.

Yang Kai frowned, but he didn’t dare to take the risk with his own body. After thinking about it, he stretched out his hand and summoned the Firebird Spirit, accompanied by the sharp sound of birdsong, a ten-foot-long flaming monster The bird appeared leisurely, opened its beak, and spewed hot fireballs from its mouth, smashing towards Jiang Xi overwhelmingly.

Jiang Xi was extremely embarrassed. His poisonous fog could not help the firebirds at all. Instead, the firebirds’ fireballs smashed into numerous holes, evaporated countlessly, and gradually exposed the body wrapped in the poisonous fog. The expression was extremely embarrassed.

The speed and frequency of the firebird’s fireballs became more and more rapid. Jiang Xi was beaten with no power to fight back. She could only parry, and constantly urged Saint Yuan to form poisonous fog outside of her body. The fog couldn’t be maintained at all, and Yu was broken up as soon as he appeared.

Yang Kai stood still, standing still, looking at Jiang Xi coldly, and grinning grinningly: “Old stuff, you can’t do it.”

The expressions of the girls in Bingxin Valley were dull, with no eyesight. Watching this scene godly.

Only a strange firebird and Yang Kai’s potential field suppressed Jiang Xi to death. If Yang Kai finds the right opportunity, Jiang Xi is very likely to die here.

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They simply can’t understand the rationality of what they are seeing.

They were mentally prepared for heavy casualties. They thought they were in a disaster this time, and they had prepared for the worst.

I don’t know that Yang Kai can’t make a move. It’s so exaggerated when he makes a move, but the bizarre performance silenced them.

Just a firebird made Jiang Xi’s avatar useless. He was not tempered at all, but was extremely embarrassed, and there was no extra energy to deal with them.

This time, maybe everyone is excited without death, and the look in Yang Kai’s eyes gradually changed, full of wonder and gratitude.

The firebird became more and more brave, and all kinds of dazzling firelights spurted from its mouth and shot from its wings. Not only did Jiang Xi’s poisonous fog fail to form a scale, it also left a trail on Jiang Xi Dao large or small wounds.

The burnt smell gradually diffused.

Jiang Xi looked fierce, and suddenly took out a secret treasure with full energy fluctuations, spouted a puff of colorful poisonous smoke from his mouth and poured it into the secret treasure.

The secret treasure absorbed the colorful poisonous smoke, quickly twisted and changed, and suddenly turned into a huge colorful python.

The poisonous python twisted its body and rushed directly into the sky to face the firebird that showed its mighty power.

Taking this opportunity, Jiang Xi once again instigated Sheng Yuan, and slightly got rid of Yang Kai’s suppression of him, and rushed towards Yang Kai with the power of thunder.

He obviously wanted to take this opportunity to get rid of Yang Kai! As long as Yang Kai dies, he can do whatever he wants.

As for Huo Yaozong’s advice, Yan Chilei is hard to protect himself at this moment, how can he still have the mind to put the other party’s advice to his heart?

In the blink of an eye, he rushed to a position only ten feet away from Yang Kai. The few poisonous mists lingering outside his body were all twisted like spiritual at this moment, separated from the body, and turned into A series of terrifying attacks attacked Yang Kai.

At this time, the girls of Ice Heart Valley finally recovered. The leading young woman shouted, “Help!”

While speaking, the ice energy fluctuates from her body. Inside the ups and downs, a powerful ice cone took shape leisurely and attacked Jiang Xi behind.

The other women also reacted, and each used killer moves and secret techniques to attack Jiang Xi.

The golden light reappeared, and the golden blood thread floating in front of Yang Kai was shaken straight by Yang Kai. Under a slight tremor, it suddenly disappeared in place.

Jiang Xi’s souls are all dead. At this moment, he has a feeling of dying if he doesn’t run away. The ghost is awkward. He paused, gritted his teeth, and hid aside.

The golden bloodshot suddenly appeared, shooting through the phantom he had left in place.

Jiang Xi broke out in a cold sweat, and before he could recover, the attacks of a dozen women in Bingxin Valley had already blasted over.

The place where he was was instantly covered by hundreds of ice cones.

The energy of heaven and earth is chaotic, and Jiang Xi’s muffled hum is faintly heard, obviously injured.

The disciples in Ice Heart Valley are not as good as Jiang Xi in cultivation. One-on-one may only be killed by a spike, but the power of a dozen people’s teamwork should not be underestimated.

The dust flew up and the scene was chaotic.

The young woman headed by Bingxingu had a sudden cardiac arrest, and looked nervously at that place.

“Are you dead?” someone asked.

When the words are over, Jiang Xi’s voice has been heard from far away: “Bing heart valley servants, wait for the old man, one day the old man will kill Bing Jue Island and kill you One by one tortured to death!”

He didn’t know when he escaped.

The young woman turned pale, turned her head and looked in the direction of the sound source, and saw a colorful light escaping far away at an extremely fast speed. The figure surrounded by the colorful light was not Jiang Xi, who was it?

She immediately looked at Yang Kai, expecting him to intercept it.

After a glance, he was still in a daze. The place where Yang Kai was originally was actually empty, and he didn’t know where he went.

With a sense of feeling, she once again looked in the direction where Jiang Xi was fleeing. After seeing a figure intercepting Jiang Xi in front of her, she suddenly understood.

This time the battle is no longer a level they can reach. Whether it is Jiang Xi or Yang Kai, they have many levels far beyond them.

They don’t even know when Yang Kai and Jiang Xi chased them out.

“Why are you?” Jiang Xi looked at Yang Kai who was blocking the front, with an expression of hell in the day.

He just took advantage of the energy chaos and the moment when the enemy’s sight was shifted, he used a secret technique to escape. He thought he was unaware of the ghost, but the young man actually saw the first opportunity and intercepted him.

Although he was terrified in his heart, Jiang Xi was a ruthless person. Knowing that he could not escape without breaking through Yang Kai’s blockade, he bit his teeth and spewed out a mouthful of blood. The whole person’s momentum was inexplicably higher by three points. A faint light of blood filled his body, and he slammed into Yang Kai without fear.

Yang Kai looked cold, snorted, grinned and said: “Looking for death!”

Without evasive, he raised a fist, and the peak of the fist was immediately covered by a layer of golden light. There was a faint chick sound, and a sharp and extremely sharp aura spread.

Indestructible five elements sword energy, sharp golden energy.

Among the five elements of sword energy, gold is the sharpest.

Using the Golden Sword Qi, Yang Kai’s fist was covered with countless sword lights that were difficult to observe with the naked eye.

Perceiving the horror of the energy on the fist peak, Jiang Xi naturally did not want to sit still, and once again condensed colorful poisonous smoke covering her whole body.

The fist hit Jiang Xi’s body, the colorful poisonous smoke was instantly defeated, the blood light covering Jiang Xi’s body also collapsed, and Jiang Xi’s body guard, Saint Yuan did not provide any protection. The role of, it was shattered by the countless tiny sword lights.

The sound of broken bones sounded densely, Jiang Xi’s body flew upside down, and blood spurted out of her mouth in mid-air.

His hideous face became horrified and he tried desperately to stabilize his figure, but the golden light bursting out of golden blood completely drowned him.

When the golden light dissipated, Jiang Xi’s whole body suddenly shattered into countless pieces, scattered from the sky.

Famous Chilan Star, Jiang Xi, who has the qualifications to be promoted to the Void King Realm, has fallen!

A group of women in Ice Heart Valley flushed, cheered, and couldn’t help themselves with excitement.

Yan Chilei, who was in a fierce battle with Yu Xueqing, changed his face and looked at Yang Kai in shock.

Yu Xueqing is the thirteen elder of Bingxin Valley anyway. Although she ranks low, her strength is quite good. How could she miss this opportunity, take advantage of the situation to reverse the situation, and frantically suppress Yan Chilei.

She was actually quite shocked. She didn’t expect Yang Kai to kill Jiang Xi at all.

After all, the man’s cultivation method and its secrets, even if he is right, he will definitely fall into the disadvantage, and if one is not good, he will die in the hands of the other person.

But Yang Kai killed Jiang Xi, and it took only 20 to 30 breaths.

In Ice Heart Valley, I am afraid that only the Great Elder can do this.

Is this young man someone who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the great elder? Yu Xueqing’s heart was shaken, and she felt it necessary to re-examine Yang Kai.

“Brother, please help the thirteen elders!” The young woman in Bingxingu shouted at Yang Kaijiao.

“No problem.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, reached out his hand to Yan Chilei, and shouted in a low voice: “Kill him!”

The firebird went straight to Yan Chilei.

Yan Chilei’s strength is half a catty and Yu Xueqing’s, no one can do nothing, but with the addition of the Firebird Spirit, Yan Chilei is not an opponent at all, and the beaten back are defeated and there is no way to fight back.

“Boy, I am the elder of Huo Yaozong, you dare to take action against me, you are dead, now it’s still too late to stop, otherwise even if you escape to the end of the world, Huo Yaozong will not let you go.” Yan Chilei shouted angrily, hoping that Yang Kai would be able to cast a rat-avoidance weapon and not join forces with Yu Xueqing.

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Chapter 1666: Kill – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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